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Many of us have wondered why the battle for Severodonetsk was quite lengthy, but AFU could not hold that long in Lysychansk, which is on higher ground and across the river. Ukrainian Brigadier General Dmytro Krasylnykov about Lysychansk and morale of UA soldiers:
My translation:

"Unfortunately, it turned out that for some reason, everyone forgets the problem. I have always said that the main problem is not the top-down, not the altitude or the lowlands. The main problem is logistics and provision because you can be courageous. /1
You can be fearless. You can be super prepared, have three night-vision eyes, and all that. But what happened to Severodonetsk?
Three bridges that connected Lysychansk and Severodonetsk were destroyed. That is, any supply could have been conducted by what? /2
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A bit of a landmark day as #PutinsWar reaches Day 150.
That's 146 days behind schedule (and counting) for the capture of #Kyiv 😂😂😂

This is the start of my daily thread with all the news about #Ukraine's defence and #Russia's aggression.

DMs open for tip-offs (100% anonymity)

Quite a lot of Russian rocket attacks to report in #Ukraine already

Starting in #Kharkiv where war crimes investigators are on the scene after purely civilian infrastructure was hit this morning.
Apartments & a university in the centre of the city were struck.


One injury reported so far in #Kharkiv after this morning's attack by #Russia which saw many rockets fly into the city centre.

#Ukraine insists these were only civilian buildings - recently #Russia has claimed Ukraine's army has been using universities for military purposes
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Welcome to the start of the daily thread for Day 149 of #Russia's War of Choice on its peaceful neighbour.

All the news from #Ukraine and beyond, updated throughout the day.

DMs open for tip offs
#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
First, a reminder, between 2-3pm I will be online @Independent to answer your questions in the live "Ask Me Anything" session.

Trolls take advantage to ask loaded Qs, so any more sensible comments or queries most welcome. Leave your question here now:…
#Russia continues to make no progress in #Donetsk region and still has not "cleaned up" the whole of #Luhansk yet.

Various attempts to move forward on the frontline were repelled by #Ukraine
Russian sources are still claiming they are rotating troops to cover for lack of success
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1/ Operational update regarding the #russian_invasion at 1800 on July 18, 2022.
No major changes on the entire front line. Several Ru ongoing assaults right now but had no major changes to date. #UAarmy seems to resist everywhere.
#UkraineMap #UkraineRussianWar #CarteUkraine
2/ With offensive actions, the enemy tried to improve the tactical position in the directions #Bilohorivka - #Hryhorivka / #Zolotarivka - #Verkhnokamianske / #Zolotarivka - #Serebryanka and #Lysychansk Refinery - #Verkhnokamianske. There is no success. Fighting continues.
3/ In the direction of Bakhmut, the enemy fired at our positions near Vyimka, Berestove, Bilohorivka, Pokrovsk. (..). It carried out airstrikes in the areas of the settlements of Berestove and #Pokrovske.
UA repelled the enemy assault in the direction of Myronivka - #Vuhlehirska.
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It's Tuesday 12 July - or Day 139 of #Russia's four day operation to seize #Kyiv.

#Ukraine continues to survive and more than that, genuinely fight back.

This is the place for all the news and analysis of the war. Read on...
I'll start with the British Intel update because it touches upon #Russia's alternative ways of recruiting fighters:

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
The previous tweet reminds me of this video I saw a couple of days ago.

This purports to be recruitment for the Wagner Group inside a jail. It's said they promise an amnesty after six months of war, regardless of the charge.

#StopRussia #RussiaIsATerroristState
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Time to address "what next", at least at the short to mid term operation level. Also hope to address the wider war in a following post. The #Lysychansk #Severodonetsk salient was closed. The cities firmly in #Russian hands. We were not surprised by these events however much those
only following (& believing) mainstream media may have been. However, the UA forces, having learned from previous mistakes mostly were able to withdraw and avoid a massive surrender within the cauldron. Much in heavy weapons & equipment was left behind, as were troops themselves
but overall the bulk of UA's manpower in the northern part of the salient at least, escaped encirclement. The UA smartly did not withdraw merely to a #Siversk #Bakhmut line, which cannot be defended, but attempted to establish a Bakhmut - Soledar - Berestove - Siversk line.
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Day 136 of #Russia's war, welcome to the daily thread documenting the most important news, events, and some of my analysis along the way.

