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7 trucos #ASO / #Growth de "canallita" para indies / appreneurs / "gente que hace experimentos" en Google Play:

1️⃣ Usa keywords en el developer name. Pero, cuidado... Cada vez que cambias el dev. name se resetean todas las keywords de la ficha y tardan un tiempo en volver... 🥹
2️⃣ Usa keywords en las imágenes; usa MUCHAS keywords usando textos muy (MUY) pequeños en las imágenes... No pasa nada si necesitas gafas para leerlos, no son para ti 😜
3️⃣ Haz muchos AB testing de icono (uno detrás de otro...), tests "radicales". Usa la #IA para crear decenas / cientos de iconos.

Con IA hasta puedes crear iconos "parecidos" o "similares" a los iconos de otras apps... 🙊
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Important part of keywords research (and something I do for my apps @skores_app and @emo_app_ ) is finding NEW keywords.

1st step for me is finding many words by myself. I search for:
- obvious things
- features of my app
- problems users want to solve with my app
Next step is “Show Suggestions” feature in @getastroapp
It’s not available for all keywords and not for all countries, but you can check suggestions for one country and search these keywords in other countries.
#ASO #buildinpublic
Another thing you can do is to use Show Ranking feature for the keywords relative to your app and check which keywords are used by other apps. You can see keywords from App name and Subtitle only. But these are the most important keywords! Don’t just copy. Get inspired!
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1️⃣ What I'm learning by developing my own App Store Optimization Tool (#ASO) for #indiedev 🧵
2️⃣ To create an MVP of an ASO tool you need 3 things:

🟢 A way to keep track of the keywords you are ranked in.
🟢 A way to track the popularity of these keywords.
🟢 A way to understand how difficult a specific keyword is.
3️⃣ The first point is relative simple, you need to perform a research on the App store and understand if your app is in the first 100 results, if yes, show the place in the standings.
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Zeker vergeten dat ze "dor hout" van de IC's wilde weren?
En dat ze in februari nog helemaal waus was van HerstelNL, dat de hoogrisicogroep van 4 miljoen wilde uitsluiten.⬇️

Nee; nu ze zélf last van haar keuzes heeft - nu is het opeens huilen.

Kijk eens, tante Hypocritia Zwagerman.
Met je "we klapten en we troosstten en we waren één, de enige vijand was het virus".

In februari was je nog bereid om de hoogrisicogroep van 4 miljoen mensen tot paria te maken, zodat jij lekker naar de kroeg kon.
Vergeten zeker?

En kijk eens mw. Zwagerman.
Met je "ongevaccineerden zijn zondebok, ik verlang naar toen we één waren".

Jijzelf wilde wat je "dor hout" noemt keihard voor de bus gooien: ga maar dood.
En zij kozen NIET zelf voor hun kwetsbaarheid, hè.
Zoals ongevaccineerde wappie-jij.

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Aquí va mi hilo sobre #BlackHatASO, pero empecemos por el principio (y no me refiero al Big Bang)

#ASO es el proceso de optimización de la visibilidad y los % de conversión a descarga en las app stores. SIN MÁS.

ASO👌= más descargas orgánicas y descargas paid más baratas
¿Y cómo cojon*s se hace ASO? Te preguntarás...

"Fácil": cuida MUCHO tu producto, cuida MUCHÍSIMO el listing y consigue autoridad para tu app o juego.

Autoridad = descargas + ratings / reviews + USER HAPPINESS (retención)
Puedes encontrar una bonita guía #ASO (que pronto actualizaremos) aquí:

¿Te atascas con la generación de la primera versión de tu listing? Quizás pronto tenga algo para ti... cc @_fede_gomez_

En cualquier caso, el hilo sigue.
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15 mobile #growthgems 💎 from "What's App Store Optimization Techniques are Working Right Now?" by @daveabell (CEO of @Gummicube) at @apppromotion

Read the #ASO #ASA insights from the 56 min video in the twitter thread below 👇 Image
💎 #1
Apple will tell you "do not use search ads data for ASO" because the timeframe of the trend they are reporting is short term. You can not use a short timeframe for ASO because it takes 2-3 weeks to get your keywords fully indexed.
💎 #2
Apple will still index you for 2 to 3 weeks after an update. If you have good rankings already, you can do keyword metadata optimization every 30 days and have a solid view of how an optimization performed.
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10 mobile #growthgems 💎 from "Ad Creatives FTW" with @mellyalert (, @hioliviasmith, @DyanKhor (@CashApp) and Rhiannon Price (JamCity) at the live-only SpeakHer event from @AppGrowthSummit

Read the #UA #creatives insights in the twitter thread below 👇 Image
💎 #1
HopSkipDrive uses the same brand feeling and emotional value across channels but what might differ is the goal of each campaign. Example: Twitter for retargeting/re-engagement and Facebook for conversion.
💎 #2
Try to take a portfolio-based approach to creative testing and understand that you're adding something new to the mix. Some channels do not have a "clean" way to A/B test (e.g. TikTok) but even if there is it might not give you results of what will happen "live".
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After a jam-packed 2 days at #SciOut18🌪(thx @ASBMB & @rockedu_!) it was time to reflect! 🤔 Reflection is so important, but it can be hard to find ⏰ to really just think! 💭 Some of my thoughts 👉
#365DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #sciout #science person looking thoughtful in front of mirrornotebook pagenotebook pagenotebook page
What’s inside? 🧐 It’s FORMAMIDE! 🤗 Formally removing RNA’s form with formamide! 🤓 FORMAMIDE in loading buffer breaks up & replaces the bonds between bases holding RNA's shape together 👇
#365DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #lifeinthelab #science person looking through safety goggles with formamide drawn on themformamide RNA denaturant explanation
Bring on the heat! 🔥 To help denaturants get to the huddling hydrophobic bases, we add heat ♨️ 👉 gives molecules more energy so they can “pull apart” more easily ⏩ easier access 👍 More 👇
#365DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #lifeinthelab #science person putting tube in heating block
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