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Ngiya khuleka eMakhosini 👏 

#dreaming of being shaved your hair means your powers are being decreased or minimized

#Dreaming water means cleansing 

#Dreaming a cow by the gate there’s an ancestor that needs to be introduced at home
#Cow at the yard or Kraal means the ancestor have arrived at home

#Chasing a black cow means the ancestor have responded to what you've asked

#Chased by a white Cow or with different shades/colors you're being crucified by an ancestor there’s something you did that wasn’t good.
#Dreaming of cows by the mountain means that the ancestor is outside your home & can’t protect you

#Dreaming of Cows fighting mean there’s cleaning needed ancestors are fighting each other

#Dreaminh of a Cow chasing you out of your homestead means you're not from that surname
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Nation media is one of the biggest media houses in East Africa yet outrageously, unprofessionally & unethically feeding fake news & continuously building disinformation, propaganda and hate against Somali community and Eastleigh residents.
Here Nation media writes " 48 people among them 38 students of two colleges arrested in Eastleigh, Nairobi, on suspicion they were being trained as terrorists: DCI".

The two colleges were closed on issues related to licence, not meeting @TVETAKenya requirements & compliance.
The closure of the institutions and the arrests of students & their teachers has completely nothing to do with Al shabaab or students being trained as terrorists.

@TVETKenya has clearly and professionally published the facts about the closure of the two colleges in Eastleigh.
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A5339139 ✰ GOTTY sweet girl is unable to fully stand..

A5339139 ✰ GOTTY 🔹Pit Bull 🔹 AGE:3 years
🔹 Female 🔹…

She is going to need #pledges to help encourage a #RESCUE
Pls help if you can.
#Donate/ #Pledge directly through #Facebook on the link below the #Dog or #Cats Video/Photo - (no ID needed as it is assigned to the animal’s post)

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@MariaEugeniaGay @gisb_sus @FlordeTorres_ @FeministesCAT @maritahermano @jrramirezgomez @lolaoltra @MargaCerro @marsernac @medeapoma @Luc_Aviles Fantástico y necesario, con tu permiso aprovecho que me lo has recordado para hacer un #hilo, ante el negacionismo de la #VG desinformado y que pretende intoxicar podría decir muchas cosas pero ya lo dice muy bien @gisb_sus en este libro #SoyFeministaSinPeros Sobre el #neomachismo y la diferencia entre #igualdadformal e #igualdadreal
@MariaEugeniaGay @gisb_sus @FlordeTorres_ @FeministesCAT @maritahermano @jrramirezgomez @lolaoltra @MargaCerro @marsernac @medeapoma @Luc_Aviles @Leia19ABY @AnnieGarnelo @olmedoabogado @mablanco60 @AlvaroBotias @escar_gm Memoria selectiva? Soy abogada del #TO de atención a Víctimas de #VG, formo parte de la Plataforma de Mujeres Por la Igualdad de Cáceres( en lo primero cobro tarde y mal, en algún caso me cuesta dinero, en el segundo no cobro nada aporto trabajo y dedicación como mis compañeras
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If anyone tells you that the god #Attis was born of a virgin, crucified and resurrected, respond to them in the following way:
#Debunking #About #To #Happen
Though there was technically no "sex" involved in his conception, as well shall see, this does not mean he was virgin born.
You see, in one version, Zeus masturbates, his semen hits the land and produces an apple tree. one of its fruits falls on the lap of Nana, the daughter of
a river god. Thus, she becomes pregnant. In another, a hermaphrodite monster named Agdistis (Likewise born of Zeus masturbating) was made drunk by the gods (adding wine to the pool where the monster bathed in). They tied Agdistis' genitals to a tree after the monster went to
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The Yonge & Bloor Chick-fil-A is now open. As promised, at least a hundred LGBTQ and animal rights activists are here, loudly protesting out front.
Protester addresses the crowd on a megaphone outside the #ChickfikA store.
Protesters outside TO #ChickfilA chant “we will not be silenced.” Say they plan to protest at all 15 GTA locations planned for this chain.
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Siguiendo el ejemplo de @gisb_sus he decidido hacer #HiloTerapia estoy muy harta , acano de ver un tuit que dice que los hombres no tienen derechos, ayer que porque no se usaba no sé qué programa para detectar denuncias falsas en #VG, ya di mis razones ahora voy a contar algo ⬇️
No voy a repetir que es una denuncia falsa y que no ( explicado mil veces ), si no algo que yo misma he vivido al hilo de lo que contesté ayer a de pq no puede analizarse igual una denuncia por robo de una de #VG, y de porque debemos dejar de lado las falacias sobre el tema
Y aquí va la historia tal como ocurrió :
Guarida de #VG,me llaman y ya empezamos mal,policía no me avisó, directamente al juzgado a asistir a la víctima en un juicio rápido,hablo con ella, en el hueco de una escalera ( aún no había sala de víctimas) eso no ayuda a que tranquilice
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🏴 800,000 People Trafficked across International Borders every year
#1 The Greatest Evil In Our World
#2 -Satanic Rituals, The Horror
Short Series - #Pizzagate was NEVER DeBunked
🍕 Comet Pizza’s bizarre and suspicious activities led to the #Pizzagate Scandal
#3 -The Satanic Connection - The Bride of Lucifer
#4 -The Bride of Lucifer
Short Video series - #Pizzagate is Real
🍕 Comet Pizza’s bizarre and suspicious activities leading #to the #Pizzagate Scandal
#5 - Boys Town USA - Out of Darkness Into the Light
#6 - The Vatican Infiltration
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So I’ve been wanting to be play this game..Finally going to do it... Image
1. (#Damon & #Elena) #Delena |You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger..#TVD
2. (#Liam & #Steffy) #STEAM | No one can stop us. You know why? Because we are written in the damn stars.
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