Mercifully a fairly quite night in #Ukraine as it fights for its very existence.

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
I start with news from occupied region and the #Ukraine Resistance movement.

A collaborator policeman has been shot dead in #NovayaKakhovka (#Kherson region) and two other attempted attacks which are not yet reported.

Thanks to @AlbaThunberg for help…
Nice to hear #Russia is digging deep in to its reserves. 1950s tractor-pullers now being sent to fight #Ukraine.

To be honest Ukraine's tractor army won't probably even bother retrieving these bits of scrap🤣🤣

#StandWithUkraine Image
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Day 134 📌 Russians burn wheat fields with phosphorus bombs in the Polohy community, #Zaporihzhzhia region. While the harvest is approaching, this looks like a deliberate shelling. More on the current situation in Ukraine is in our brief by the link ⬇️…
The Governor of the #Luhansk region underlined that not all of the region is occupied, as 🇺🇦 still controls some of the territories. In the #Donetsk region, due to the 🇷🇺 shelling, 35 objects were damaged, and 7 civilians were killed (including a child), 2 people were wounded.
In the morning, 🇷🇺 forces attacked one of the districts of the #Odesa region with two rockets. Two agricultural warehouses were hit, and 35 tons of grain were destroyed. Over the night, the occupiers also attacked a boarding school in #Kharkiv.
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Here we go then. For the 134th time, I welcome you to the daily thread covering all the news and developments from #Russia's war of choice and invasion of its peaceful neighbour #Ukraine.

Updated in real time throughout the day, read on!

The British intelligence update today is interesting.

#Russia continues "mobilisation by stealth" as detailed here.
In some regions quotas are given and residents are strongly urged to "volunteer"

Overnight another example of #Russia's "precision" weapons doing some aerial gymnastics in #Belgorod region and something far from precise 🤣🤣
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#Russia consolidating control over #Lysychansk & #Luhansk Oblast, while likely setting its sights on #Sloviansk, per #Britain's @DefenceHQ
"There is a realistic possibility that the battle for #Sloviansk will be the next key contest in the struggle for the #Donbas" per @DefenceHQ

#Russia "has committed most of the remaining available units from the Eastern & Western Groups of Forces to the #Izium axis"
"#Russian forces have likely advanced up to another 5 km down the E40 main road from #Izium, in the face of extremely determined #Ukrainian resistance" per @DefenceHQ
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Tuesday's thread on #Russia's war of choice starts here.

It's Day 132 of the illegal conflict.
A late start to the thread today, primarily because it's been one of the quietest days so far since the bombs started falling

Read on for all the news of #Ukraine's fight for survival
I've spent the last 30 minutes going through replies, DMs and questions etc. The most common comment is along the lines of "Is the game up for #Ukraine?"

Certainly things are not going well for Ukraine right now for reasons I'll come to shortly

The main thing to remember is:
Any sort of "peace deal" even a ceasefire, plays right into the Kremlin's hands.
Following the 2014 invasion, the #Minsk accords were foisted on #Ukraine by two western partners🇫🇷+🇩🇪. #Russia refused to allow 🇬🇧+🇺🇸 to the table.

Putin used the last years to massively..
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Update #Ukraine
Im Überblick:
- Lissitschansk gefallen, rus. Truppen rücken auf Sewersk vor;
- Vororte von #Slavyansk unter Beschuss;
- beide Seiten bombardieren die "Schlangeninsel";
- Türkei stimmt skandinavischen NATO-Beitritten zu, mit großen Zugeständnissen.
Russische Truppen haben die Stadt #Lissitchansk im #Donbass komplett eingenommen.
Bereits am Samstag verbreiteten russ. Agenturen die ersten Bilder, wie russ. Truppen in der Ortschaft ihre Flaggen hissen.
Meistens die sowjetische "Siegesflagge" oder die russ. Trikolore.
Am Sonntag wurde der Fall von #Lysychansk sowie einiger anderer Ortschaften auch vom ukr. Generalstab bestätigt.
Zuvor sollen zahlreiche ukr. Einheiten die Flucht aus dem Halb-Kessel noch geschafft haben.
Damit verschwand innerhalb rund einer Woche schon der zweite Kessel.
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Day 131 of #Russia's unprovoked war on #Ukraine.
In total though it's 8 years, 4 months - more than twice as long as WW1 and 2 years longer than WWII.

