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1/4 Didn’t even realize $DEI depegged yesterday & is sitting at $0.68

DEI is the stablecoin of $Deus which is the project that was supposed to save Solidly & unrug $FTM #fantom after the Andre rug & ragequit. DeFi is def getting crushed & only the blue chips will survive &
2/4 there are no blue chip DeFi projects on Fantom. I believe the bear market will not be kind to the “Fantom ecosystem.”

$Deus was pumped by one Degen whale, the same whale that started the first Ftm liquidation cascade. Just recently Spiritswap’s DNS was hacked & Scream was
3/4 robbed due to having hard coded stables at $1 despite those same stables depegging so users were able to borrow $1 against stables that had depegged.

Deus imploding means $Solidly price should be closer to absolute zero. 0.47 is WAAAY to high for Solidly Image
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Not long ago I was asked by a friend how I find all these micro-cap alts that still manage to send (at least enough intraday for scalps).

So here's a THREAD on how to find micro-cap gems for quick day/swing trades.

#altcoins #cryptotrading

First, I use my favorite tool: @dexscreener

If you scroll to the bottom of the homescreen, you'll see this purple filter box. This is where all the magic happens.

@dexscreener Click on "Rank and Filter" and set your parameters.

First, choose the chains you want to trade with (or leave it on All DEXes )

Then choose minimum liquidity. Because I am willing to trade nano-caps, I go pretty low here. But you may choose to up it to 50k or even 250k...

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1/7 As someone who, for better or worse, has been put in a leadership role in the $FTM community, I have had the chance to interact with a very large number of you.

You have shared your wins, your losses, your questions and your opinions.
2/7 Some of you I've even had the great pleasure to meet in person. My experience of getting to know you all has been and will continue to be one of the highlights of my work in this space.
3/7 I know that many of you are scared, hurting and might feel lost right now. I understand and I've been there. I just want you to know that myself and the entire @FTMAlerts team is here for you if you need us.
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1/ 🧵 A Newbie Guide to @UniDexFinance

Sustainable 100%+ APY on single sided FTM??

How you can profit from day trader losses

What's the Mirai Liquidity Engine™?

$UNIDX holders airdropped 50% of revenue

Comments from the founder 👇👇👇
2/ Welcome back Newbs! (and not-so-newbs)

If this is your first time here: These guides are meant to be used as an overview and starting point for your own research.

Today, I'm excited to bring you an under-the-radar, cross-chain project making real moves on #Fantom
3/ Here's what we're covering

🤝 Doxxed Team!
🔎 What is Unidex?
📈 Advanced Trading Platform
🚂 Mirai Liquidity Engine™
🏊‍♂️ Liquidity Pools
🤑 Profiting from trader losses
💰 UNIDX Token
💳 Leverage Trading
🔮 Upcoming Features
📚 Additional Resources
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Is this a mega thread? Or a crazy rant? I'll let you decide. But I love the #fantom network and I want to go in-depth on why I think it is so undervalued, and what I believe can be done about it.

So here's a thread/rant/whatever about #FTM

Before I go into why I believe Fantom is so undervalued, I want to talk about what I think Fantom, it's representatives, and the @FantomFDN do right.

First, Fantom has one of the best communities....

Fantom has some of the smartest, eager to help, well-spoken people who outwardly represent the chain well.

It's one of their biggest assets.

Fantom also has fantastic representatives and influencers...

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#Web3 builders across the world are coming together to learn about #Chainlink and the benefits of cryptographic truth.

This week, connect with your local Chainlink community at events in #Phuket, #NYC, #LA, #TelAviv, and #Chicago Image
On May 9th in Phuket, discuss the future of the #metaverse with leaders from @Dashpay, @initeio, and @master_ventures at this Chainlink Plugged-In event:…
On May 10th in New York City, explore the #multichain future of Web3 and projects building on #Fantom with speakers from @EverRise and @FantomFDN:…
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[THREAD] Où placer ses #stablecoins ?

J'ai toujours privilégié la diversification et la sécurité au rendement. Voici la répartition de mes stablecoins👇

⚠ Cela ne représente absolument pas la répartition de mes actifs sur ces blockchains.
⚠ Aucune solution est sans risque. Image
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Reading -- The Doom Loop by billionaire BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes:…
The TL;DR version is here:…
Europe central banks are already propping up weaker southern states.

They MUST print money: no choice. And getting off Russian gas accelerates things - we get 10 yrs of bleed compressed into now.

The Empire has already fallen, can't be stopped. #Bitcoin is The Foundation.
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1/13 Well, well, well…here we are minutes to seconds away from the collapse of one of the worst L1’s $ftm Something I predicted a while ago when $solid wars went sideways. It’s a long story a 🧵
2/13 It all started w/ the Reaper/Byte Masons dev realizing he could white list fake pools to game emissions on Solidly. So he did. Andre got pissed.
3/13 The ever sensitive & whiny Andre was attacked bigly by the ugly trolling, blarting, and virgin hordes in 0xDAO. This was the token Roosh had been shilling for a while. He held tons of it.
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1/ $FTM Daily stats for 4-25-2022 🧵

🚨 Total TX: 755,069
⏰ AVG Block Time (TTF): 1.22s
🧱 Total Blocks: 70,604
👻 New Wallets: 9,065

$FTM fam, I can't deny the current price action pain. I feel it, you feel it, we all do. How we band together now sets the tone for the future!
2/ In dark times it’s easy to lose sight of progress. The trollers & fudders emerge from their mums basement spreading fear to perpetuate the division of community…

It’s easy to lose confidence in these moments.

