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Sri Aurobindo on Bhagavad Gita, humanity's greatest asset: The human mind moves way forward, alters its viewpoint and enlarges its thought substance,and the effect of these changes is to render past systems of thinking obsolete or, when they are preserved, to extend,to modify 1/6 Image
and subtly or visibly alter their value. The vitality of an ancient doctrine consists in the extent to which it naturally lends itself to such treatment; for that means that whatever may have been the limitations or the obsolescences of the form of its thought, the truth of 2/6
substance, the truth of living vision and experience on which its system was built is still sound and retains a permanent validity and significance. The Gita is a book that has worn extraordinarily well and it is almost as fresh and still in its real substance quite as new, 3/6
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#Puducherry: Prime Minister #NarendraModi released a commemorative coin & postage stamp on the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of #SriAurobindo through video conferencing today.
#SriAurobindo's 150th birth anniversary is a historic occasion for the entire nation. To take his ideology to our new generation, the country had decided to celebrate this whole year in a special way: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Life of Sri #Aurobindo is a reflection of 'Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat'. Although he was born in Bengal, he spent most of his life in Gujarat and Puducherry. He left a deep imprint of his personality wherever he went: PM Narendra Modi
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This will be a #Burnol moment for many. I will give you proof that all the history we are taught in schools & colleges in pure junk. They were all written by a certain vested political class. We need to fix it now. This tweet is about who founded the great #CalcuttaUniversity +
The 1st ever letter drafted towards establishing a state of the art University in India in lines of Oxford and Cambridge was drafted than none other than my GGGG grandfather #RajaJoykrishnaMukherjee in 1846. @primrose, you wanted it, I got it. The entire proposal! Earlier I ++
(3/n) just published the first page of the handwritten proposal. Here is the entire letter and everything is available at #UttarparaJoykrishnaLibrary if you want evidence. So here's the sequence of events in the run upto establishing one of the best Universities in the world++
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All India Youth Camp 2023-Invitation

Announcements/By AuroYouth Team

At: Society House, Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry & Sharanam Community Centre

#AuroSociety #SriAurobindo #TheMother #Auroville
@Sanjays81301051 @Auro_Mere
What this Camp is About?

There is a need to address the spaces within us, within our minds and hearts and dreams and aspirations. We must address these spaces, if we are to do anything of substantial value on the outside.

#AuroSociety #SriAurobindo #TheMother #Auroville

If you are somebody (or know somebody) who wishes to deep dive within and unearth the galore of potential and unique gifts we all come with, then this Camp is the right place to be.

Come along & surrender to the process. Interact. Agree to what feels right...


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By the Grace and Divine Blessings of THE MOTHER and SRI AUROBINDO, a humble attempt to spread #TheLifeDivine by #SriAurobindo.

1. Website -
2. YouTube Channel -…

The content is based on the simplified material prepared by Shri S Sivakumar, a devotee of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, from Chennai.
#SriAurobindo #TheLifeDivine #TheMother

A very hearty appreciation and gratitude to Shri Sivakumar for his sincere and dedicated efforts to explain the rather difficult philosophic work in a simplistic and comprehensible manner.
#SriAurobindo #TheLifeDivine #TheMother

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(Selections from the Complete Works of #SriAurobindo)

Volume 21
𝟏. 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐮𝐦𝐚𝐧 𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧

"THE EARLIEST preoccupation of man in his awakened thoughts and, as it seems, his inevitable and ultimate preoccupation,
- for it survives the longest periods of scepticism and returns after every banishment, - is also the highest which his thought can envisage.
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#SriAurobindo #TheMother

Dear friends,

A thread for spiritual aspirants (please do read till the end and go through the attachments), immaterial of any caste, creed or religion, as

All of us have the Divine seed in us.

It is a matter of time(days, months, years or lifetimes) that it sprouts and reaches the ultimate goal, ie, meeting the Divine or rather as in Integral Yoga, being one with the 'One'.

And I am sure each one of us will be having that yearning to reach that higher calling.

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(Selections from Complete Works of SriAurobindo)

1. The Approach of Modern Materialistic Science and the Trends in Modern History Inspired by It

"Modern Science, obsessed with the greatness of its physical discoveries and the idea of the sole existence of Matter, has long attempted to base upon physical data
even its study of Soul and Mind and of those workings of Nature in man and animal in which knowledge of psychology is as important as any of the physical sciences.
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A thread of threads related to the Mother and #SriAurobindo..

