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If you're an agency posting LinkedIn content to generate leads...

You NEED to have a strong profile.

Here are 5 ways to turn your profile into a lead generation machine.

// THREAD 🧵 //
By the end of this thread, you'll learn how to:

1. Create a clear banner image
2. Write a compelling tagline
3. Utilize hashtags as SEO
4. Develop a better About section
5. Convert in the Featured section

Let's get you more leads!
1. Banner Image:

For agencies, the banner image is valuable real estate.

It's the first visual a viewer sees and needs to convey what you can do for clients.

Ex. if you do lead gen for B2B SaaS, a solid banner title is "Generate more ARR with outbound email"
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#SaaS 💚🚀Updated multiples 1
#SaaS 💚🚀Updated multiples 2
Security $PANW $FTNT $CRWD $NET $ZS $OKTA $CHKP $S $CYBR $PING (Thoma Bravo take out - yikes PE takes out value in tech. NEVER EVER going to work unless you lay off / cut cost + merge w/ $PLAN McAfee $PFPT 🗑️🗑️ did I already say YIKES?) Image
#SaaS 💚🚀Updated multiples 3
Analytics $AYX LOVE this valuation. WOW. Street only brought up numbers $50M for next year. Another $50M to go.. <5x GP? Now thats what Thoma should have bravoed!
$DOMO - Cute product. Cute UI. Image
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Descubre nuestro sistema de pago SBPro.
Realiza contracargos, envía enlaces de pago y muchas otras operaciones directamente desde el sistema.
Vea más en Latino America #simplybook.lationoamerica @MeSimplybook #saas #sistemadepago
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I can almost predict - most of them going to miss & $GOOGL will miss big time. But question is, is the miss priced in? I hope so 🤞🤞
$CDNS has not missed for 14 straight quarters! What a Champion 🏆stock. Unfortunately, I don't own any.
$WHR has missed three straight quarters. Sell-side and management is a little behind the mortgage rate curve. But stock is barely down 29% YTD. #SaaS investors might be scratching their heads! Yes Whirlpool has crushed us guys.
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Got a ton of #constructionindustry #software product analysis cranking up to help #contractors make sense of the market. Check this stuff out ... lemme know if it seems on target for helping that selection team do due diligence ... Let's start w @SageERP…
And for folks in the #concrete or @asphalt industries, you probably know @CMDALKON ... Here, we look at their successful transition to a modern multi-tenant #SaaS with Connex product.…
This one is a bit close to my heart ... @ecobotapp digitizes and speeds up the process of #wetlands delineations. Feel free to forward this to the #environmental engineers you know.…
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0/ Those interested in SaaS investing and need a quick reference point on public market valuations, @MeritechCapital has just released v2 of their benchmarking (free) tool. Check it out!


#software #SaaS #valuation #VentureCapital #privateequity…
1/ The tool provides a perspective on what scaled listed SaaS companies look like in the US, in terms of growth, retention, sales efficiency and how these metrics correlate with valuation. US is the most relevant market as it sets the world price for such assets, viz. enterprises
2/ It’s based on non-GAAP financials and allows users to filter by SaaS type (infra, application, freemium / bottoms-up). The types of analysis (incl. charts, tables) the tool allows you to quickly undertake is organized as follows…
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(1/7) My start-up that will build #SSI services on top of #IOTA Identity is looking for individual investors! You can become an official shareholder of the Dutch incorporation and have voting and dividend rights. This is not an #ICO or #NFT but real shares. Read about it below👇
(2/7) Let me start off with that we have a minimum investment of €33.000 and anyone investing needs to be identified. This is all due to legal processes that need to happen on a per investor basis, which doesn't scale well.
(3/7) I have founded Impierce Technologies, registered in the Netherlands, with two co-founders. We are planning to build enabling software services for #IOTA Identity. Making adoption of SSI for people and organizations a breeze. This includes an SSI wallet and #SaaS products.
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A @Shopify app sold for $2,800,000 💰

Here are some key details about the business that might help you build a valuable SaaS business too: ️
💰 Solved a significant pain point for merchants by accurately helping customers determine their size, which reduced return rates.
💰Featured a 5-star rating across 600+ reviews. ️
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¿Has lanzado algún #SaaS al mercado?

En @Polyflow_ estamos siguiendo algunos frameworks y estrategias para nuestro go-to-market y quiero contarte los detalles...

Se viene hilazo 👇
@Polyflow_ 👉 Validar problema-solucion: Usamos el #MomTest para entrevistar a posibles clientes.

• En este ejercicio hablamos poco y escuchamos mucho, esto nos permite entender mejor la problemática y casos de uso que le daría el cliente al producto.

