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This is how you can target high converting leads with the AI optimized Clientfinda product.
Personally, the harangues of working tirelessly to find leads is indeed a diligent process that doesn't necessarily guarantee success.

Whether via media buying, content marketing or perhaps, cold-pitching, trying to get converting lead can be an unapologetically futile venture.
Here is however, the good-news; You could achieve precise accuracy in converting with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Goodbye to the old days of waiting endlessly for ads to scale or expending tons of energy on content marketing.
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🚀 Here’s a look at all my growth threads to date 🚀

✒️ I’ll update this list over time, so make sure to bookmark!
10 #SaaS Lead Generation Tactics (with Examples)

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📢 How to turn your pre-launch startup into a collosal wreckage fireball before it even gets off the ground... in 16 easy steps.

100% tried and tested.

A thread 🧵
1. Firstly, definitely spend a lot on branding.

You'll want 100 branded t-shirts for your future unicorn team and lots of swag to hoard in your cupboards.
2. Consider shelling out for a billboard ad or two.

Preferably 6 months before you launch and in an out-of-the-way location to keep costs down.
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Small cap/high growth seems to THE obvious way to riches - right.

But how do we actually find them?

More often than not, they're already trading at high multiples and has a lot of HYPE.

In 2021 we've had 10 interesting Danish IPO's I will list below.

All small cap




Small cap tech company supplying #solutions optimizing #water usage in many industries. One industry is big data farms (a lot located here in Denmark). BactiQuant helps #Facebook and #Apple to clean their water #cooling systems.

Current P/S: 35,8



Small cap tech company #automating #investing for people with "#robot advisors". 100% digitalized and customized based on clients needs, risk profile and time frame. Became #2 robot investing company in #Denmark quickly.

Now managing >1 billion DKK.
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SaaS-y salaries are 30% more than traditional IT services — and they’re making it tougher for traditional IT service firms to find the right talent…

By @pabsgill
@pabsgill If you’re an #Engineer in India, the job market is tough. There’s a lot of competition and companies are selective about who they hire. But one thing that can give you an edge over other candidates is the right set of skills — SaaS-y skills.

#SaaS #IT
@pabsgill India’s software-as-a-service (#SaaS) market is still young, but that’s where the real money is, if you’re an #Engineer. The demand is overflowing, especially after the #COVID19Pandemic’s ‘digital transformation’ wave.
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It's a zombie economy. For 40 years, we've eroded the wages of workers and transfered their share of profit and productivity to owners of capital. This is a problem, because people need money to buy things, and if they run out of money, they stop buying and profits vanish.

Time and again, capitalism has kicked any reckoning over this down the road. First came the great liquidation: pension cashouts, raided savings, reverse mortgages. Then came consumer borrowing, a tidal wave of unrepayable debt.

That's the zombie part: all the unpayable debt, which has been turned into bonds that enrich debt-holders. As Michael Hudson has told us again and again, debt that can't be paid, won't be paid. Our debt-based economy is the walking dead, a zombie.

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Modern #data platforms are emerging as the answer to the holy grail: creating a truly data-driven organization. With this, “how” we use data has changed.

Many vendors today brand themselves as the be-all and end-all... but this isn’t true. 🙅
It’s impossible to work today with a single modern data platform from one vendor! A modern #data platform is a collection of tools and processes. 🧰

In this thread, I’ll break down what a modern data platform means in practice today. 2/n
Today, data platforms have basic building blocks that look something like this. 👇 3/n…
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We are excited to present the winners of our SaaS Leader Awards, honoring the best customer success and marketing executives in SaaS:…

Congrats to all.

More details in thread.
Our #SaaS Customer Success Leader Award Winners:…
Our #SaaS Marketing Leader Award Winners:…
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Tesla's price may seem out of whack today. The P/E Ratio is insane, right?

But Amazon had similar P/E ratios back in 2014 and 3X higher in 2012. Look at where $AMZN is today.

$TSLA is my #1 stock because I am looking 5+ years out from today and basing my investment on that. Many people aren't doing that. Many people are looking at current or trailing earnings and comparing them to other vehicle makers.

And yes, I do fully expect there to be some major price pullback -- maybe even a short 30 to 50% drop in $TSLA price at some point, but over the long run, I think it goes way up.

