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Companies in MA, explore lower rates & combat rising costs for business services (Telecom/Waste/Merchant Services), with Brian Plain at Schooley Mitchell:

Schooley Mitchell: Brian Plain & Joe Gifford:
225 Cedar Hill St
Suite 200 D117 Marlborough, MA 01752

"Learn more about #waystoreduceoverhead costs and improve your #bottomline local and online at Schooley Mitchell at:

Schooley Mitchell: Brian Plain & Joe Gifford:
225 Cedar Hill St
Suite 200 D117 Marlborough, MA 01752
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As leaders of our company, we must strategize,
To ensure our #bottomline sees an increase in size,
#Cuttingcosts and finding ways to save,
Is not just about money, it's how we behave. #Businessesloweringcosts, it's a tough game,
But it's essential for success, it's not just fame, Reducing corporate overhead...
It takes hard work and dedication,
To make it to the top of the nation.

Sometimes we must make sacrifices to #stayahead, Find ways to save, even if it means cutting the thread, It's a difficult decision, but it's necessary,

To #keepourbusinessrunning, it's required & legendary.
Businesses lowering #costs, it's a tough game,
But it's essential for success, it's not just fame,
It takes #hardwork and dedication,
To make it to the top of the nation.
Innovation and creativity are key,
To finding new ways to do things, that's the #fee,…
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#THREAD on #WHAT is #RBI likely to do tomorrow at the #MPC and #Why and how it would #IMPACT Markets? #RETWEET

(1) A rate Hikes I’d probably 30-40bps
(2) More #Importantly, a 25-50bp CRR Hike as well

What are the Drivers of this Decision?
RBI biggest Driver of Policy in my view is FOREX.

India is suffering Daily Forex Outflows Due to
(1) high Commodity Prices (Oil & Coal etc)
(2) FPI outflows
(3) Rising Remittances while FDI has slowed down

Recall that Jndia is still NOT added to the JPM EM debt Index (NA)
Two ways to arrest the INR depreciation is to raise Rates (REPO) or reduce Liquidity (CRR)

But we know India has a Demand Issue.

More #IMPORTANTLY, higher Rates will HURT the Govts Borrowing Cost and Eventually Raise System Deposit Rates
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#Covid19 Vaccination: What do we have learned so far?

It is almost 9 months since the first Covid vaccine was injected to a UK national.

Let’s do a quick recap of the major ‘takeaways’ in next 25 tweets......................
1) Covid vaccines are highly effective against severe disease, hospitalization, & deaths in fully vaccinated individuals. Studies after studies from different countries in different continents with different vaccines have confirmed this fact…
2) Vaccines have only minimal impact on infection and transmission. They are not able to halt/prevent development of a new surge. The current Covid19 vaccines are effective in preventing symptomatic COVID19 disease but fail to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection…
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New @ForeignPolicy article + slide deck:

7 #China #MaritimeMilitia ships ID'ed @ #WhitsunReef/ #UnionBanks in #SouthChinaSea!

Great to publish w/ @NavalWarCollege @ChinaMaritime colleague @rdmartinson88. And always a pleasure to work w/ @BeijingPalmer!…

***At the very least, 7 People's #ArmedForces #MaritimeMilitia (#PAFMM) vessels have been operating at the #Spratly Islands’ #UnionBanks, including #WhitsunReef—both during the past month & multiple times over the past year.…

Thanks to research w/ @rdmartinson88, building on @GregPoling's

Spotlight's now on #Taishan #PAFMM vessels #Yuetaiyu 18000, 18111, 18222, 18333, 18555, 18666, 18777, 18888 & 18999—“The Fancheng Nine”—from a #FarSeas Militia #Squadron (#远海民兵大队) that doesn’t actually fish...
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My interview w/ @GrecianFormula:

With its continued dev't of #ASBMs & associated targeting architecture, #China continues to work on changing the game in #SCS & beyond—but so too does US w/ its own developments & countermeasures.…
The game is afoot, and much is at stake.

But by no means is the game over for @USNavy, in the #SouthChinaSea or anywhere else.

My #BottomLine: there’s no cause for declinist defeatism.…
In @Princeton @PUPolitics's PhD program, I had many great colleagues, incl. @ChongJaIan; w/ @osmastro & @AdamPLiff to follow!

I focused my research on #Chinese #Aerospace Development. Historical summary:…

#BottomLine: PRC prioritized #ballistic #missiles.
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"I'm a Blue Collar Kid at the end of the day" ~ @Scaramucci on #TheBottomLine, #AlJazeera: So, am I! So, am I! So, I know exactly where you came from!! 👍👊💪 And I'm impressed!!
You spoke about your father - so, did I! 👊 And your mother - mine gave birth to 10 babies (9 alive)! You're making my eyes tear as I write these tweets after the end of your interview on #TheBottomLine
*truly impressed
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They are asking for #FairHearing. What happened to #FairHearing when he:

1. evicted state civil servants from their Government quarters against a court order

2. demolished the house of my classmate, Inuwa Abdulkadir, #LifeBencher, against a court crder

3. demolished Durbar Hotel Kaduna against a court order.

4. demolished ‘Kasuwan Barci’ against a ourt order.

5. demolished the House of Senator Suleiman Hunkuyi against a court order.

6. sacked thousands of Kaduna teachers against a court order.

7. disregarded a court order to conduct LG election at a stipulated time & did it at his time.

8. Disregards fines imposed by the courts against his govt

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#REDALERT: The 6 Democrats invited by DOJ to view a less-redacted version of the #MuellerReport have DECLINED the offer.

