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💥 we're kicking off the #KooyongVotes candidates forum!


MC'd by #BarryJones

i'll be live-tweeting here… tune in below.

@LiteFootPrints #AusVotes19
the good people of @LiteFootPrints — the organisers — are live-streaming tonight's event on facebook live:

questions will be taken using 'slido' — head over to slido.com and enter s916 to join in.

add a question, or up-vote others. (i've submitted 2 questions. hint hint!)
#CarolynIngvarson, the indomitable convenor of @LiteFootPrints, has just run through the order of proceedings and commented that as citizens concerned about leaving a safe climate for the next generation, we've failed miserably.

so far.

but before the candidates…
we’ve just listened to a very moving song by @JadeAliceMusic.

jade is carolyn’s inspiration to keep fighting for #ClimateAction.

jade is carolyn’s grand-daughter.
now we’re listening to a pre-record from @GretaThunberg — the inspiration for literally millions to address #ClimateChange.
now up: #BarryJones — one of australia’s living treasures, former federal minister of science and a genuine polymath.

barry first raised #ClimateChange to the public’s attention in 1983.

we’re getting a science lesson!
barry’s talking about the 7 “C” words that affect the climate.

...and he added one more that he’d forgotten: cows
the increase in atmospheric CO₂ over the past century has been huge, rapid, and is beyond reasonable doubt caused by human activity.

...if you’re reading this, you already knew. but worth looking at it frequently for inspiration!
...and now on to the main event — @VictoriaMcKMcH is the chair of the candidates forum.

she’s giving a shout-out to @LiteFootPrints, a tenacious community group that routinely turns out the biggest crowds in #Kooyong.

reminding everyone present of their power.

#BillChandler, a local progressive candidate up now.

the main parties have failed to provide leadership on #ClimateChange.
- stop burning coal and gas
- transition to renewables
- invest in the grid
- energy efficient cities
- full electrification of transport by 2030
- compassionate communities
bill (cont.)
- truth & transparency are critical for a good democracy
- we deserve better from our elected representatives
- inspired by @GretaThunberg
- no big backers
- vote wisely. give your second preference to a candidate that understands #ClimateChange.

now up: @JanaforKooyong for @AustralianLabor

paraphrasing: as a proud Indigenous woman i am deeply connected to the threat of #ClimateChange to our beautiful country.

we are absolutely facing a #ClimateEmergency.
- with me you'll have an ally on #ClimateChange
- cut pollution by 45% by 2030
- 50% renewable energy by 2030
- strong vehicle emissions standards
- target of 50% of new car sales to be electric by 2030
- protections against land clearing
jana (cont.)
- a just transition for our coal workers and coal communities
- an independent just transitions authority
- important steps on the way to net carbon neutral by 2050
jana (cont.)
- under labor emissions went down — thanks to carbon price, ARENA, CEFC etc
- labor is only party that can deliver real action on #ClimateChange
- if you care about practical solutions, then i'm asking for your vote on 18 may.

.@JulianBurnside, candidate for @Greens up now.
- most know me for work on refugees, but it was the #ClimateEmergency that inspired me to run
- greens are the only party with a plan that responds to the science
- frustrated that coalition gov't has done nothing serious on climate
julian (cont.)
- both labor & the coalition have failed on this — maybe it's something to do with the $8m they have taken from the #FossilFuel sector
- if you don't have a plan to phase out coal, you don't have a plan to deal with climate change (lots of 👏👏👏)
julian (cont.)
- no coal to be burnt after 2030
- no ICE vehicles to be sold after 2030
- taking care of the 2 biggest sources of emissions
- 180,000 jobs will be created
- ending logging of native forests and land clearing
julian (cont.)
- they'll say our plan is impossible — it's certainly ambitious, but it's not impossible
- josh may be a "good guy", but his party has been vandals
- #KooyongVotes is at the centre of australia's #Climate debate
.@_Oliver_Yates, a former @LiberalAus member, banker, former CEO of the @CEFCAus.
- climate change may seem like the biggest issue — but integrity is really a bigger issue
- we now what we need to do, we know how to do it
- we understand it's cheaper to act than to do nothing
oliver (cont.)
- i question the current member for #kooyong's moral compass
- the voters are sick of the spin, and the lies
- @JoshFrydenberg spent $100k+ of taxpayer fund to send a letter full of lies to #Kooyong residents
oliver (cont.)
- if emissions are rising, you're not going to hit a lower target
- i want an australia we can be proud of — not pariahs on climate change and refugees
- without integrity we can't have real leadership
oliver (cont.)
- past environment ministers 🤥 who have failed to deliver must be voted out
- @LiberalAus has drifted so far to the right that they will not deliver on climate change

[@_Oliver_Yates' calls to integrity, honesty, no spin were very well received.]

