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Day 480 of the war. #Russia defending stubbornly with reinforced lines in the areas of #Ukraine they stole.

But I think the real push, with most forces, is yet to come. Here's another daily thread. There's been one every day, but I do need support pls!
Yesterday's thread can be found on the link below, click and scroll if you missed anything.

Loads of nice photos and videos in Saturday's thread and how there seems to have been a #Russia-#Africa plot to deny missile strikes, but Russia's MoD messed up!

Who doesn't like a bit of alliteration? And here are some sweet Sunday sounds to start your day.

Less than 20km north of #Henichesk in #Kherson region there was a big explosion, then many, many more in the village of #Rykove as #Russia's weapon/ammo store there went up in smoke!
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#Ukraine: Latest updates from #UkraineWar: 1. RU channels report that General Akhmedov kept large gathering of troops in #Kreminna out in open waiting 2 hrs for a pep talk before battle. UA HIMARS struck, 100 reported killed incl general, 100 wounded. #tweet100
🇺🇦THREAD🎯 Image
#Ukraine: 2. Heavy fighting continues in #Counteroffensive towards S, #Novodanylivka & #Novopokrovka and around #Rivnopil. #US officials say progress is slow as expected because of minefield clearance & other obstacles. 5 RU howitzers destroyed. #tweet100 Image
#Ukraine: 3. Armed Forces of Ukraine say casualty rates around #Bakhmut are 1 x UA to 8.73 RU & at #Zaporizhzhia front 1/5.3. RU remains superior in aviation & artillery resources. Many more RU prisoners taken in the last week, a sharp increase. #tweet100
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Near-infrared imagery captured at 0400 am ET on June 7 indicates that flooding is heavily disrupting prepared Russian defensive positions on the east bank of the #Dnipro River – especially affecting Russian first-line positions in Hola Prystan & Oleshky. Image
2/ The flooding has destroyed many Russian first-line field fortifications that the Russian military intended to use to defend against Ukrainian attacks.
3/ Various sources reported that Oleshky, Hola Prystan, Kozacha Laheri, and Dnipryany are almost entirely flooded with water levels rising to the height of one-story buildings in some areas.
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1/ Damage to the #Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant (KHPP) dam in the early hours of June 6 caused massive flooding of the #Dnipro River delta, river wetlands, estuaries, and shoreline settlements in #Kherson Oblast.

Our latest: ImageImageImageImage
2/ The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and #Ukrainian officials stated that the drop in the water level at the #Kakhovka Reservoir should not affect the safety of the #Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP).
3/ #Ukrainian officials stated that #Russian forces intentionally destroyed the KHPP dam and suggested that the Russian military did not prepare for subsequent flooding.
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ISW is not ready to assess who or what is responsible for destroying the #KakhovkaDam in #Kherson but notes that we forecast in October 2022 that the Russians would do so.

That forecast was inaccurate at the time, but the reasoning supporting the forecast was & remains valid. 🧵
2/ ISW assessed on October 19, 2022, that Russian forces would blow the #KakhovkaDam to cover their withdrawal from #Kherson Oblast and to prevent Ukrainian forces from pursuing Russian forces deeper into left (east) bank Kherson, likely blaming #Ukraine.…
3/ #Russia's "continued preparation for a false-flag attack on the #KakhovkaDam is also likely meant to distract from reports of Russian losses in Kherson Oblast," we assessed on October 20.…
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Absolut sprachlos. Vor Monaten hat die #Ukraine vor genau diesem Szenario gewarnt. Nun hat #Russland das Verbrechen verübt. Neben der Gefahr für die Bewohner, ist dies auch ein Ökozid, denn der sinkende Wasserspiegel und die Überschwemmungen werden Millionen Tiere töten.
Das Delta des #Dnipro ist ein wunderschönes aber fragiles Ökosystem und wird unglaublichen Schaden nehmen. Die Russen haben keinen Respekt vor nichts. Man kann den Ukrainern nur Erfolg bei der Gegenoffensive wünschen. Schon damit die ständigen Schreckensmeldungen ein Ende nehmen.
Hier die Warnung von Selenskyj vor genau dieser Katastrophe:…
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Day 466 of the daily thread covering the #UkraineRussianWar begins here.

All the news and analysis, throughout the day and night - looks like little sleep again tonight as it's believed #Russia has fired cruise missiles, currently an hour away from hitting #Ukraine.

The situation is still developing. We hope the missile launch was a fake, or dummy warheads to "draw out" #Ukraine's air defence.

For all yesterday's news, including the terrible attack on #Dnipro, click and scroll here:

Also hearing now that cruise-missile laden ships are in the launch zone in the Black Sea. This is not uncommon, but #Russia's current tactic of a mixed missile attack increases the likelihood of ships being involved.

Estimated time of arrival of rockets: 03:10 Kyiv time.
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Good morning, welcome to Daily Thread number 465 covering #Ukraine's heroic defence against #Russia's illegal aggression.

