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Laying bare some comparisons...

A short #Thread

After the recent #IPLMediaRights auction, the value of a single game touched US$15.1m (US$6.2b for a total of 410 games). That's Rs 118 cr per game (total of Rs 44,390 cr for 410.)

In doing so, the per-match value in IPL crossed the per-match value of the English Premier League (EPL). That bit is right. EPL per-match value at present exchange stands at US$11m.

At 380 games, that's a total of US$12b for a three-year rights cycle.

But fair enough.

However, the comparisons with NFL (at US$17m per game) are not correct. There are some calculation errors on the chart.

We have been making an enormous mistake in determining the value of the NFL rights from a per-match perspective.

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Something to ponder...

The money that's come in from sale of #IPLMediaRights and the sponsorships that'll come in over the next five years promise to take the overall central revenue pool of the Indian Premier League just beyond Rs 54,000 crore approx.

Just a broad figure.

In the previous rights cycle -- that same value was around Rs 21,000 cr.

Around 24% of this figure (we'll take Rs 90 cr per season as avg) was set aside as player-purse / season.

That's approx 4500 cr for 5 yrs across 10 teams (Rs 450 cr / team).

Money reserved for players.

Now if the same percentage value has to be applied to the new commercias that are in place, then 24% of Rs 54,000 crore would mean an approximate Rs 12,500 cr.

(Although I believe that 24% should also go up). Anyway...

These are just broad back-of-the envelope figures.

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Dear @StarSportsIndia now that we are stuck with you for next 5 years, please do listen to feedback from us, please do get rid of the Cringe Commentary panel, never let Bollywood people commentate in IPL matches (Aamir Khan in IPL 2022 ruined the experience to underground level)
With due respect, Please don't let Sunil Gavaskar roam anywhere near Commentary box. Have professional commentators, that would resolve around 90% of our issues.
DON'T RELEASE CRINGE IPL THEME SONGS, we are happy to accept that you simply can't make IPL song, but not Cringe songs
You SUCK beyond bearable, but we can't do anything. IPL is gonna be huge... around 5-6-7 months, onus on you to not ruin this for us and YOU SUCK🙏🏻

@StarSportsIndia #IPLMediaRights #IPL #starsports
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Why do you think Amazon stayed away from the #IPL media rights auction?

Several reasons probably. Yesterday I shared two probable reasons that came to mind. Let's dig deeper on another point.

Prime has 22-odd million subscribers in India. Second after Hotstar at 46+ million.

Amazon has invested close to 6.5 billion dollars in their India business operations over the last 7+ years.

They need to infuse further to retain their e-retail market share which stands at close to 30% right now (media estimates).

Now imagine if Amazon had come to bid for Package B & C in IPL.

They would be looking at an average spend of US& 4 billion approx?

That's 75% of their total business investments in India over the last 7 yrs.

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#IPL Media Rights

So many Qs coming, so let me quickly answer some…

1) The e-auction won’t be televised.
Why? Because numbers can’t be revealed mid-process and if numbers can’t be shared then there’s nothing to share. : )

2) E-auction will begin at 11 am Sunday.

In the fray: Viacom, Disney-HotStar, Sony, Zee, Times Internet, SuperSport, FunAsia.

Almost all names are familiar. FunAsia is a content aggregation company with firm footing in FM markets.

3) Auction will begin for Pkgs A & B. Each incremental bid is of Rs 50 lac for these packages (which will later be increased to Rs 1 cr per bid and more, if need be).

Incremental bids for Pkg C will be at Rs 15 lac and for D at Rs 10 lac (both can be increased as required).

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#IPL numbers...

When BCCI first announced the sale of IPL media rights, the total reserve price -- from where the bidding will start -- was pegged at Rs 32,890 cr.

That number was based on 74 matches per year for five years.

That was just an average count.

Potential bidders sought clarifications over that number and asked BCCI to give a more exact idea on the possible number of matches every season for the next five years.

