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Defanging #APMCs mean👇

Farmers can sell directly to processors,at price they wish to,with no middlemen

Farmers can sell beyond Notified Mandi

#MSP to continue

#TradeCartelisation to end

@narendramodi gov creating single #AgriMarket
My Oped @firstpost…
While @HarsimratBadal_ has politicised the issue,#Punjab,an @INCIndia ruled State,is one of the few States that already allows #ContractFarming,in select commodities,to farmers,via separate State legislation..So opposition to #FarmBills by Congressis&Akalis,is not about Farmers!
Are #Akalis opposed to #FarmBills of @narendramodi govt,as these Bills once they become Acts,will strip Mandi Traders,wily Commission Agents,Food Processors,Exporters&Marketing Committees of #APMCs,of the brazen power they wield,forcing farmers to sell their produce,dirt cheap?😑
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Day 3: 𝗣𝗮𝗿𝗹𝗶𝗮𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 #MonsoonSession2020 Live Updates

#RajyaSabha assembled; on agenda today:

-Discussion on #COVID19
-Defence Minister Statement on #IndiaChinaBorderTension
-Salaries & Allowances of Ministers (Amd) Bill
-#Homoeopathy Central Council (Amd) Bill & more Image
Some matters raised during Zero Session

-Service/ Gallantry Peace Medal for #CoronaWarriors
-Separate infrastructure for patients of non-communicable/ chronic #diseases
-Continued detention of @MehboobaMufti & apprehension of arrest among #JammuAndKashmir political leaders
Special Mentions:

-Framework for regulation of #Online content
-Probe into #Facebook's interference in India's General #elections
-#NEET #JEEMain be re-conducted
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#COVID19India #Bihar
1) Bihar peaked (a month back).
2) Impressive testing record with TPR = 3.16%
3) Death rate = 0.5% (all-India = 1.6%) ImageImageImage
1) Infection continues to grow unabated. ~22K daily new cases.
2) Poor testing record continues, might worsen as TPR rises beyond 20%
3) Death rate = 2.8% (all-India = 1.6%) ImageImageImage
1) Infection seeing new surge with >2000 daily new cases.
2) Testing record worsening with TPR = 5.87% & rising.
3) Death rate = 3% (highest in country). ImageImageImage
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As a party of the farmers, @Akali_Dal_ cannot support anything which goes against the interest of the ‘annadata’ in the country, especially in #Punjab. So, we opposed the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Bill 2020 in #LokSabha today. 1/4
.@Akali_Dal_ has always championed the cause of the #farmers and has made supreme sacrifices to safeguard their interests. That legacy can’t and will not be compromised or diluted, no matter what price we have to pay. 2/4
The govt has erred grievously in not taking stake holders–farmers & their organisations – on board. @Akali_Dal_ representative in Cabinet @HarsimratBadal_ had raised objections and had requested that the Ordinances be put off. But that not happened. 3/4
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.@capt_amarinder is presiding over the downfall of #Punjab in every sphere. It's shameful that the state has slipped in rank to 19th in Business Reform Action Plan 2019. During SAD-BJP tenure, the state ranked 1st in ease of setting up of business & for single window reforms. Image
The CM must quit. He downgraded the Invest Punjab dept & now neighbours like #Himachal & #Haryana have outstripped the state. Investors have lost confidence under his leadership. It’s embarrassing for Punjab to rank below erstwhile ‘bimaru’ states.
.@capt_amarinder, you can lead Punjab only if you come out of your farm house & engage in governance. You need to reinvent Punjab Invest office & reach out to the industry & offer incentives to new investors, else there is no future for industrial sector in Punjab.
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Captain Amrinder Singh needs to go. That’s the tweet. In this THREAD I talk about 10 reasons why Captain Amrinder singh should step down as soon as possible.

This THREAD is a call to all media outlets to push for reforms in Punjab Police & hold Captain accountable.
The outrage expressed by left circles about Police atrocities in US was amazing, how about we look into our own backyard for a change? This is 2nd time that Punjab Police has killed a Kabbadi player in cold blood & yet I see no protests, nothing at all…
It is interesting how media DID NOT find this interesting but an incident of Police brutality in the US was a topic of discussion at Prime Time. Captain has not ordered any probe, the cops are merely suspended from duties. Is it not the time to say #DefundPunjabPolice ?
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An important and insightful thread (as usual) from @AshaRangappa_. She (as usual) provides excellent legal context for current events.

