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I dont know if every single country has this shape of human, like Finland? #Denmark looks like a gnome who lost his shoe, and a bat. Image
#UK and #Ireland, like a little owl and mongoose working in burger place Image
#Finland as we have pictured the shape here Image
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Thread: 3 May 2022: Day 69 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Pentagon says #China is avoiding direct military assistance to #Russia's attempt to erase #Ukraine ... for now
Truly bizarre for #Russia to have picked this fight with #Israel; so needless. Jerusalem had kept quiet for two months about Moscow's use of the "Nazi" pretext for the attack on #Ukraine and walked a fine line in general over the war, now forced to change
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Tracking #BA4 and #BA5 #Omicron #Sublineages over time

This tracker includes only sequences with signature mutations👇


Updated 5/01/2022
Tracking #BA4 and #BA5 in #NorthAmerica
This tracker doesn't include a suspected BA.4 sequence from #Maryland

Reason: #Amplicon #Dropout in the key region containing signature spike aa 452/486 which partly defines this lineage.
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Liudmyla Monastyrska from #Ukraine emerged in the Ukrainian flag at the end of Saturday #NY Met. Opera "Turandot" performance. She replaced Anna Netrebko, from #Russia "whom the company dropped over her past support" of President Putin @nytimes reports.…
2. In fairness, @guardian previously reported that soprano from #Russia Netrebko condemns war in #Ukraine but Met says it’s not enough - Netrebko previously voiced pro-Kremlin views & in 2014 posed with a rebel flag in the contested Donetsk region...…
3. #Austria : During Wiener Staatsoper’s press conference, General Director Bogdan Roscic (my note: born in Belgrade, where the pro-Russian sentiment is extremely high) said he wasn't interested in banning artists from #Russia over the war in #Ukraine…
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#OmicronUpdates #NewLineagesAlert

BA.2.35 alias of B.1.1.529.2.35 | Prevalent in #Portugal

Key mutations: S:L452R & N:221F

PANGO issues: #554 |… Image
Cov-spectrum prediction: BA.2.35 has 39% growth advantage over BA.2 and ~95% over BA.1.1 in #Portugal (in the recent 3 month period)

Currently spotted in #Portugal, #UnitedKingdom, #USA, #Austria, #France, #Denmark and #Spain Image
Cov-spectrum link to follow this lineage:…
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It's not enough for #Russia to lose its aggressive war.
▶️#Ukraine must win.
It's not enough to win a military victory
🇺🇦needs a viable future.
That must include a clear path to #EU membership.
Here's why🇪🇺should offer that
(& what's getting in the way)
It's clear that the immediate priority for #Ukraine is to defeat #Russia & repel its unprovoked invasion.
What defeating #Russia means has been increasingly discussed in recent days - especially after @SecDef's comments on weakening 🇷🇺…
There have been many good interventions on that topic, including from @shashj in discussion with @DrRadchenko
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Day 57 of the war in #Ukraine

#Russia's merciless and totally illegal invasion continues

Welcome to the daily thread for Thursday.

#StandWithUkraine️ #StopRussia
#Mariupol' is still standing.
No response yet from #Russia on Ukraine's offer to exchange all those in Azovstal steel works (fighters and civilians) for Russian Prisoners of War.

Meanwhile the crazy TikTok-ing head of Chechnya has guaranteed that Mariupol will be Russian today.
Quick update on this which emerged last night.

#USA has also added that 14 Howitzers are now in #Ukraine hands - around 50 🇺🇦army personnel are currently being trained in Europe on how to operate the equipment.

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זה היום ה-50 של מלחמתה של רוסיה נגד אוקראינה, וסוף שבוע ה-7 גדוש באירועים:
- מדינית, הצד האוקראיני -
ראש ממשלת #UK @BorisJohnson הגיע לקייב ברכבת לביקור מדיני הראשון בסוגו לבירה של המדינה הלוחמת והבטיח להגביר הספקת הנשק (כולל לראשונה נשק התקפי לטווח בינוני) וכן עזרה הומניטרית.
בעקבותיו גם נשיאי #poland #Estonia #Latvia #Lithuania נפגשנו בקייב עם הנשיא #Zelensky ודנו איתו בהרחבת הסיוע הצבאי ואמצעי ההגנה המשותפים. גם הנשיא #Austria ביקר השבוע ו #Germany החליטה על הספקת הסיוע . #Finland #Sweden לא ביקרו בקייב, אך הודיעו על הגשת הבקשה להצטרפות ל #NATO.
הנשיא @JoeBiden ממשיך את הקו התוקפני שלו נגד פוטין וקרא למעשיו של הצבא הרוסי באוקראינה #Genocide. אחרי שכינה את פוטין "פושע מלחמה" - הכיוון ברור: טריבונל הבינלאומי נגד צמרת הרוסית. דינו של #putin =דינו של #benladen לפי הבנתי.
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Seems there was no concrete outcome to the visit by Austrian Chancellor Nehammer to Moscow YTD. The visit was an Austrian initiative (nobody asked Austria to get engaged). Here is a summary in POLITICO Playbook… & a short write-up… 1/
Putin also evidently did not show any interest in #Austria taking over a mediation role, since the Russian President apparently (according to #Nehammer) expressed repeated support for the Istanbul negotiation process. 2/
Speaking w/ journalists via video link YTD, Nehammer explained that he wanted to personally "look him in the eye" to tell Putin about the horrors of war. Nehammer said he felt that personal meetings were important. (I have doubts any of this impresses Putin, to put it mildly.) 3/
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Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer @karlnehammer just finished a video press conference from the Austrian Embassy in Moscow. He told journalists: "It was important for me to look into his (Putin's) eyes and tell him about the horrors of war and the war crimes in Bucha." 1/
Nehammer also said that he considered it important to create humanitarian corridors so that civilians in the East can flee prior to what he thinks will be a "fierce battle" that we should not "underestimate". 2/
Nehammer said that he had the impression that Putin had some form of confidence in the Istanbul negotiation process. This process should therefore be further supported. 3/
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Monday. Day 47 of #Russia's illegal and dirty war on #Ukraine with more and more executed civilians being found and rape allegations piling up.