BCCI is planning an expansion of IPL. However 2024 is an election year in India.

Therefore, until 2024, they cannot increase the number of matches -- at least that's what the Board was advised internally.

So what has the BCCI done for now... It has asked broadcasters to take the following into consideration:

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#Thread #IPL #MediaRights

#Viacom & #Amazon

So, as I mentioned in my previous thread, these two players – from the list of ‘Big 5’ – need a separate mention.

For the uninitiated, this is a follow-up on my previous thread, you can read 👇:

First things first. To set the mood for this thread, I’ll recommend listening to the Jeff Bezos song on YouTube, if you haven’t already. It’s a “masterpiece” 😊 ().

Funnily, I keep thinking, Amazon executives will be warming up listening to this.

Just the reference of #Viacom & #Amazon in the same sentence lays down so many subtexts.

It makes us think of so many battles within battles – Reliance vs Amazon, Mukesh Ambani vs Jeff Bezos, e-retail wars, giant market footprints, Forbes rich list, etc etc etc…


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#Thread #IPL Media Rights


We’re fast approaching the Sunday, June 12, when action (actually, auction) begins. 12 parties have bought the Invitation To Tender (ITT). 11 are expected to come to the bidding table.


While there are close to a dozen contenders in play, the big piece of action is more likely to revolve around what I’m now calling: ‘The Big-5’ – Viacom-led JV, Disney-Hotstar, Sony, Amazon & Zee.

Today’s about these ‘big’ names.


Why are these ‘Big 5’ likely to rule the auctions more than the others? Because, while it’s the cricket rights that are at sale, the bigger picture is not JUST about cricket.

I’ve mentioned this earlier too. Cricket is also the catalyst.

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IPL 2022 Moments Thread. A new tweet everyday, every game (starting 26th April). Anything that’s worth to know! Let’s keep the ball rolling! #IPL #CricketLive #TATAIPL2022
(25/04) @BhanukaRajapak3 had announced retirement in Jan 22’ & came out of it just after 10 days.

He can bat, bowl and even don the wickets as a keeper if the team needs!

Interestingly, he compares his batting style to the gr8 @gilly381 @PunjabKingsIPL #PBKSvCSK
(26/4) @josbuttler Runs this IPL - 491. @RCBTweets Top order (Faf + Rawat + Kohli) this IPL - 503.

Just 12 more than Jos combined!

Is Jos going to break @imVkohli’s record for most runs in an IPL season? #Kohli #RCBvRR #IPL2022
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A 🧵
A fantasy sport is a type of game, often played using the Internet, where participants assemble imaginary or virtual teams composed of proxies of real players of a professional sport and the person whose team performs the best wins a cash prize.
● What is their legal status in India?

Online games that involve the use of skill, such as skill-based online gaming, are permitted, while games of chance are prohibited under the Public Gambling Act.
● Let's talk about some numbers-

The industry is growing at a CAGR of 32% and is expected to be worth $3.7 billion by 2024.
Dream 11, which is the biggest Indian fantasy sports company has over 110 million active users every day.
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#Thread#IPL … The Big Boys’ Club

A note to remember: Not every party that picks the tender doc wants to bid. Many pick it up just to study the doc & understand what the business of cricket is going to be like over the next 5 yrs.

So, don't expect the unexpected. : )

2nd bit: As I've said before, this tender process is not about 'at what price you win'. It's about what 'at price you let go'.

This thread is about the ‘Big Boys’ who’ll participate in the rights tender.

In my last thread, I shared names. This time, we’ll delve deeper.

As you read this, just bear one factor in mind. This whole content game -- from TV & OTT perspective -- is quite a merry-go-round.

To drive content, you need finances; to drive finance, you need subscriptions; to drive subscription, you need content.

Get the point? : )

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The Invitation-To-Tender is out & the collective base price has been set at Rs 32,890 cr – which means, that’s where bidding will start from.

There are four packages.

Everybody’s surprised at this ‘humungous’ figure. You shouldn’t be.