From the @anthropology side, a bit of calibration, since the terminology of "Aryan" & "AIT" have been misused politically in both nations:
The part of AIT (Aryan Invasion Theory) that has been debunked is the Invasion part: #Anthropology, #archeology & related disciplines view an "invasion" of modern-day #Punjab as unsupported by evidence.

The influx of a different ethnic group was real, but probably peaceful..
3/n demonstrated by #linguistics & #genetics, the communities of Northern India & Pakistan are quite distinct from the #Dravidian ones of Southern India. That part is uncontroversial. The (dangerous) controversy is over what this all means. That's where #AIT comes in...
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A politician from #Punjab wrote to #Pakistan's Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI to intervene and stop harassment of #Sikh girls in Pakistan's Punjab province. We Sikhs need to get united in this matter of security and safety of minorities in Pakistan and write to Imran Khan through
twitter or any other social media platform and criticise him for the injustice against Sikhs and other minorities in Pakistan. #ShameOnPakistan #SikhsNeedToGetUnitedAgainstPakistan'sInjustice #TerroristNationPakistan #PakistanAgainstMinorities #PakistanAgainstSikhs
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"The increasing radicalization of #Pakistani society is noticeable everywhere, including the highest levels of the state. Recently, Pakistani PM #ImranKhan told the parliament that the #UnitedStates “martyred” #OsamaBinLaden," @UmairJamal15.
In 2018, for instance, thousands of hardline #Islamists shut down and ransacked the country over the acquittal of a #Christian woman on death row for a #blasphemy allegation.
The Tehreek-e Labbaik #Pakistan party, which led the protests, called for the assassination of judges and other state officials involved in the case. “They all three deserve to be killed,” #TLP co-founder Muhammad Fatal Badri told a protest in #Lahore.
#BlasphemyLaw #Blasphemy
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Neither is Punjab obliged to part with its river waters to non-riparian states nor does #Punjab have a single drop of water to spare for other states. This has been our consistent position based on practical & legal considerations. So there is no question of Pb constructing #SYL. Image
Allegations that @Akali_Dal_ govt in Punjab was being unreasonable in not giving water to "younger brother' #Haryana, despite Punjab having excess water are rubbish. If #Punjab has excess water, why would we not share it with our neighbouring state?
Experts have repeatedly warned that several blocks in Pb are in the red zone due to alarming fall in state's water table due to excessive tubewell irrigation. At this rate, Pb could become a desert in the near future. Please understand the ground reality of the country’s granary.
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India office library has a manuscript, accession number 40- Guru Nanak's Life (Janamsakhi)It is the oldest extant manuscript of punjabi language, c1733, consists 57 paintings, they Constitute a unique achievement of art
Painter: Alam Chand Raj. #gurunanak #baba #Punjabi #History
Guru Nanak grazing Buffalos. #janamsakhi #B40 #baba #nanak #Punjabi #art #History #Punjabi
@jvalaaa Appreciate if you can translate the ladiwaar from this sakhi. Couldn't read it end to end.
ਬਿਰਛ ਦੀ ਛਾਂ ਖਲੋਈ
The unmoving shade of a tree. #janamsakhi #B40 #guru #baba #nanakdevji #Punjabi #art #History #Punjabi
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Attention #Sikh Twitter. 🚨

This thread exposes very renowned Sikh political leadership of its double standards & how the said leader is not trustworthy when it comes to Sikh representation & it’s major issues. This thread is not politically motivated & is for interest of Panth
We all know that PTC network is one of the investment of Badal Parivaar among many other resorts and transport businesses. Financial times has actually revealed that Badals own major chunk of the TV network. But that is not the problem here.
The problem arises when PTC Punjabi goes on to call Sirsa based Dera Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim as a ‘truthful’ person in a bid to defend Sukhbir Badal.
Here is what you need to know ‘WHY’
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Why #farmers came on road today

