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Am Samstag soll bei einem großen Medien-Event symbolisch der #Gas-Hahn für die #LNG-Terminals aufgedreht werden. Mit großem Besteck: Der @Bundeskanzler, @c_lindner und Robert #Habeck kommen. Aber wie weit sind die ersten drei Projekte? Kurze Übersicht im Thread (1/5).
Am weitesten ist #Wilhelmshaven. Es liegen Entwürfe der Genehmigungen vor. Das #LNG-Terminalschiff (#FSRU) Höegh #Esperanza dümpelt aktuell allerdings noch im Golf von Biskaya. Das ist nicht um die Ecke - ob es noch rechtzeitig kommt? (2/x) Image
Das Projekt in #Brunsbüttel ist weit von der Inbetriebnahme. Eine Genehmigung ist für die erste Phase nicht geplant (was nebenbei gesagt rechtswidrig ist), die #FSRU Höegh #Gannet liegt noch in der Damen-Werft in #Brest. Inbetriebnahme sicher nicht vor Januar. (3/x) Image
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Eigentlich hatte der Betreiber #Regas getrommelt, dass das #LNG-Terminalschiff #Neptune schon am Wochenende vor #Lubmin ankommen würde. Von wegen: Die #Neptune ist laut @MarineTraffic nur bis #Skagen gekommen, dort ankert sie seit Samstag. Was ist das Problem? (1/4)
Die #Neptune hat aktuell einen Tiefgang (draught) von 9,6 Meter. Laut Hafenbetreiber #Lubmin kann der Hafen jedoch nur von Schiffen mit max. 6,1 Meter Tiefgang angelaufen werden. Geht also nicht. (2/x)
Das haben natürlich vorher schon alle gewusst. Deshalb hat die #Neptune bereits unnötigen Treibstoff abgelassen. Ursprünglich hatte die #FSRU einen Tiefgang von 11,4 Meter. 1,8 Meter hat sie also schon verloren. Vor #Skagen soll sie weiter erleichtert werden. (3/x)
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Why does the #World has to experience Major #inflation after mid of January #2023 to September 2023.

Planetary alignments :

1) Movement of #Neptune with #Saturn in Aquarius.

2) #Uranus & #Rahu Close Conjunction

3) Saturn trine relationship with Ketu.
4) 8th Month stay of Mars in Square to Saturn.

5) Jupiter, Uranus & Rahu conjunction in aries with Saturn 3rd aspect on Aries.

6) later Neptune will move closer toward Jupiter.
Uranus & Neptune has major role in creating Upsets in Economy via geopolitical crisis, whenever they make alignment with Outer planets I.e Saturn, Jupiter & Nodes.

We are experiencing this situation from February 2021 and after Mid of January 2023 this can be more problematic
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Day 68 - #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine️

+2,125 missile launches since start of the invasion

"We continue to see minimal at best progress by the Russians in the #Donbas" per a senior US defense official
NEW: #Russia|ns not holding gains in #Donbas - "They'll move in, declare victory and then pull out, allowing the #Ukrainians to take it back" per a senior US defense official

Says Russian forces appear risk, casualty averse and "anemic"
NEW: #Russia losing ground around #Kharkiv, per a senior US official

