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In his interview with @manojladwa, (see link), India's Exernal Affairs Minister, @DrSJaishankar, when asked about the ongoing #SecondCOVIDWave crisis in India, acknowledged that it was a grave problem almost an "existential crisis". But then he tried..
to soften the impact on his NRI audience, he compared what India is going through to the second wave in Britain in 2020 late summer and autumn when the health services were swamped, "you've been through something similar, that is what India is going thru now"
This is not untrue, but grossly misleading. Yes Britain, at the height of the epidemic, was reporting 50k cases a day and 1,750 deaths. See chart 1. In population terms britain had far more cases and deaths (Chart 2) ImageImage
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From Pat Cummins to Sachin Tendulkar here are the heroes who came forward during India's covid crisis so far.

#Cricket #COVID19 #India #IPL #IPL2021 #CricTracker
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Our cricketers have failed us (again).

A thread analyzing the behaviour of people around the @IPL given the difficult times around us.


#IPL #IPL2021 #IndiaChoked #IndiaCovidCrisis

@joybhattacharj @sidvee @ashwinravi99
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So #IPL match in #Delhi today amidst the #corona crisis. They say its a #stress buster. For once imagine if there was no ipl, would people who are already stressed, would they be more stressed over their friend/family/acquaintance getting ill/hospitalized. 1/7
Maybe, for some who seek a stress reliever. It gives them something to do, but so do these #OTT s.
I am pro #cricket and all for people prospering but never at the cost of other #people (I am sure it's not intended). Sadly, that's what ipl seems like right now..2/7
atleast in today's time when there is already a dearth of facilities and resources, we see it being diverted somewhere avoidable. There's a chill of #sadness in the air and a #curfew to curb the spread. As much as we try to focus on the #positives and the recoveries, .. 3/7
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It's been 14years. Happy Birthday to the best thing that happened to Cricket... #IPL
The English are very good at inventing things. They invented the t20 league, nd allowed India to Hijack
We launched our own t20 league Idea was floated by Lalit Modi.
Indian giants Dada, Dravid, Laxman, Sehwag, Dhoni , Sachin became icon players, Shane Warne coached and Captained RR.
And the opening match was a treat for all the fans. Brendon hit 13 sixes in a t20 game, which was unimaginable in those days. Strike rate of 216 was unbelievable.
Swapnil Asnodkar and Kamran Khan were the find , Reality show winner Dinesh Shlunkhe rubs shoulder with Shane Warne and Grame Smith,
The Perfect rags to riches story.
Cricket meets Bollywood, and it became Blockbuster.
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Caught an interesting discussion online on some Pak network on #IPL.
1. Pak players missing the excitement & MONEY
2. Pak players & fans missing the excitement.
3. One commentator said each #IPL player makes more money than entire Pak T 20 team.
4. Pak's two T20 leagues a failure
5. Pak players want to play & want Im The Dim to initiate dialogue with India.
6. Discussion also noted PM @narendramodi different & will not accept Pak on earlier terms.
7. Pak still unwilling to abandon path of support to radical Islamist terror represented by HafizSaeed & Co.
8. Pak commentators concede being out of cricket is a big loss to Pak cricket both in terms of finances, glory & as important experience.
9. Pak out of Bollywood & music is also a major loss for Pak
10. As long as Pak people remain subservient to Pak Mil Jihad complex: their loss
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#Motto of Supreme Court of India

यतो धर्मस्ततो जयः

Yato Dharmas Tato Jayaḥ

Where there is Dharma, there will be Victory"

~ Mahabharata Image
Bahujana-hitāya bahujana-sukhāya

बहुजनहिताय बहुजन‍सुखाय‌

For the benefit of all, for the comfort of all

~ Rig Veda

#AIR Motto Image
धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः

Dharmo rakshati rakshitah

Dharma protects those who protect Dharma.

~ Manusmriti

RAW Motto Image
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There was another really interesting innings in the #IPL match today. This time by Kane Williamson.

He scored 41(26) at Abu Dhabi. That's a strike rate of 157.7, which is the second highest for any score over 40 at Abu Dhabi this IPL. (Top was Suryakumar Yadav's 47(28) SR 167.9)
That, in itself, isn't particularly interesting. What is interesting is how he scored those runs.

He faced only 3 dot balls. He scored off the other 23. Those three dots were a ball he hit too hard to a fielder, one that hit him and they got a leg bye and the ball he got out on.
He scored 5 boundaries, all fours. So he scored 20 runs in boundaries, and 21 in non-boundaries.

He scored at a strike rate over 150, despite scoring fewer boundary runs than run runs. This graph is every innings this IPL with 30+ runs at 135+ Strike rate.

