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Sea water entered more than 200 houses yesterday in Trivandrum where 3 houses were entirely destroyed, 2 km of road was inundated, electricity poles uprooted. The increase in coastal erosion is attributed to the construction of adani port at Vizhinjam. Destroyed anganwadi at Kochuthoppu, trivandrum - Photo from
The tourist spots of Kovalam and Shangumugam have taken a severe toll resulting in the destruction of the beach and the loss of public space for the residents.
Fishworkers organisations along with other groups are on an indefinite satyagraha citing the construction of vizhinjam port as the reason for increased coastal erosion, destruction of homes and livelihood. #stopadani #stopadanivizhinjamport
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Boycott Sydney Festival Campaign is 'Largest and Most Successful' - Institute for Palestine Studies

By @amaliaaaaa___… via @PalStudies
"In Australia, statements like ‘don't cross the picket line' are inextricable from progressivism. In recent years, progressives have participated in a range of calls for boycotts & divestments inc: #StopAdani, one of the country's largest grassroots climate justice campaigns..."
"... and recently many sports teams and diplomats responded to calls by Uyghur groups to the world to reject the use of sports as a tool of soft power and send a clear message: take a stand against the Uyghur genocide."
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🎄🗓️ DAY 1

Here we go Bruce @BNCB of @LloydsofLondon: your first advent scene!

We know how much you ADORE cricket. You're @MCCOfficial Chair after all!

So here’s a miniature🏏pavilion we made especially for you.

Now don't forget to check out the sign...👀🪧

#InsureOurFuture ImageImage
🎄🗓️ #AdventCalendar: Day 2!❄️

We’ve added beautiful #advent trees for you Bruce @BNCB of @LloydsofLondon.

But how much longer until they’re cut down? 😢

Hey, is that a child up there? We love seeing kids climbing trees! 🌳

And great sign kido!🌎

#InsureOurFuture #StopAdani ImageImage
🎄#AdventCalendar: Day 3!

Look @BNCB of @LloydsofLondon the cricket players have arrived!😀

Best get those matches in while you can:

Cricket is one of the sports most affected by flooding and extreme heat caused by the #ClimateCrisis. 😬

Do it for the 🏏if not for the kids! ImageImage
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[thread] We are seeing a lot of #greenwash from Adani Group lately, so we dug through its corporate reporting to get the full picture regarding its #coal, #oilgas ambitions. The results were alarming.

Despite #renewables being cheaper than coal in India there's this👇#StopAdani
Adani Group not only plans to increase coal burning, it is also planning a major increase in thermal #coal mining. Both in #Australia and #India.

Adani Ports apparently has a "carbon neutrality by 2025" goal 🤣🤔 - and yet it is building new coal and LNG terminals at its ports.

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Two weeks ago, 37 orgs coordinated by Market Forces successfully convinced @SPGlobal to review the concerning inclusion of @Adaniports in its @DowJones Sustainability Index.

#StopAdani @SPDJIndices @CDP @RepRisk @MSCI_Inc…
The case for review is based on Adani's links to the #Myanmar military, expansion of thermal coal mining and enviro damage at its port sites.

The review is ongoing with no decision date revealed by @SPDJIndices. Full case via link:

Since then, we have updated @SPGlobal with several developments that weren't in the original case.

First up is @PIMCO - a US$2.2 tr investor, banning further investment in Adani Ports due to the Carmichael thermal coal project.…
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A report released by @theACIJ and @JusticeMyanmar has revealed the extent of the relationship between @Adaniports and MEC - a company owned by the #Myanmar military.

Documents show Adani Ports is paying up to $US52 million to the #Myanmar military via the development of a container port in Yangon.

The same military that has killed and is still killing hundreds of innocent people protesting its 1 Feb coup.

.@Adaniports claimed it never "engaged with military leadership" of #Myanmar - but now photos and video have emerged of Adani Ports execs schmoozing the top Myanmar general in 2019.