I initially agreed with this, as it could strengthen the subpoena fight.

HOWEVER, if DOJ moves forward...then ONLY REPUBLICANS will see that version on Tues.
#REDFLAG: People like McCarthy, Nunes, Jordan, and Burr...will be able to mischaracterize what's redacted, while Dems won't be able to push back.

They'll also be able to WARN Trump...AND the people under ongoing investigation what it says.

Potentially jeopardizing those cases.
#REDFLAG: These Republicans would also be able to tell Trump which U.S. Attorney's Offices are handling each of the 14 redacted investigations.

Trump and his allies could target the investigators and/or replace them.

#NOTE: Barr has no duty to report if those cases are impeded.
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#FLAG: I've heard some people I respect — including @MatthewMiller and @FrankFigliuzzi1 — suggest that Nadler should cancel Barr's scheduled hearing before his committee on May 2nd,

The argument is that he's not worth hearing from anymore.

I disagree. Here a few reasons why...
1. The impending hearing puts pressure on Barr, as Dems subpoena the evidence + unredacted report.

Every statement/appearance has been a disaster for him, even causing Mueller's team to speak out. IMO, it all ultimately forced him to release a less redacted report than expected.
2. There are important questions left to ask:

- Will the 12 referred investigations go on unimpeded?

- Why did he overrule/lie about Mueller's intention to leave obstruction to Congress?

- Outstanding Wikileaks questions.

- Has he assembled a team to investigate the #Oranges?
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#REDFLAG: In Feb, after Trump was forced to reopen the government for 3 weeks, following the 35 day #TrumpShutdown...

...a bipartisan committee hashed out an immigration funding compromise to avoid another one.


#ATTN: The bipartisan deal included:

🔹 $1.375B — 55 miles of New Fencing.
🔹 $524.2M — Ports of Entry + 600 New Border Agents.
🔹 $415M — Humanitarian Aid at Border.


🔹 $563.4M — for Immigration Courts, (incl. $59M for) 75 NEW JUDGES.
🔹 $527M — Aid to Central America.
#FLAG: Congress JUST passed funding for 75 new Immigration Judges, largely to hear asylum claims.

Today, AG Bill Barr boasted about DOJ's progress...PRIOR to this year.

Yet, he's requesting $72M to hire 100 new judges in FY2020.

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El 2019 empezô con proyecto chulo. En enero a Ruanda. Misiôn puntual. Vacunas en tiempo record.
Papeles listos..
Estaba preparada.
Pero... A las 12:05 en punto
Y como va para largo... Abro hilo. #miVidaconlapiernapocha
Ya en el suelo retorciéndome, se me fue la duda: adiôs viaje, proyectos e liusiones: sabîa que la faena era gorda...
No voy a contar los detalles médicos, no es el propôsito de este hilo.
Si que os cuento que la recuperaciôn va a ser larga y tediosa , asî que he decidido compartir mi experiencia en clave de Humor, de Amor y de Fe.
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He has detailed the most damning episodes in at least 3 voluntary interviews that have totaled 30 hours over the past 9 months.…
#FLAG: McGahn has disclosed details surrounding...

- The firing of former FBI Director James Comey.
- Trump's obsession with putting a loyalist in charge.
- Trump's repeated urging of Sessions to claim oversight of the investigation.
- Trump's attempts to fire Mueller himself.

They were suspicious when Trump didn't protest letting him be interviewed...

So McGahn cooperated extensively to cover to demonstrate that McGahn did nothing wrong.
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Meanwhile, JOINT MILITARY EXERCISES with our allies in South Korea were "too expensive."

They act as a deterrent to North Korea, China and Russia, and are essential to ensure preparedness with our allies should Kim Jong Un launch an attack.

They would cost $14M...
#REMINDER: The Trump Administration's position on the suspension of joint military exercises with South Korea was CONDITIONAL.

The annual August exercises were suspended...AS LONG AS North Korea acted in "GOOD FAITH" in working towards denuclearization.…
#FLAG: U.S. Officials, from the Military Intelligence Agency in the Pentagon to the Secretary of State, have ACKNOWLEDGED...

North Korea is ACCELERATING their nuclear program, continuing missiles production, and hiding assets from the U.S..

Good faith?
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#TRUTHBOMB: You've heard it a million times.

"There was No Collusion except with the Democrats and Russia!"

It's an often-repeated right-wing counter-narrative pointing to the FusionGPS commissioned #SteeleDossier.

Here's why they're full of it and how to counter it.

#FLAG: Trump defenders say if it's illegal to get "opposition research" from a foreign national...

...then the Democrats are guilty of it, because they commissioned Christopher Steele, a former British spy and UK national, to gather intel that became the #SteeleDossier.

#FLAG: Let's look at the specific law...

52 USC 30121 - It's illegal to solicit, accept, or receive a contribution (opposition research) or donation of money or other thing of value from a foreign national in connection with an election.

But the fact is. STEELE WAS PAID.

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The following thread is a TIMELINE featuring some of Trump's actions that directly led to the appointment of a Special Counsel.
May 3 - Comey testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

He refuses to answer if there’s any evidence of collusion. This triggers Trump's fury and his decision to fire Comey.…
May 6 - Trump and Stephen Miller draft a letter to fire Comey at his golf club in NJ.

The first line in this original letter mentions the Russia investigation, as the reason for his firing. The letter is never sent.

Mueller has that original draft...…
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