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I created a map with death per lakh of population (DPL) of Indian States using @MoHFW_INDIA data

Population of as of March 2001 (projected) from National Commission on Population Report, 2019 (Table 8) is used.

Official DPL of various states is quite baffling #Thread
Highest DPL is from Goa (131.88), followed by Delhi (103.27) & Maharashtra (64.70)

DPL of Bihar is 3.04, followed by UP (7.47), Telangana (7.76) & Madhya Pradesh (8.18).

This huge disparity between DPL shall be analysed with anecdotal evidence now before us recently.
Take first Delhi, though Delhi recorded 2nd highest DPL, many activists as well as media outlets bring how Delhi tried to suppress the death numbers.

Latest story is from @the_hindu where they allege that 4500 numbers are missing from official data…
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BJP President Mr. @JPNadda has written a scathing letter to Congress Chief #SoniaGandhi today, apprising her of the 'conduct of the Congress Party during these challenging times.'

Let's take a look at all the instances cited in the letter one by one.


How Congress leaders, including Congress Chief Minister, ridiculed Indian-made-vaccine and created doubts in the minds of people, spurring #VaccineHesitancy

1. Fear mongering on vaccines, #COVAXIN, by #Chhattisgarh Health Minister TS Singh Deo

This continued through Feb'2021 too, when TS Deo Singh creating doubts over #Covaxin

2. Congress govt in #Punjab also refused to use COVAXIN & did not change their stance even when efficacy data came out! Here's Punjab Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu's remarks:

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Along all the #BengalViolence and #SecondCovidWave , people have missed realizing the biggest fight/war that is awaiting them in future (or rather already happening).

Analyze the #BengalPolls carefully and see what's happening:
Congress is intentionally taking itself out of game in state polls.
Polarized Muslim votes and Commie votes are consolidating to the regional party. This will happen reverse way in Loksabha polls; and imagine there are 3 years to solidify the strategy.
Not only the parties, but vote-banks are able to understand this strategy somehow in an organic manner.

There are four broad votebanks :
1. pro-BJP Hindus, 2. Muslims & Christians, 3. Regional Caste votebanks, 4. anti-BJP Secular Hindus
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A short thread
In his interview with @manojladwa, (see link), India's Exernal Affairs Minister, @DrSJaishankar, when asked about the ongoing #SecondCOVIDWave crisis in India, acknowledged that it was a grave problem almost an "existential crisis". But then he tried..
to soften the impact on his NRI audience, he compared what India is going through to the second wave in Britain in 2020 late summer and autumn when the health services were swamped, "you've been through something similar, that is what India is going thru now"
This is not untrue, but grossly misleading. Yes Britain, at the height of the epidemic, was reporting 50k cases a day and 1,750 deaths. See chart 1. In population terms britain had far more cases and deaths (Chart 2) ImageImage
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Condolences to Sanghi acquaintances,
whose loved ones have suffered in this Modi-made humanitarian crisis, however meaningfully given,
automatically turn into empty words bereft of empathetic emotions..

I intend to show empathy for them...but my voice falters.👇
Each time everytime I remember the phrase,
लगेंगी आग तो आएंगे कईं घर ज़द में
यहाँ पे सिर्फ हमारा मक़ान थोड़ी है
These were the same privileged people who applauded Demonetisation, who were unaffected by flawed GST, who were unnerved after Kashmir's fate was sealed by Article 370 revocation, who sent 'hum honge kamayab' forwards after Phulwama, who voted Modi in 2019 in large numbers, 👇
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