This year marks His 150th Birth Anniversary (1872), Her 144th Birth Anniversary (1878), and the 108th Anniversary of the beginning of Their Collaboration (1914)
#InternationalDayofYoga Image
1) On the Lives of the Mother and #SriAurobindo

"But when the hour of the Divine draws near
The Mighty Mother shall take birth in Time
And God be born into the human clay
In forms made ready by your human lives.
Then shall the Truth supreme be given to men.."
- #Savitri, B11-C1
1.1) A thread on the Life of #SriAurobindo - covering His Birth (1872) & Childhood in India, His 14 years in England, and His eventual Return to India in 1893
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59.1) On this day, exactly 66 years ago, the Delhi Branch of #SriAurobindo ashram was inaugurated. Mother had mentioned—There's only one Ashram: in Pondicherry; & only one branch: in New Delhi

Surendranath Jauhar, the founder, had an interesting story to tell about its origins..
59.2) The Land on which the Delhi branch of #SriAurobindo Ashram stands today was abandoned for many years, because it had become a playground for the hostile forces.

All the various attempts to use it fruitfully were in vain..
59.3) Then one day in 1955, suddenly an eccentric acquaintance of Surendranath ji appeared who claimed to have been sent to do some Divine work.

The Man spent consecutive nights on the property, & after a dangerous battle with the forces there, achieved a divine victory..
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Namaste Modi-ji:

Dhanyavad for yet another beautiful “Ganatantra Divas”. The Bharateeya Parampara was flowing from all of its past, through the present into its natural future.

This is to request you for a "National Heroes" Monument.


#RepublicDay @narendramodi @PMOIndia
#SriAurobindo, the most important original thinker of 20th Century, was obliterated from our National Consciousness & relegated to a corner in Pondicherry for 70 years.

I sincerely thank you for bringing him back into the centre stage through the Republic Day Tableau.

Of course, it is now the responsibility of all of us to ensure that his personality, contribution, thought seeps into the society. Youngsters need to know him at an early age.

Thank you, also, for the National Committee to celebrate his 150 years Birth Anniversary.

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Talks with Sri Aurobindo

Dr. M: How is it that some people lose at once their consciousness in meditation, and their body sways this side and that, even falls to the ground?
Sri Aurobindo: That happens with many. And that is why some Yogis bind themselves to a support to prevent falling. The Yogis who practise asanas remain erect.
Dr. M: How can one succeed in meditation?

Sri Aurobindo: By quietude of mind. There is not only the Infinite in itself, but also an infinite sea of peace, joy, light, power above the head.
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Decolonising Indian mentality & morality & bringing back in nation's memory India's perennial civilisational values were an integral part of #SriAurobindo's freedom movement . His writings & lectures during this period give ample proof of his intention. But subsequent
politicians didn't pay necessary attention to this aspect of freedom. As a result our politics,administration,judiciary& economy are now just copycats. Here is a sample. #SriAurobindo : The European sets great store by machinery.He seeks to renovate humanity by schemes of society
and systems of government;he hopes to bring about the millennium by an act of Parliament. Machinery is of great importance, but only as a working means for the spirit within,the force behind. The nineteenth century in India aspired to political emancipation,social renovation,
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This world has a double aspect. It seems to be based on a material inconscience and an ignorant mind and life full of that inconscience: error and sorrow, death and suffering are the necessary consequences.
But there is evidently too a partially successful endeavour and an imperfect growth towards Light, Knowledge, Truth, Good, Happiness, Harmony, Beauty, at least a partial flowering of these things.
The meaning of this world must evidently lie in this opposition; it must be an evolution which is leading or struggling towards higher things out of a first darker appearance.
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"The Supreme is the Purushottama, eternal beyond all manifestation, infinite beyond all limitation by Time or Space or Causality or any of his numberless qualities and features.
But this does not mean that in his supreme eternity he is unconnected with all that happens here, cut off from world and Nature, aloof from all these beings. He is the supreme ineffable Brahman, he is impersonal self, he is all personal existences.
Spirit here and life and matter, soul and Nature and the works of Nature are aspects and movements of his infinite and eternal existence.
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Take Vivekananda’s famous answer to the Madras Pundit who objected to one of his assertions, “But Shankara does not say so.” To which Vivekananda replied, “No, Shankara does not say so, but I, Vivekananda, say so.”

#SriAurobindo #IntegralYoga #SwamiVivekananda
That “I, Vivekananda” stands up to the ordinary eye like a Himalaya of self-confident egoism.

#SriAurobindo #IntegralYoga #SwamiVivekananda
This was not mere egoism, but the sense of what he stood for and the attitude of the fighter who, as the representative of something very great, could not allow himself to be put down or belittled.

#SriAurobindo #IntegralYoga #SwamiVivekananda
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314.1)"(The Mother continues reading 'The Supramental Manifestation' by #SriAurobindo)

(—Perfection is the true aim of all culture, the spiritual and psychic, the mental, the vital and it must be the aim of our physical culture also—)"
314.2)"(—A total perfection is the ultimate aim which we set before us, for our ideal is Divine Life which we wish to create here,
life of the Spirit fulfilled on earth,
life accomplishing its own spiritual transformation even here on earth in conditions of material universe—)"
314.3)"(—That cannot be unless the body too undergoes a transformation, unless its action & functioning attain to a supreme capacity & perfection which is possible to it or which can be made possible—)

(Q—Mother, how can the functioning of body “attain to a supreme capacity”?)"
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Let us go through the सप्त-चतुष्टय (Seven Quartets) sadhana of #SriAurobindo, a spiritual program that was revealed to Him & the practice of which was meticulously recorded by Him in Pondicherry.

