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A whole pandemic later we're back in India to get things ready for the Kachchh Archaeological Project, with the support of @FundacionPalarq 💫

Here's what we are up to! ⬇️ Image
Hello from the Dept of Archaeology, University of #Kerala in Thiruvananthapuram 👋

We're working here with Profs Rajesh SV and Abhayan GS, directors of the excavations at the awesome burial site of Juna Khatiya in Kachchh, Gujarat Image
The site was partially excavated between 2019-2020 - until the global lockdown stopped the ongoing work

Dozens of Early Harappan burials have been documented so far - a cemetery dating back to over 5000 years ago! Image
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Is the #ShawarmaFoodPoisoning in Kerala, where a young girl lost her life and 3 others are critical and r being treated in the ICU of MIMS(owned by jihadies) a vicious and purposeful attack on our young ones by terror cells in #Kerala?
Of the 3 other kids, it is said that Image
the kidney of one has been affected and the heart of another.
Most of our ppl on the ground tell me that Goat hotels & juice bars are always full of Hindu girls.
Just a couple of months ago during utsavam(Hindu festival) in Malappuram…secular Hindus drank water melon Image
juice from a goat hotel/juice place. More than 100 of ppl suffered from food poisoning.

If all those Spit Sputtum videos being circulated won’t open your eyes …I don’t know what else will…

Here are pics & a video of how unhygienic these shawarma meat grilling places ImageImage
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For those who are making fun of Kerala visiting Gujarat to study its e-governance dashboard, here is a fact check because I was one of the first to report it. Thread:
Gujarat E-Governance model was implemented during Keshubhai Patel's tenure as CM. Not Modi's. Though KP had little knowledge of technology, he was a master listener and doer. If it is good for our people, let's implement it was his motto.
During that time the entire space of e-governance stories went to the then Andhra CM Chandrababu Naidu who became the CEO of a state with his vision of technology. But Andhra has connectivity till District level. It stole the limelight because Naidu was good at it.
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Worst Situation than #WestBengal in #Kerala
Temple land are marked & acquired for K-Rail project while m0sques & chu₹ches are unt0uched
Pinu & the K-Rail Issue
Pinu is building his own fast train track,Kerala becos that is what is absolutely needed at the moment in Kerala.
Never mind that the state bus transport system is overwhelmed with debt & union issues
Pinu is determined to leave his legacy in the fo of K-rail as he calls it.
Though he has no clearance from the Centre on this,he & his gang of commission agents have began acquiring land
In the process,his enthusiastic cohorts have been pinning markers all over the place including inside homes of the desperately poor, Temple land & surprisingly right in the middle of a public road.
The strange thing abt these markers, which proclaim to you tha
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Supreme Court to hear a plea raising safety concerns about the Mullaperiyar dam in Kerala, a longstanding dispute between the States of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. #Mullaperiyardam #SupremeCourt #Kerala #TamilNadu
Senior Adv Shekhar Naphade for Tamil Nadu: we have received something today morning from other side. We have not taken a look at it. Can the hearing be tomorrow #Mullaperiyar
Sr Adv Jaideep Gupta: We had to file last two affidavits as some pleadings were made earlier #Mullaperiyar
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Now a Malayalam Movie on #MoplahRiots - Hindu Mass@cre . Any Native from #Kerala who has watched the movie can please put some more light on this!
If it depicts the reality aptly & not like"1921"movie on same subject where the Moplah hero Mamooty was glorified & whitewashed
genocide,If suppose it's truth: another must-see for all: Director is a person who was born & brought up as a muslim named Ali Akbar. But after seeing atrocities of his people being hidden & Hindus always being blamed for everything, he recently changed his faith by becoming a
Hindu & is now called as Ramasimhan.
Mainly after CDS died in plane crash & mujilims making fun if it !
The liberals & mujlim appeasers were seen crying when this happened. 😉
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The amount of hatred directed towards #Kerala on social medias from the other part of the country is astonishing. This could actually be dangerous for Malayalees who are living or travelling to the northern states in the coming years. (Contd)
I have been asked by a guy if Hindus were in danger in Kerala when I was in Himachal. He truly believed they were not. Repeat a lie thousand times and it becomes the truth. It is very clear why this #hatecampaign is there against Kerala.
While Kerala is far from a prefect place, we are proud about the achievements we had over the years. Whatever propaganda these people spread about Kerala, the Hindus, Christians, Muslims and others will be united and resist the communal hatred. #KeralaModel
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The 10th Indian edition of the global Great Backyard Bird Count starts on Friday! The #GBBC is a 4-day event (18-21 Feb) to celebrate our birds by documenting them across the country. Just look for birds as often as you can, and upload your lists to eBird.
Last year (2021), 2954 birders in India uploaded 31,355 lists during the GBBC, clocking nearly 17,000 hours of birding & recording 965 species – 72 % of the total number of species known to occur in the country!…