BCCI has planned its next 5-yr IPL calendar as follows: 74 matches in 2023, 24 & 25; 84 matches in 2026; & 94 matches in 2027.

But in the ITT, BCCI has only listed 74 matches for all 5 years. Why? For easier calculation.

If matches increase, broadcaster pays pro-rata.

Like, for instance, Star bought IPL rights (2018-22) for Rs 16,347cr.

How was the figure arrived at? Star put a winning bid of Rs 54.5 cr/game for 300 matches (60 matches / yr for 5 yrs).

This year matches went up from 60 to 74. Star will pay extra for those 14 games.

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How do IPL Teams make Money?

Let’s find out!

A thread 🧵👇🏻

The Man behind IPL-

Lalit Modi (Then VP BCCI) was inspired by the model of English Premiere League & introduced Indian Premier League in 2008. In a country full of cricket enthusiasts, IPL didn’t take much time to get popular & got an amazing response from people.

Let’s dive into the IPL Economy-

The core of IPL's business model is the process of inviting private firms to own franchises. When the franchise rights are sold at lofty price, other firms see value in investing in the tournament, and that is where the money comes from!
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// Thread: Death bowling graphic #IPL

Yorker success : Based on % of yorkers nailed when attempted. Dial is based on league average.
Slower ball effectiveness: Based on RPO, speed differential, deviation and judgement
Slower ball variety: Ability to bowl different slower balls. ImageImage
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2022 has already turned out to be a great year for #IPL. It's been raining sponsorships.

For the first time in 15 years, IPL has sold all its sponsorship slots. Collectively, close to Rs 1000 cr has come in.

Saudi oil company Aramco has bagged rights to Orange & Purple Caps.

Aramco is paying Rs 65 cr / yr as part of the deal.

Last week, financial services company Rupay signed up to pay Rs 75 cr / yr for a two-yr-deal as official partner.

Last month, Swiggy had come in at around Rs 65 cr / yr.

Dream11, Unacademy, Cred & Upstox already on board.

Prior to that Tatas came in as title sponsors and replaced Vivo.


And to think of it, the media rights are yet to go on sale. When that happens, IPL will see a collective windfall of close to Rs 50,000 cr (approx US$6.3 billion).

Yep you heard that right.

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Thanks for the birthday wishes. : )

Here's a #Thread on #IPL.

Yesterday I shared the start & end date of IPL-2022. Must say I was a little surprised with some reverts. “74 games too many”, “1/6th of the year”, “Boring”, “jarring”, so on.

Really? Not quite. Let explain. (1/25)
Modern-day cricket, like any sport, has essentially stood on three pillars: 1) those who play it, 2) those who watch it, 3) those who administer & finance it.

The fourth pillar is of the thinking minds. Those who speak for the game and protect its identity & uniqueness. (2/25)
Here’s where I believe cricket has changed: The three pillars of the game I mentioned have steadfastly moved in one direction, at least the majority of them, for better or worse (that’s for another day).

And the fourth pillar has shown little interest in catching up. (3/25)
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Owners of Delhi Capitals 🏛️

• GMR Group 50%
• JSW Group 50%

Owners of Kolkata Knight Riders🏛️

• Red Chillies Entertainment 55%
• Mehta Group 45%

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#Thread : )

Was torn between two threads I’ve been wanting to do. One on Royal Challengers Bangalore (#RCB) and another on franchises in general who’ve time and again fallen behind in the race to catch up with some other leading teams.
But let me settle for RCB right now. (1/25)
Why RCB? Several reasons, but none more important than this: In 2016, when Diageo took control of RCB following Mallya’s exit, it became the only corporate-run franchise -- not owned by a family or consortium of families or a family-run business enterprise – in the #IPL. (2/25)
Now we have CVC Capital owning the Ahmedabad team. But until now, RCB was the only such entity.

