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#aelfDeFi What is impermanent loss?

1/ Impermanent loss happens when the price ratio of deposited tokens changes after you deposited them in the pool.

The larger the change is, the bigger the impermanent loss.

#aelf #blockchain #aelfblockchain #aelfFAQ #aelftech
2/ This is why AMMs work best with token pairs that have a similar value, such as stablecoins or wrapped tokens.

If the price ratio between the pair remains in a relatively small range, impermanent loss is also negligible. #aelf #blockchain #aelfblockchain #aelfFAQ #aelftech
3/ On the other hand, if the ratio changes a lot, liquidity providers may be better off simply holding the tokens instead of adding funds to a pool.

Uniswap pools like ETH/DAI that are quite exposed to impermanent loss have been profitable thanks to the trading fees they accrue
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#aelfDeFi #DeFi #aelf What is a liquidity pool?

1/ Liquidity providers (LPs) add funds to liquidity pools.

You could think of a liquidity pool as a big pile of funds that traders can trade against.
2/ In return for providing liquidity to the protocol, LPs earn fees from the trades that happen in their pool.

In the case of Uniswap, LPs deposit an equivalent value of two tokens – for example, 50% ETH and 50% DAI to the ETH/DAI pool. #aelfDeFi #DeFi #aelf
3/ Hang on, so anyone can become a market maker? Indeed!

It’s quite easy to add funds to a liquidity pool.

The rewards are determined by the protocol. For example, Uniswap v2 charges traders 0.3% that goes directly to LPs. #aelfDeFi #DeFi #aelf
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0/ Been away from the #crypto and #blockchain space for a while and now find yourself out-of-the-loop?

Fear not! I've pieced together a thread dedicated to ecosystem events that occurred over the past day or two. Read on to get back up to speed.
1/ 🥼 Over on #EthResearch, @JieyiLong proposed a SNARK-based sidechain for #ERC20 tokens.

Can reduce processing time per transaction significantly on the #Ethereum network, relative to a fully on-chain ERC20 smart contract. Click below for more!…
2/ 🤝 @FantomFDN x Fuiou Group

Having partnered with one of China's leading payment solution provider, #Fantom will work to integrate its pioneering DAG-based smart contract platform to give Fuiou users access to a faster, more scalable payment service.…
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0/ Coming in HOT today with a thread devoted to a bunch of #crypto- and #blockchain-related events that took place over the past 24 hours or so. Here we go!
1/ ⛽️ I wasn't joking about that 'hot' thing, for @GetGitcoin have introduced Gas Price Heatmaps (

Assess the price vs. speed tradeoff vis-à-vis @ethereum gas. Super useful!

Built by @FrederikBolding. It's a visual representation of @ETHGasStation data.
2/ 🆕 Asia's top full-suite digital asset trading firm, @QCPCapital, became the first #OTC trading desk to set up a 'Space' on @AirSwap [ $AST ].

Launched last month, Spaces enable unique environments geared to support connections among groups that trade.
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