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Verplichte Covid19 quarantaine faciliteiten in Nieuw-Zeeland
Mandatory #COVID19 #ConcentrationCamps in #NewZealand
The #JudeoMasonic conspiracy is starting to get into a full circle!

#NewZealand had: #Christchurch #FalseFlag/#hoax, Gun confiscation, Another 'shooting', #COVID19 government terror, #ConcentrationCamps, etc. Just a Cohencidence?…
Naturalnews (with extension) .com is being censored by socmedia.
I do wonder why? Aha, no one must know the Cohencidences between #Christchurch, gun confiscations and #COVID19. 😂
My advice, start reading and sift the info yourself 🤓
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Today, as the #Christchurch attacker faces sentencing in New Zealand, CfMM has launched a groundbreaking report, "How The British Media Reports Terrorism."

Here's a thread of some of our key findings.

Full report available on our website:…
Reporting of attacks is inconsistent, depending on who the perpetrator is, with white, non-Muslim perpetrators less likely to be referred to as #terrorists.
Words identifying #Muslims or #Islam are more frequently placed alongside “terror”, “terrorist”, “terrorism”, or “terrorist(s)” in comparison with the most frequent identifiers of #farright or #WhiteSupremacist terrorism.
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Naturalnews with extension .com is being censored by socmedia.
I do wonder why? Aha, no one must know the Cohencidences between #Christchurch, gun confiscations and #COVID19. 😂
My advice, start reading and sift the info yourself 🤓
#NewZealand had: #Christchurch #FalseFlag/#hoax, Gun confiscation, Another 'shooting', #COVID19 government terror, etc. Just a Cohencidence?…
Okay, this is the prime minister of #NewZealand, who's been in the news a lot lately.
And pardon me for saying, but just what is that going on underneath her skirt?

Mind you! #Christchurch was NO conspiracy, oh no! 😁🤣
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Heute tagte im #ltlsa der Untersuchungsausschuss zum Anschlag von #Halle. Was vorher bereits klar war, bestätigt sich: die Gefährdungslage für die jüdischen Gemeinden wurde von allen irgendwie damit befassten Sicherheitsbehörden falsch eingeschätzt, #rechterTerror unterschätzt.
Angesichts z.B. der Tatsache, dass weder die Anschläge #Christchurch, noch #Pittsburgh bundesweit zum Anlass genommen wurden, eine grundsätzliche Neubewertung der Sicherheitssituation für Jüdinnen und Juden im Deutschland vorzunehmen, leiten dich daraus logische Folgefehler ab.
Aufzuarbeiten sein wird der Polizeieinsatz am 9. Oktober in Halle und zu prüfen, ob dabei vermeidbare Fehler passierten und warum er lief wie er lief. Wichtig wäre zu analysieren, was an welcher Stelle falsch läuft in Bezug auf rechten Terror und daraus resultierende Bedrohungen
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Was mir zurzeit große Sorgen bereitet: Während viele Leute #Verschwörungsideologen immer noch belächeln, sind ihre Erzählungen längst in der Mitte der Gesellschaft angekommen. Und breiten sich rasend schnell aus. Das hat mehrere Gründe (#Thread):
Ein aktueller Grund ist die #Corona-Krise. Eine neuartige Krankheit bricht aus. Eine globale Pandemie. Gewissheiten gibt es so gut wie keine. Da ist ein Virus, das uns töten kann, ist eine der wenigen. Dass es weder Impfstoff, noch Heilmittel gibt eine andere.
Die Bevölkerung erfährt so ausführlich wie selten, wie Wissenschaftler tun, was sie tun: Wissen schaffen. Nach wissenschaftlichen Methoden. Immer wieder werden Thesen aufgestellt, überprüft, verworfen. Ein normaler Vorgang, den wir in Quasi-Echtzeit verfolgen können.
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GREAT THREAD Sciencey but as an MD I appreciate that. Discusses studies already done that show, yes THOSE WHO #Recover from #SARSCov2 are #immune and have cleared virus from themselves. They can go back to work or better yet CARRY MESSAGES TO THE SICK
GOT THAT @UnitedWay @ADL? I rec an Identity PINK (or other) Armband w ‘R’ or Angel, so Families and Hospitals will know they are safe with those not sick or sick. @SenAmyKlobuchar do you know DefCounsel #Goldman perhaps he would carry message to your husband. @RepAdamSchiff
SEE WE have a burgeoning Army of #RECOVERED .. Hopefully some will agree to be Compassionate and Help Others Not just selfishly go back to work or play. #GovCuomo the #NewRochelle and #ChristChurch clusters were early SB Many #Recovered. Read thread there is a test to prove it.
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ATTN: Some #quarantine reading for you!