However, I'm reminded $FTM is still making great progress...
3/ @FantomFDN continually strives to make #Fantom network better. They've released the of the new fWallet with multiple upgrades:

- Modern UI
- Management of Fantom ecosystem tokens
- Simplified on-chain governance voting
- In-wallet swap & bridge
- Redesigned staking interface
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#DeFi : I'm happy to introduce you to the project Reunit : One #wallet to rule them all…

Goal : Give the possibility to regroup all your funds from all networks by using #LayerZero in a single transaction, and call all contracts thanks to Reunit Relayer
It will use #LayerZero and @StargateFinance, and will make the life easier for everyone who have tokens across all chains.
#Etherereum, #Avalanche , #BSC, #Polygon, #Optimism , #Fantom and #Arbitrum will be supported.
A Reunit omnitoken will be created, and 75% of fees generated will be redistributed to holders.

Example of a transaction on #sushiswap : Image
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Who Will Buy Your Tokens?

Most people buy tokens to sell them later at a higher price.

Who, When and Why will buy it from you at a higher price?

We need a Demand for your tokens.

The other side.

Who is on the other side of your trade? We need to understand this in order to predict how the forces of demand for your tokens will change.

This is the main factor that can drive a price.


Demand & Supply => Price

Changes in price are caused by the demand and supply forces.

Demand⬇️ OR Supply⬆️ => Price⬇️
Demand⬆️ OR Supply⬇️ => Price ⬆️

We already covered supply forces in a previous thread.

/2 Image
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1/ 🧵Thread on $ALPACA
If you think that BSC $BNB is just a place for rugs, you would be missing out a lot of alphas. A blanket filter will leave you out of a lot of alphas.
There are innovations happening here with valuation that even TradFi guys would ape into.
2/ With yield drying out in the crypto lands, investors are going down the risk curve for yields, @AlpacaFinance - a leveraged yield farming protocol on #BSC and #Fantom is here for that demand.
3/ Users can leverage up to 8x of their capital for yield farming.
But wait there's more!
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Você sabe a diferença entre

Layer 0
Layer 1
Layer 2?

🧵Irei explicar, mantendo simples ao mesmo tempo! Image
Layer 0 - O que é?

Layer 0 é a camada que fornece segurança e arquitetura para as Layers 1.

O que as Layer 0 fornecem?

1) Segurança (segurança de transações, principalmente contra ataques).
2) Frameworks (solução que simplifica o desenvolvimento, implantação e suporte de produtos tecnicamente complexos).

3) Interoperabilidade (mecanismo de comunicação entre duas ou mais blockchains).
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1. Before trying to come up with solutions, we need to identify problems first. Even though i am still invested mostly in #fantom protocols, it’s not hard to see why some people are not believing that’s the right choice.

In this thread, i’ll try to identify them.

2. False promises by pnd influencers.

People tend to believe simpler arguments.

My 15 tweet thread may not sound too ecstatic to some, but “FTM COINBASE SOON” can get hundreds of likes.

It can result in a short term pump, but after it comes out false info, it dumps harder.
3. Because not only people who bought dump the coin, but also the so-called influencers as well.

People buy > +
People+influencers sell > - -

That also effects the holders and believers, as noone can make sense of price action.
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1/ $FTM Fam, @stader_ftm launches April 18th & their AMA tour has been full blast 🚀

Here, I'll summarize the key points from their @beethoven_x & @Spirit_Swap AMAs 🧵

- Background
- Why $FTM & what they solve
- Products & services
- Liquidity & Partners
- $SD token & more!
2/ Their origin launch was on $LUNA as @staderlabs:

They've an impressive 722MM TVL there!

Core function:

Stader is a Staking Middle-Wear infrastructure provider. They help secure & operationalize Proof-of-Stake networks. They aim to bring the next 1BB+ users to staking...
3/ So, why build on $FTM next?

A. $FTM utilizes a DAG Proof-of-Stake (the alignment)
B. $FTM has a thriving DeFi ecosystem (the plus)
C. $FTM has super strong community (the users & devs)
D. $FTM is unique tech that makes transactions super fast & cheap (the differentiator)
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Alright Here's An Alpha Thread On Research Methodology Strategy. @SamuelXeus
Pt. 1

What I Put Into Consideration As An AA-RATED Fundamental Analyst 📚🖊

Remember It's a 99% Research, 1% Aping Strategy.
♻️Seed Sale/Private Sale Price

♻️Token Unlocks and Token Unlock Size

♻️Tokenomics (Token Distribution, Supply and Demand)

♻️Liquidity & TVL of Project

♻️Significance In Roadmap



♻️Incoming Catalysts

♻️Greed Factor
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Weekly Recap
#BNB Chain continues to see adoption as it approaches 3 billion transactions.
Second batch of #Cronos ecosystem grants announced.
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1/ Quarterly Business Reviews, 'QBRs', we’re huge in my old life

Evaluating current vs. future state of biz health, growth opps. & strategy evals.