I've been here from (before) the start of war, reporting on (sometimes from) a country I've loved, worked + lectured in many, many times.
Overnight was quiet
Before we get stuck in to today's news, a gentle reminder these threads are basically an unpaid full time job - actually more than that as you get days off with a job! Coffee donations welcome (link in Bio)

To catch up on Friday's news, click here
A few drones buzzed #Ukraine yesterday evening but air raids did not last long and no damage was reported.

The drone/cruise missile numbers on #Russia's daily losses are high as they include Friday morning's attacks.
Artillery, special equipment & fuel tanks way above average Image
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7 acontecimientos clave en #Ucrania y sus alrededores a lo largo de la semana pasada 👇 Image
1. En su primera aparición offline en la cumbre del G7, Volodymyr Zelensky viajó a Hiroshima (Japón) los días 20 y 21 de mayo. También aprovechó el viaje para hablar con los líderes de India, Indonesia y Corea del Sur, así como para hacer una parada en la cumbre de la Liga Árabe.
2. Los aliados de Ucrania acordaron la tan esperada entrega de aviones de combate F-16. El Reino Unido, los EE. UU., los Países Bajos, Bélgica, Dinamarca, Francia e Italia ya han confirmado que contribuirán al entrenamiento de los pilotos ucranianos y la cesión de los aviones
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Here is the seventh thread 🧵 about the strategy of the #RussoUkrainianWar for the early summer. Russia took the control of #Bakhmut while Ukraine is still planning its offensive efforts. #Ukraine #Russia #Soledar #Kreminna #Svatove #Wagner #UkraineWar #Leopard2 #Vuhledar Image
1) You can find all earlier Twitter threads on war in #Ukraine and #Russia's unlawful invasion and more in this interactive map. Please remember that this map is not for showing the exact lines of contacts but to understand strategies.
2) British MoD underlined that, as planned, #Wagner is now withdrawing from the center of #Bakhmut. The defence of the town will be transferred to so-called DNR forces combined with VDV units. This shows that Wagner will not be in defensive efforts.
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#Ukraine 🇺🇦: it looks like the Ukrainian military is setting the stage for the long expected spring offensive as the Commander-in-Chief posted this video today.

"Give us your blessing, for our decisive attack"
#Ukraine 🇺🇦: pro-Z channels are reporting several Ukrainian attacks along the frontline in #Zaporizhzhia, in between the Dnipro river and Velyka Novosilka Image
#Ukraine 🇺🇦: footage released by Russian sources shows a Ukrainian armored attack to the southwest of the town of Velyka Novosilka along the southern #Donetsk front-line.
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ATTAQUE HÔPITAL DNIPOPETROVSK - L’hôpital désaffecté est le Dnipropetrovsk City Hospital No. 14 et la veterinary clinic situés dans le nord de Dnipropetrovsk - 1/5 ⤵️ #Dnipropetrovsk #fake… Image
L’établissement a été exclu du registre des organisations à but non lucratif en décembre 2021
Statut : Exclu du registre des institutions et organismes sans but lucratif sur la base de la décision n° 2104874600022 du 10/12/2021
Source : (2/5) ImageImage
Son état d’insalubrité avant « un soi-disant missile » ne laisse aucun doute sur le fait qu’il était désaffecté
Lien : Google street :… (3/5) ImageImageImageImage
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Ruzzians decide to bomb a hospital again, instead of militairy targets they choose deliberate civilian targets, it belongs to the ruzzian tactics of terror, 1 dead & 15 wounded
#StopRussia #Dnipro #hospital…… Image
⚡️UPDATE: Russian missile strike on Dnipro clinic kills 2, injures 30.

The number of injured civilians following the May 26 Russian missile strike on a clinic in Dnipro has risen to 30, according to Governor Serhii Lysak.
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❗️ A medical institution in #Dnipro was hit by a Russian missile this morning, on May 26. Due to the shelling, there are casualties. Information is currently being clarified.

Source: Serhiy Lysak, Head of Dnipropetrovsk oblast military administration. #StopRussia
1 person was killed, and 15 others were injured. The rescue work is ongoing. ImageImageImage
It was a clinic in the city of Dnipro.

The shelling aftermath is being eliminated and the victims are being rescued. All necessary services are involved.

📹: Volodymyr Zelensky
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Good evening/morning - it's Day 451 of #Russia's illegal and inhumane war.

#Ukraine is under attack again tonight with attack drones currently threatening large parts of the country.

All the details, throughout the day (and night) each and every day, in one handy thread.
If you missed yesterday's news, including F-16s for #Ukraine, plenty of sabotage attacks in #Russia, plus related news from #Cyprus #Georgia and #SouthAfrica... then catch up here with a click and a scroll:

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine
A reminder multiple drones threaten #Kyiv tonight

Regional Gov Serhii Popko says fire atop a multi-storey building, caused by debris from a falling UAV, is around 80 sq m.
There may be victims

Bits of drones have fallen on several streets in Darnytskyi & Solomyanskyi districts
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Another small milestone in Europe's war.

