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Hello new followers! A brief thread telling you a bit about what I do that might interest you (besides semi-vulgar rants about pockets and pictures of me in ties and waistcoats).
1. The thing I'm probably most proud of at the moment is my @tes podcast on #maths education..
@tes ..where I interview maths education researchers about their work. It's medium-length (35-45 mins), the calibre of guests so far has been OUTSTANDING, and we have a lot of fun. It's been amazing CPD for me, and it never fails to astonish me how illuminating it can be...
@tes be able to probe at some ideas with someone who is a real expert. It's a joy to produce. A great deal of work goes into it: pre-reading (sometimes of almost an entire PhD!), joke writing (with the wonderful @Darrenmacey), and writing the accompanying article. Here are..
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Vedic mathematics 😊🙏

A curious student asked his #Maths teacher...

If Zero was invented by #Aryabhatt and he was born in the #Kaliyuga... Then...

In the past in #Dwapara & #Tretha yugas who counted 100 #Kavravas and #Ravana's 10 heads and thousands of armies and weapons etc
Teacher resigned and went back to #Vedic education but is still not able to find the answer... 😁😂

Jokes apart... the point leads to immense wisdom ahead...

Let me start with just 1 reference from #Vedas and 1 from #Puranas
(to keep this answer short - we will not have enough space if we want to document all such references).

1. #Vedic Reference (#Yajur #veda):
The #Rishi #Medhātithi, after preparing bricks for a Vedic ritual, prays to the Lord of fire, #Agni.
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Irish-born Oliver Byrne (1810-1880) was an innovator in mathematics education, particularly in the teaching of geometry.
His most well known book was his colorful version of ‘Euclid’s Elements’, published in 1847.… #science
Nearly a century before Mondrian made geometrical red, yellow, and blue lines famous, mathematician Oliver Byrne employed the color scheme for the figures and diagrams in his most unusual 1847 edition of Euclid's Elements.…
Byrne faced physical and financial hardship and ridicule from his contemporaries for his mathematical and pedagogical innovations. He also published How to Measure the Earth with the Assistance of Railroads (1838). #maths #histsci…
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.@BarbBlackburn #ESSLC #ESSLC19 Rigour is creating an environment in which each student is: expected to learn at high levels; supported to learn at high levels; and demonstrates learning at high levels
.@BarbBlackburn #ESSLC #ESSLC19 Free resources related to this presentation on the website.
.@BarbBlackburn #ESSLC #ESSLC19 Environment: 1. Motivation 2. Student ownership 3. Safety and security 4. Progress and achievement
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It's the end of Quarter 1 and SO MUCH maths in #Room805! Let's start with #WIM from @joboaler and @chaoskeeper11. After our investigations, we wrapped up with our first ever #Colloquium using Two Stars and a Wish Feedback! 1/
You're gonna want to read what the student wrote there Jo and Cathy! I wouldn't have believed if I didn't see it for myself! Next, let's visit #MMA! We are a Math 8 and Algebra 1 community of learners. Hang on to your hats!
We've got multiple perspectives on that Promethean Board there @caguilarmunoz! But wait, there's more!
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1.) Prof. Barbara Oakley of Oakland University and the author of a book on learning writes that contrary to the new movement to make #STEM subjects of which #maths is the sine qua non a fun to learn.

All learning isn't-and shouldn't be "fun".
Even though the following 👇👇👇Rhymes were developed to make learning #maths fun!

She state in firm terms to "Make Your Daughter Practice Maths. She'll Thank You later".…
Boys and girls have on average similar abilities in #maths

But girls in addition have a consistent advantage than boys in #reading and #writing.

The consequence?👇👇👇
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