Can we cross 1,000 species this year?
Great Backyard Bird Count and Campus Bird Count in #Meghalaya
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#Karnataka High Court to hear case of Resham Farooq, filed through her brother seeking relief on account of alleged denial by the Government PU college for 8 girl students allegedly on account of wearing Hijab before a bench of Justice Krishna Dixit #KarnatakaHijabRow
Devdatt Kamat, Sr.Adv requests for listing of fresh writ petition which was moved yesterday challenging the GO. Court permits for listing of this matter with other similar matters . #KarnatakaHijabRow #karnatakahijab
AG for #Karnataka says he is ready to argue #KarnatakaHijabRow
Abhishek Janardhan counsel for petitioner: I seek for a short date for matter milords as there are other cases coming.
ustice Dixit: The quantity of matters does not matter,if we decide one matter, the rest is good
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The Kerala High Court is set to pronounce verdict in the anticipatory bail pleas moved by Dileep and others in a case of alleged conspiracy to murder police officers investigating the 2017 actress sexual assault case

Read about the hearings :
The trial in the 2017 actress assault case was nearing completion when fold director Balachandra Kumar released some statements and audio clippings allegedly showing a close association between Dileep and the first accused in that case, Pulsar Suni.

The alleged Conspiracy to murder police officers investigating Dileep also came to light after Kumar's interview. This led to registration of FIR against Dileep, his brother and his brother-in-law and three others for offences punishable u/s 116, 118, 506, 120B IPC

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*⃣Thread on #COVID19 deaths*⃣
Officially reported C19 deaths in India crossed half a million (500087) although many studies estimate the true number to be between 3-4 million.

This chart shows % share of reported deaths & compares it with the % adult population in each state.
Some states stand out on this chart:
#Kerala with only 2.84% of adults has reported 11.3% of all deaths.
#Maharashtra with 9.7% adults reported 28.6% of deaths.
#Uttarpradesh with 15.7% of adults reported only 4.7% of deaths.
#Bihar w/ 7.8% adults reported just 2.5% of deaths.
#Gujarat with 5.2% adults reported only 2.1% deaths.
#Rajasthan with 5.5% adults reported just 1.9% of deaths.
#Telangana with 3% adults reported only 0.8% deaths.
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The Central government controls who gets the permission required to operate a television channel & even what kind of content it can broadcast.

How the Centre exercises stringent control over Indian television news channels,@UmangPod explains…
Earlier this week, the government refused to renew the licence of Malayalam new channel, #MediaOne

The ban put the spotlight on the Union government’s ability to control what gets aired on television

How are the TV channels regulated? @UmangPod explains…
This isn’t the first time #MediaOne has run into trouble with the ruling dispensation.

In 2020, the news channel, along with Asianet News, was banned for 48 hours for its coverage of the riots in Delhi. @UmangPod writes

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#Karnataka govt decides to withdraw #NightCurfew with effect from Jan 31 (Monday), Revenue Minister R Ashoka announces.
Beginning Monday (Jan 31, 2022):

*Schools in #Bengaluru to reopen

*Pubs, restaurants to function at full capacity

*Cinema halls, public transport to operate at 50% capacity
*Gatherings at marriages to be limited at 300 in open spaces, 200 for closed spaces

*The 50% limit on attendance in government offices canceled, to function with 100% staff.

*Darshan and other services at religious places allowed with entry capped at 50% capacity.

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The Kerala High Court will soon be hearing the anticipatory bail plea moved by Malayalam Actor Dileep and others in a case of alleged conspiracy to kill the police officers investigating the 2017 actress assault case against him.
#Dileep #Keralahighcourt Image
Previously, the Court had granted Dileep and four others interim anticipatory bail and directed them to appear for interrogation for 33 hours over 3 days.

Read more
Yesterday, the prosecution told the Court that Dileep had destroyed critical evidence including mobile phones.
The matter is before Justice Gopinath P.
Sr. Adv TA Shaji is the Director General of Prosecution
Sr. Adv B Raman Pillai, adv Philip T Varghese for Dileep
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#HTNumberTheory | HT analysis suggests that measures such as lockdowns may not be necessary and can actually hurt. Here are four charts that show why

(report by @naalmot)…
#HTNumberTheory | The seven-day average of deaths at the national-level does not seem to be increasing consistently

This is simply because #Kerala has been reconciling its figures for past deaths (pre-#Omicron) on a daily basis

Read more - | by @naalmot Image
#HTNumberTheory | To be sure, governments are correct in advising caution, despite the chances of lower fatalities

This is because hospitalisations, can put huge pressure on the finances of Indian households

