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#cdnpoli #mbpoli People keep asking me what poor oversight costs the CDN taxpayer (or MB taxpayers) when construction projects are awarded and given poor supervision via third party consultants, engineering, and Indigenous Services. And it's a lot.
On a single federal project in northern MB - the budget to build a sewage lagoon and blower building - $12 million. The actual cost (and its still climbing) $40 million. Are you saying what I am? WTF? How the hell can one group be that incompetent that they cant build a slop hole
In 2011, it goes to tender. Awarded to a QC company, and craziness begins. Not enough suitable clay, inclement weather (started too late in season), insufficient engineering. But the subs - they order all the materials, the GC produces all the granular. Then, it goes off the rail
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#mbpoli Empty beds save no one - especially our at risk youth. If a facility is there, beds are available, and the MB Gov is already paying the rent per month - why are those beds not filled? Explain that to a parent that is screaming out for help - and there is none.
In 2017 - February - I almost lost my youngest son to alcoholism. He was out of control, and ended up almost freezing to death in a winter storm due to intoxication. We tried an intervention through AFM, and the emergency doctor called in the Youth Stabilization unit.
After 48 hours, the team arrived. The response was to tell me I had to do more as a parent and that no beds were available. The stress our family was going through with our own battles affected each one of us differently. With my son, this was his escape and it almost killed him.
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Thread: Noticed a pattern in the recent spate of parachuted Conservative candidates for the upcoming Federal Election. It seems that they all share strong pro-life views. Just a coincidence? Decide for yourself. #Ableg #Cdnpoli #Canpoli #Onpoli #BCpoli #Mbpoli #Saskpoli 1/5
George Canyon – Parachuted to Central Nova Scotia. Strong Religious background. Has performed at many churches and pro-life events. 2/5 #Cdnpoli #Canpoli…
Nelly Shin – Parachuted to Port Moody-Coquitlam in B.C. from Ontario. Strong anti-abortion stance. 3/5 #BCpoli #Cdnpoli #Canpoli…
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The Free Press has identified Master Cpl. Patrik Mathews, 26, as the person behind the Winnipeg recruitment drive for the terrorist paramilitary organization The Base.

Mathews is an explosives expert. /1…
His social media is largely bare - presumably the result of his pulling back from his socials once he joined The Base. /2
However, his social media still provides a look into the mindset through his page likes. They are almost entirely alt-right, cryptofascist, and meme culture.

He appears to have supported Bernier. /3
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(1/5) Once again the Pallister government kills innovation in government. I have no idea why the Premier hates technology so much. Maybe it is because he can’t figure out how to use a cell phone. 📴🚶‍♂️🌘🍁🏥#mbpoli
(2/5) Pallister raises his ire 😡over being held hostage to MMF and the Federal government but is fine with making Manitobans pay more so IBAM can preserve profits?🤷‍♀️#mbpoli
(3/5) If IBAM is giving away free swag to @Collen_Mayer for a golf tournament who else has their hand out? I feel sorry for the employees and Board of MPIC who have tried to do the right thing by Manitobans🤛#mbpoli
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New statistics came out today showing that while crime in the rest of Canada is down, it’s up in Manitoba.

For more than a year, Manitoba Liberals have been calling for action on meth & honesty in budgeting from the Pallister Government but neither had happened.

#mbpoli (1/3)
@BrianPallister has routinely delayed, blocked and turned down offers of funding from the Federal govt, and has pleaded poverty while insisting on cuts.

Manitoba Liberals will always double your money by matching funds and we will invest in solutions that work.

#mbpoli (2/3)
The @MBLiberalParty will:

▶️Better triage crime, addictions and mental health crises

▶️Provide proper funding for prevention

▶️Create a new Manitoba Police Service, working in partnership with cities, towns, RMs and First Nations to disrupt gangs and drugs

#mbpoli (3/3)
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You’ve probably noticed shares from Prairie Freedom Movement, or their offshoots/websites. They’ve installed pro-separatist billboards in AB, SK, and MB.

Their messaging includes anti-globalist, anti-UN, & anti-Islam sentiments. #cdnpoli #abpoli #mbpoli #skpoli

Their support for #yellowvestscanada is obvious. /2
PFM shared numerous live feeds from the #unitedweroll convoy /3
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Today in pet peeves about provinces... while packing for the move, found my much-requested slide deck from my 'Economic Myths of Manitoba' speech several yrs ago. A couple of samples for the #mbpoli crowd...
It was a blunt tirade, b/c those myths serve as a sort of reverse antibody, attacking healthy realities which try to invade the MB political bloodstream. Take the "Hydro defines us" silliness, even though MB ranks 4th or (most often) 5th in annual prov'l hydro output rankings...
...and (based on whatever baseline year this was... 2013 2015?) just one (1) hydro complex in Newfoundland & Labrador has enough capacity to outdo the entire Manitoba Hydro network.
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Wow. I always figured his legacy was just destroying Manitoba through your decimation of Hydro
"The party of facilitated abuse against women"
Note quite the NDP scam you sold for 16 years is it?…
I assume you'll continue to sit in the leg doing nothing but collecting a cheque
Sadly @Brian_Pallister has decided to not make you accountable for anything including Crocus and your role in it, which is why we have trouble getting investors
1 of those complainants was Joëlle Saltel-Allard, Struthers's former press secretary. She said her boss's behaviour was well-known among staff, who nicknamed him "Minister Tickles" behind his back
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