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Highly problematic graphic by @VisualCap .

Blaming Asia for the plastic pollution crisis is a form of #environmentalracism and creates a false narrative about who is responsible for producing #plasticwaste.

Key narratives we need to confront at all times 🧵
♻️ We need drastic, scalable interventions to reduce, reuse and better manage #plastic across ALL economies.

🏭 Burning plastic [#incineration and waste-to-energy] are not acceptable solutions to the plastic crisis.
🚢 Exporting waste from wealthier nations to under-resourced nations is a form of #wastecolonialism and #environmentalracism.

🛍 The biggest #polluters are the corporations producing and marketing plastic which are headquartered in the global north.
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1/13.⚡️USEFUL INFO⚡️: The @IPCC_CH is currently meeting at #IPCC58 to review and approve the #AR6 Synthesis Report and it's Summary for Policymakers, with released set for Monday the 20th of March.
More here:…

Why is this important for #LossAndDamage? 👇 IPCC Chair Hoesung Lee  | Photo by IISD/ENB
2/13. The #AR6 Synthesis Report and it's Summary for Policymakers will condense all of the scientific evidence from the reports of the @IPCC_CH working group's and all special reports published between 2018 and 2022.
3/13. For example the @IPCC_CH #AR6 Working Group II report made the following key points on #LossAndDamage very clear:

1⃣Human-induced #ClimateChange has already caused #LossAndDamage to both nature and people;
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1/9. 🌀Devastating tropical #CycloneFreddy, which has made landfall twice 🤯, has caused #LossAndDamage in #Madagascar🇲🇬, #Mozambique 🇲🇿 and #Maliwi 🇲🇼 including 220+ deaths, whilst breaking records as the longest lasting cyclone. Cyclone Freddy as it weakens over Mozambique following its s
2/9. In #Madagascar🇲🇬, at least 17 people have died due to #CycloneFreddy (7 from the first landfall on 21 February and 10 from the latest rains on 5 and 6 March), and nearly 299,000 people have affected.
3/9. In #Mozambique 🇲🇿, #CycloneFreddy has seen some provinces received as much rain in 24 hours as they would usually experience in one month. As a result 10 people have died and 14 have been injured, 1,900 houses have been damaged or destroyed.
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Epic disconnect: Head of @NYUSternCSB sustainability forum saying we’re out of time to move business towards more ESG practices at the same she actively partners with climate criminal #fossilfuel funders like @GoldmanSachs @HSBC and plastics monster @PepsiCo. Why? Image
Very happen to learn @Chase and other large #fossilfuel banks will have to take buildings for which they hold mortgages into account under #LocalLaw97. Their energy-leaking investments will come back to bite them. Image
Hallelujah @dgelles for speaking truth @NYUSternCSB: #FossilFuel co’s are funding ESG backlash at the state level. So, quite odd that @nyu is partnering with climate criminals right and left to further their sustainability studies. Also all panel, don’t use Right lingo “woke.” Image
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1/14 70th anniversary of #Germany's #DebtCancellation after #WWII! This laid the foundation for 🇩🇪’s economic "miracle". Here’s why a debt cancellation for the Global South is a necessary precondition to enable a #JustTransition & #ClimateJustice!
🧵👇 Projection by Koala Kollektiv
2/14 History taught us how intelligent debt policy works. February 27, 2023, marks the 70th anniversary of the cancellation of 🇩🇪’s debt. This contributed decisively to the reconstruction of a heavily war-torn country.… #DebtForClimate #LondonAgreement1953
3/14 Through the #LondonAgreement1953, signed on February 27, 1953, during the the age of bloc confrontation, the young 🇩🇪 nation was closely tied to the Western defense alliance. #DebtForClimate #CancelTheDebt
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1/8. 🤯An eye-opening new tracker detailing the flight emissions✈️of the #SuperRich has been created by Akash Shendure a high school senior from Seattle in the U.S! But how do the emissions of the 1% relate to #LossAndDamage from the #ClimateCrisis?