Read more - | by @naalmot Image
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This is how GoI creates false narratives! There is no sign of a clear "surge" of #COVID19 cases in #Kerala, yet. Whereas, in comparison, a surge is more visible in #UttarPradesh & #Bihar whose names are conspicuously absent from the list of "emerging states of concern".
In fact, both #UttarPradesh & #Bihar are among the top 5 states with the highest growth of active cases at the moment.
I had predicted the possibility of this narrative just a couple of days back
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🕉Today is Famous #GuruvayurEkadashi 5,000yrs Guruvayurappan Temple, #Kerala
The Abode of Bhagawan Krishna as seen by parents VasudevJi & Devaki at His Birth.The Ancient Main Murthy is made of highly powerful stone -Patala Anjanama having healing & miraculous properties🚩1/4
🕉Ancient Guruvayur temple in built in typical Kerala Temple architecture- On Kerala NewYear Vishu,Sun’s rays fall on Lord Guruvayurappan’s Feet & Lord can be seen from Entrance.Bhagawan Krishna stands with 4 hands carrying Shankh-conch,Chakra- discus,Gadha-Mace&Padma-lotus🚩2/4
🕉Lord Krishna asked 2 sages to take this Murthy created by Lord Vishnu from Dwarka Temple while Dwaraka was being destroyed &install it in Kerala.Lord Krishna’s Murthy was brought by VayuDeva & Brihaspati & placed in Guruvayur -merger of both names-Guru -Brihaspati & Vayu🚩3/4
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What is wrong with PM Modi photo on vaccine certificate if University can have name of Jawaharlal Nehru: Kerala High Court

report by @GitiPratap

#kerala #highcourt #COVID19 #CovidVaccines #PMModi

Read more here:
The hearing of this case was paused as the Court rose for lunch.
Hearing has resumed now.
Justice PV Kunhikrishnan is hearing the matter.
Advocate Ajit Joy is appearing for the petitioner.
"Why are you ashamed of our. He became PM because of the mandate of the people:" Kerala High Court

#PMModi #KeralaHighCourt

Read full story:
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Given my love for #travel, thought I'd compile a thread of some of the best #tourism ads I've seen over the years

Am keeping it restricted to #PrintAds, and only those by #tourismboards, whether national, state or city

Hope you enjoy it 🙂🥂 and are inspired to travel
We could warm up with #Australia's 'So Where The Bloody Hell Are You' campaign, which turned a lot of heads thanks to it's choice of wording and, of course, the stunning visuals
Politeness can be over rated, eh @Australia 🖖🏾
As far as accidental tourism ads go, #Banff in #Canada capitalized on a squirrel photobombing a couple's pic and made him their mascot, even creating a Twitter id for the little fella and featuring him in a whole set of ads

Nicely done @banfflakelouise @Canada
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⚠️A larger share of new cases are among double vaccinated!
👉that's the news headlines in #Kerala today
👉See the dist. of #COVID19 cases by vax status👇
👉But, please note that
42% of total population already got 2 doses & only 29% has single dose. Remaining 28% are unvaxed.
As % of total population in each group, new incidence is still many times higher in unvaxed adults than the vaxed, & marginally higher among those with 2 dose than among those with 1 dose (that still needs explanation). This is based only on total reported infections in November
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[DSPE Act] Supreme Court to examine issue of States withdrawing general consent to CBI

report by @DebayonRoy

#SupremeCourt #CBI

Read more here:
CBI tells Supreme Court 8 States have withdrawn general consent for CBI to operate in its territories
Hence, consent has to be obtained on case to case basis which is time consuming and hampering investigation: CBI to SC.
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So, my story is finally out in @thecaravanindia!As part of @NFI_India's Media Fellowship, I report on the caste-ridden lives of #Theyyam practitioners in north Kerala—they perform daredevil acts in the name of worship and yet are threatened by caste norms+…
face routine public humiliation, receive less financial remuneration, even pay for costumes/jewelry from their pockets. Little has been done to support those who bear the brunt of this spectacle in the name of tradition+
(Image: Kandanar Kelan #Theyyam, by Sreerag Kadannapally The Kandanar Kelan Theyyam runs through fire at Pilathara, K
and while crowds may still watch these performers risk their lives and health as 'gods', in fear and awe, no one even remembers their names after.

(Photographer: Sachin Ravi) A Theyyam performer gets ready to perform the Chooliyar Bhag
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In the pandemonium created by #IndVsPak cricket U may hv missed an IMPORTANT & funny update by #NIA. 😃👇
Y’day NIA arrested a dentist who ws an #lSlS recruiter.
Interesting bit that is not in the PRINT is—-he hd escaped to MIDDLE EAST last yr yet NIA managed to catch him.😄
2/4 Story behind how Tauqir Mahmood (dentist) made it back to India and got arrested may get published later. 😃

This is NIA’s 22nd arrest this month and agency carried out a whopping 55 raids in October itself. APPLAUSE! 👏

The above case is related to #lSlS recruitment…
3/4 …and lsls’s “voice of Hind” magazine, in which NIA has arrested 10+ people so far from #Kashmir, #Kerala, Karnataka etc.
Bt most imp CATCH in the case was a Kashmiri couple👇who hd created trouble during #CAA protests.

Trivia: lSlS magazine’s content ws created in Pak. 🙄
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Supreme Court Bench headed by Justice AM Khanwilkar to hear plea by Kerala govt today to maintain water level in Mullaperiyar dam at 139 feet in view of incessant rains in the State. 139 feet is the height which was ordered by SC during 2018 floods. #Kerala #keralafloods
Adv Wills Mathew: Due to heavy rains in Kerala, water levels in Mulleperiyar dam has risen. Life of people is in danger. matter needs serious consideration

Justice Khanwilkar: let us hear the other side
ASG Aishwarya Bhati: the report of the expert committee is placed on record for your kind perusal. #supremecourt #Mullaperiyar
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