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City of Vancouver grants 2019 funding to Vancouver Rape Relief as termination funding. VRR is no longer eligible for funding until it makes changes to become aligned with the grant criteria.

#Transgender #LGBTQ2+
Those among us who are not transgender may not understand the enormous symbolic value of this decision. VRR's ongoing and very public refusal to treat transgender women equally has finally been refuted by a public agency as unacceptable.
The audio from the speakers that convinced the city to act...

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UPDATE on the Military Transgender Policy Cases:

1/ Last Thursday, the judge in the Maryland case challenging the Mattis policy stayed his preliminary injunction, one of the two that remained after SCOTUS stayed the other two.

2/ The next day, judges Wilkins and Williams issued separate opinions in the D.C. Circuit case (below), which triggered a court-ordered 21-day period for the plaintiffs to file a petition for rehearing or petition for rehearing en banc.…
3/ Assuming no such petition is filed, the CTADC clerk will issue the mandate in that case on April 5, at which point there will no longer be any outstanding injunctions against implementing the Mattis policy.

Meanwhile, DOJ informed the Maryland court ...
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the latest *soft vowel sounds* (@softvowelsounds) update: two new #BayArea shows, plus a free mp3 of the Bitesize song "Greta Garbo"! -… #queer #bands #music #songs #LGBTQ
of course, the update includes my @softvowelsounds show this Saturday, March 9th, 6-10pm-ish at @LaughingMonkSF! the other bands will be @PolyPamBand & Rusty Sunsets (@esten)! FB invite here:… #queer #bands #music #LGBTQ #transgender
...btw, if you just want to listen to the song without downloading it, here it is on Bandcamp:… – I plan to do my mash-up of "Greta Garbo" & The Smiths' classic "Ask" at the show, so don't miss it! #queer #bands #music #LGBTQ
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The new transgender world order is #misogyny on steroids.…
This picture reflects the perfect stupidity and complete brainwashing. Wake up #feminists
Look. Terry Miller won. What a shocker. Give me a BREAK! No to #transgender male-to-females in sports
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a periodic reminder that I have a Patreon if you wish to support my work & writings. for as little as $1 per month! at higher pledge levels, you may be eligible for rewards, such as free eBooks or signed copies of any of my previous books...…
Patreon is basically what allows me to write pieces that most mainstream news & media outlets wouldn't allow me to publish – for example, my latest: Origins of "Social Contagion" and "Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria"… #trans #transgender #LGBTQ
many other Patreon-supported essays can be found on my Medium page. unlike many Medium pieces, none of these are monetized (thanks to my patrons), so read as many as you want & freely share them with others!… #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #feminism #activism
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brand new piece! it's more of a massive timeline than an essay: Origins of "Social Contagion" and "Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria"...… #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #health #healthcare #children #psychology
...for those who'd prefer a TL;DR (it is very long), here is the summary of the piece... #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #health #healthcare #children #psychology
...I will share more excerpts from the piece tomorrow. But in the meantime, feel free to share it with others. And if you appreciate this work, and the fact that I make pieces like this for FREE, please consider supporting me on Patreon!…
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[short thread]: if you're looking for a good analysis of why TERFism is so much more widespread and virulent in the UK than the US, you should check out this @nytopinion piece:… #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #feminism #feminist
...interestingly this is 2nd piece I've seen suggesting that UK TERFism grew out of UK skeptics movement from the 90s/00s. the other is this essay, which is great read (but please media outlets, don't format your articles so they cannot be saved as PDFs!):…
...another factor cited in the aforementioned @nytopinion piece is British history of colonialism, which dovetails with what I said in this thread from back in October about how central intersectionality is in contemporary US feminism...
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Fuck the Supreme Court. & fuck Kamala Harris. & fuck Aaron Sorkin. & fuck every dipshit political pundit who's ever argued that laws that impact whether #trans people are allowed to live safely & participate freely in society are merely a "distraction" from the "real issues"...