#AngelaZubac independent candidate for #Kooyong.
- integrated approach
- policy focussed
- orderly exit of coal
- education
- need to be visionary about future careers
- education system needs to enable climate focussed careers
angelina (cont)
- home ownership will be impacted by #ClimateChange
- focus on areas where vision is important
- disruption is here
- great business opportunity
- great career opportunities
- great social opportunities
- integrated infrastructure
angelina (cont.)
- integrated approach
- "stay in trouble"

.@JoshFrydenberg, the treasurer for the parliament just dissolved, deputy leader of @LiberalAus and the federal member for #Kooyong.
- on track to meet kyoto
- have policies that reduce emissions
- emissions reduction fund has contracted 192MtCO₂
- overseen largest increase in renewables (ed. no mention that they cut it back!)
- CEFC has funded lots of stuff (ed. no mention they tried to kill it)
josh (cont.)
- supporting mangroves!
- climate solutions package — $3.5bn being deployed
- climate solutions fund will deliver 🤥 (ed. he largely defunded it last week)
- $1.4bn investment in snowy 2.0
- lots of other policies
josh (cont.)
- emissions have come down… since 2005 [scoffs abound]
- has to be cost effective
- australia hasn't done well on cost effectiveness in the past, but now doing so much better.

[polite applause. very civil.]

as we move to question time, here’s the candidate scorecard...
first question, #adani of course…

josh: subject to approvals, based on laws, took advice from CSIRO & geoscience australia, we granted the next stage of approval.

angelina: i would do everything possible to #StopAdani. coal should be left in the ground
oliver: project lacks social license. for the local member & gov't to drive project that #Kooyong rejects is unacceptable. gov't has power to block. no significant sovereign risk. all approvals should be reassessed taking into consideration current climate situation.
julian: coal is incompatible. liberal party has said #Kooyong cares more about franking credits than #ClimateChange. that's indicative of the contempt the libs have for us.

jana: i personally don't support #adani. we're not in gov't yet. have to be careful to follow law.
bill: this is why i'm an independent. #adani isn't the only project — lots of projects, like gina's. we've been fed a load of misinformation. very disappointed in josh's spin on #adani. labor is jumping from one foot to another on #adani, can't be trusted. "sovereign bluff" 👏
Q. would you allow your kid to go on the @StrikeClimate? are you doing enough?

josh: i would not want my child to go on strike. i believe our policies are sufficient.

angelina: i'd be very happy for kids to go. my candidacy is part of my contribution.
oliver: thoroughly support kids going. if parents don't act, kids absolutely have a right to urge action. i lost my job for taking on the treasurer! i'm giving up a lot to put my skills to use for #Kooyong.

julian: i'd *urge* my daughter to strike if she was still at school.
jana: i was there. i supported my son when he wanted to strike. i joined a party that's got a plan and the capacity to deliver and i'm standing.

bill: 6 grandkids. went in with them to @StrikeClimate. great atmosphere.
Q. on the rise of independents — if parliament was hung, what would you do?

angelina: giving 2nd pref to labor. wouldn't just say yes. get stuff done. be decisive.

oliver: politics must be stable. majority will get supply/confidence — past that i will represent #Kooyong
oliver (cont.): i have a track record of working with both sides of gov't. an honest broker with expertise.

bill: gov't has trivialised #ClimateChange. inexcusable of josh to fondle the piece of coal in parliament. collaborate across party lines. war on climate. people first.
Q. to julian: greens haven't always been constructive in climate debate, eg. CPRS.

julian: CPRS was hopeless. no emissions reductions until 2035. a much better system was introduced as a result. greens can/will/have use(d) their position on the crossbench.
julian (cont.): greens have repeatedly driven change — #MarriageEquality and the banking royal commission came from greens action.
Q. to jana: @AustralianLabor's policy isn't aligned to the science. why support?

jana: i will push internally for stronger action.
Q. to josh: you were minister while emissions went up. #NEG failed. why support you?

josh: no-one more disappointed that NEG wasn't delivered. hazelwood and northern closures drove up prices. working with colleagues to smooth transition & meet targets. support paris.
…and we're calling time. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

thanks all for tuning in!


looking forward to reading @callapilla's take tomorrow morning in @GuardianAus.

but for now, you can get a preview here:
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