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#Bakhmout, #Ukraine: #Wagner et #Prigojine ont annoncé aujourd'hui la prise de la ville dans le #Donbas.

Est-ce vrai ? Quel est le contexte ? Est-ce une victoire ? Quelle est la valeur de Bakhmout ?

Voyons ça ensemble dans ce thread en faisant une chronologie des faits 🧵 1/24 Image
#Prigojine explique dans sa vidéo que l'assaut de #Bakhmout avait débuté au mois d'oct., il y a 224 jours.

En réalité, les frappes ont commencé au mois de juillet, période à laquelle je me suis rendu sur place pour la 1ère fois.

Ici, nous étions près de l'usine Artemivsk. 2/24
#Soledar était la cible première: une partie de la ville était d'ores-et-déjà contrôlée par les 🇷🇺, l'est se faisait constamment pilonner.

C'est ici que j'ai participé à une mission humanitaire avec les 2 bénévoles britanniques tués dans cette même ville, Andrew et Chris. 3/24 ImageImageImage
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#GuerreEnUkraine D+438 (07/05) PdS1 - Théâtre du #Donbass

🇷🇺est dans une posture défensive sur toute la ligne de front
Excepté à #Bakhmut où le cirque #Kadyrov-#Prigozhin a fait halte


Mise en abîme,
Machine à remonter le temps,
Si vous avez loupé le journal CDXXXVII de #GuerreEnUkraine, le voici👇


1/segment nord, #Kupyansk-#Svatove-#Kreminna

Sur le segment, la guerre de positions (échanges d’artillerie, reco, sabotage) domine avec des attaques localisées

Dans la direction #Kupyansk👇, attaque 🇷🇺 localisée infructueuse vers #Synkivka
Dans la direction #Svatove, R.A.S Image
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Thursday 6 April 2023, which happens to be Day 407 of #Russia's illegal war on #Ukraine.

Aa always, all the news, all day, in one handy thread. Soon I'll have more on the breaking news in #Russia of violence in an insurgent southern region.

Missed y'day?
In the southern #Russia republic of #Ingushetia there's a shootout between police + rebels.

The region has a history of insurgency. The FSB says militants barricaded themselves inside a building in Malgobek

It's linked to an attack last week when 2 police officers were injured.
The IADAT Telegram Channel is reporting the deaths (unconfirmed) of multiple Russian troops/police in the #Ingushetia shootout.

They also report the shooting has now calmed.

#StopRussia ImageImage
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This is the start of the daily 🧵for Day 386 of #Russia's war of choice in #Ukraine.

For all Wednesday's news, including US pilots volunteering for Ukraine, assassination plot against an EU figure and an unexplained fire on occupied #Berdyansk, click⬇️

I'll start today with #BakhmutHolds.
No big changes to report. #Wagner troops have advanced right into the centre, but it's constantly changing as the cattle get slaughtered and retreat.

Some #Russia channels claim #Khromove on the west of #Bakhmut is captured but not confirmed.
Speaking of slaughter of Russians, the number of invading soldiers killed in the last 24 hours tops 1,000 again. A large number of #Russia's troops died in an attack at #Nevelske 20km from #Avdiivka

High numbers of tanks + artillery systems too, plus the aircraft I noted y'day.
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#Ukraine: Today's reports from #UkraineWar: 1. At #Kreminna, UA forces are reported counter-attacking to the SW & RU attempts to gain ground W of #Lysychansk have been stopped. Some contact reported in W urban limits of city. #tweet100 (Map: @ChuckPfarrer)
#Ukraine: 2. Many reports RU forces have been pushed back SW of #Bakhmut at #Ivanivske. This helps UA keep open the Bakhmut-#Konstantinovka route & gives them better control of the H-32 highway. S of Bakhmut UA forces struck a large RU ammo depot at #Zelenopillya. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 3. RU shelling of residential area of #Bakhmut yesterday with shells & MLRS killed 5 and injured 9. There are still an estimated 6,000 civilians still living there - UA's Deputy PM, Iryna Vereshchuk, has urged them to leave. #tweet100
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It's Saturday. Day 339 of #Russia's war in #Ukraine.