Hay 2 preguntas claves para mí...
@Polyflow_ 1. ¿Cuál sería la solución perfecta a tu problema?

2. ¿Cuánto estarías dispuesto a pagar?

Ante la segunda pregunta, su primera respuesta será "no sé". En ese caso quédate callado, deja que el silencio les haga ver que buscas una respuesta, y te la darán...
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We added a new article on #URL #Database where the goal is to classify over 80 million #domain for their IAB #categories:…
A set of interesting links about #URL #Classification…
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Our average SaaS multiples are:

4.0x-6.0x for businesses under $2M
6.0x-10.0x for businesses over $2M

Want to know what it takes to increase your multiple?

Do these 5 things:

1. Documentation: maintain clear and complete financial records. Hire a professional to help you from day one.

2. Operating procedures: anyone should be able to look at your standard operating procedures (SOPs) and know how to run your business.

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A mistake I see founders making?

Failing to optimize for their exit.
-No metrics tracked
-No financial records prepared
-No idea what they want/can get for their business

Fix that with these 6 tips:
1) Reduce churn.
Most can improve churn rates by improving their onboarding process, increasing customer service efforts, updating FAQ pages, and adding help articles that keep customers informed.
2) Outsource development and support.
A ‘passivity premium’ and a non-technical premium can be attached to SaaS businesses that have effectively and reliably outsourced development and customer support.
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Why "retention" topics make for great #SEO targets - Esp. for young #SaaS brands that might not have much data about their audience 👇

1️⃣ Retention topics NOT ONLY speak directly to your current customers but to the people who have the same problems as your customers.
It's a surefire way to ensure you're speaking to a relevant target audience.

2️⃣ Retention topics are often very specific. A customer has a problem, frustration, or a goal that your support team keeps encountering.
That specific problem might not have huge, 10k per month organic traffic volumes associated with it, but it likely has a high rate of conversion (plus generates loyalty!).
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“Your netWORK is your netWORTH.”
The magic pill, the sweet sauce to your success is:

1. A killer product, a #SaaS that actually solves a problem for your ideal customer, and

2. A killer network that can help you make (the right) friends and influence (the right) people.
Want to know the secret to building an amazing network?

More than being extroverted, it’s about being intentional. Getting to know the right people… on purpose. And letting people get to know you… on purpose.
But remember, even if you’re an introvert building an intentional and powerful network is important for your growth TODAY and TOMORROW.

Here are a few steps we’ve learned over the years:
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New article on #websites #classification discussing possible #taxonomy that can be used (IAB, Google, Facebook, etc.) as well as #machinelearning models:…

list of useful resources:
a new telegram channel where will post about #explainableai (#XAI for short):…
there are now many useful libraries available for doing #explainability of #AI models: SHAP, LIME, partial dependence plots PDP. And also the "classical" feature importance.
Our german blog on topic of website #categorizations:
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As #pandemic induced #digitaltransformation rush abates, SaaS companies face tough YoY growth comparables
#economic headwinds
Normalization of valuations back to pre-pandemic levels.


$TEAM : Atlassian had a massive run to over 60x EV/Sales (NTM).

22E Rev: 2.8B
23E Rev: 3.5B @ 26% gr
GM 85% range
EBITDA margin : 25% for 2022 but decelerating to teens in 2023

Src: @Sentieo
#SaaS #software #tech #news #Nasdaq $NDX $IGV #hypergrowth #growth #trendwhizo Image
$SNOW: Snowflake ran to over 120x EV/Sales (NTM) but normalizing to 24x, a premium to data peers due to superior growth profile

22E Rev: 1.22B
23E Rev: 2B (66% gr)
22E GM 60-70%

Src: @Sentieo
#SaaS #software #tech #news #Nasdaq $NDX $IGV #hypergrowth #growth #trendwhizo Image
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Voxtur Analytics $VXTRF $VXTR.V $VXTR
will screen well very soon

THE EV/TTM Rev X will compress materially in next 5 wks with Q4 and Q1 filings

~11.5X EV/TTM Rev will drop to ~5.7X EV/TTM Revs

#ReTwit #Fintwit #Tech #SaaS #Fintech #stocks #Cloud
May 2nd: Q4 / Annuals filing deadline
Revs will increase Q4'20 to Q4'21 from $5.9mm to ~$39mm
So the $5.9mm will drop off from the TTM (Trailing Twelve Months) revenue number
So TTM Revs will go from $63.2 to $96.2 which means that at $1.50 share price the EV/ TTM Revs multiple
So TTM Revs will go from $63.2 to $96.2 which means that at $1.50 share price the EV/ TTM Revs multiple will compress from 11.47X to 7.54X