All the news, events and analysis as it happens, updated in real time right here in the daily thread, so scroll below!
Yesterday saw many civilian lives lost as Russia unleashed a barrage of missiles on eastern regions.

6 died in #Sloviansk, civilian buildings struck in #Kramatorsk and, as it only just made Sunday's thread, a repost of 🇷🇺 hitting a hospital in #Sumy

Three days ago I broke the news about @NHLFlyers losing a player - Ivan Fedotov arrested as he attempted to go to the States.

I can now confirm the Finnish born ice hockey star is in Severomorsk, #Murmansk to start his military service on Novaya Zemlya

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Welcome to my 130th daily thread on #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine.

While #Luhansk looks to be lost, a fightback continues from the Ukrainians in the south of the country.

All the news right here in one thread...

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
Two big news events overnight as #Ukraine hits #Russia in both 🇺🇦+🇷🇺

First the strike over the border in #Russia.
Officials in #Belgorod say 3 people died and four are injured.

A local TG channel helpfully put together a "highlights" video of the night's action!
#Ukraine has not yet admitted the attack in #Russia and no confirmation of what was it. But could well be an ammunition store.

A house in #Belgorod' also seems to have been targeted but I cannot verify this video.

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We are now at the 129 day mark since Russia began its invasion of #Ukraine. There are conflicting claims about whether the Russians have siezed #Lysychansk. Today, an assessment of options for Russia’s next moves. 1/16
2/ Currently, Russian forces are closing the Luhansk Pocket. The Russian operational objectives here have been to draw the Ukrainians into a battle of attrition (Russia’s preferred war of war), as well as to capture the remaining Ukrainian held territory in Luhansk.
3/ If Russia captures the remainder of Luhansk in the short term, what might be their next move?
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1/ 02 Juillet 2022 - Gen staff report
No major changes whatsoever. Ru are trying to improve their positions in some areas. Heavy arty shellings still ongoing in #Kharkiv Oblast and #Severodonetsk area and everywhere they want to advance but can't do much about it..
#UkraineMap ImageImage
2/ The Amazing and Grandiose Russian is still stuck in the #Izyum #Sloviansk direction because of tiny villages for 20 days now (for #Bohorodychne ) and some others for 40 days... speaks volume of their "power". Hence my love of showing specific topo map with no change of date. ImageImage
3/ on a more serious note :
on the #Lysychansk #Lyssytschansk #Lysichansk #Лисичанськ the situation this morning seems a bit better than yesterday evening. but it's hard to have a real idea about what's going on because lots of mouvement back and forth. Maybe more news tonight. Image
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This is my 129th daily thread on #PutinsWar

The killing continues: #Ukraine still under real pressure in the eastern #Donbas region, but signs that the US supplied weapons in particular are beginning to cause real problems for #Russia.

All the news, all day, right here⬇️
#Mykolaiv came under heavy attack in the early hours this morning. We are still awaiting full details.

At least 8 missiles were launched by #Russia's army. Some landed in #Nikolaev according to the mayor
Although it's Day 129 of this thread and the full invasion, please remember this war started over 8 years ago.
In two weeks it will be the 8th anniversary of the MH17 massacre when 300 were murdered by #Russia. Had we acted decisively then, we wouldn't need to spend billions now.
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NEW: #Russia's #SnakeIsland retreat - "We not believe there is any credence to what Russia is saying, that this is a gesture of good will" per a senior US defense official

Says it is more abt #Ukraine's efforts & use of weapons like #harpoon missiles
#Russia's #SnakeIsland retreat - "It does make it a lot easier to defend #Odesa & in the future to open up those sea lanes" per a senior US defense official
Fighting in the #Donbas is a "grinding war of attrition" per a senior US defense official

Says #Russia has not yet been able to take #Lysychansk or the nearby oil refinery
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Day 128 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine.