Overnight bombing raids and fighting in the east continued.

All the details in the daily 🧵 updated throughout the day
The attack on transport continues with more Russian missiles targeted on railways during the night.

The Head of Railways released only this photo, while admitting 5 locomotives had been damaged along with some tracks. Thankfully no deaths or injuries. Locations not revealed.
#Ukraine also has Intelligence saying #Russia will attack road connections soon too to further limit supply lines.

With Russia's army massed in the east and south near the Russian border (or the puppet states) in all cases, their supply lines are far easier than in 1st phase
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 46) - Un día más, empezamos nuestro #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 #Alemania no quiere entregar a Ucrania de el centenar de IFV Marder de la #Bundeswehr.

🟥 Prefiere que Ucrania se los compre a #Rheinmetall.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 46) - Según la Ministra de Defensa de 🇩🇪#Alemania afirma que el país ha llegado a un límite y no puede suministrar más armamento procedente de sus reservas, pues la capacidad del país para defenderse, quedaría en entredicho.…
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 46) - Esto no quiere decir que #Alemania no vaya a ayudar a Ucrania o que los Marder no puedan llegar a entregarse, sino que el Gobierno germano prefiere canalizar la ayuda a través de la industria militar y no tocar los inventarios del Ejército.
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Austrian Foreign Minister @a_schallenberg just gave a live interview on Austrian public TV taking questions on Ukraine. He was asked by anchor @ArminWolf why #Austria has not expelled any Russian diplomats after learning horrendous details about atrocities in #Bucha. 1/
Schallenberg: "I explicitly reserve the right to take this step and expel Russian diplomats if it is proven that there is a violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations." (Here is the convention:…) 2/
Schallenberg on ORF TV also "regrets" that the expulsions of Russian diplomats have not been taken "in concert" with all 27 EU member states. Says he would have preferred it that way. 3/
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Thread: 4 April 2022: Day 40 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Not exactly subtle from #Russia, and quite funny to include #Belarus, which has been stripped of even the minimal sovereignty it had before the war on #Ukraine began.
#Russia's troops ransacked and looted Trostyanets, one of the towns retaken by #Ukraine's army near Sumy in the northeast. Among the victims was an elderly man who fought for the Soviets in Afghanistan, because he wouldn't give up his home.
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The previously mentioned Mikhail Podolyak was quick to use the #Bucha "massacre" to ask for more weapons
It's worth noting that the Rus Army left the town on Mar 30,,,,4 days ago but footage appeared only today
#UAV footage of a strike on a Ukr target during the battle for #Izum at the end of March
#LPR Artillery....some awards given to distinguished crews
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#RussiaUkraine #Mariupol
Rus MOD:
1 x Mi-8 was shot down & crashed near the village of Rybatskoye.

2nd Mi-8 was damaged by a missile hit, flew towards the sea, but crashed 20 kilometers from the shore.
Interestingly, trophee Stinger Manpads were used
There were 15 KIA at the Mi-8 crash site and 2 x WIA.
Reports that the deputy commander of the #Mariupol defence with call sign "Kalina" was onboard are not confirmed atm
Video of interrogation of one of the wounded survivors
#RussiaUkraine #Volunteers
Volunteers from all over Russia who signed up to go to Ukraine undergoing training at a training centre in #Chechnya
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Welcome to the Thursday's thread covering #Russia's war on #Ukraine.

It's Day 36 of the full invasion and 8 years since the original illegal incursion by Putin's troops into the territory of its peaceful neighbour.

Updates in real time right here⬇️ so read on...
Anyone remember the "Book of Heroic Failures"?

If it's reprieved, the category for most stupid soldiers would surely be won by #Russia.

7 buses of RU troops have arrived in Belarus for radiation treatment after digging trenches by Chernobyl. Who knew!?…
Earlier in the evening #Dnipro recorded one missile strike. The local administration refused to give further details.