The Quartets form the basis of the Yoga of self-perfection.
#InternationalDayOfYoga Image
1) शान्तिचतुष्टयं (The Quartet of Peace)

#SriAurobindo describes it thus:
समता शान्तिः सुखं हास्यमिति शान्तिचतुष्टयं

(Equality, Peace, Absence of Grief, Active Cheerfulness are the 4 elements of the Quartet of Peace) Image There are two sides of the first element of the Quartet - Passive समता and Active समता

Passive समता - Equality in reception of the things of the outward world

#SriAurobindo and the Mother have elaborated on the need of this element in their works: Image
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Introduction — 1
An Inexplicable Phenomenon



NO attempt at constructing a biography of #SriAurobindo can be free from a powerful inhibition exercised by the Master’s caution that nobody could write about his life because it had not been on the surface for men to see.

Notwithstanding this caveat, numerous biographies have been written and the earliest one in English was published, obviously without his knowledge, in the year 1911, only a year after he came over to Pondicherry.(1)
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303.1)"(Mother continues reading from #SriAurobindo's 'Thoughts & Glimpses')

(—Pain and grief are Nature’s reminder to the soul that the pleasure it enjoys is only a feeble hint of the real delight of existence—)"
303.2)"(—In each pain & torture of our being is the secret of a flame of rapture compared with which our greatest pleasures are only as dim flickerings.
It is this secret which forms the attraction for the soul of the great ordeals..of life which the nervous mind in us..abhors—)"
303.3)"..Quite naturally we ask ourselves what this secret is, towards which pain leads us.
For a superficial and imperfect understanding, one could believe that it is pain which the soul is seeking.
Nothing of the kind.."
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#SriAurobindo : It is not the weak and the coward who can climb up to God, but the strong and brave alone. Every individual Jivatman must become the perfect Kshatriya before he can become the Brahmin. For there is a caste of the soul which is truer and deeper than that of the
body. Through four soul-stages a man must pass before he can be perfect ;first, as a Sudra, by service and obedience to tame the brute in his being ;then as a Vaishya to satisfy within the law of morality the lower man in him and evolve the higher man by getting the first taste
of delight in well-doing to others than himself and his ;then, as the Kshatriya, to be trained in those first qualities without which the pursuit of the Eternal is impossible, courage, strength, unconquerable tenacity and self-devotion to a great task ;last, as the Brahmin, so
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Have been watching the evolution of @DilipGhoshBJP with admiration. Over the last four years he has really come of age and emerged as a leader to reckon with in #WestBengal vindicating his selection as @BJP4Bengal President. #ModiInBengal #Haldia #WestBengalElection2021
2/n PM #NarendraModi takes stage - referring to the #UttarakhandAvalanche drawing a link between the source of the Ganga in #Uttarakhand and its meeting with the sea near #Haldia. #ModiInBengal #WestBengalElection2021
3/n As per @DilipGhoshBJP the gathering is around 3 lakhs from the 3 districts of erstwhile undivided #Medinipur. Impressive mobilisation. Certainly @SuvenduWB's entry would have made a big difference. #ModiInBengal #Haldia #WestBengalElection2021
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297.1)"(Mother continues reading from #SriAurobindo's 'Thoughts & Glimpses')

(—God cannot cease from leaning down towards Nature, nor man from aspiring-towards the Godhead..

When they seem to turn from each other, it is to recoil for a more intimate meeting—)"
297.2)"(—In man nature of the world becomes again self-conscious so that it may take the greater leap towards its Enjoyer.
This is the Enjoyer whom unknowingly it possesses, whom life and sensation possessing deny and denying seek—)"
297.3)"(—Possession in oneness and not loss in oneness is the secret.
God and Man, World and Beyond-world become one when they know each other.
Their division is the cause of ignorance as ignorance is the cause of suffering—)"
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295.1)"(Mother continues reading from #SriAurobindo's 'Thoughts & Glimpses')

(—In a word, godhead; to remake ourselves in the divine image—)"
295.2)"(—Not to go on..repeating what man has already done is our work, but to arrive at new realisations & undreamed-of masteries.
Time-soul-world are given us for..field,
vision-hope-creative imagination stand for..prompters,
will-thought-labor are..all-effective instruments—)"
295.3)"(—What is there new that we have yet to accomplish?
Love, for as yet we've only accomplished hatred & self-pleasing;
Knowledge, for as yet we've only accomplished error & perception & conceiving;
Bliss, for as yet we've only accomplished pleasure & pain & indifference—)"
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