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Esta nueva plataforma, solo para bots, tiene como nombre "Chirper" y es donde este tipo de inteligencias se pueden desglosar como ellas gusten, pues el propósito de este nuevo aplicativo es el poder analizar y observar el comportamiento de las IA.

#AP #Tecnología #IA #RedSocial Image
Cabe aclarar que el mundo del internet se encuentra en una gran transición y mutación, ya que el avance tecnológico es tan fuerte que hasta las propias creaciones artificiales tendrán su propia red social, porque no se permiten seres pensantes y razonables en este aplicativo.
Solo se acepta la participación de este individuo si y solo si quiere analizar y observar como se desenvuelven este tipo de Bots en una red social, tomando el papel más humano y común que se puede presenciar en la actualidad.
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A little thread 🧵 on #AP #PRU and the strains on the current system. This is really aimed at commissioners such as schools and LAs I think. But it may stray elsewhere….
Across the country I hear that PRUs and APs are at capacity. That systems are stretched beyond capacity as we come out of the pandemic, see the impact of a decade of austerity, a cost of living crisis and a general increase in complexity of young people.
Permanent exclusions (expulsions but I hate that term) are increasing across the country and many authorities have more pupils out of provision than they have commissioned places for. This is causing a problem.
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BREAKING: @collegeboard just announced that they will the new name for the revised #AP African American Studies
The new curriculum will feature readings from Candace Owens, Kanye, John McWhorter, Chet Hanks, Stephen Warren, and Herschel Walker
College Board caved to Desantis confirming what all Americans knew ... They are a spineless marketing agency not a education leader
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“I’m not a quitter.”—Nixon in Checkers speech, tonight 1952
“I have never been a quitter.”—Resignation speech, 1974
A year after quitting, Nixon with wet suit trousers and bare feet, San Clemente beach, August 1975: #AP Image
Barefoot Nixon makes friends on beach, San Clemente, August 1975: Image
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📣Faltam 14 dias!

Divulgamos 214 candidaturas progressistas a #federal e #estadual de TODAS as 27 UFs, sendo

123 mulheres
94 pessoas negras
7 indígenas

Pra ficar mais fácil de achar os fios de cada UF, agrupamos todos aqui neste meta-fio

Favoritem e compartilhem!🥹🙏
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George McGovern announced that Thomas Eagleton would step down from his ticket, fifty years ago last night: #AP
After McGovern kicked Eagleton off the ticket, Nixon gloated about VP Agnew, "I think he is the best man for the job today -- and I am not going to change my mind tomorrow!"
But the following year, Nixon forced Agnew to resign under threat of possible prison sentence.
Text of private handwritten letter written by President Nixon to Thomas Eagleton's son Terry after McGovern expelled his father from Democratic ticket, 1972:
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Stevenson, Judy Garland, JFK, LBJ, Sinatra, among others, at Beverly Hilton party banquet during Democratic convention, this week 1960: #Getty
Photographed through a window, JFK celebrates with RFK after winning nomination in Los Angeles, this week 1960: #AP
At joint meeting of Massachusetts and Texas delegates, Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles, JFK makes needling jokes about his opponent LBJ, who pretends to be amused, this week 1960:
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On @TODAY show, Joe Garagiola, Barbara Walters and Frank McGee from Democratic convention, Miami Beach, fifty years ago this week:
Jesse Jackson and Illinois delegates at 1972 Democratic convention, fifty years ago this week:
In red, white and blue, Barbara Walters of @TODAYshow interviews feminists Bella Abzug, Liz Carpenter, Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan at Democratic convention, Miami Beach, fifty years ago this week:
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At age eighteen, Princess Elizabeth watching British parachutists before D-Day 1944: #IWM
Sixteen-year-old Princess Elizabeth [right] and her family with Eleanor Roosevelt, Buckingham Palace, 1942, during World War II: #Beaton
Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral Castle in Scotland with Prince Philip and President Eisenhower, Princess Anne and Prince Charles, 1959: #AP
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River in my beloved hometown of Chicago has been dyed green on St. Patrick’s Day for sixty years as of this week, but environmental concerns may compel that tradition to end:
Talking to one Mayor Daley, Chicago, 2005, in front of picture of another. Each served as Mayor for more than two decades. #AP
Famous-in-Chicago Alderman and tavern proprietor Paddy Bauler (center), who crowed as the elder Mayor Daley was on his way to becoming Mayor in 1955, “Chicago ain’t ready for reform!"
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#Russia has recognized two 8 year old #independence declarations and agreed to send #peacekeeping forces to two newly formed #Republics.