This started with Modi Govt setting up Shanta Kumar Committee which gave its report in Jan 2015, recommending scrapping of Bonus given to farmers over MSP, & recommending "direct cash transfers" for PDS i.e. scrapping MSP procurement & FCI
Modi Govt accepted the recommendations, & curtailed states’ power to declare bonuses for wheat & paddy over & above the Min Support Prices fixed by the Centre. So, States could not give bonus to their farmers, Punjab, Haryana, M.P farmers & others used to get bonus, which stopped
Then from 2015 to 2019, Modi Govt's institutions like @NITIAayog kept on saying in public that Min Support Procurement is unviable Mechanism, then in 2019~20 reports Commission of Agriculture Costs & Pricing started recommending restricting MSP procurement from #Punjab & #Haryana
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Jasia Akhtar is first woman cricketer from #Kashmir to feature in Women's #IPL
She represented Team #Trailblazers captained by @mandhana_smriti
A resident of #shopian distt, she represents #Punjab since 2013 in tournaments organized by #BCCI
#PRIDE ImageImage
2. #AchieversOfKashmir
Parvez Rasool is from #bijbehara #Anantnag a distt worst hit by #terrorism
However, it didn't stop Rasool from achieving his dreams who made his national team debut in 2013. He also represents J&K in #RanjiTrophy & has played in #IPL for Pune & Hyderabad. ImageImage

Tajamul Islam from #Bandipora #Kashmir clinched Gold at sub-junior level National #kickboxing Championship 2015 in #NewDelhi

🔴She also won World #kickboxing Championship 2016 in #Italy when she was just 7 years old.
A symbol of #hope & determination ImageImageImageImage
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Expose Alert 🚨-The Scam Of Mattewara Forests Ludhiana. (Thread).

Punjab govt has decided to convert the lone forest in Mattewara Ludh into an Industrial park. This will not only impact the degrading condition of air in Ludhiana but will also render so many animals homeless. Image
There was lot of outcry when trees were cut in Mumbai but I don’t see any celebrities talking about looming danger on lives of animals in Ludhiana. I’m not a fan of celebrity movements anyway for they are mere scams but this one is a bigger one manufactured by Congress govt. ImageImageImageImage
In 2012 Badals announced a stud farm for Mattewara & in 2014 it was sold that Mattewara forest will be developed as Wildlife Nature Reserve to attract tourists. Both projects never took off much to disappointment of people of Panjab.…
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Have appealed to PM @narendramodi ji to direct @PetroleumMin to reduce central excise on #Petrol & #Diesel. Also written to Punjab CM @capt_amarinder to reduce state taxes on fuel. Farmers, transporters and the common man all are groaning under the weight of hefty taxes on fuel. ImageImage
SAD has received representatives in this regard and there is a feeling that fuel prices should be brought down to save the common man from the cascading inflationary effect. Reduction in #fuelprices would also help the industry to get up on its feet by reducing input costs.
In #Punjab, state tax on petrol has gone up as much as 27.27% even as total state taxes on diesel constitutes 17.53% of its price. Reminded the CM of his 2017 poll promise that he would reduce fuel prices if #Congress came to power, but prices have increased manifold since then.
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How is #Punjab doing? #COVID19India #StateHealth
1) Punjab is witnessing a second wave, after remarkable recovery by May end.
2) Case fatality rate is below all-India level. Image
1) In Punjab, the infection is spreading faster than all-India level. @capt_amarinder
2) Need better containment strategy. Image
How many NEW cases daily from Punjab? 7 Day moving average:
1) After successful containment in the first wave, the second wave is still growing.
2) Punjab adding approx 180 new cases daily. Image
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I request Pb CM @capt_amarinder to collectively write to the Union govt on behalf all political parties in #Punjab to get a clear cut answer as to whether there is any truth in the propaganda about the so-called end to #MSP system for the purchase of foodgrains. 1/5
#AllPartyMeet Image
.@Akali_Dal_ is ready to sign any document seeking a written answer to this query. This isn't all. In Parl also during the discussion on #Ordinance, we will insist on an assurance from the GOI that #MSP and Assured Marketing system will remain in place. 2/5
#AllPartyMeet Image
For @Akali_Dal_ no ministry, govt & alliance is beyond the welfare of ‘anndaata’. We are ready to make any sacrifice for the welfare of farmers & disadvantaged sections of society. We'll steadfastly continue to protect the rights of Punjabis & the core principle of federalism.3/5 Image
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I reported this: 1 month, 3 #Punjabi pop #singers harassed by #Hindutva workers for condemning caste, religion. Punjab's Dalit population at 32% is 2x national average. Researching a film in 2016, I learnt of ongoing wave of Punjabi Dalit-pop @TheSwaddle…
These singers assert their caste by naming it in songs as pride-filled identity: subverting the abusive connotations dominant castes (DCs) had stuck on #Dalit caste names. Rajni Thakkarwal survived DC men’s attempt on her life while she was singing #ChamaarPop.
Rajni isn’t alone. “We were given a court notice for singing about Babasaheb [Ambedkar] and against Brahmanvaad, Manuvaad,” says Roop Lal Dhir, possibly first Punjabi #Ambedkarite #musician in 1986. @BawaRanjit ‘s recent song 'Mera Ki Kasoor' questioned caste and religion
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An update on the #COVID19 confirmed cases in #India

