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“Let there be peace in the North
Let there be peace in the South
Let there be peace in the East
Let there be peace in the West
Let there be peace throughout the world”

8.09am - Sunrise over Stonehenge on the #WinterSolstice2022

Happy #WinterSolstice one & all
Brighter days to come

The winter solstice is the exact point when the Earth's pole reaches its maximum tilt away from the sun

The stones of Stonehenge have silently marked the #wintersolstice for thousands of years

There’s a saying: God is sleeping in the stones
“If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind” (Shelley)

Happy #WinterSolstice!
#WinterSolstice2022 #HappySolstice
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(1/3) Today marks the arrival of the #WinterSolstice, or Dong Zhi (#冬至), the 22nd #solarterm in the 24-term Chinese lunar calendar. Dong Zhi marks the shortest day and longest night in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of the seasonal cold spell.
(2/3) To warm their spirits, Chinese feast on delicious #jiaozi (dumplings) and rich mutton soup on this day.
May the full warmth of jiaozi and mutton soup keep your spirits high and the cold at bay.
(3/3) #TaiheInstitute sends its warmest wishes to all its colleagues and friends for the snow-white winter season.
#TI #太和智库
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Tonight is the longest night of the year.

Sunset over Stonehenge & from space👇#WinterSolstice #WinterSolstice2021 Image
“Be like the sun for grace & mercy
Be like the night to cover others' faults
Be like running water for generosity. Be like death for rage & anger
Be like the Earth for modesty
Appear as you are
Be as you appear”

Photos of #WinterSolstice sunrise: @EH_Stonehenge/@Minispecs ImageImageImageImage
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Having a meeting today & want to include more voices? What about trying this magic question, especially when you feel a first majority vote showing: ‘And who is still sitting on a completely different idea?’ Try it! And watch people embrace the created space! #deepdemocracy
Is someone expressing a concern or no-voice in your meetings today? Don’t put it away as annoying. Tap into the wisdom that is hiding in it and ask this magical question to the group: ‘Who recognizes this?’ Spread it and watch how people connect and feel valued. #deepdemocracy
Facilitate your team to a ‘consent’ decision, not a lousy compromise. How? By sticking to the best idea (majority vote after thorough brainstorm) and explicitly asking the no-voices this magical question: ‘What do you need to come along with this idea?’ #deepdemocray
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On Dec 21, 1866 Lakota warriors led by Tasunke Witko (Crazy Horse) would have a decisive victory over the US military at the Battle of the Hundred Slain, called Fetterman's massacre by the US.
At Fort Phil Kearny, Tasunke Witko goaded the soldiers out of the fort and to giving chase to him. He was known to dismount his horse while soldiers fired at him, he would also race his horse in front of the soldiers while they fired at him.
He would lead the soldiers into an ambush where other Lakota and several Cheyenne and Arapaho allies were in wait. The whole battle was short as the entire Calvary company would be wiped out.
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West Yellowstone, Montana is truly a winter wonderland. We are the ♥️ of winter family fun. Learn more at
Happy Winter Solstice!
#WestYellowstoneWinter #WestYellowstoneMontana #WinterSolstice #HappyWinterSolstice
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#WinterSolstice #JupiterSaturnConjunction #ClassicalPoll

1/2 The spirit of Gustav Holst demands to know your favourite planet, and so do I.

Two groups of 4 (Colin Matthews also cares). Vote in either or both. Top two go head-to-head tomorrow.

Listening links to follow.
A reminder of their powers:

Mars, the Bringer of War
Venus, the Bringer of Peace
Mercury, the Winged Messenger
Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity
Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age
Uranus, the Magician
Neptune, the Mystic
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I'm beginning tweeting at the #wintersolstice

As I just explained, we just finished building a new monument, #soultonlongbarrow, which revives a prehistoric practice of building long barrows, not seen for 5,500 years

These are the first images of the new chamber ever shared ImageImageImageImage
Im going 2 explain more about what this is, and how it has been an important resource for our community in surprising ways in this challenging covid year, but for now, I just wanted to share a picture of the monument working with the #wintersolstice #sunset for the 1st time today Image
Now, I realise I need to expand aspects of the context for this happening.