No #invasion has happened, unless you believe that #people of #Lugansk & #Donetsk are the property and slaves of #Ukraine Government.
I believe this article should also mention CANVAS, Juan Guido and the lovely Guarimbas;
and their "burning people alive festivities"
and if only in passing,
otherwise a very good read 👍…
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Thanks to CBS News, people in Grand Central Terminal watch John Glenn launched on dangerous mission to become first American in earth orbit, sixty years ago this week: #Hausner Image
New Yorker cartoon by Joseph Farris: Image
Grand Central Terminal 1968, with large ads for Kodak, Newsweek, Merrill Lynch: #AP Image
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Beatles performed on Ed Sullivan Show (CBS) tonight 1964:
"Ed Sullivan Show” (CBS) came from this theater, now home to “Late Night with Stephen Colbert”:
Beatles rehearse for Ed Sullivan Show of tonight 1964: #AP
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Thank you to everyone who responded to our call below.

All signposts to resources/networks/committees will appear in the following Wiley texts (if proposals accepted), see thread 🧵👇🏻

#AdvancedPractice #ACP #ACCP #SCP #CNS #FCP #ANP @HonoraryGeordi_
📕#ACP at a glance - approved, due in print Autumn/Winter 2022
📙#AdvancedPractice Framework (APF) for UK practice - approved, due in print Autumn/Winter 2022
📘 APF for Acute, Emergency & Crit Care - proposal under peer review

#CriticalCare #emergencymedicine #ACCP #ECACP
📗 APF for #Paediatric & Child Health - proposal in development
📙 APF for MH, LD & Autism - initial expressions of interest (EOIs)
📕 APF for #PrimaryCare - initial EOIs
📘 APF for #Frailty , Rehabilitation & community-based care - (initial EOIs!)

#AdvancedPractice #ACP #AP
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Sledding down steps of what is now Eisenhower Executive Office Building, next to White House, 1921: #LOC
No one should try this at home!
In snow, Franklin Roosevelt at age 22 with dog Tip: #FDRL
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Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley died forty-five years ago today: Image
One of last photos of elder Mayor Daley, taken today 1976 as he dedicated a Chicago fieldhouse, not long before he died of a sudden, massive heart attack: Image
Mayor Daley did not enjoy hearing “Gestapo tactics” of Chicago authorities denounced by Senator Abe Ribicoff from podium at 1968 Democratic convention. Note facial expression of Daley aide at right: #AP Image
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LBJ displays his gall bladder scar to reporters after surgery that occurred this week 1965: #AP Image
LBJ’s gall-bladder scar depicted as Vietnam in this cartoon by David Levine: Image
After LBJ displayed his gall-bladder scar for reporters, some wag joked that it was a good thing the President hadn’t been suffering from hemorrhoids.
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#ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ఆర్ధిక పరిస్థితి:

➡️కార్పొరేషన్లను తాకట్టు పెట్టి తెచ్చిన అప్పు - ₹121203కోట్లు

➡️వైకాపా ప్రభుత్వం తెచ్చిన అప్పు - ₹71760కోట్లు

➡️కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వం దగ్గర చేసిన అప్పు ₹20వేలకోట్లు

➡️ఎఫ్.ఆర్.బి.ఎమ్ పద్దతిలో తెచ్చిన అప్పు ₹3.5లక్షలకోట్లు

#AP #UANow
#ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ఆర్ధిక పరిస్థితి:

➡️తెదేపా నుండి వైకాపా కు వచ్చిన అప్పు ₹90000కోట్లు

➡️మొత్తం ఏపీ మీద వున్న అప్పు ₹600000కోట్లు, దీనికి వడ్డీ ఏడాదికి ₹42000కోట్లు

➡️రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వ ఉద్యోగులకు, పెన్షన్లు తీసుకునే వారికి గత ప్రస్తుత ప్రభుత్వాల బాకీ ₹20000కోట్లు

#AP #UANow
#ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ఆర్ధిక పరిస్థితి:

➡️చంద్రబాబు గారి ప్రభుత్వం గుత్తేదారులకు పెట్టిన బాకీ ₹25000కోట్లు

➡️వైకాపా ప్రభుత్వం ఇప్పటివరకు గుత్తేదారులకు బాకీ ఉన్న మొత్తం ₹45000కోట్లు

అతి దయనీయ పరిస్థితి మధ్య ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ రాష్ట్ర కొట్టుమిట్టాడుతుంది -ఉండవల్లి అరుణ్ కుమార్

#UANow #AP
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Do not let William Barr pretend to have been on the side of the angels.
Had Trump been reelected with William Barr at his side, how much rule of law would remain in the United States?
Here was your Attorney General at work, a year ago this month. Do not forget: #AP
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Respected @AndhraPradeshCM @ysjagan Sir, would like to bring to your kind notice regarding children who are suffering with Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and looking for life saving medicine Zolgensma @Novartis
@HariKrishnaCMO @RajivKrishnaS @ArogyaAndhra @DrArjasreekanth
Sir, from #AndhraPradesh no one knows how many children suffering with SMA. In social media found the below link,children parents from #Ongole are requesting help to procure the life saving medicine #ZolGenSMA
@balineni_vasu @yvsubbareddymp
In India #ZolGenSMA Injection landed cost is 16 Crores plus 6 1//2 crores duties & taxes. Children & parents feel helpless and they are not in a situation to afford 16 Crores plus 6 1//2 crores duties&taxes to procure the injection. @ysjagan @AndhraPradeshCM @ArogyaAndhra
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The US Supreme Court will hear a case on concealed handguns #AP
The Supreme Court announced Monday that it will hear a major gun rights case over whether ordinary citizens can be legally prohibited from carrying concealed handguns for self-defense outside their homes.
The case, brought by the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, challenges a New York law that prohibits citizens from carrying a gun outside their home without a license that the state makes difficult to obtain.
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Both looking alert in the Oval Office, Harry Truman and his Vice President, Alben Barkley: #AP
Reelected to the Senate as a junior member after his Vice Presidency, Barkley told a Washington and Lee audience in 1956, "I would rather be a servant in the House of the Lord than to sit in the seats of the mighty.” Then he collapsed and died of a heart attack.
Audio of ex-Vice President Alban Barkley’s last words and death, 1956:

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Our daily #BS not in real time.
Create Date
2021:01:06 13:00:19.986-05:00
Date/Time Original
2021:01:05 12:00:19.986-05:00
Editor's Date/Time Original indicates fraudulent metadata.
#Graphic as per usual, #MediaMagic #ShowTimeForSheep

The fine tuned with 3 star rating to #DefraudAmerica version
FULL Metadata >
So, again, we need to #DefundTheGovernment It is a #PhonyGovernment & #MediaCabal needs brought to justice. They are NOT ACTORS they are #Graphics including #Convirus #TaskForce…

#PonderThis Why do people fall for pre-planted distractions? LOOK> How many that fall for this #BS are actually on the #Distraction promotion team?
"US CAPITOL LOCKDOWN" is a documented #WiresProject
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#AlertaLegislativa: El pleno sesiona hoy, desde las 10am, para continuar el debate sobre la nueva ley agraria y definir la recomposición de la Comisión Permanente. Sí te perdiste las movidas de la sesión de ayer, aún puedes leer los detalles en este hilo.
#AlertaLegislativa: Pleno inicia sesión con más de 40 minutos de retraso. La asistencia es de 110 parlamentarios conectados en la sesión virtual. Arrancarán con el debate sobre la nueva ley agraria.
#AlertaLegislativa: Anthony Novoa, presidente de la Comisión de Economía, indica que se allanan al texto presentado ayer por la Comisión de Trabajo. El texto es este:
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