There are positives and negatives to this.
Positives: To be run by management professionals alone; Negative: Risk of vision changing each time the management changed. (3/25)
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#Thread time!
The upcoming #IPL player auction is on everybody’s mind. Cricketers are busy giving interviews, franchises are busy preparing excel-sheets, geeks are busy doling out stats, media is busy building it for the fans & fans are busy lapping it all up. The works! (1/25)
Let’s take a look at two unique and most important ways a franchise tends to prepare for a player auction. A) Talent scouting; B) Mock auctions. We’ll look at this thread from the perspective of @mipaltan . Why? Because on both fronts, they were first to set this trend. (2/25)
John Wright, Robin Singh, Paras Mhambrey (moved to Team India now), Zaheer Khan, Kiran More, TA Sekar, Parthiv Patel, R Vinay Kumar -- a single factor binds all of them. They spend hundreds of hours every year scouring talents across India & abroad, for Mumbai Indians. (3/25)
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After getting hold of the #IPL auction list in excel, I’ve pulled a few interesting (if your a cricket and data geek) trends out of there. This thread will show you a few of these….
#IPLAuction #IPL2022MegaAuction
The average age of the players in the auction is 26yrs old. The youngest is 17 and oldest is 43. Extra geek points for naming them both… #IPLAuction #IPLAuction2022 #IPL2022
The next one is about the ‘specialism’ of the players: 38% ALR, 34% bowlers and only 17% batters. Are out and out batters a dying trend? #IPLAuction #IPLAuction2022 #IPL2022
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Why I think #IPL should go to SA…
#BCCI has said that as much as possible, they will try and host IPL-2022 in India, unless Covid forces a shift again. Their desperation to host it in India is understandable. After all, it is the ‘Indian’ Premier League. (1/25)
However, I’ll try and share my thoughts on why I don’t think IPL should be hosted in India this season either. Point No.1: If the IPL if once again forced to be played without crowds, then what is the single-most important priority? It must look good on television. Right? (2/25)
Only if crowds are allowed for matches does hosting of IPL in India make any sense. If it’s all about watching the tournament on TV, doesn’t matter whether it’s played in the UAE, Sri Lanka or South Africa – as long as it caters to India’s prime-time viewing. (3/25)
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😎 Lul! Jaane meri jaaneman.... 🤣
#IPL in India ? 🤔 OK 😁
Here is another video ⚡🔥
सीमा पार खड़े दुश्मन को जाटों ने ललकारा है!
Jat Balwan Jai bhagwan ! 😎
@Sandeep_Mave tweet this
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#Thread on #IPL franchise sponsorships.
Let's start with MI’s newest deal.

Bangalore-based fin-tech company ‘Slice’ – an app-based credit card challenger – has come on board as Mumbai Indians’ main jersey sponsor. Deal is being spoken of as highest in IPL's 15-yr history. (1/25)
Mumbai Indians have not shared the numbers in their press release but that’s not stopping the market from talking about it. The Slice deal is said to be close to Rs 100 cr for the next three years, which means Rs 30+ crore per IPL season, starting 2022. (2/25)
At the numbers I’m mentioning, the deal earns Mumbai Indians annual sponsorship revenues in excess of Rs 100 cr per season. And, further I’m told, there are bonus clauses in the sponsorship contract if the team wins. (3/25)
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Have been tracking franchise trends ahead of the upcoming mega auction. Looks like Shreyas Iyer is all set to become the most expensive player in #IPL ever.

Anything less than Rs 17 to 18 cr is going to be a steal.
This is not my take. This is how I see franchises planning it. Remember -- 3 teams are straight away looking for a captain.

What's the trend we're seeing: preference for India cricketer to lead. That'll push the price up. If it was just the player, not captain, he'd go for less.
This is the price David Warner would've fetched if he wasn't 35 going on 36. It'll be a 3-year contract & Warner will be 37 going on 38 by the end of it. That's the only reason why I see him going for a bit less.

Ishan is a star in the making. Of course he'll be a big buy too.
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