This is the daily news thread covering all the important bits of the conflict in one handy 🧵

If you like my work, and can afford to buy me a coffee, please see my profile.
Starting in traditional way with a chance for you to check back through yesterday, in case you missed Orban's undiplomatic words about #Ukraine, the latest big blaze in the series #RussiaOnFire or anything else during Friday.

Speaking about Orbán's stupid remarks, he's not alone in the region with #Russia also having culivated useful political idiots in #Croatia #Slovakia + #Czechia

Hopefully an election in 🇨🇿 today will sideline one more (Babiš) as @motytchak explains here:

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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 337 - Iniciamos #hilo sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 Rusia ha lanzado una nueva oleada de misiles y drones. Las alarmas están activas en buena parte de Ucrania y se han producido explosiones en varias ciudades.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 337 - Este es, para los madrugadores, nuestro informe diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania correspondiente a la jornada de ayer, miércoles 25 de enero de 2023 ⬇️…
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 337 - Nuevo vídeo del drone "Lancet" ruso en acción, en este caso contra un obús M777 ucraniano, uno de sus objetivos predilectos. Zona de #Kreminna.
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Welcome to another weekend, but in #Ukraine just another day of uncertainty. Hoping for the best but forgiven for fearing the worst.

It's Day 332 of #Russia's illegal war on its' peaceful neighbour. Here's the daily thread with all the important news and analysis.
First thanks to Simon S, who last night tipped me for my work (see profile for link).
Cheers, drinking coffee, enjoying a cake now!

So Friday was errr... eventful? Yes, that's the word! Catch up by scrolling through here:

#Russia has now lost over 120,000 soldiers from its' regular army. Another huge daily number of sacrificial lambs on the altar of Tsar Putin: 860, one of the highest ever.

Also decent equipment numbers hit by #Ukraine according to their estimates.

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Russo-Ukrainian War: The World Blood Pump

Gradually, and then Suddenly

by @witte_sergei

#NATORussiawar #Ukraine
Since #Russia’s surprise decision to voluntarily withdraw from west bank #Kherson in the first week of November, there has been little in the way of dramatic changes to the frontlines in #Ukraine.

In part, this reflects the predictable late autumn weather in Eastern Europe, which leaves battlefields waterlogged and clogged with mud and greatly inhibits mobility.

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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 322 - Iniciamos #hilo sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥La situación en #Soledar sigue sin estar del todo clara pese a las fotos de #Prigozhin de ayer.

🟥 El actor ucraniano Dmytro Linartovych, herido en Soledar grita "Slava Ukraini" ⬇️

🟥 ¡Comparte!
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 322 - Este es, para quien no lo haya leído, nuestro informe diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania correspondiente a la jornada de ayer, martes 10 de enero de 2023.…
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 322 - Curiosamente, el Estado Mayor ucraniano no dice nada sobre "ataques rechazados" en #Soledar, lo que es bastante significativo.

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So we bid farewell to 2022
A year etched into the history books as the start of #Russia's illegal war in #Ukraine.

This is my daily thread number 311. Updating the news concerning the war in real time 24/7 each day.

Please share, spread the word and support!
I want to say thank you to everyone who's supported me in 2022, whether it's with words of encouragement, tip-offs, donations to my fundraiser or buying me a coffee.

I have tried to answer all comments and questions (tho some don't show up from time to time) and DMs remain open.
I didn't post much on the thread yesterday evening as it was quiet and remains so for the first 4.5 hours of Saturday in #Ukraine so far.