It’s one of the most notorious “Terrorgram” neo-Nazi @Telegram channels, devoted to praising the Christchurch shooter

A year to the day after its first post, we learned the identity of one of the men behind it…
@telegram This Telegram channel continues to publish and sell translations of the #Christchurch shooter’s manifesto

This caused Zealand PM @jacindaardern to call for action and refer to it as “disgusting” when we broke the news in August 2019:…
@telegram @jacindaardern It’s a channel we know all too well (we won't name it).

The administrators of this channel have threatened Bellingcat staff on multiple occasions, including posting a video showing photos of our staff being shot with a shotgun.

Good times (not really)

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We counted 940 hate groups — a decrease from 2018's record high of 1,020 — operating in the US last year. Hate groups continue to maintain ties to lawmakers, including White House officials, and hate violence doesn't show any sign of stopping.

Read more:…
Despite the overall drop in the number of hate groups, we identified a

▪️ 43% increase in anti-LGBTQ+ hate groups;
▪️ 18% increase in anti-immigrant hate groups;
▪️ 5% increase in white nationalist hate groups.
A number of anti-immigrant hate groups, including Center for Immigration Studies, have ties to lawmakers. Last year, we broke the news that #StephenMiller, architect of #Trump's cruel immigration policies, promoted a white supremacist novel and websites.…
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Die Geschichte von Robert Prost erzählt die eines bis zu Mordfantasien radikalisierten deutschen, waffenvernarrten Identitären aus #Stolberg, der vor wenigen Tagen ankündigte, Geflüchtete auf #Lesvos zu erschießen. Befreundet ist er mit Martin #Sellner.
#nonazis #noib
Der @bvb-Fan ist seit Jahren bei der Identitären Bewegung aktiv & besitzt das komplette IB-Merchandise-Set. Der Regenschirm, gebastelt für die IB-Aktion in #Hagen am 23.09.17, liegt bei Prost zu Hause und deutet daraufhin, dass er bereits damals beteiligt war.
#nonazis #noib
2018 gründete Prost seine eigene IB-Untergruppe "Identitäre Generation Europe", die er als selbsternannter CEO leitet. Er teilt nicht nur die Videos des IB-Chefs Martin #Sellner aus #Österreich, sondern...
#nonazis #noib
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How do we know this video is fake? Because this guy sprayed a room full of people yet there is NOT ONE BULLET HOLE NOR BLOOD SPLATTER on the wall.

Hence probably the reason that merely owning this video will carry a 10 year prison sentence in NZ, else the fraud is exposed.
Now some people may say “but a shooting did take place!” and I want to let people know that we can both be right. I’m not asserting that the entire thing was staged. I am only asserting this video was FAKE.
Now at this time I worked for @YouTube. And in response to this video our whole team was pulled into a meeting with one of the middle management guys. My boss’s boss’s boss.

In this meeting he informed us what a danger radical white nationalist were...
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The sloppiest false flag in history: a thread.

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the massacre of dozens of Muslim worshippers at the Masjid Al Noor in #Christchurch. The operation was orchestrated by operator David Ruck on the orders of HRC, JP and BHO with the help of the disgusting ladyman Prime Minister of New Zealand.
The murderer, Brenton Tarrant, live-streamed the horrific video to Facebook. It can viewed in full here:…

Needless to say, I do not recommend watching it. It shows multiple murders at close range with automatic weapons.