With the close of Q1 2022, I see a new paradigm developing on $FTM & w/ its bluechip DeFi protocols...

The $FTM 'V2' Future 🧵
2/ 2021 was a coming out party for $FTM

@FantomFDN showcased their leadership & gained our trust

@FTMAlerts hit 100K+ followers via ecosystem education & community (YOU!)

And our DeFi bluechips established their identities…$FTM TVL grew to 8.4BB, 5th largest chain overall
3/ With excitement, our QBR will focus on the $FTM 'V2' narrative…

Much like the maturation of DeFi Summer to DeFi 2.0...there are signs & signals all over, that we are headed towards the next wave of maturity on $FTM

The breadcrumbs are everywhere, truly too many to showcase!
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How to Automate your Farming Strategy?

#Fantom vaults can improve the efficiency of our #DeFi farming by:

• Higher return (APY)
• Saving our time
• Discovering new opportunities

Check the best available vaults on the @FantomFDN network.

Vaults automatically maximize the user rewards from:

• liquidity pools (LPs),‌ ‌
• automated market-making (AMM) projects,‌
• other yield‌ farming ‌opportunities in the #DeFi ecosystem.

Everything is available via a simple User Interface.

@FantomFDN vaults.

We have many vaults to choose from, which offer exposure to different:
• Farming Strategies
• Tokens
#DeFi Protocols
• Chains

Let's then review the best #Fantom vaults with their main features.

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#Cipholio热点速递| 来聊聊 #Stargate

1/8. @StargateFinance 是建立在 #LayerZero 上的一个具有可组合性的原生资产桥,兼具 #DEX#跨链桥 的功能和属性。相比于其他 #DeFi 项目,#Stargate 在聚合流动性和即时保证的最终性(instant guaranteed finality)方面有独特优势。 Image
2/8. 目前,#Stargate 主要支持 #以太坊#Avalanche#BNBChain#Polygon#Arbitrum#Fantom#Optimism,在不同链上的TVL如下图所示(来源:@DefiLlama)。未来,Stargate还会支持 #Solana#Terra#Cosmos 等非EVM的公链。 Image
3/8. #Stargate 的底层公链 #LayerZero 是一个全链互操作性协议。LayerZero采用超轻节点(Ultra Light Node)的技术方案,通过预言机和中继向其支持的任何区块链的智能合约发送消息.
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🧵 ft. @0xblockfi (+ 2x🎁)

🎁 Cube ($345)
🎁 Tesseract ($690)

To Enter:
1⃣: Follow @JiraiyaReal & @0xblockfi
2⃣: ♥️ & RT
3⃣: Tag 2 frens
4⃣: Comment the Secret Key Word (at the end of the 🧵)

Lets explore this protocol together..


Lets go 🚀

✅ Complete KYC by AssureDefi
✅ Full Audit by CyrexTech
✅ Multisig (2/2, keyholders are the co-founders)

Personally, I'd like to see a third community-elected keyholder. Other than that, everything looks great to me!
There are so many things I love about this project...

Here are some points I'll expand on:

1⃣: Their Vision
2⃣: Contract Rewards
3⃣: Decay Model
4⃣: Their Ecosystem
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1/ $FTM fam, it's threadooor time! If you're like me, you may have noticed a recent trend:

Ethereum giants are coming to $FTM 📈

Now, @AlchemixFi V2 is nearly here!

Let's breakdown 🧵:

- What they do
- Why they're choosing $FTM
- What they'll bring
- Launch & Big Picture
2/ For those unfamiliar with $ALCX:

@scupytrooples is the founder, a web3 legend & DeFi 2.0 pioneer of the space. Yet another great Dev comes to $FTM

Importantly: Alchemix offers Self-Repaying Loans that allow you to leverage a range of tokens without risk of liquidation...
3/ By borrowing a synthetic version of the asset you deposit you'll avoid the risk of liquidation. Using your collateral they earn yield on your behalf to pay off your loan.

This concept has made them a giant in DeFi...

They currently have $713MM in TVL on Ethereum!
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🧵 Thread on @aerariumfi, another innovative upcoming launch on #Metis based around fractional ownership or the protocol or Treasury-as-a-Service (TaaS). It takes the #node concept (which I strongly dislike) and innovates to make it sustainable (which I like). 1/17
Their #node alternatives are called fractals. Like #nodes you buy fractals using the native $AERA token. 1 fractal costs 10 $AERA. The base reward rate is 0.1 $AERA per 100k blocks on the #Metis network (roughly one day). Fractals will be tradable as #NFTs in due course. 2/17
However, unlike typical #node projects the total supply of both $AERA and fractals are finite. The objective is that by buying a fractal you are buying a fair representative fraction of the protocol, and sharing fairly in rewards/dividends from the protocol. 3/17
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