...I had originally planned to comment on Kamala Harris's presidential bid today. It was going to be a thoughtful non-profanity-laden personal statement along the lines of: While I will likely end up voting for whichever Democrat opposes Trump in the general election...
...I cannot in good conscience vote for a candidate in the Democratic Primary if they have a record of pushing anti-#transgender policies. For Harris, this includes not only her actions as CA AG to block healthcare for #trans prisoners, but also...
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The "resistance"of which I speak is a multi-generational, multi-racial/cultural, multi-abled, cis, trans, queer intersectional coalition of community/movement builders, grassroots orgs & ldrs who collectively seek to advance a policy agenda to realize equity, justice & equality.
These unprecedented & uncertain times demand unprecedented organizing & mobilizing, just as we did to preserve the #ACA, to affirm #BLM, the rights of our #transgender community, the urgency of #guncontrol & so many other issues of consequence to our country & to #MA7
This weekend we celebrate the example of Martin Luther King Jr., a man & a movement which provides us a blueprint. Organize. Mobilize. Legislate. The "resistance" of today is the evolution of King's movement building work.
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was recently asked if I had any writings to explain why Singal's past articles on trans health & children are flawed/biased. in this post, I compile my critiques (+ others) of those articles - specifically, the ones highlighted in the photo:
if you have time for a long-read, and really want to understand the many omissions & mischaracterizations of gender-affirming approaches to #trans #health by Singal et al., this is the piece I'd most recommend:… #transgender #LGBTQ #children #psychology
...btw I have more in the pipeline. since mainstream media are not inclined to pay writers to pen articles defending gender-affirming approaches these days, I am funding this largely via my Patreon, so please consider supporting me there!…
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let me get this straight: Singal is threatening a writer for saying she's spoken w/trans women who've had bad experiences with him?!? well, here's my story. other trans women's accounts are shared in comments section:…
...Singal continued to deny the slut-shaming bit (suggesting that I & anyone who believed me were "hysterical and opportunistic idiots"), so I had to carry out the following Twitter poll:…
...this is my critique of his Atlantic piece, along with links to my & other people's critiques of Singal's large body of writing on #transgender issues, which are horribly slanted:
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Seems to be a bit of a movement among transphobes at the moment claiming that the only hate and abuse comes from the trans community. Let's put that right. #trans #transgender #transphobia #TransRightsAreHumanRights #lwiththet
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glancing at my feed, it seems as though somebody somewhere has published yet another ROGD-moral-panic piece. so I am re-upping this essay, feel free to share:… #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #health #psychology #children #gender #ROGD
...there should be a law that, if you decide to write or publish an alarmist #ROGD piece, then this paragraph from the WPATH Standards of Care gets permanently tattooed to your forehead... #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #health #psychology #children #gender
...btw @JennyBoylan just wrote a wonderful response to the aforementioned ROGD piece, in the NY times no less!…
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the latest *soft vowel sounds* (aka, my solo music project) email update is out: "new *svs* music video & surprise final show of 2018!" read it here:… #trans #LGBTQ #queer #bands #music #noisepop
btw, you can watch the new music video directly here – it's my rendition of the Cheap Trick song "Surrender", although I changed the lyrics (for reasons explained in the video) to make a somewhat new song called "Cisgender"... #trans #transgender #LGBTQ
...& the live show will be Sunday, December 30th at @ivyroomalbany! it will be me (aka, @softvowelsounds), plus @PolyPamBand & Scorpio Moon. show starts at 4pm sharp, followed by #queer karaoke hosted by @karaokewithdana! Details here:… #LGBTQ #bands #music
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I keep reading on English-language Twitter that the Hitler regime allegedly targeted #transgender persons more than #homosexual men, or even more than any other group. So as a German #queer historian, I thought I'd make a little thread about that. (1/8)