Here's the link for the start of yesterday's thread. If you missed anything you can scroll though:

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#GuerreEnUkraine D+310 (30/12) Théâtres d'opé du

Le front du #Donetsk est aussi culminant pour les #RF que le front de #Luhansk est lancinant pour les #AFU

Honneur de la 🇫🇷
ici, le LRU👇, un #HIMARS à plus courte portée

----- FRONT DU #Donbass -----

1/#Svatove, saillant (très) absent

#AFU luttent pour conserver les points d'appui au nord-ouest, sur la P07, à 10 km de #Svatove

@TheStudyofWar signale une possible reprise de #Masyutivka où les russes essaient de pousser jusqu'à #Dibrova👇
2/#Kreminna, saillant (très) vacillant

@Charlinehurel, grand reporter @TF1 @LCI, a pu approcher #Kreminna, à moins de 4 km
Elle a interviewé "Boxeur", un tireur d'élite, qui a confirmé l'incursion dans #Kreminna d'éléments des #SpecialOps #AFU 👇

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1/ The Armed Forces told how the Russians changed their tactics in the #Bakhmut area : Currently, #Donbas is the main front of the struggle for the independence of Ukraine, noted the speaker of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
The Russians have changed their tactics in one of the
2/ hottest areas.
#Russian occupiers have changed the tactics of conducting hostilities in the #Bakhmut region of the Donetsk region.

Serhiy Cherevaty, the spokesman of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said in an informational tv appearance that the occupiers
3/ are concentrating their main efforts on the #Bakhmut & Avdiivka directions. Attacks & assaults take place there, the enemy uses all types of artillery, rocket launchers and aviation.

"The enemy has changed tactics. Instead of using company-battalion orders, he now creates
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SitRep - 07/11 - #Kherson no longer 'evacuated' & NASAMS/Aspide is here!

An overview of the daily events of the war between Russia and Ukraine. It seems that Ukraine is trying to -successfully- freeze the fronts (#Bakhmut and #Donetsk axis) and is preparing for an offensive

We start with daily #Russian losses, captured and/or destroyed equipment.

+530 personnel
+6 tanks
+19 APCs
The loss of personnel is mainly attributable to the front in #Bakhmut where up to 100 soldiers are killed every day. This is confirmed by Colonel Serhiy Cherevaty of the Ukrainian army's eastern command
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 253 - Iniciamos el #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEn Ucrania.

🟥 En el siguiente vídeo podéis ver un carro de combate T-64BM2 ucraniano haciendo fuego contra una posición defensiva rusa y corrigiendo el tiro.

🟥 Comparte 🙏

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 253 - Posteriormente, una vez efectuados los disparos, se retira rápidamente cubriéndose con una nube de humo que produce inyectando combustible en el escape.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 253 - Este es, para quien no haya podido leerlo, nuestro informe diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania correspondiente a la jornada de ayer, miércoles 2 de noviembre de 2022.…
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 244 - Iniciamos #hilo sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 #HIMARS ucranianos han alcanzado una escuela usada como acuartelamiento por voluntarios chechenos al sur del río #Dnipro.

🟥 Fuentes ucranianas hablan de hasta 40 chechenos muertos.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 244 - Este es, para quien no lo haya leído todavía, nuestro informe diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania correspondiente a la jornada de ayer, en la que se cumplieron ocho meses desde el inicio de la invasión.…
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 244 - Así ha quedado la escuela en la que estaban los voluntarios chechenos.

🟥 La geolocalización habría sido posible tras la publicación de un vídeo por parte de estos últimos en las redes sociales.

🟥 46.943403257966416, 33.70609824857674
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SitRep - 24/10 - "Exactly 8 months ago it started"

The daily summary of the events of the war in #Ukraine. With today -finally again- a number of confirmed liberated villages by the AFU in the north of Ukraine.

Today exactly 8 months ago, Russia started the war.


We start like usual with enemy losses:

A higher uptake in men losses is recorded. Also slightly more armoured vehicles are seen captured or destroyed. This is in line with a lot of new footage coming out of either captured or damaged equipment.

For example these tanks and a MT-LB carrier captured by the AFU in the south.