Williamson's in red.
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आप बॉलीवुड मूवीज देखो या IPL......
अंत मे कमाएगा तो इस्लामिक आतंकवादी दाऊद ही।
जरिया ड्रग्स तो है ही एक्सटॉरसन मानी व सट्टेबाजी भी दोनों में ही।
आपने देखा होगा IPL के दौरान पूरे डेढ़ माह तक कोई भी बड़ी फिल्म सिनेमाघरों में रिलीज नही होती.
क्यों ?? सोचा है कभी ?? Image
IPL के दौरान बड़ी फिल्मों के सिनेमाघरों में रिलीज न करने पर बॉलीबुड अपनी सफाई में इसकी वजह IPL की लोकप्रियता बताता है। अर्थात बॉलीबुड के मुताबिक दर्शक IPL देखने में व्यस्त रहते हैं। अतः उनकी फिल्मों को कौन देखेगा? वे फ्लॉप हो जाएंगी?
किन्तु क्या ये सत्य है ??
ऐसा नही है कि IPL के दौरान कभी बड़ी फिल्मे रिलीज नही हुई अथवा वे फ्लॉप रही। हाउसफुल, हाउसफुल 2, तनु वेड्स मनु, तनु वेड्स मनु रिटर्न्स, विकी डोनर जैसी दर्जनों बड़ी फिल्मे है, जो IPL के दौरान रिलीज भी हुई और सुपरहिट भी साबित हुई।
अतः ये तर्क खारिज हो जाता है..
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Since #NCB is conducting raids & #IPL has also started, let me share a fact about this pow(d)er couple. Apart from indulging in consumption & peddling of #narcotic substances, these 2 were known for supplying female models to #IPL after parties. #ArjunRampal #MehrJesia Image
Initially the girls used to be paid per night or per week for being a ‘companion’ for certain players during tours, later on the players moved to a ‘lifestyle’ payment method for the girls - buying luxury items, paying for expensive dinners & hotels. #MIvsCSK #FleshTrade
Sm girls were taken abroad to party destinations & vacations by players like #ChrisGayle. While this is #fleshtrade & #prostitution, in the high circles they think it isn’t so, since the girls are willing participants. Ppl consume drugs willingly, does that mean it’s not a crime?
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Esp for Youth those who are going today to support Drug Mafia Sex Trafficking Black Money by watching IPL....

It's been 4 years I stopped watching Cricket and BollyX in totality (I don't even listen to songs)

@OfficeOfDGP @drg



Whom am I to ask u to Boycott #IPL2020 bcoz for some its sports & Dhoni is a god who remained silent on a person death who played his life on screen

but then you have no right to ask justice for Sushant Singh Rajput, Divya Bharti, Sridevi, Jia, Disha...


I know many shameless hypocrites who Ques all for Justice but will watch #MIvsCSK

Irony inspite of we knowing IPL BollyX Webseries all have investments from D-Gang Controlled Ecosystems

But we can't boycott them for a year so that everything can be cleaned up
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Last week we added 13 questions from each of the 13 editions of the Indian Premier League, at #IndiaGyanKaBhandar to make #IndiaKnowledgeKaSuperpower.
The D-Day has come. As the nation gears up for the first match of #IPL2020, let's take a look at the answers of those questions: Image

Which cricketer was CSK’s preferred choice for the role of skipper whose decision to represent the city he was brought up ultimately resulted in MS Dhoni being roped in as the most expensive player in the inaugural edition?

Answer: @virendersehwag

#IPL Image

@Bazmccullum scored a mammoth unbeaten 158 runs in the very first match of the tournament. However, who was the first Indian to score a century in IPL?

Answer: @im_manishpandey, then 19-year old, while playing for RCB against Deccan Chargers.

#IPL Image
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#IPL2020: Eight Teams Gear up for Year's Largest Cricket Festival in Hot, Sunny UAE…

#IPLWeather @IPL #IndianPremierLeague #IPLWeather
(File photo: T Mallikarjun/TOI, BCCL/Hyderabad) Image
The largest yearly cricketing festival, the Indian Premier League (IPL), is back and the Indian cricket fans can't seem to keep calm.

#IPL2020 #IndianPremierLeague @IPL #IPL #IPLWeather
On Saturday, September 19, the first match of IPL 2020 between the last year champion #MumbaiIndians and the runner-up #ChennaiSuperKings will kick-off at 7.30 pm Indian time at Abu Dhabi.

#IPL2020 #IndianPremierLeague @IPL #IPL #IPLWeather #MIvCSK
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#IPL2020 is finally here!

We take an in-depth look at the #sponsorship race for the league this year. In the absence of traditional advertisers, here's why startups rushed to fill in the void -

@IPL @Dream11 @unacademy @PlayMPL

#ipl2020 #Dream11IPL…
#IPL is one of the biggest growth drivers of fantasy gaming. Here are a bunch of #fantasycricket apps gearing up for the league that starts today!

#IPL2020 #onlinegaming #fantasysports #Dream11IPL…
Ahead of #IPL2020 in the UAE this weekend, former cricketer Anjum Chopra talks about how she began playing the sport, her successful innings, and her varied interests

#Dream11IPL #IPL @chopraanjum @ysweekender…
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#BREAKING | #Paytm app removed from the Play store, #Google says it doesn't allow unregulated gambling apps… Image
The #Paytm app has been removed from the #GooglePlayStore. The reason reported for the removal of the app is that #Google doesn’t allow ‘unregulated gambling apps that facilitate sports betting’.
According to CNBC-TV18, #Google had notified developers about this a few days ago. It also said that it is working with #Paytm to bring the app back on the #PlayStore.
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#IPL Quiz

We are adding 13 questions on IPL to #IndiaGyanKaBhandar to make #IndiaKnowledgeKaSuperpower, with one from each season, arranged chronologically.