Let's start around 5,500 years go, when the first farmers in the British Isles also found #architecture, which they do by building long barrows... Here's West Kennet in Wiltshire (📸 from resarch trips) Image
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Thread: Today on the Winter Solstice, one of the oldest traditions on the planet is played out at Newgrange, Ireland. Newgrange is older than the Pyramids & Stonehenge & was built between 3500-3200BC. Let’s take a look at this World Heritage Site & Solar Clock #WinterSolstice Image
As the sun rises on the Solstice it passes through a lightbox at the entrance to the tomb & travels down the 60ft passageway to a central chamber marking the shortest day of the year. ImageImageImage
As a professional historian & science these ideas influence my art. Pattern, like & colour are central to my work. There’s a 2 for 1 until the 6th January. Delivery before Christmas is available for Irish orders, today only.
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Thread: Well there might just be some light at the end of the tunnel...The first rays of the #WinterSolstice sun penetrated the inner chamber of Newgrange this morning...The new solar year starts with sunshine...Which in Ireland is a very rare occurrence...A good omen???
The Newgrange tumulus was built in Ireland in the late 4th millennium BC, most likely as the solar temple, and was also used as the (elite) burial ground...Just like our cathedrals are today... :)
Newgrange, was built in the East of Ireland by the first farmers, the same guys who built Poulnabrone dolmen in the West of Ireland...And who all perished, according to the Irish Annals, during "the flood" when sunshine was replaced by never ending rain...…
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At winter solstice, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, the sun shines down this 5,000 year old passage and hits the back wall. The Neolithic chambered mound lies about 500m off the Brittany coast, on the small island of Gavr'inis.
These beautifully carved stone slabs support a 17-tonne stone slab acting as the roof of the tomb. At the time of its construction, c. 3500 B.C., the island was still connected with the mainland, and is today only accessible by boat.…
#wintersolstice2021 #Solstice…

With a lovely video in this link
Cairn De Gavrinis.
île de Gavrinis – Larmor-Baden.…
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Der 21.12. rückt näher und es wird Zeit uns langsam darauf einzuschwingen. Der Countdown dazu hat übrigens schon vor Monaten mit entsprechenden Aktivierungen begonnen. Nun kommen wir auf die Zielgerade dieses Jahrhundertereignisses. #AgeOfAquarius #JupiterSaturnConjunction
Der 21. Dezember ist ganz klassisch der Tag der Wintersonnenwende. Sie findet am 21.12. um 11.02 Uhr MEZ auch ganz normal statt und markiert den Zeitpunkt an dem die Sonne auf der Nordhalbkugel ihren tiefsten Stand erreicht. Doch das ist nicht alles. #WinterSolstice #DarkToLight
Wir erleben zu diesem Zeitpunkt auch den kürzesten Tag und die längste Nacht des Jahres. Für drei Tage ruht die Sonne in dieser schützenden Dunkelheit bevor das #Licht wieder geboren wird. Damit erinnert sie uns daran, wo unser eigenes Licht zuhause ist: in der #Stille ! #Frieden
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This is the GMT perfect moment of the #GreatConjunction

Several things are going on that indicate to me this is the exact moment we move into #AgeOfAquarius from the age of #pisces

1. Moon conjunct modern ruler ♓ blocking #neptune

#astrology #prophecy
2. The Great conjunction or #jupitersaturnconjunction is not quite perfected at 0° #Aquarius which is about to complete in a few hours from that moment specifically on the #WinterSolstice

3. The world has been looking up at the sky. Our shared subconscious is waking us up.
4. The #MOON is our chart ruler at this exact moment. She is blocking the illusionary nature of neptune

5. The #northnode (souls journey indicating the collective #consciousness at this moment) is transitioning from the 11th house of society into the 12th of #spirituality
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We came to give thanks.
#WinterSolstice Image
I found a friendly stone and leaned against it. Had a little cry. I thought about how that stone has been there for so many years before me, and how it will be there for so many years after. I felt thankful for the permanence and impermanence that life is.
A choir of red-robed goddesses in the middle of the stones sang:

Hold my hand, sister. Hold my hand.
Hold my hand, brother. Hold my hand.

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It’s #WinterSolstice, the shortest daytime in the Northern Hemisphere

Using basic trigonometry, I formulated today’s daytime in hours as a function of latitude. It looks like this

Daytime (Φ) = 24 × cos⁻¹(tan Φ tan 23.5°)/180°,
where 0° ≤ Φ ≤ 66.5° Image
Of course, the #WinterSolstice daytime function works in the Southern Hemisphere (i.e. for latitudes –66.5° ≤ Φ < 0°) as well Image
Notice that all I needed to know is the tilt of the Earth’s axis ≈ 23.5°
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It's #WinterSolstice, that is the shortest daytime in the Northern Hemisphere. Today's daytime in hours is given by this function
Daytime (Φ) = 24×cos⁻¹(tan(Φ)tan(23.5°))/180°,
where 0°<Φ<66.5° is the latitude measured in degrees.

#Maths #Trigonometry #WinterSolstice2018 Image
Try to derive the above formula by calculating the length of the sunny arc on any given circle of latitude.

And of course, assume that the Earth is a sphere. Image
By the way the #WinterSolstice daytime function
works in the Southern Hemisphere (i.e. for -66.5°<Φ<0) as well. Image
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"I shall leave my dreams in their argent air,
For in a raiment of gold and blue
There shall move on the earth embodied and fair
The living truth of you..."


(Art: Unknown)
"Storm is the dance of the locks of the God assenting to greatness..

Veiled in events he lives and working disguised in the mortal
Builds our strength by pain, and an empire is born out of ruins..”


(Art: Leslie Abraham)
"Yet all we dream and hope are memories treasured,
Are forecasts we misspell,
But of what life or scene he who has measured
The boundless heavens can tell.."


(Art: KaalChakra, Konark Sun temple)
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