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1/ Yeah so anyway, Milo Yiannopoulos &/or his ghostwriter has denounced his former #BFF & fellow dropkick Caolan Roberston. So far, so typical. The essay dissing CR contains a few refs to #auspol which are interesting, inc the 2018 tours by Stefan Molyneux & Lauren Southern >
2/ > & the aborted tour by MY/Gavin McInnes & Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson). Thus, acc to MY, CR reckoned SY-L's tour was destined to fail ('No visa for you!') & designed to rip-off his gormless Aussie fanboys & AUS tour organiser, Damien Costas/Penthouse Australia.
3/ Whether true or not, Costas/Penthouse AUS/Global Media & Entertainment Pty Ltd/et al (Costas has reportedly been in five 'failed' corporations over a 15-year period) was declared bankrupt in MAR, owing $ to a bunch of other rats (you can still buy tickets to the tour but!).
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After seven years of exposing the corruption rorts dodgy deals
Criminal lnp ministers
I have come to the conclusion
Voters don't care that lnp can misuse their position as govt to be worst govt ever
Tripled defect
Gbrf $440 million
Paladin $440 million
$185 million media stunt by #HappyClapperSloganBogan
Xmas island
Water theft by barnaby and angus taylor
Attacked workers unions
#penaltyrates cut
Wages cut no real wage rises
High petrol prices
High housold living costs
National party and forrest cashless welfare
Three pm in six years
Closed parliment for eight months
Murdoch corrupt media
Failed palmer ripping off workers and taxpayers
Mistreated refugees
Dont care about climate change
Shutdown labor pages on social media during election
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50 reasons not to vote for Liberal Party:

1. Three leadership spills
2. HelloWorld
3. RoboDebt
4. Paladin Affair
5. $444m Great Barrier Reef Foundation
6. Cuts to ABC
7. Mounting National Debt
8. Cuts to penalty rates
9. NBN problems
10. Rising energy prices

#auspol #ausvotes
50 reasons not to vote for Liberal Party:

11. Union raid leak
12. Jobs for ex-LNP staff
13. Barnaby Joyce affair
14. Whistleblower crackdowns
15. Tax cuts for big corporates
16. Investing more in coal
17. CSIRO cuts
18. TAFE cuts
19. Adani
20. Au pairs

#auspol #ausvotes
50 reasons not to vote for Liberal Party:

21. $600,000 a day in govt ads
22. Public Hospital cuts
23. Morrison claims cancer treatment is free
24. Undeclared house ownership
25. Dutton’s childcare centres
26. $50m Captain Cook memorial
27. Knights & Dames

#auspol #ausvotes
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6. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria

#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria
2. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria
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Alright folks, it's time for my thread on micro-parties contesting #AusVotes2019. First: I cannot do all parties at once because there are SO MANY. I will update this thread in batches. Second: these tweets are pithy takes from my election blog: 1/?
Usual disclaimer: I have never been a member of a political party. I write these comments to guide my #auspol vote. I share them in the hope they are useful to others. They reflect my green social democrat views; I make no claim to false objectivity. Take them how you will. 2/
One last thing before I get into the individual parties: I am not commenting on the ALP, Greens, or the Coalition parties. I figure if this thread appeals to you, you already have an opinion on those parties (also, spare me their diehards; I expect enough flak already). 3/
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#auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes19 #ausvotes2019

1) A brief thread w a coupla relevant additions inre >>>…
2) Ref is freq made in media reportage to Erikson's SEP 2017 conviction (along w fellow UPF members Blair Cottrell & Chis Shortis for srs religious vilification -- rather less frequently, his FEB 2014 conviction for stalking/harassing a Melbourne rabbi.
3) In that case, 'Magistrate Donna Bakos said she had no doubt Erikson's calls were motivated by prejudice & found he had little remorse for his crime'.

This is critical to understanding his subsequent & future behaviour, yeah?…
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Labor and China’s Communist Government conspiring against Australia

The United Australia Party has accused the Labor Party and the Chinese Communist Government of being joined at the hip, after blatantly interfering in Australia’s political process over election funding claims.
The lead Senate candidate for the United Australia Party in Western Australia, Mr James McDonald said that his party’s election funding had nothing to do with China, and had been raised from the sales of Mr Palmer’s iron ore reserves.
“Mr Palmer and the United Australia Party have been consistent in protecting Australia’s sovereignty, as Labor consorts with China’s Communist Government to sell control of our local companies,” Mr McDonald said.
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One Nation candidate attended extremist event, used volunteer member… via @smh
Notes: 1) The True Blue Crew formed during late 2015 & early 2016, largely inre anti-Muslim campaigns in Bendigo & Melton. Building upon pre-existing social networks, it made its formal debut in Coburg in May 2016, where it attempted but failed to disrupt an ‘anti-racist’ rally.
2) It organised further rallies -- flag-waving events in Melbourne in June 2016/17/18 -- & worked w United Patriots Front neo-Nazis in attempt to org anti-African vigilante squads, but in VIC esp has been subject to internal dissent following the conviction of several members >
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The #NAPHWA #AIDSGravyPlane needs to be cancelled. #HIV Consumers are calling for a 21st Century #AIDS Paradigm. The idea that NSW & Victoria care about HIV+ folk in WA is false! "Networking" is code for Women Shopping & Male visits to Sex Clubs. @GregHuntMP @KenWyattMP #ausvotes
Isn't #NAPWA part of an international scam to collect tax payer dollars & provide selected cliques with benefits & paid holidays. How many times have #NAFWA come to WA for meetings with #WAAC on the way to Weddings in Margaret River & ignored HIV+ People? @CatherineKingMP #auspol
Want to know if ur political party cares about u? The Canary in the Coal Mine measure is the #AIDS Policy. If it refuses 2 #EndTheGravyPlane & implement a 21st Century Policy, what rights will they remove & what hidden rorts will they waste $ on? #ausvotes #auspol #ausvotes2019
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Former Water Minister @Barnaby_Joyce is with @PatsKarvelas right now on water buybacks

Live stream:

Or follow along here 👇

#rndrive #auspol #AUSVote2019 #watergate (AAP)
@Barnaby_Joyce @PatsKarvelas Why was $80 million of taxpayer money given to a company domiciled in an offshore tax haven?

"Because that's what the price was ... I am at arms length, I do not negotiate the price" says @Barnaby_Joyce #rndrive
@Barnaby_Joyce @PatsKarvelas "I do not negotiate the price, I do not negotiate the vendor" insists @Barnaby_Joyce #rndrive #auspol

"Let's just calm down, and answer the question" says @PatsKarvelas
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Hi! I thought it might be useful to start a #AusVotes19 welfare thread pulling together some of the interesting news and analysis that emerges during the election campaign. There have already been a few great pieces. (I'll also shamelessly plug my own work.) #auspol
.@DawsonEJ makes the case for making the best of Labor's "root and branch" #Newstart review. Demand it is fast, wide-ranging, and the increases it delivers are sufficient, she says… #AusVotes19 #auspol
@DawsonEJ Waleed Aly today argues that, despite all the talk of a fair go from Morrison and Shorten, "#Newstart remains stalled because, for now at least, our notion of fairness is tied to the worker."… #AusVotes19 #auspol
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