May 28th: Q1 '22 Filing deadline
And a few weeks later the Q1'21 of $14.5mm will drop off and be replaced with a new Q1'22 revenue of
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Control systems are ubiquitous and without them most of what we take for granted wouldn’t function. But designing them and deploying them has been complicated by thousands of competing proprietary software systems,
the self interests of large organisations seeking to monopolise markets and creating closed ecosystems that tie in the manufacturers of hardware components, and the end users of these systems.
As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, and IoT has enabled incredible innovation to drive industry 3.0 and beyond, the ability to design, deploy and rapidly scale affordable remote control systems,
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Describing revenue and ROI for blog/article content to #SaaS #SEO clients [🧵]

Everyone wants to know what the money looks like and where it comes from.

Here is my experience from running #contentmarketing strategies for years.
Content and SEO can feel a bit like playing battleship with your clients' customers.

The general hurdles of any campaign:

- Accurate / interpretable ICP data
- Workflows to produce / scale blog post publishing
- Having inhouse SMEs
- How much of a topic are you willing to cover
How much revenue a blog post will produce is impossible to determine.

You need a perfect mix of meeting a customer at the right moment, with the right amount of content, and a product they're looking for within their budget.
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Startup leaders come in three basic types and those in a given type typically neither understand nor respect those in other types. Nevertheless, it's critical to have the right types at the right time as you grow. A thread 🧵 #startups #tech #SaaS
The first are innovators. They love disrupting the status quo by doing things that haven't been done before. They don't need training or playbooks. All they need is an email, a telephone, and a machete and they can survive and thrive.
You need innovators in your early days. They tend to be smart generalists who likely don't function well in large organizations. However, they have little interest in process and industrialization and will either leave the org or need to deployed into new "hard problems"
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Introducción al Product Led y Onboarding 💥

Quería hablar de estos conceptos básicos para #SaaS, seguramente los conozcas, pero en caso de que no, te lo explico.

Mini-hilo (2 mins lectura) 🧵 Image by Aptrinsic
Esta vertiente se da en los departamentos de #marketing, #growth y #producto y se enfoca en crear palancas de crecimiento a través del propio producto, de ahí su nombre “Product-led Growth o Crecimiento liderado por el producto“.
Usando estrategias #ProductLed nos enfocamos en fases más profundas del funnel, incrementando esfuerzos en la adopción, interacción, activación y retención de usuarios.

OJO: Esto no quiere decir que NO sea compatible con la adquisición o que no empujemos la adquisición.
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✍️Después de haber trabajado con más de 100startups #Saas e iterar varios modelos, diseñé este framework, con el feedbkack de muchas de ellas, para la medición del las métricas + importantes de un Saas
🚀“The B2B Saas Metrics Journey Framework”🚀
⏰Artículo original en mi perfil b2b saas metrics journey
Existen muchos modelos para explicar el ciclo de vida de un cliente, pero hasta ahora no había encontrado ninguno que aplicara completamente a un modelo de negocio #Saas. Image
Este framework, está representado por:

- Eje horizontal, que representa el paso del tiempo.
- Eje vertical que representa el engagement que tiene el usuario con nuestro negocio, por lo tanto podemos afirmar, que cuando más arriba se encuentra una métrica, (menos la u. economics)
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Major milestone - 100 Reviews 🎉 [THANK YOU]

9 Takeaways after two years of building a #SaaS company from idea to 100 Reviews on the #Shopify App store

This is what I learned

[ a thread ] 💻🏠🌎 Image
1️⃣ GO-GO-GO:

Start by reaching out to your closest buddies in the community

Share your idea and listen to what they have to say about it

In the beginning you have only mockups to show, but they still can go a long way
2️⃣ Stay focused:

Time and resources are limited

Always play the 80/20 principle regardless of the scenario

You're only as good as your last performance

Imagine performing at your best every day
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Do you know any #startup that instead of providing private coaching, has directly partnered with 5000+ schools? 🤔💭

Here is one👉LEAD School 🏫📖

India’s first integrated school Edtech solution who recently entered the Unicorn club 🦄🥳

Read its interesting growth story ⏬⏬
1/ Founded in 2012 by the couple @mehtasumeet and @smitadeorah,

@leadschoolindia recently raised $100 M, doubling its valuation in just 9 months 💹

Starting with a single school in Areri village, #LEADschool has grown to partner with 5000+ schools across 500 cities!🤯
2/ Business model ⏬

It is a #SaaS platform powering K-12 (kindergarten-12th grade) institutions with digital resources, books & curriculums

It charges schools a fixed fee per student per year

LEAD partnered schools have seen 20-25% progress in the students learning outcomes
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