# of days for 0-1L cases- 70+
# days for 1L-2L - 15 days
# days for 2L-3L - 10 days
# days for 3L-4L - 8 days

#MasksSaveLives #CoronaVirusUpdates

@nebuer42 @aparanjape @c_aashish @MulaMutha @AkshayMarathe

Plotting the moving average of new cases and new deaths due to #COVID19

#Gujarat again has a higher CFR. #Maharashtra also shows no signs of slowdown and CFR higher than the national ratio

The next 12 most affected states.

CFR is under control for most of these which is a good sign.

#Telangana has the highest CFR amongst these followed by #Punjab

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Plotting the moving average of new cases of #coronavirus & new deaths in #India

#India: Recorded 2003 new deaths yday - (CFR - 2.86% to 3.36%)

1409 were from #Maharashtra (CFR - 3.66% to 4.88%) and 437 from #Delhi (CFR - 3.22% to 4.11%)

@aparanjape @c_aashish @oommen
Next 12 most affected states by #coronavirus in #India

Deaths in #Telangana have fallen, which is a positive development but the new cases haven't.

Increase seen in #Punjab and #Uttarakhand

Next 12 most affected states by #coronavirus in #India

No major changes here

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Chief Minister @capt_amarinder shouldn’t mislead Punjabis by indulging in farcical opposition to the Farming Produce Trade and Commerce Ordinance 2020 when his government had included its provisions in the State Agriculture Produce Markets Act by amending it in 2017. 1/3
#Punjab Image
His statement demanding the withdrawal of the Ordinance is nothing but a ploy to inflame farmers' sentiments. If the CM is really worried about the welfare of farmers and the common man, he should imm take back the steep increase affected in the #VAT on #Petrol and #Diesel. 2/3
The new APMC Act provides adequate guarantees for the continuation of MSP & assured mkting regime. Still, I would like to assure that @Akali_Dal_ will continue to follow a policy of zero-tolerance against any step which hurts the interests of Punjabis, Sikhs & farmers. 3/3
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The @GOPunjabPK recently announced Provincial Budget with total estimate of revenues as Rs 2,240.63bn & expenditure as Rs2115.63bn. A thread on major highlights of the budget.
A total of Rs 336.5bn was allocated for School Education Department.
#Pakistan #economy #Punjab
The Health Care Department was allocated Rs 134 bn by the #Punjab Government.

#Pakistan #Budget2021 #PunjabBudget2020 #CoronaBudget
Irrigation Department received 45bn out of the total #Budget .

#Pakistan #Budget2021 #economy #PunjabBudget2020
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Moving average of new cases of #COVID19 and new deaths in #India

#Gujarat has a way higher case fatality ratio than the national value, followed by #WestBengal and #MadhyaPradesh.

We need the CFR to fall to 0!


@aparanjape @c_aashish @MulaMutha @nebuer42 @oommen
In the next 12 states, #Telangana has the worst CFR followed by #Punjab - though the latter is lower than the national CFR.

#Uttarakhand has seen a sudden spike in deaths over the last few days, though luckily the base is low

Deaths due to #COVID19 in #India is yet to really slowdown, we need this to happen.

Early #detection, #quarantine, #treatment & #Masks4All is crucial for this.

Given that we have to live with this for a while, we need to reduce the #deaths to zero!

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