#gender #GRA #transwomen
Male homosexuality was banned under Section 175 of the criminal code. Homosexual men, if caught, were put in concentration camps. This could include male homosexual (and only those) "transvestites" - male-identified men who enjoyed drag. The history of transsexuals is more (2/8)
complicated. Some ended up in the medico-psychiatric system, which was hoever not uncommon in the era. But: There is evidence that sex reassignment and surgery were allowed and performed.
Source: This study by transgender erhnologist Eva Fels ->… (3/8)
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I just uploaded a new music video! *soft vowel sounds* (aka, me) doing a cover of sorts: "Cisgender" (based on the classic Cheap Trick song, albeit with the lyrics "trans-ed"... #transgender #queer #LGBTQ #music #bands
for those of you in the SF Bay Area, I'll be playing "Cisgender" live again on December 30th at the Ivy Room, details here:…
I just posted about both the music video & the December 30th show on Patreon - please consider supporting me there if you appreciate my writings, music, activism, etc...
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PLEASE RT: STATEMENT on Interim Injunction obtained from High Court of Justice. Today 18 December 2018 I was awarded an interim injunction prohibiting the Respondent from misgendering me, making any reference to me on social media, dead naming me, sharing information about me.
The application was heard before Jason Coppel QC sitting as a Deputy Judge of the High Court and was 'on notice'. The injunction will remain in force until trial or further order and applies to the Respondent or anyone acting on the Respondent's behalf or with encouragement.
At this time I will not be formally naming the Respondent due to an ongoing criminal investigation; however, I can confirm that it is the same person who was arrested by Hertfordshire Police on 1 December 2018; i.e. a 38 year old female from the Hitchin area.
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just wrote a rebuttal to that horribly misinformed @PsychToday piece from last week: "Mass Psychogenic Illness: The Latest Make-Believe Cause of #Transgender Identity" – it's on Medium, so please give it lots of "claps" so that others see it!… #psychology
...also, the piece is not monetized, as I wanted it to be as accessible as possible. if you appreciate that I make essays like this for free, please consider supporting me on Patreon!…
re: two misconceptions about my new essay: 1) I did not address certain claims made in the @PsychToday article (re: "peer clusters", social media influence, etc.) b/c I already addressed these in depth in my #ROGD essay:… #transgender #psychology #LGBTQ
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There are three major issues with @tumblr's decision that have very little to do with porn. Firstly, Tumblr's audience skews slightly female and overwhelmingly queer, taking a space to explore sexuality away from communities that don't otherwise really have one. #riptumblr 1/
Second, there is a butterfly effect to consider. As the people who produce non-adult content, but consume in part adult content, jump ship they take their contributions to the platform with them. This makes people who consumed the non-adult content that's lost also leave. 2/
Thirdly, there are issues determining what "adult" even is. Reports are circulating that #transgender bloggers are being told that their material is adult because of their transness. I can't verify these reports, but their existence shows users don't trust Tumblr as arbiter. 3/
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Positive news regarding the #harassment I have received in recent weeks from #transgender hostile "feminists". Tonight I have been informed by Hertfordshire Police that they arrested a 38 year old woman from the Hitchin area on suspicion of harassment and malicious communications
Following an interview whilst in custody the suspect has now been released under investigation whilst further evidence is gathered from seized electronic devices #transgender #harassment
In due course a report will be submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service with a view to charging the suspect with harassment and malicious communications. #transgender #harassment
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'Tis the season to peddle our wares, so I just updated my "stuff to buy" webpage to include links to my books Whipping Girl (now in audiobook!), Excluded, and Outspoken! plus a special opportunity to purchase a *signed copy* of Outspoken – check it out!
I know people are most familiar with my first book #WhippingGirl – it is now in 2nd edition, with a new Preface! plus it is newly available in audiobook (with me reading) – here's the link for that version:… #transgender #trans #feminism #LGBTQ #books
if you're interested in my takes on intersectionality, call-out culture, how prejudice works, how to improve activism, plus biphobia, "gender performance", Nature-versus-Nurture debates, "end of gender" arguments, +more, then you should check out Excluded!
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#transkidsitstimetotalk #Transgender people experience discrimination and violence and have a shockingly high suicide rate. To protect vulnerable people we must oppose discrimination and promote access to key medical services, as a human rights issue. #TransKidsItsTimeToTalk/2
People needing urgent medical assistance must receive help. The point is, how. Can transgender identity be a phase, #ROGD, a social contagion among teenagers? Some say no, the idea is “transphobic”. Yet many relate personal experience in which it was, in fact, a phase./3
I felt like a boy for many years but transition was impossible. Lucky escape! Now I am happily married to a woman, with two great children. There are also #detransitioners and people expressing #transregret. Do those stories deserve to be told, or must they be suppressed?/4
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LONG THREAD: I am often asked about male privilege. It happened a lot yesterday, because of stuff that happened on the internets, which I will not be directly addressing here. But this seems like as good a time as any to share some thoughts about the topic more generally...
1) I think that the concept of privilege (in general) functions best as a tool to help people in the dominant/majority group see otherwise invisible advantages that they may be experiencing as a result of *not* being a member of a marginalized/minority group... of a million possible examples: do you ever worry about people not taking you seriously, or employers not hiring you, or doctors ignoring your medical needs, etc., because you are transgender? if the answer is no, then you experience cisgender privilege!
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@DebbieHayton I agree, Madam. I am following the debate from Italy, which is at the receiving end of #SJW crap. Young people are drinking whatever #YouTube or #Tumblr prophets are telling them from USA. The new Gospel says women do not exist except as a feeling, but also that #Gaymen and
@DebbieHayton #lesbians do not exist, we are a mere social construction. Heterosexual men are again the pivot of everything. Scholars debate about #nonheterosexual people and #nonmen as if this were a very progressive way of speaking. #transsexual is a slur, anyone can be a #transgender and
@DebbieHayton Speak in the name of the t* community, even if they never experienced what dysphoria is. The same with #Intersexual people, everyone is allowed to speak in their name, except them. You are not supposed to be #bisexual anymore because it is so binary. #Sex is a taboo word no-one
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