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#YellowVestsCanada members are upset that they can't share the video of the #NewZealandTerroristAttack, so much so that it's a government conspiracy to protect the videos credibility.
@facebook allows this.
More comments. The black rectangles are blocking still captures of the video. You bet your ass I reported that.
These comments stuck out for me as particularly gross and heinous, so I looked into them a little further:

#YellowVestsCanada #cdnpol
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On #YellowVestsCanada they’re engaged in a fantasy discussion on civil war. They want to wage war against Islam.

Folks, this is radicalization. This is how terrorists are made. This is how the NZ shooter felt.

Some of these comments are after #Christchurch


I have highlighted the worst comments with red arrows.

#YellowVestsCanada #cdnpoli
calls for civil war against Islam. #YellowVestsCanada #cdnpoli
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1/2 The reactions to #Christchurch have started on #YellowVestsCanada.

Thomas Lindberg is applauding. Luke Lafleur is indifferent.
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#YellowVestsCanada members were already discussing Omar Khadr's purchase of a strip mall on March 4th. We found out about this last week and decided not to publish the information due to threats of the mall being burned down.
#YellowVestsCanada members have replied with more #Islamophobia, threats against Khadr, and against the property where one of the lease holders is a day care.
Apparently @TheRebelTV and @SheilaGunnReid didn't consider people's safety might be put at risk by publishing this information. Pretty sad when some smart ass with Twitter account has more integrity than a media company with world wide reach.
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1. It seems #YellowVestsCanada and convoy supporters feel threatened enough to go and harass the fine people of FF1 for meeting them on the highway last night in Manitoba. Guess that freeze peach only works one way #cdnpoli
2. What’s interesting is the admission that Free Bird Media is on the convoy, in a seemingly official capacity. We know that UWR admin and organizer Carl Edward Fleury works with FBM sometimes, and we haven’t touched on that much yet.
3. Free Bird Media is an extremist, anti-Muslim “news” outfit (lol) run by, well, radicals. The kind Glen Carritt says aren’t welcome on his convoy. You can read more about FBM and their leader, Alex Van Hamme, here:…
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1. Rick Boswick, admin of the YVC Ottawa page, is a well known bigot & VP of the Canadian Combat Coalition. He is a staunch supporter of the convoy & YVC. He also posted a horrific video of him and some friends harassing people on the street @ Ottawa Winterfest Pride. #cdnpoli
2. In the video, he and some Neanderthal friend descended upon people just trying to enjoy their day to yell about sodomy and Jesus. Participants included Derek Storie, whose @facebook profile shows he supports YVC, the Convoy, CCC, and is friends with organizers and supporters.
3. Both are heavily associated with convoy participants and organizers, like Carl Fleury and Guy Annable, and have a decent sized number of bigots as friends, including Sandra Solomon, Bill Whatcott, Brad Salzberg (Cultural Action Party) and Steven Myatt.
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Last month the #YellowVestsCanada convoy to Ottawa changed it's name in order to be 'more inclusive', and 'focus on a pro-pipeline message'. We believe this is a front, in order to divert from the negative attention that YVC receives due to their ties to extremists and racists.
Glen Carritt organized the convoy and started the GoFundMe(please report) yet he is still a member of the main YVC Facebook group (the one with the bigoted and violent rhetoric). He also 'likes' YVC Red Deer.
7 of the 9 admins of the convoy Facebook group still have YVC ties.
2 admins of the convoy group still members of the main Yellow Vest Canada group.
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