2/8. 📈Although there are many ways to measure responsibility for the #ClimateCrisis, no matter which way you do it's the richest countries🌐, people🎩 and polluting industries🏭 that come out on top. 👇
3/8. Between 1990 and 2015 the proportional #CO2 emission of the richest 1% of the world's population were 15%, whilst in the same period the richest 10% accounted for 52%.

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🧵 Greek firms made 1600 trips from Russia, on ships with 136 million DWT (35% of total) since #Ukraine invasion started.

A month after EU sanctions intro’d on 5 December, 🇬🇷 ships still dominate #fossilfuel exports. But who are behind these often little-known tanker companies?
TMS Tankers is controlled by billionaire art donor George Economou. He has a gallery named after him at London’s Tate Modern, and is a supporter of many global #art institutions 🖼

His firm conducted 11 voyages on ships with more than 1 million DWT in the month after 5 December.
The Andreas Martinos-led Minerva Marine, meanwhile, embarked on 13 trips from #Russia with 1.2 million DWT ship capacity during the period.

Other high-profile Greek shippers include a trio who also control major media outlets in the country – all highly critical of the invasion.
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1/9.⚡️BREAKING⚡️: This morning @vanessa_vash, @GretaThunberg , @luisaneubauer and @SumakHelena spoke at the World Economic Forum (#wef23) in @Davos about and open letter to #FossilFuel CEO's —signed by 850k+ people— calling on them to end the fossil expansion. Climate activists Greta Thunberg, Vanessa Nakate, Helena Gua
2/9. This letter is a Cease and Desist Notice is to demand that #FossilFuel CEO's immediately stop opening any new #Oil, #Gas, or #Coal extraction sites, and stop blocking the clean energy transition that is urgently need.
3/9. The letter highlights that #FossilFuel companies KNEW for decades that fossil fuels cause catastrophic #ClimateChange. That they MISLED the public about #ClimateScience and risks (#LossAndDamage) and
DECEIVED politicians with disinformation sowing doubt and causing delay.
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1/ NEW REPORT: Our first ever Canadian Pension Climate Report Card reveals Canada’s major pension funds are not on track to protect pensions from the worsening #climatecrisis or to align their portfolios with a safe climate future. #cdnpoli

A 🧵. Read on!
2/ Canada's pensions must do much more to develop and implement credible Paris-aligned climate action plans, fulfill their fiduciary duty to invest in members’ best long-term interests, and protect retirement security in a world that limits global heating to 1.5°C. #cdnpoli
3/ The report finds a high level of inconsistency among pension funds with a collective >$2 trillion in AUM, with the degree of urgency, detail, transparency, and ambition varying widely for managing climate-related risks and opportunities across the sector. #climaterisk #cdnpoli
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"Transitional" skills training for #fossilfuel workers Image
Lots of money related to higher education, #Climate, #transportation
UC bonds->cash
$48 billion for climate related spending on top of previous $48B from federal funding ImageImageImageImage
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Here is my take on #COP27 outcome(s) on #climate #mitigation based mostly on fieldnotes from COP, focussing on #FossilFuels, #JustTransition & #equity/ambition dichotomy.@TheIndiaForum @girmanipal @CentreMarcBloch @FU_Berlin @NavrozDubash @ClimateDiplo 1/8…
I argue, "Despite alarming evidence about the pace of cc, #COP27 failed to raise mitigation ambition. While the 1.5°C limit was salvaged in the end, the lack of consensus on fossil fuel phase-down/phase-out scuttled the possibility of meaningful action in the coming years." 2/8
Not only are #industrialized countries' mitigation commitments grossly insufficient to meet the 1.5°C limit, their efforts to sidestep their pre-2020 commitments, Paris decisions & delink developing countries' mitigation efforts from #climatefinance dilute #equity. 3/8
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Our new report 'Paris Maligned' finds #oil & #gas🛢️companies are spending vast sums on new #FossilFuel production that will tip the world past #ParisAgreement goals & towards climate catastrophe…
'Paris Maligned' finds #Exxon, #Shell, Total, #Equinor & other companies approved $58bn in investment that is only needed if #oil & #gas demand reaches the point to push global 🌍 temperatures above 2.5°C🌡️…
Thom Allen, #Oil & #Gas Analyst & report author said: “Oil & gas companies are marketing themselves as part of the solution to #ClimateChange, while simultaneously planning production increases that would lead to climate catastrophe"… #BigOil #greenwashing
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Fellow New Yorkers! The NYS Climate Action Council is wrapping up its process for finalizing the Climate Action Plan. Our kids’ futures hang in the balance. This is my message to you and to the members of the Council. 🧵1/27
2/ In the coming weeks we will learn whether our state government is strong enough to stand up to the #fossilfuel industry, or if it will once again bend to the entrenched and powerful.
3/ Eight years ago I sat in a jail cell for 2 weeks to show that our regulatory system was broken—and despite our victory over #fracking in NYS, the system remains vulnerable to the corrupting influence, disinformation campaigns, and political might of the fossil fuel industry.
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Tomorrow 29th of November, I will be hosting the #climatebrawl debate between @TonyClimate and @GeraldKutney!