The illegal, insane, inhumane war which was Putin's choice.

More murder and war crimes today as the little man in the Kremlin orders revenge for the loss if Snake Island

All the news right here in one place, welcome to the daily thread
The revenge from #Russia for the anger at losing #SnakeIsland is an horrendous missile attack on residents in #Odesa/#Odessa region.

17 dead and 31 injured as rescuers work at the site.

Yet another war crime

#RussiaIsATerroristState #StandWithUkraine
#Putin loves symbolism and to leave calling cards.
It's no coincidence that he ordered the murderous strikes on an apartment block and two leisure complexes in #Odesa region with exactly the same delivery as #Kremenchuk - three X-22 missiles fired from Tu-22 strategic bombers.
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1/ 30 Juin 2022 - mid day - Gen Staff report - no Global changes on the front line
Ru are stuck, literally, in some areas, because of an insufficient ratio attackers/defenders and still push in somes places in the direction of #Lysichansk & #Bakhmut but w/ no result.
#UkraineMap ImageImage
2/ Ukrainian soldiers stopped the offensive and inflicted significant losses on the occupiers in the areas of #Klynove and #Novoluhanske settlements, as well as repulsed the assault in the direction of the #Vuhlehirskaya TPP. In both cases the enemy withdrew. ImageImage
3/ Gaidai reports.
Important things to notice & so true. no effing Russians inside the city (so F*ck FSB reports some people are taking for true)
and also..., i'm still waiting for Russian to show 1k prisoners here or in #Severodonetsk area or the 2k in Zolote pocket.. etc etc. ImageImage
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Thursday, the last day of #June and Day 127 of this war.

#Russia continues to pound #Ukraine and its people with no regard for human life.

Terrorist nations must be stopped.

This is the start of the daily thread, read on!

#StandWithUkraine️ #StopRussia
News from #Ukraine's Air Force which claims a major raid on enemy lines.

In this post they say they attacked a #Russia command post with 20 strikes from planes and artillery…
the daily UK Intel report is here.
However yesterday Russia was already claiming to be on control of the refinery in #Lysychansk.

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We have discussed this salient, and its likely encirclement for a long time. The #Lysychansk salient is now operationally encircled, that is significant resupply and reinforcement is no longer possible. Units may still run the gauntlet & attempt to flee. Reports indicate the oil
refinery is in #Russian hands, and that the Siverskyi Donets river has indeed been been forced with #Pryvilia already in RU hands as #Ukrainian forces withdrew. Nearly 2 months ago we discussed at the fall of Popasna, the clear danger to the salient & the likely Russian routes of

Once Vrubivka fell, it was almost inevitable.

The key junctions & settlements have been clear. This image reposted from the May 8th thread. Vrubivka recently fell, triggering the collapse of the Hirske Zolote section
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According to ISW, the next phase of the war may depend on Russia’s ability to “recoup combat power” from the captured eastern city of Severodonetsk.

@washingtonpost: Battle may grind on through summer in Ukraine’s east, analysts say…
More from our June 28 assessment:

The remaining Russian forces in #Severodonetsk will need to cross the Siverskyi Donets River into #Lysychansk from Severodonetsk or its surrounding settlements to participate further in the Russian offensive.…
This movement could require some time since the Russians destroyed the three main bridges across the river. However, Russian officials have claimed that Russian forces have already crossed the river from Kreminna and are building bridgeheads for further attacks on Lysychansk.
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#Russia's "incremental" advance on #Lysychansk - Russian forces gained 2km on approach to the Lysychansk oil refinery, to the south of the town, per assessment by #Britain's @DefenceHQ
#Britain's @DefenceHQ warns of more civilian casualties from #Russia|n missile strikes as #Moscow's war in #Ukraine drags on

Cites "Russia’s shortage of more modern precision strike weapons & the professional shortcomings of their targeting planners"
#Britain's @DefenceHQ also notes #Russia's appetite for risk/civilian deaths in #Ukraine

"Russian planners highly likely remain willing to accept a high level of collateral damage when they perceive military necessity in striking a target”
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