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#THREAD MEDIA RELEASE: New report by @theACIJ @JusticeMyanmar exposes Adani Ports' commercial ties to #Myanmar military company #MEC, led by Senior General Min Aung Hlaing- accused war criminal & coup leader. We call on investors to #divest #StopAdani…
Yadanar Maung, @JusticeMyanmar:"We therefore call on Adani Ports' #shareholders and #creditors to uphold their human rights responsibilities by cutting ties with #AdaniPorts for its continued business with the criminal junta. Stand with the people of #Myanmar." #StopAdani #Divest
Ahsan Haque from @BRCA_Australia: "It's time to hold such businesses accountable in the same light. We call on investors to immediately divest from #AdaniPorts."
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many have asked what more they can do for the #farmersprotest. we’ve been told by human rights orgs that raising awareness on social media is most effective in this situation. it is pertinent that we keep bringing international attention to this!!!!!
posting on socials may feel small but it IS action. doesn’t matter if you have 10 followers or 10,000- EVERY voice makes a difference. don't diminish the power of awareness. speak loudly and proudly my friends. ✊🏽 we’re on the right side of history.
let’s also keep focused: modi’s 3 farm bills will corporatize agriculture and millions will lose their livelihoods. months ago punjabis marched to delhi in what has now become the largest protest in the world. across india ppl organized the biggest strike in human history.
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BREAKING: The Supreme Court has just granted Adani a temporary injunction stopping me doing and saying specific things in relation to the Carmichael coal mine and rail project. This follows two failed applications to intimidate my family by raiding our home. [#StopAdani thread]
Adani claims that their legal strategy is not about inflicting hardship on me. BUT they are still undertaking civil action which could ultimately bankrupt my family. We’d have to sell our family home to profit a multi-billionaire. #StopAdani has my back and together we will win!
Here's how to chip in some $$ or get #StopAdani updates. Thanks for your messages today.…
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Hey @DeutscheBank, you make a decision: make a #PositiveImpact to the fight against the #ClimateCrisis, or continue to support fossil fuels! A #Thread in english. #divest #followthemoney #gofossilfree #dbagm #BanksAgainstFuture
In 2019, the german climate activist @luisamneubauer said at the annual general meeting “It is the Deutsche Bank, which like no other bank, is stealing our future.” 💯 Whereupon CEO #Sewing announced "fewer projects to finance fossil fuels".… 2/12
In order to avoid a similar situation this year, a PR campaign was rolled out in advance and now advertises in a press release with "ambitious sustainability targets".… 3/12
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Hey, @DeutscheBank, ihr steht vor der Wahl: #PositiverBeitrag zum Kampf gegen die #Klimakrise - oder weiter fossile Energien fördern und damit Mittäter des Klimawandels sein. Ein #Thread.

#divest #followthemoney #gofossilfree #dbagm #BanksAgainstFuture 1/12 Image
2019 sagte @Luisamneubauer auf der Hauptversammlung noch: "Es ist die Deutsche Bank wie keine andere Bank, die uns die Zukunft klaut." 💯
Worauf Vorstandvorsitzender #Sewing ankündigte, "weniger Projekte mit fossilen Energieträgern zu finanzieren".… 2/12
Um sich Ähnliches dieses Jahr zu ersparen, hat die @DeutscheBank im Vorfeld eine PR-Kampagne ausgerollt und wirbt nun in einer Pressemitteilung mit „ambitionierten Nachhaltigkeitszielen“.… 3/12
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1/ #StopAdani PLS listen to Truth if U want to help 1st Nations Wangan & Jagalingou Family Council. Follow @BobBrownFndn. PROPAGANDA from LNP, ALP &, yes, @sallymcmanus #StopAdaniConvoy returned LNP. Bob is ally of W&J. STEPHEN SMYTH head #CFMMEUQ Mining & Energy is WEDGER SCAB.
@BobBrownFndn @sallymcmanus 2/ #StopAdani If U want info direct from Wangan & Jagalingou Family Council, Adrian Burragubba would direct U first to their Website U can see latest posts & also donate there. Also buy their 'No Means No Adani' & 'Water Protectors' tees. Only $30.
@BobBrownFndn @sallymcmanus 3/ #StopAdani #InvasionWars Wangan & Jagalingou Family Council have been on the Frontline for years trying to stop corrupt environmental nightmare Adani & corrupt LNP Fed Govt & Palaszczuk Qld Govt. I'll add disingenuous Fed Labor & Qld LNP into that mix. CALL TO ACTION soon.
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Danke Herr Kretschmer für Ihre tiefgründige Frage! Sie hat mich sehr beschäftigt und stark verunsichert.
Ich frage mich momentan tatsächlich, ob ich als Schüler überhaupt weiß, was Demokratie ist und mein Verhältnis zu ihr... (1/2)
Ich habe gegen #StopAdani demonstriert, Petitionen unterschrieben und Siemens kritisiert. Nun weiß ich dass das falsch war - es tut mir aufrichtig leid dieser Innovation in Australien im Weg gestanden zu haben - sie ist richtig.
Ich wollte nicht unser Zusammenleben bedrohen...
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Sehr geehrter @JoeKaeser,
ich bin Arzt in einer Großpraxis in #Bielefeld. Hier stehen moderne @Siemens-Großgeräte im Wert von mehreren Millionen Euro.
In der Vergangenheit habe ich mehrfach potenziellen @Siemens-Kunden diese Geräte demonstriert. Wie ich hörte, sowohl zur Zufriedenheit dieser Kunden als auch der Siemens-Verkäufer. (#TellTheTruth.)
Die #Klimakrise ist auch eine Gesundheitskrise (@healthforfuture). Als Arzt und als Vater habe ich die Verantwortung, alles mir mögliche zu tun, um die drohende #Klimakatastrophe abzuwenden.
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Das Angebot von @JoeKaeser an @Luisamneubauer ist GENIAL!