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A yr ago today, I watched in real-time an attack unfold before my eyes. On a Jummah in March last yr, a white supremacist attacked two #mosques in #Christchurch killing 51 Muslim worshippers as they prayed. Pls take a moment to pray for the victims & their families today.
Scars of the #Christchurch massacre linger. Slowly the shock recedes until all we feel is the echo of the tragedy. One yr on after Haji Daoud Nabi of Al Noor #mosque in #Christchurch uttered the words “Welcome, brother” only to b met w/ bullets in response…
Aya Al-Umari's brother was one of the victims of the #Christchurch #mosque attack. “Every day I feel like Hussein is with me. Any decisions that I make, I just think about, OK, what would Hussein do in this situation?" she said.…
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MAR 8 #CoronaVirusUpdates will begin using #CV19MD THREAD 1: New #UptotheMinute MAP SITE link below US AT 463 cases as of 8:07 AM #GrandPrincess to Dock MON at #PortOfOakland. W Oassengers still Quarantined
#SantaClara #CA cases were from #India.
MAR 8 #COVID19 MD THREAD 2: This is US (Can) RealTime site last update 8:07 shows 463 TOTAL WaPo MAPPING w LIST of 34 states w cases NOTE Does Not Show 66 #DiamondPrincess (Japan) cases.
MAR 8 #COVID19 MD THREAD 3: THIS is current ARCGIS MAP .. #Italy nears 6.000 and #France #Germany 1,000. #Spain 600 #UK #Switz #Neth near 300 #Sweden 200, #Canada 60 #Lebanon 28, #Russia 15 #Mexico 15 .. eg still spreading
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[Thread] Come succede ormai regolarmente, anche l'attentatore di #Hanau ha lasciato un manifesto che spiega le motivazioni e riassume molte tendenze dell'estrema destra.

La prima è la convinzione che la scienza giustifichi il razzismo, e dunque la logica sterminazionista.
Il ritorno del "razzismo scientifico", che si credeva debellato dopo la seconda guerra mondiale, è purtroppo una realtà del Ventunesimo secolo.

Basta vedere la recente attualità (il caso Sabisky nel Regno Unito), o leggere questo eccellente libro di Angela Saini 👇
Poi ci sono misoginia e antifemminismo, tratti comuni di quasi tutte le stragi di estrema dx.

L'attentatore ha detto di non aver avuto una relazione con una donna negli ultimi 18 anni, e non per sua decisione. Un argomento simile a quello degli incel.…
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March 18, 2019 James Fetzerblog
By Scott Bennett, Ph.D. (ABD)
Former U.S. Army Psychological Operations Officer and State Department Counterterrorism Contractor…
Dr. Scott Bennett, formerly of the U.S. Army 11th Psychological Operations Battalion, attempted to blow the whistle by contacting the controlled MSM and writing to US politicians after being sacked from his job as terrorist finance investigator…
Okay, this is the prime minister of New Zealand, who's been in the news a lot lately.
And pardon me for saying, but just what is that going on underneath her skirt?

Mind you! #Christchurch was no conspiracy 😁🤣
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The #Halle attacker uploaded more than a manifesto.

We can build a general timeline of his attack preparation by looking at the content and "date modified" of those files.

How long do you think it took to plan/prepare this attack? (THREAD)
2/ When he originally announced his attack by posting on the imageboard on 9th October 2019, he wrote:

"Over the past years I build [sic] and tested different improvised weapons".

His files show he'd been making gun designs in February 2018.
3/ Importantly, this was before the recent wave of far-right terrorism which began in October 2018 with the Pittsburgh "Tree of Life" synagogue shooting.