#Ukraine troops have pushed #Russian forces 40km to the east of Kharkiv, making it difficult for Moscow to push down from the north
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A #mustread analysis by @vgmenon99 Sir on the sinking of the #Moskva ,he uses Naval analysis to discount the possibility that the #BlackSea fleet flagship could have sunk due to #neptune missile attacks & raises the possibility of a #submarine attack.…
@vgmenon99 Commodore Menon brings out the possibility of a torpedo being fired at the #Moskva , leaves us with only 4 options .
1) A #Russian Kilo fired the torpedo .
2) A #Turkish SSK was the culprit.
3) An SSK/SSN that transited the Bosporus in secret.
4) Airdropped torpedo from an MPA
@vgmenon99 On that last point there is a lot of P3C traffic in the general vicinity of the #MoskvaDown situation.
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Actual close up of the #Moskva post explosion. We are showing a side by side of new pic and a file photo for reference. Looks like it was #Ukraine #NeptuneMissiles that sank the ship. At water line 2/3 the way fwd looks like 2 holes. Consistent with anti-ship missile targeting.
Additional, lower quality photo of the #Moskva burning and sinking in the Black Sea.
Infographic provides an overview of where the various weapons systems were onboard the #Russian #Moskva. Looks like the #Ukrainian #Neptune hit dead center of the ship at the water line and caused a fire to break out aft of the bridge as evidenced by significant smoke damage.
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There are so many unknowns about the details of the sinking of #Moskva. My two cents on the issue with some technical analysis.
1. The crew evacuated the ship, a rare situation and possibly means that the damage control efforts failed, unlike #Russia claimed.
#Ukraine #NATO
2. Warships have two/three damage control parties (forward, amidship, aft), and each has fire fighting and repair teams so that the crew can handle multiple fires/ damages concurrently.
3. Ammunitions are kept in highly protected compartments, and it is very difficult for an ordinary fire to spread to an arsenal onboard. If the fire was under control per #Russian MoD, and the ship can float why the crew abandon Moskva?
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Venäjän Mustanmerenlaivaston lippulaiva Moskva-risteilijä tiettävästi tuhottiin ukrainalaisvalmisteisella #Neptune-meritorjuntaohjuksella. Jatketaan Ukrainan sodassa nähtyjen sotateknisten vempainten tarkastelua siis tällä ajankohtaisella aiheella. 🧵 1/
Neptune on aktiivisella tutkahakupäällä varustettu meritorjuntaohjus, jolla on vajaan 300km maksimikantama. Aktiivinen tutkahakupää tarkoittaa siis sitä, että ohjuksessa on oma tutkansa, jonka avulla ohjus suorittaa loppuhakeutumisensa. 2/
Ohjukselle annetaan laukaisuhetkellä maalipiste, jota kohti ohjus lentää. Enemmistön lennosta ohjus suunnistaa kuitenkin inertianavigointia hyödyntäen. Vasta lähempänä maalia ohjus aktivoi oman tutkansa. 3/
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@RALee85 About #Neptune anti-ship missile complex. It began to be developed long before 2014, primarily for export, at the expense of defense companies. But its development was very slow. In fact, it began to be developed after 2014, for state money
@RALee85 Neptune, like the Russian Ball complex, is based on developments in the Soviet Uran project. This project is the development primarily of the X-35 anti-ship missile, which was to be the Soviet Union's response to the American Harpoon missile
@RALee85 A large number of enterprises of the defense-industrial complex of the Soviet Union, which were located in different Soviet republics, took part in the development of this project. These included enterprises located in Ukraine.
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This is how the machines of the #Neptune anti-ship missike complex on the #Tatra chassis look like:
*Command machine
*Transport and charging machine
*Mineral-U radar (not part of the Neptune complex, but will give targets for it)
#Ukraine #Military
There are no photos of the transport machine yet

This is how old transport car on a KrAz chassis looks like:
Cabins for old cars on the KrAz chassis were made by a private Ukrainian company "Ukrainian Armored Vehicles". This company is a manufacturer of armored vehicles such as Varta and Novator
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This is the GMT perfect moment of the #GreatConjunction

Several things are going on that indicate to me this is the exact moment we move into #AgeOfAquarius from the age of #pisces

1. Moon conjunct modern ruler ♓ blocking #neptune

#astrology #prophecy
2. The Great conjunction or #jupitersaturnconjunction is not quite perfected at 0° #Aquarius which is about to complete in a few hours from that moment specifically on the #WinterSolstice

3. The world has been looking up at the sky. Our shared subconscious is waking us up.
4. The #MOON is our chart ruler at this exact moment. She is blocking the illusionary nature of neptune

5. The #northnode (souls journey indicating the collective #consciousness at this moment) is transitioning from the 11th house of society into the 12th of #spirituality
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And the shortlist for #AmericasNextDiscoveryMission has been announced!

@NASA has picked four missions for detailed, 9-month studies under the Discovery-class cost cap; one or two mission finalists will be actually selected for flight around the end of the year.

Read on!

The first is DAVINCI+ (Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble gases, Chemistry, and Imaging Plus), which is a mission to take detailed chemical measurements as it plunges through the Venus atmosphere!

Next is Io Volcano Observer (IVO), which will visit (as the name suggests) #Io, the super-volcanically active moon of #Jupiter!

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