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#SaaS had it's GFC moment in early Feb 2016 (when LinkedIn & few other Co's had some warnings). What a 5 years it has been since then. 🚀🚀

Few🔟baggers in the SaaS land since then.
( $TWLO* & $COUP joined the party in mid 2016). Image
$SHOP with it's 60 bagger spoils the chart for the rest😂, so including it along with $SQ which was another monster winner. Image
Charts above shows what can happen when we
✔️zoom out of the daily noise 🙉
✔️identify strong/secular trends 📈
✔️pick the best run companies within ✅
✔️hold them for the long-term while those excellent businesses execute. 💪
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We all love our #SaaS stocks but did you know the actual meaning behind the names of these Co.'s?🤔

Below are 🔟of my favorite. How many of them did you know already?😀

1⃣ $OKTA Okta : A unit used in meteorology to measure cloud cover. ☁️

2⃣ $SNOW Snowflake : Snowflakes are “born in the cloud”. Data warehouse built from the ground up for the cloud.🌨️
3⃣ $SHOP Shopify : Shop(ping) + (Simpl)ify 🛍️✅

4⃣ $VEEV Veeva : Veeva, a variant of the Latin word viva which means “to live,” attests to the company's singular commitment to the Life sciences industry.❤️
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Sharing a Micro-SaaS Idea from my notes💡

One-liner: Instagram Carousal builder

#saas #microsaas #businessideas
Problem? (1/2)

Making carousals for an Instagram requires you to create multiple images using online platforms like canva or any other graphic editing tools.

❌ Requires you to calculate measurements for image
Problem? (2/2)

❌ No way to preview the content before uploading to Instagram
❌ Need to use additional tools like image splitter
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I spoke with @NicoAFerr, founder of @JoinTomoHQ and member of @genzmafia, on founding 3 startups by 22, paying the bills while working on his projects, and advice to his younger self.

#podcast #Entrepreneurs #interview #startup #saas…
Also available on Apple Podcasts.…
Also available on YouTube.

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Even though I haven't been a big fan of Twitter threads so far, a lot of people I know have made 100-tweet threads for @threadapalooza so I thought I'll give it a try as well. I will start with #APIs and hopefully end up connecting them with the #FutureOfWork. Let's go ...

First of all, when I talk about #APIs, I mean HTTP-based interfaces connecting apps and backend servers as well as different services with each other. For now, the technical details, such as whether they use REST, GraphQL, gRPC etc., shall not matter. (1/100)
When humans interact with computers they require a user interface (UI), and when machines interact with each other they need application programming interfaces (APIs). At the end of the day, however, these have to be implemented by humans. Good #APIDesign considers both. (2/100)
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📻 — whelp, my friends... ... this is the motherlode!

Today's #yenFM issue is a #breakdown our entire process & journey to building a world-class #COMMSAAS — our community-centric b2b saas!

... ready to build a profitable community & biz in 2021?!

of course, i super-appreciate @monicalent's work which really helped "set up" my deep-dive today:

... too good to miss as well!

... straight 🔥.
so, what exactly is a #commsaas?! here:

it's about community leaders putting community in EVERYTHING, all over that mother!

it's a fundamental part of how we start, how we end, and everything in-between.

🛑 — community builders have unique insights into this process!
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I've been fascinated for years by "mindset" since reading Josh Waitzkin's Art of Learning which referred to Carol Dwek's book by that title. We all know about the importance of a "growth" mindset versus a "fixed" mindset in every aspect of life from parenting to investing.
I saw this presentation from one of Dwek's students, Dr. @AliaCrum at Davos (I know!) in 2018 where she gave this talk.…
The entire thing is worth watching, but 3:50 in she discusses the mindset around stress. Crum also goes deeper into the issue of stress in this paper…

Crum concludes that with a shift in mindset about stress, we can use it and the cortisol surge as
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Happy morning, everyone! 🌞

The very first chapter of #SaaSBOOMiPLG begins, now! ⭐

Stay tuned to this thread and uncover key #insights captured from some of the sessions, in real-time. 👇

#ProductLedGrowth #SaaS
💡 #ProductLedGrowth is all about using your product to acquire customers, convert them, and expand your offerings further. In simple terms, it's a vehicle through which a team achieves to do everything business.