7pm Paris , 8pm Pretoria, 1pm Eastern Time, 10am California, 5am in Australia, 2am China (if the C02 keeps you up!)

Livestream Link is👇
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No matter what the magnitude of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions has on climate (I would argue its overstated by the IPCC) the warming climate has not at all been bad for most of the planet. Yes sea levels are rising slightly (about 1/10th of the rate...
...that they rose after the last glacial) and obviously temperatures have risen (much more in urban areas due to the Urban Heat Island Effect) but people are living longer than ever. Less folks are at risk of famine or malnutrition than ever before. There has been... increase in extreme weather events such as droughts, floods, or hurricanes. The planet is greening and with that crop yields are at record highs. Vast amount of land that was unsuitable for agriculture or livestock due to cold temps is becoming available...
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Political will delivers big step forwards with Loss and Damage fund at #COP27

#FossilFuel tensions still to be fully addressed: inches forward leave little assurance on the acceleration needed to keep temperature rise below 1.5C.

Read E3G's assessment 👉…
@KateLLevick @AlexScottLondon @CamillaFenning @TomEvansClimate @Mabeytweet @benomar_ines @chrislittlecott @C_BritoCecilio @aldenmeyer @laurasabogal “Through the leadership of vulnerable country groups, who pushed very hard for a tangible loss and damage outcome at #COP27, we reached for the first time in 30 years a breakthrough agreement,"

@benomar_ines #LossAndDamage…
“Finance issues were always going to be critical at this COP," says @KateLLevick on #climate finance at #COP27. "Beyond the negotiated issues there was a consensus that current financial architecture and rules are not adequate to meet the climate challenge."
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1/13.📜NEW BLOG: A new blog by members of @LossandDamage explains where the phrase “mosaic of solutions” comes from and how it captures the need to mobilise action and support on all fronts (both inside & outside the @UNFCCC) to address #LossAndDamage.

🔗… Image
2/13. The phrase “mosaic of solutions” was first used by the #Maldives —one of the nations most vulnerable to the impacts of the #ClimateCrisis— in September to capture the need to mobilise action and support on all fronts to address #LossAndDamage that is happening now.
3/13. However, in the #LossAndDamage Finance negotiations at #COP27 the term has been used by developed countries to stress the need to focus on solutions outside the @UNFCCC such as the #GlobalShield Against Climate Risk.
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There is one thing that doesn't seem to be clear for Parties at #COP27: The only “clean” oil, gas, and coal is the oil, gas, and coal we leave in the ground.

❗There is no fixing #FossilFuels, we need to ditch them ❗


A short 🧵
We cannot decarbonize oil, gas & coal. We need to #Decarbonize the economy, by ending reliance on #FossilFuels.