To answer them, please retweet and quote your answers there. You may RT individual questions as well. Enjoy!


Which cricketer was CSK’s preferred choice for the role of skipper whose decision to represent the city he was brought up ultimately resulted in MS Dhoni being roped in as the most expensive player in the inaugural edition?

Brendon McCullum scored a mammoth unbeaten 158 runs in the very first match of the first ever IPL. However, in the very next year, who became the first Indian to score a century in IPL?
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How does CRED make money? (Business Model of CRED)

So without wasting time.

Let’s directly jump into it 👇 Image
1. In the past decade, several fin-tech ventures start emerging around the world in which India stood second among the total number of fin-tech startups.
2. While talking about the emerging fin-tech startups of the country one can’t ignore CRED which was started in 2018 by Kunal shah (founder of @Freecharge). Image
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Here's an extensive #thread on how #BCCI put the bio-secure bubble in place when franchises first landed in #UAE for #IPL2020.

The Board issued a circular underlining dos & don'ts for the tournament & strict protocols to go with it. Below is the circular in detail...

As advised in the Overview of Health and Safety Protocols for #IPL, each team was required to form a Bio Secure Environment and to follow all the #BCCI protocols which will include: A) Testing; B) Health Passport; C) Contact Tracing.
#Testing: Delhi-based VPS Healthcare Group undertook all #Covid testing in UAE. Exclusive Testing room was set up in each Bio-Secure bubble and qualified nurses, wearing full PPE kits collected nasopharyngeal samples from team members.
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#SushantSinghRajpoot Update
A Big Shake up is coming for #Bollywood & #Cricket.

Some more shocking news on the way for the #Bollywood & #Cricket lovers in India.

Just follow #patrakati

#SushantSinghRajpoot Update
#DishaSalian used to work for #Cornerstone Sports & Entertainment Pvt.Ltd.It's a Celebrity Management Company.

Google Cornerstone Celebrity Management Company.

#SushantSinghRajpoot Update
#Cornerstone looks after the endorsements & management of all key Cricket Players
It also looks after prominent players from the Indian Women's Cricket Team and many prominent faces from other Sporting Arena in India
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#Justin | Fantasy sports platform @Dream11 wins IPL title sponsorship rights with a bid of Rs 222 crore: IPL Chairman Brijesh Patel to news agency PTI

#IPL2020 #indianpremierleague
@Dream11 .@Dream11 wins #IPL2020 sponsorship – India’s first gaming unicorn bags the rights for ₹250 crore - by @SanchDash…

#ipl2020schedule #indianpremierleague @IPL @BCCI Image
India’s first gaming unicorn @Dream11 bags #IPL sponsorship for ₹250 crore.

#Dream11 #ipl2020schedule #indianpremierleague @IPL @BCCI
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Was reading “Who Painted my Lust Red?” By founder of @pGurus1 Shree Iyer!
This is an absolutely fast paced novel, a work of art which is going to do really well!
This is pure TNT and I think although it’s a work of fiction... I feel like I can recognise some of the characters in this novel!
Twitter you are going to love this one!
You all must absolutely read this book by @pGurus1 founder Shree Iyer.
The murky connections of #Bollywoodmafia and #IPL with politics!
Women especially must read and stay aware!
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Yoga guru Baba Ramdev backed Patanjali is considering bidding for the Indian Premier League(IPL) title sponsorship slot vacated by Chinese smartphone maker Vivo.

#IPL2020 #IPL #Patanjali
"We are considering the IPL title sponsorship for this year, since we want to give the Patanjali brand a global marketing platform," Patanjali spokesperson SK Tijarawala said as per a report by The Economic Times.

#news #Cricket #yoga
Vivo had agreed to pay Rs 440 crore a year in a 5 year sponsorship deal signed in 2018. However, the BCCI recently confirmed that Vivo will not be the title sponsor for IPL 2020.

The BCCI is looking to offer discounts of as much as 50 percent to potential title rights sponsor.
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IMPORTANT THREAD: Exposing #MumbaiPolice DCP #AbhishekTrimukhe who has been in continuous touch with #RheaChakraborty. This is not the first time Trimukhe has taken law into his own hands, see for yourself:
#Warriors4SSR #ArrestRheaChakraborty #ResignTrimukhe
Wondering why #ArbaazKhan is still out of jail despite being named in an #IPL betting scam? The answer is DCP #AbhishekTrimukhe. The Khans have taken him in as their personal pet! #MumbaiPolice #BettingScam #SalmanKhan #ResignTrimukhe #RheaChakraborty #Warriors4SSR
Why was only @KanganaTeam maligned in the #CDR scam? Because DCP #AbhishekTrimukhe was asked to highlight her name and pin the blame on her. He is deeply involved with the mafia. #ResignTrimukhe #MumbaiPolice #Warriors4SSR #KanganaRanaut @iRaviTiwari
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