Also... nicht für #FridaysForFuture oder das Klima.
Aber aus Sicht des Unternehmens. Schauen wir uns das mal an.

Ein Thread:
Am 11.12.2019 hat @Siemens den Auftrag gewonnen, bei ca 200km Schienen die Signaltechnik zu machen. An sich nichts verwerfliches, hochwertiger Schienenverkehr ist immerhin umweltfreundlich.

Das Problem ist: Es geht um die Schienen der Kohlegrube Carmichael in Australien.

In der geplanten Kohlegrube Carmichael möchte der indische Konzern "Adani" bis 2080 sowohl in Tief-, als auch in Tagebauen Kohle fördern.

Der Auftrag für Siemens wird auf ca. 31 Millionen australische Dollar (ca 19,14 millionen Euro) dotiert und ist damit relativ klein.

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#Siemens-Chef @JoeKaeser verkündet nach Gespräch mit @Luisamneubauer Prüfung des bestehenden Vertrages zum Bau der australischen Kohlemine Adani #FridaysForFuture
"Wir werden prüfen wie wir mit der konfliktären Interessenlage zwischen Stakeholdern und Verantwortung für Nachhaltigkeit umgehen."
Eine "bewusstere Haltung" habe bei der Entscheidung für #Adani gefehlt. Zukünftig soll ein neues sustainability board klimaschadliche Entscheidungen stoppen können. Klimaneutralität will Siemens evtl schon 2025 erreichen, statt 2030
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here are some of the people who have chosen defiance over defeat, courage over fear, and hope over despair. they need every single one of us. now we rise. #ExtinctionRebellion #schoolstrike4climate #StopAdani…
some of the outstanding, inspiring and courageous young people you'll ever meet:
the extinction rebellion has begun and its not for turning. you can find the feisty australian rebels right here:
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The approval of #Adani’s groundwater plans is a disgrace and shows that the whole system is rigged and broken. This is not about any specific allegation of corruption, but the rules of the whole system being unfit for purpose. Here’s a thread on a few ways the system is rigged:
QC @StephenKeim1 has said that: “the default position of mining law in Queensland is that mining should proceed because exploiting the earth is ordained.” The existing system fails to adequately consider the climate damage impacts of a proposed project.
Notoriously there is legal approval that asks directly “given that we are in a state of climate emergency, should this project proceed?” Logically, it is impossible to justify the Adani mine in the face of climate emergency.
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💥 we're kicking off the #KooyongVotes candidates forum!


MC'd by #BarryJones

i'll be live-tweeting here… tune in below.

@LiteFootPrints #AusVotes19
the good people of @LiteFootPrints — the organisers — are live-streaming tonight's event on facebook live:…
questions will be taken using 'slido' — head over to and enter s916 to join in.

add a question, or up-vote others. (i've submitted 2 questions. hint hint!)
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