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Das empthische Gehirn und die kreative Evolution

Lektürekreis #Neurophilosophie
Ralph Brückner, M.A.

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@unihh Freitag 13. Mai 2022, 16h — Rolf Reinhold zeigt, wie Francis Bacon ihn falsch abgeschrieben hat… #IrgendwasMitFrancisBacon
@unihh wir sind am vorbereiten:
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Cheeseburger in U.S, explains bigger grocery bill of American consumers. they r seeing food prices rise at the fastest rate in decades. Supply chain snarls, labor shortages & climate challenges (plus the conflict in Ukraine) share the blame, but the main culprit is #Consolidation

Beef costs 16% more Vs March 2021.

Tyson, JBS, National & Cargill have been accused of increasing prices on meat products while keeping rancher profits low, they control over 80 % of the beef supply chain.

4 companies owning 80% beef supply is "pure" consolidation guys !

US port congestion has hampered bread bakers, who were waiting longer for those products. 50 input costs had jumped by double digits as of Jan, including hikes in the prices for wheat & natural gas reqd to power ovens. this was before Ukraine crisis, a major wheat exporter
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A thread on food and cross-pollination
Military research regularly cross-pollinates into consumer innovation - Stainless steel was originally invented for gun barrels, and Microwave ovens invented during research on naval radar systems (the inventor's chocolate bar melted in his pocket when working on radar systems)
The reason so much orange juice is consumed today is thanks to the research of Linda Brewster, who used a debittering enzyme to reduce the bitterness of Limonin in all citrus juices. Without this, the shelf life of orange juice is very short.
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Love #bacon but not jazzed about how it's made, especially after all the news of slaughterhouse workers getting sick, shuttering the facilities, and gassing or overheating pigs to "depopulate" them as a result?

Good news: the future of bacon is on its way. 2 examples below.
First, a new entrant to the #plantbased #bacon scene: @EatHoorayFoods will be launching soon in retail. This product category desperately needed new plant-based #innovation — thrilled to see this launch.…
Second, #cultivatedmeat startup @MissionBarns just posted this photo of their #bacon prototype, grown directly from animal cells rather than obtained from animal slaughter.

The #futureoffood can't come soon enough. Image
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In early 2009, #ObamaBiden were so busy watching the #FederalReserve shovel #funnymoney to cover the #BushRecession, while moving troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, and resetting relations with Russia & Ukraine, they barely had time to ignore the emerging #H1N1SwineFlu pandemic.
In the spring of 2009, a novel influenza virus emerged. It was detected first in the United States & spread quickly across the United States & the world.
#CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases, 274,304 hospitalizations, & 12,469 deaths in the U.S. alone due to the virus.
#CDC estimated up to 575,400 people worldwide died from #H1N1SwineFlu virus infection during the first year the virus circulated.
Since 2009, the H1N1 virus has circulated seasonally in the U.S. causing significant illnesses, hospitalizations, & deaths.…
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Scald tanks,’ large pools of boiling water, are used to loosen animals’ skin and hair after slaughter. Due to the fast pace at which animals are killed, THOUSANDS OF FARMED ANIMALS ARE BOILED ALIVE each year.

#Pigs #Bacon #Ham #Pork #Cruelty #Meat

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“These hogs get up to the scalding tank, hit the water and start screaming and kicking. Sometimes they thrash so much they kick water out of the tank… Sooner or later they drown... I’m not sure if they burn to death before they drown, but it... ⬇️
... takes them a couple of minutes to stop thrashing.”

Ever ran the tap too hot, or spilled hot water on yourself while cooking.. remember the terrible pain? Now imagine being immersed in it from head to toe with no escape as you desperately try in vain.. while you boil alive 😔
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Surprised his marriage didn’t work out since he was sending me DMs a month after his wife gave birth. (I tweeted a joke about pulling a muscle changing a tampon and he replied asking if I smelled bacon? Cool joke)
I deleted my tweets a while ago in this exchange but just found this one
His dad is president why hasn’t he deleted these tweets? #bacon
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