@mrgirish | #SaaSBOOMiPLG
💡 Any software that could be bought and used by a team independently, without a corporate approval, is #ProductLedGrowth done right!

@mrgirish | #SaaSBOOMiPLG
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Strategies for getting API access from one of the world’s biggest tech businesses for your #bootstrapped #SaaS...

⓵ Send multiple emails from multiple email addresses to their first level support team.

Likelihood of success: Very Low 🤷‍♂️
⓶ Ask all of your customers to request API access to their first level support team. Likelihood of success: Low 😈
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“A great product coupled with a great pricing plan is a force to be reckoned with.” – @Chargebee

Here are 5 of the biggest pricing lessons @ProcessStreet has learned since we launched in 2013 🚀… (A thread)
1. Pricing is a never-ending process ♻️

The only way to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the #SaaS industry, speedy advances in #Technology, and stiff competition is to constantly experiment with, and test, your SaaS #PriceModel.… (1/6)
2. Pricing is about perception 👀

Think about #Perception when creating your next pricing hypothesis. How are your #Customers likely to perceive what you’re offering?… (2/6)
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The Internet is full of tips about #productmanagement and #saas. But what about Product Architecture?

Here are my top 20, with inspiration from @jpatel41, @shreyas, and others.

Good Product Architects, Great Product Architects; a thread: 👇
Good architects work with teams to build experiences people love. Great architects are also infrastructure experts who think deeply about reliability, availability, and security.
Good architects meet regularly with product management to discuss customer needs. Great architects gather additional context by engaging with the broader business (go-to-market functions, technical support, etc).
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(1/11) I've been posting on Reddit for a couple of months to promote my side-gig

The trick is: most Reddit groups don't allow self-promotion.

Here is what I'm doing to bypass that rule 👇
#Entrepreneurship #SaaS #communitybuilding #builtinpublic
(2/11) #1 - Don't Copywrite, do content marketing.

👉 Copywriting = making a post that looks like an ad.

With a lot of space.

In a salesy way.

Like this.

Not only you will be insulted by other Reddit users, but you risk being banned. Write as you would talk to a friend.
(3/11) #2 - Your goal is to funnel people from Reddit, to your website.

However, don't mention your brand/ company or project on the post itself. You'll be banned/ insulted.

Instead, make sure your post is good enough to generate clicks on your Reddit Profile.
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#Subex is setting the market abuzz with many brokers talking of relisting above 20 Rs - which is across a major 8 year breakout level of around 18.50

#CrunchMetrics #IDCentral #DigitalTrust #IoT #IoTSecurity
Will be see a dream run in #Subex post relisting given fundamentals are fast improving for both business operations and balance sheet

See embedded thread for brief history of its turnaround.

#CrunchMetrics #IDCentral #DigitalTrust #IoT #IoTSecurity #CyberSecurity
Typo-plz read “Will be” as “Will we”

I think we will 😊-next 2yrs at #Subex should be similar or better to what #TanlaPlatforms achieved in same time since #Karix acquisition in Aug2018

Cash books are ringing at Subex with good visibility

So watch this space for M&A/BuyBack!!
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Cold Outreach for YUMS

😊 What’s working

👎 What’s not

🔥 What we are doing next

A thread ⬇️ (1/8)

#productizedservice #saas #buildinpublic
About 2-3 weeks ago i started getting more serious about cold outreach for YUMS. I want to start building/selling 30 micro-sites for restaurants per month. So i need to get in front of my audience somehow. (2/8)
Our original plan was to create mockups for every restaurant, and send out custom emails like that.

The problem is that this requires a lot of setup, its very tedious.

The demos look great but they require too much time just to go un-opened and get no replies.

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After our fantastic webinar with @Salesforce, we sat down, as a team, to collect our best #CustomerSuccess content ✅ 📝 (A thread)
First off, our free #Ebook is essential reading for #CustomerSuccess. It's a must-read for any new hire on our own #CS team 📘… (1/12)
Of course, we had to mention our #webinar with @Salesforce. They showed us how they use @ProcessStreet to efficiently grow their #ClientSuccess practice, especially #ClientOnboarding and #ClientExperience 🙌 📹 (2/12)
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