However I've learned emergency services have now confirmed it was another hit on an oil depot, this time in Novomoskovs'ky.

No one was killed.
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Desde el año 2021, #Austria llama a prepararse para un "gran apagón" en #Europa en los próximos cinco años.

El "kit" para el gran apagón

El Gobierno llama a todos los austriacos a prepararse y recomienda, entre otras cosas, tener en casa lo siguiente:
una radio con pilas, velas, linternas, un extintor, agua potable (dos litros por persona por día), medicamentos para dos semanas, víveres no perecederos para dos semanas, un hornillo de camping, artículos de higiene, cinta adhesiva,
dinero en efectivo en monedas y pequeños billetes, saco de dormir y ropa de abrigo, bolis y cuadernos y tener el depósito siempre lleno.

En general el Ministerio aconseja a los ciudadanos que piensen qué necesitarían para cubrir sus necesidades durante quince días en caso de
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Permit to share opportunities in #AUSTRIA 🇦🇹

Austria Student Visa
Austria is definitely a place to study is–located in the center of Europe; relatively small and beautiful, and with universities ranking highly in the world. Austria is one of the richest countries in the world.
The country is recognized for its cultural heritage and vast contribution to the arts–these include architectural monuments like Saint Stephen’s Cathedral, Schönbrunn Palace, Hofburg Palace, etc.

If you have decided to study in Austria, then this tweetwill direct you on the best
possible way to apply for your Austria student visa and residence permit, the processes involved and the necessary documents required for your visa application.

📍Types of Austria Student Visa
Depending on the purpose of your travel to Austria, there are different types of visas
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This 12(!) car #train arrived at #budapestnyugati from #záhony at the #Ukrainian #border this afternoon, it was a special train for the #Ukrainianrefugees fleeing the #WARINUKRAINE

And I have to say that I am positively surprised by how much help is happening in Eastern Europe!
And to put it in context, the "normal" train back to Zahony had 5 cars...
This is at the #keleti station in Budapest, normally this hall is completely empty, now it full with stands and people who #HelpUkrainianRefugees
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What is Pakistan?
Who is Pakistan?
What is the status of Pakistan on the world map?
What is the opinion of big and rich countries of the world about Pakistan?
What is the territory of Pakistan in the world map?
Is Pakistan a powerful country?
Why am I asking all these questions? Pakistan has been given a special significance in the recent changes taking place in this world.
After all, 👇
what has Pakistan done that has made Pakistan the center of attention of countries all over the world?

What I have heard about Pakistan from the language of the world is that Pakistan is a small country.Which was made by cutting off part of India. 👇
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⁦Effective immediately, ⁦@DB_Bahn⁩ offers refugees with a Ukrainian passport or identity card free travel on long-distance trains from Poland towards Germany/Berlin. ⁦👏⁩ #Ukraine 🇺🇦🇪🇺 ⁦@DB_Presse⁩…
Up to 6 Eurocity long-distance trains run daily from Poland to Germany in regular traffic, all via the Frankfurt/Oder border crossing. The long-distance trains have their starting points in Warsaw, Gdansk, Przemysl (border with Ukraine)/Crakow, Vienna/Breslau.
DB is working with partner railways in #Poland, the #Czech Republic and #Austria. 🇵🇱🇨🇿🇦🇹 @CER_railways
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Es increíble la campaña de desprestigio contra quienes nos atrevemos a cuestionar la narrativa occidental. PROPAGANDA RUSA, le llaman. Es decir, la maquinaria bélica, el complejo militar, la industria del armamento que subordina al gobierno de EEUU, y este a su vez a la OTAN...
tienen la situación de #Ucrania, justo en el punto donde la querían.

¿Por qué?

Una Ucrania provocadora, ahora bajo fuego ruso, es el motivo perfecto para regresar a la época de Guerra Fría, justificar la presencia militar de #EEUU en la región, aún con más efectivos y aumentar
el tan anhelado "gasto en defensa" por #EEUU, cuyos gobiernos, no importaba si eran #Bush, #Obama, #Trump o #Biden, habían presionado a sus "aliados de la #OTAN" para aumentarlo al equivalente al 2% de su PIB. Alemania, Italia y España habían resistido a hacerlo, pero ahora...
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Here is the #Covid19 round up for Wednesday. All the facts which matter in one handy thread.

Starting with the recently published #UK figures which show a surprisingly large fall in cases, bucking the recent trend of smaller reductions...
Wednesday is usually the day with the highest newly reported #Covid19 cases in the #UK, but numbers are down today, indeed by 27%.

However, I believe it's probably a blip and we may see higher numbers tomorrow and/or Friday.

But Covid deaths continue to fall. From 199 to 164
Looking at new #Covid19 cases by country within the #UK, good to see Scotland falling again.

#England 29,703 (-30.5%)
#NIreland 2,294 (-20.6%)
#Scotland 6,756 (-9.3%)
#Wales 903(-19.7%)
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