Today is Day 450 of #Russia's unprovoked and illegal invasion of its neighbour.

This is the start of Friday's daily thread. Already another day of missile attacks.

For Thursday's news, click and scroll here:
The night attack by #Russia started with drones and ended with more cruise missiles.

Only 3 of the 6 missiles fired from the Black Sea were intercepted according to #Ukraine and there were hits in #KryvyiRih

16 more drones were shot down. Image
In #KryvyiRih a 64-year-old woman was seriously injured.

A private business was hit. An administration building and workshops were severely damaged by the blast and subsequent fires.
Another man received slight injuries but did not go to hospital.

#RussiaIsATerroristState ImageImageImageImage
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Welcome to Thursday. It's Day 449 of Europe's war.

All the news and analysis from #Ukraine and #Russia in one place. Click and scroll throughout the day, and if you want to check back on what you missed yesterday, here's the link:


Another night, another attack on #Kyiv.

It's the 9th multi-missile assault on #Ukraine's capital this month but local officials reort all objects were shot down.

#Darnytskyi, #Dnipro and #Desnyan districts saw falling debris (such as these photos) but no injuries reported: Image

#Ukraine's air defence says #Russia probably used cruise missiles of the X-101/555 type for this morning's attack on '#Kyiv.

Reconaissance drones were spotted over the capital just before the missiles were launched.

Here's a clip of a reporter in Darnytskyi district
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Southern #Ukraine:

Russian forces are continuing to panic about maintaining their positions in the east (left) bank #Kherson Oblast ahead of an anticipated Ukrainian #counteroffensive.

Russian & Ukrainian sources reported explosions in #Tokmak on May 16. ImageImage
2/ The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) published a video on May 15 claiming that Russian airborne (VDV) artillery units are shelling Ukrainian infantry units in forested areas on the eastern bank of the #Dnipro River in #Kherson Oblast.
3/ A #Kremlin-affiliated milblogger claimed that there are ”witch hunts” among Russian troops in #Kherson Oblast because many accuse each other of exposing Russian positions to Ukrainian forces by cooperating with Russian volunteers or reporting about the situation on the ground.
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‘There is no evidence that the #Azovstal steel plant in #Mariupol hides a "#bio #laboratory" and a #NATO base’

#russian #disinformation #biolabs #Ukraine Image
“First, #Ukraine it is not currently a member country of #NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an international organization for defense cooperation) and on its territory they are not here therefore NATO #military #bases.
Furthermore, there are no independent sources able to confirm the existence of a base in the basement of the #Azovstal steel plant.”
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Another weekend beckons, but every day is the same on the frontline in #Ukraine.

Welcome to Daily thread number 436 of #Russia's illegal invasion.

If you like these threads please consider buying me ☕️ see my bio for the link. It's been a really tough slog this week.
A quieter start to the day than the last couple, which have been crazy to be honest and back to the bad old days of a year ago in #Ukraine.

If you missed something yesterday, click and scroll through yesterday's thread right here:

The UK's daily intel report inspects the rails of #Russia after the spate of sabotage attacks recently. These attacks far more believable than the pantomime drone strike on the Kremlin.

#StopRussia Image
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🧵1⃣🏘️ El 28.04.23 El ejército Terrorista Ruso asesina en Uman a 23 personas. 6 niños.
3 niñas de 8, 11 y 14 años.
3 niños de 18 meses, 16 y 17 años.
Un misil impacta un edificio civil a más de 300 km del frente.
2⃣🏘️ Uman. Este padre acaba de perder a dos de sus hijos. Llora desconsolado en brazos del equipo de rescate.
3⃣🏘️ "Dmytro corrió a la habitación donde dejó a sus dos hijos durmiendo... Forzó la puerta y se quedó mirando al vacío. No había una habitación detrás de la puerta. Solo una nube de fuego y humo" @nytimes……
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Day 433 is upon us.
The 433rd day of #Russia's 3-4 plan to take #Kyiv and all of #Ukraine within 10 days.
#EATP Everything According To Plan!

Tuesday's news will appear in this thread, updated in real time; yesterday's news can be found here:

First incredibly sad news that two volunteers from #Canada have been killed at the front.

Kyle Porter, 27, of Calgary, + 21yo Cole Zelenco of Ontario were both serving with Ukraine's International Legion.

They gave their lives for freedom. RIP…
Here's the British daily intel update (I attached the document today!)

Seems London is playing catch-up with last week's news I brought you at the time.
#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia Image
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#Ukraine wakes after another bloody and murderous early morning.

It's Day 429 of the war and more civilians have died in #Russia's latest indiscriminate attack.

All the news right here in one place. Replies/retweets gratefully accepted to keep the account visible!
Yesterday I made a typo - it was Day 428 and not 427.

If you missed anything on Thursday, catch up right here:


At least three people are dead and 8 injured when cruise missiles hit a city previously almost untouched by the war..

#Russia's barrage at around 04:00 this morning saw two rockets land in #Uman in central #Ukraine.
A large apartment block was hit and some warehouses nearby.
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