Did he have plans for an attack at this point, or was he "just" a hobbyist with a fascination for weapons? We don't know.
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Mittlerweile ist klar: die Anschläge von #Halle sind #rechterTerror. Klar ist außerdem: er wird viel zu selten als solcher benannt, banalisiert, kleingeredet.Wer sagt, dass so etwas nicht absehbar war,der ignoriert so vieles,vor allem aber die Stimmen der Betroffenen. #halle0910
Und: wir müssen endlich fragen, was zu tun ist. Terror beim Namen nennen ist das eine, rechte Netzwerke zerschlagen, entwaffnen und ihre Strukturen in Polizei und Bundeswehr untersuchen und aushebeln das Notwendige. Und: hört endlich mit den Einzeltäterscheiß auf.
Alleine eine Tat auszuführen heißt nicht, Einzeltäter zu sein. Es gibt Vorlagen wie #Christchurch und #Pittsburgh. Es gibt Waffenbeschaffer. Es gibt Netzwerke die die Ideologie teilen uns festigen. In Sachsen-Anhalt, in Deutschland und zunehmend weltweit.
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#Feminismus führe zu weniger Geburten, deswegen gebe es #Einwanderung und hinter all dem stecke "der Jude": Diese verdammten #Verschwörungstheorien verbinden #Antisemitismus, #Rassismus und #Antifeminismus zu mörderischen Masternarrativ. #Halle…
Der Anschlag von Halle schließt damit an rechtsextreme Attentate an: #Utöya, #Christchurch, #ElPaso. Der Attentäter handelte vielleicht allein, aber er ist kein Einzeltäter, sondern Teil einer rechtsradikalen Bewegung, die auf eliminatorischen Hass u Verschwörungslegenden basiert
Wer gefährlichen Unsinn von Politikern als "#Soros-Marionetten", von geheimen Plänen zur "Umvolkung" usw verbreitet, sollte zum Thema #Antisemitismus bitte schweigen. Denn dieser Verschwörungsdreck ist im Kern zutiefst antisemitisch.
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1/ One of the major objections to the observation that the #ElPasoShootings were a false flag is that the government wouldn't kill its own citizens.
2/ That is observably false of course: Waco, Ruby Ridge and quite a few other examples show that Federal agencies are more than capable of murdering their own citizens.

But that's not what happened at El Paso.
3/ What happened at El Paso was the same thing as what happened at Christchurch: senior members of The Cult planned and carried out a set of evil murders against expendable cattle to further multiple goals of theirs.

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Neuer Massenmord in einem Walmart in El Paso, Texas. Meldungen über 20+ Tote. 8chan läuft heiß mit "/ourguy/"-Feiern und "meme manifestos aren't funny anymore"-Beschwerden. White-Supremacy-Terror läuft dort inzwischen auch unter "shitposting in real life". #texasshooting
Benchmark für solche "real life effort posts" sind der #Christchurch-Terrorist und #Breivik. Kritik in der Community betrifft nicht das Töten, sondern v.a. Aspekte des Entertainments: Stil, Originalität, Authentizität.
So wie in einem Actionfilm oder einem Shooter nicht der Gehalt Gegenstand von Kritik ist, sondern die Formen seiner Vermittlung. Die Etablierung von Terror als Unterhaltungsform der Community erleichtert es Einzelnen, zur Tat zu schreiten: man kann sich auf Details konzentrieren.
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⛔️La #sparatoria a #ElPaso (#Texas). Il Texas è uno degli Stati Usa dove è più facile acquistare #armi. Vige il "shall issue" quindi compiuti 18 anni: 1) Non serve una specifica licenza, nemmeno per fucili d'assalto; 2) Non vi sono particolari controlli; 3) si può girare armati.
⛔️#Sparatoria a #ElPaso #Texas
In Italia tra chi chiede "leggi permissive" sulle #armi c'è Firearms United. E' rappresentata da @UNARMI_IT, sì proprio l'associazione con cui #Salvini ha firmato il "patto d'onore sulle armi". ➡️
Ecco uno dei loro annunci.
@unarmi_it Queste associazioni con cui #Salvini è in contatto (Firearms United e @UNARMI_IT) dicono di rappresentare "i diritti" dei #legalidetentoridiarmi, ma hanno un'obiettivo ben preciso: Introdurre in Italia il "diritto assoluto" per i cittadini a portare #armi➡️
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