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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania - Día 234 - Comenzamos nuestro #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 Eso que veis es artillería antiaérea soviética, en concreto un cañón antiaéreo AZP S-60 de los años 50 visto en Ufa (Rusia) y en dirección al frente en Ucrania.

🟥 ¡Comparte!🙏
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania - Día 234 - Este es, para quien no lo hay leído, nuestro informe de situación sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania correspondiente a la jornada de ayer, 14 de octubre de 2022.…
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania - Día 234 - Municiones incendiarias sobre #Bakhmut.

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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on October 4, 2022
The situation seems to have "stall" for now in #Luhansk. Lots of reports that #UAarmy is regrouping & preparing for next round of actions even if there is still ongoing ops right now
#UkraineMap Image
2/ Nota bene.
important. almost all maps out there show north part of Luhansk close to Russian borders under Ukr control and i don't believe it is true. hence my map for several days. because on one hand we haven't seen ANY evidence of free villages, and Ukr does not claim so & Image
3/ on the other hand there is this "constant" area as described in the circle by Ru MOD as under Ru control, and even if they are never 100% accurate as i've showed several times in the past (like in the arrow area i highlight here), all evidence points anyway to put in under Ru.
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania - Día 225 - Comenzamos el #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 Comenzamos por #Zaporiyia, en donde durante la noche han impactado varios misiles lanzados por un sistema antiaéreo ruso S-300 en modo secundario de ataque a tierra.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania - Día 225 - Este es, para quien no lo haya leído todavía, nuestro informe diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania correspondiente a la jornada de ayer, miércoles 5 de octubre de 2022.…
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Eastern #Ukraine Update:

Ukrainian troops continued to consolidate gains around #Lyman on October 2 and 3 and likely made gains in the direction of the #Luhansk Oblast border. /1
Eastern #Ukraine Update:

#Russia's MoD stated that Russian troops struck Ukrainian positions in Yampolivka on October 2, confirming that Ukrainian troops control territory about 15km northeast of Lyman and within 10km west of the Luhansk Oblast border. /2
Eastern #Ukraine Update:

#Russian sources also stated that Ukrainian troops took control of #Terny and #Torske, 15km northeast and 13km east of #Lyman, respectively. /3
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AFU is forcing russians to retreat towards #Lysychansk.

If Ukraine reaches #Stavone and liberates #Kreminna, russian supply routes from the north will be cut.

There is a possibility that russian front collapses also in #Luhansk
All the main bridges over Siversky Donets river were destroyed in the last battles during the summer.

If russians didn't repair them properly, there is no quarantees that Russia can supply its troops if the northern route is cut.
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Welcome to the daily news thread for 3 October.
Day 222 (Richie Benaud day?) of #Ukraine's defence of its homeland against the full scale invasion by Putin's #Russia

For a catch up on yesterday's here's the start of Sunday's thread for you to scroll thru:
Yesterday I wrote about two horrific and needless land mine tragedies & already two more today in #Kharkiv oblast.

Regional Gov Oleh Synyehubov says an ambulance driver was killed and a paramedic injured near #Balakliia, while another 26yo man was wounded in a separate incident.
As I suspected, #Russia's losses subsided a little in the last 24 hours. That's directly due to the invaders' retreat from #Lyman.

However with #Ukraine advances in #Kreminna and #Kherson region, they could rise again.

#Kyiv's forces likely also be suffering heavy daily losses
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🇺🇦 flag is back to #Lyman!
I'm not crying, you're crying 😭
Video by @Hromadske.
One of the key cities in Donetsk oblast, it further opens the path for AFU to liberate next large cities such as #Severodonetsk and #Lysychansk.
To be continued 🦾
Utmost ironically - in his yesterday's speech, Pootin proudly announced the "liberation" and "denazification" of some cities in Donetsk oblast, including Lyman.
Well, he wasn't quite wrong, but there's one nuance to this 🤣
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