Fossil fuel producers are falling over themselves to sell their products as the cleanest dirty energy around. Don't by their lies.
Carbon capture & storage (#CCS) cannot make gas green, oil clean, or coal climate-safe.
Ample evidence demonstrates that CCS is:
🔻 Unnecessary for the rapid emission cuts we need,
🔻 Unproven at scale,
🔻 Unjust for communities on the frontlines of fossil fuel extraction.
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630+ fossil fuel lobbyists at #COP27

New research from CEO @stopcorpabuse & @globalwitness shows #fossilfuels lobbyists at COP up by over 100 vs Glasgow last year.

Here’s a thread 🧵…
#COP27 is the “African COP” yet the fossil fuel delegation is larger than that of any African country.

“How are you going to address the dire climate impacts on the continent” with this imbalance, asks @PhilipJakpor from @CAPPAfrica
There are more #FossilFuel lobbyists at #COP27 than from the 10 countries most impacted by climate change combined:
🇵🇷Puerto Rico
🇧🇸The Bahamas
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1/14. Its day two at #COP27 and here is you #LossAndDamage focused daily thread. Today saw the World Leaders Summit in which #LossAndDamage was a hot topic and the first negotiations on the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage. 🧵
2/14. Before the World Leaders Summit @CANint held a press conference in which @mohadow of @PowerShftAfrica made it clear that #LossAndDamage is happening right now in #Africa:
3/14. Then as the World Leaders Summit began we heard from @antonioguterres the @UN Secretary-General who called for all governments to tax the windfall profits of #FossilFuel companies and redirect that money to countries suffering #LossAndDamage:
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#FossilFuel profits ⬆️ & atmospheric concentrations ⬆️
Coincidence? Doesn't look like it

Profits at world’s seven biggest oil firms soar to almost £150bn this year…

Atmospheric levels of all three greenhouse gases hit record high…
"Scientists warn world ‘is heading in wrong direction’ amid rise in nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and methane"
“As the most urgent priority, we have to slash carbon dioxide emissions, which are the main driver of climate change and associated extreme weather, and which will affect climate for thousands of years through polar ice loss, ocean warming and sea level rise.”
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On my way to #COP27 & during my stopover in London tuning in to follow the ongoing discussions of the #Article6.4 Mechanism Supervisory Body (read #CarbonMarket), where members are discussing methodologies for the mechanism & some of its activities:…. A 🧵
#NoOffsets: For the #Article6.4 mechanism to have any positive contributions to enhancing #ClimateAmbition, it must be clear that "credits" generated cannot be used for offsets. You cannot offset your way to 1.5C. #NoOffsets
Critically, members are discussing the potential for "removal" activities, but removals are not reductions and come with considerable risks for #HumanRights, reversals (i.e. when wildfires subsequently destroy a forest), etc.
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The Dutch government 🇳🇱 has released its assessment regarding the modernization of the Energy Charter Treaty and why and how it wants to #ExitECT

The result achieved is insufficiently ambitious and not in line with 🇳🇱🇪🇺 #climate targets. 🧵👇…
Key points decisive for 🇳🇱 to #ExitECT:
1⃣ Despite flexibility mechanism and carve-outs for 🇪🇺, ECT remains an organization where #FossilFuel protection outside 🇪🇺 remains possible.
2⃣ No reference to future Multilateral Investment Court
3⃣ No strong sustainability obligations
Subsequently, 🇳🇱 will:
➡️abstain from voting during the Energy Charter Conference on 22 Nov so not to block modernization for others.
➡️ not initiate ratification procedure and not submit ECT amendments to parliament for approval
➡️ object provisional application
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#COP27 | #LossAndDamage

In the first half of 2022, developing countries suffered USD26.2 bn economic losses, while just 6 #FossilFuel companies reported a profit of USD95 bn, finds @LossandDamage's latest report.

@MongabayIndia @mongabay cc @theplainjain…
Rich, industrialised countries have contributed an estimated 92% of excess historical emissions, yet it is the developing & vulnerable countries that are hit the hardest by climate change impacts.…
Experts tag #COP27 as the 1st climate summit in “the era of #LossAndDamage.”

In 2022, over 119 record-breaking #ExtremeWeather events hit developing countries, resulting in billions of dollars of losses.
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