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By the way, it turns out that Hillandale Farms, where the massive fire took place Saturday, is not really the 4th largest supplier of eggs in the country. It is owned by the BIGGEST supplier of eggs, Cal-Maine Foods.
And Cal-Maine Foods is doing GREAT, thanks for asking. #eggs #EggShortage…
Interesting side note: I only found out that Cal-Maine owns Hillandale by watching an old Youtube video on DIY chicken feed. Not even the AG of NY mentions the connection in her gouging action against Hillandale from 2020. I have questions.🤔…
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The instant that governments rolled out #relief funds so #quarantine-shuttered firms wouldn't fail and #covid-furloughed workers wouldn't starve, execs started rubbing their forelegs together, planning to raise prices and blame #inflation caused by giving money to The Poors. 1/ Humpty Dumpty, smashed and crying at the bottom of a wall. T
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
They weren't exactly subtle about it: the CEOs of America's largest companies got on their quarterly investor calls and chortled about the willingness of "consumers" to blame inflation for the price-hikes they were cramming down their throats:… 3/
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Earning Extra Money From Focus Groups Saved Me

A Thread 🧵
I had started a business and I was struggling to pay the bills (maybe you can relate).
I couldn’t even afford to go to a Friends Wedding.

That’s when my friend Jennifer told me about Focus Groups that pay between $75 - $250.
I was skeptical but had Nothing To Lose
So I did what she told me and began getting phone calls from these companies offering to pay me to discuss everyday products like Beer, Tequila, travel, social media, etc…

I can’t tell you how happy I was leaving one of these groups with two crisp $100 bills in an envelope!!
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A thread on fact, myth & knowledge about Proteins (P):

All food or drinks r made up of P, Carbs & Fat
1. What is protein:

This is referred as building blocks of ur body & made up of amino acids.
20 different amino acid combine in various combination to form all kind of protein.
2. How Proteins function in body:

Every cell in our body contains protein so it is very imp.
a. For building and repairing of body tissues protein is required.
b. Enzymes r protein which help in activity such as muscle contractions & relaxation.
c. Protein is alternate src of energy which provide 4 cal per gm of protein.
d. Some proteins are hormones which are chemical messengers b/w cell, tissues and organs.
e. Proteins helps to fight infection in ur body.
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June 3 is #NationalEggDay. We honor today by taking a close look at the environmental, ethical, and health impacts of poultry farming and highlighting ways to help hens raised for their #eggs. 1/13 Image
Studies show that #chickens are socially complex beings capable of self-control and empathy.

Despite their proven sentience, the #poultry industry raises billions of chickens for their meat and eggs every year. @JenMishler reports. 2/13…
Before the 1920s, #chickens were thought of as smart and industrious.

When chickens became the first factory-farmed animal in the world, #chicken representation in the media evolved to justify their treatment within farms. @LillieGardner reports. 3/13…
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#UkraineKonflikt ?

For those who ask:
“Why does Ukraine matter? “

How the nation of #Ukraine ranks:

1st in #Europe in proven recoverable reserves of #uranium ores;

2nd place in Europe and 10th place in the world in terms of #titanium ore reserves;

1/1 Image
2nd place in the world in terms of explored reserves of #manganese ores (2.3 billion tons, or 12% of the world's reserves);

2nd largest iron ore reserves in the world (30 billion tons);

2nd place in Europe in terms of #mercury ore reserves;

3rd place in Europe (13th place in the world) in shale #gas reserves
(22 trillion cubic meters)

4th in the world by the total value of natural resources;
7th place in the world in #coal reserves
(33.9 billion tons)

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Why #Ukraine 🇺🇦 matters to #EU, #US, #UK, #Canada, the world thread 🧵↓

© Olena Karpenko Image
This is #Ukraine 🇺🇦 pictured on top of a map of #Europe. It's the biggest European country, bigger than France. Donbass' territories occupied by Russia are as big as Switzerland.

What is happening now is not a small local conflict, but a hazard for the whole world.

Why does #Ukraine 🇺🇦 matter?

✅ 1ˢᵗ in Europe in proven recoverable reserves of uranium ores;
✅ 2ⁿᵈ place in Europe and 10th place in the world in terms of titanium ore reserves;

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Rejuvant®, a potential life-extending compound formulation with alpha-ketoglutarate and vitamins, conferred an average 8 year reduction in biological aging…
Alternatively, you could go with something like this:

Amino acids whose intracellular levels change most during aging alter chronological lifespan of fission yeast…
#aminoacids #lifespan #chonological #age
And this:

Independent and Additive Effects of Glutamic Acid and Methionine on Yeast Longevity…

#longevity #age #lifespan
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1/6 #BOUasm21 #BREAK3 BOOMS from #fireworks are fun for people… But, what are their effects on #urban birds🐦? Noise has been proven to harm urban wildlife but recreational #noise is a source of pollution that has been poorly studied. #ornithology @bou… Image
2/6 #BOUasm21 #BREAK3 Moors and Christians #festivals are very noisy recreational activities with the use of fireworks and powder guns. These festivals raise a potential #conflict between festivals participants and #bird conservation. Did this noise affect birds breeding success? Image
3/6 #BOUasm21 #BREAK3 5 pairs of cities in E Spain were studied to reveal if somehow these noisy festivals were affecting the breeding success of the #HouseSparrow. Two visits per year to explore if the effects were differential on eggs and nestlings🐥🐣. Image
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1. Both predators and prey animals use camouflage to their advantage.

Prey animals blend in with the background, so hungry predators pass right by them.

🧵 Start of a thread with some amazing videos on #Camouflage.

I like this one. 🙂

#cats #pets

2. But predators use camouflage too.

The striated frogfish (Antennarius striatus) walks the seafloor right up to its unsuspecting prey.

It has a prognathous mouth that launches an attack on prey in as fast as 6 milliseconds.

🧵 #ocean #fish #nature

3. The wonders of nature is a theme you can read about in The Planet newsletter.

Subscribe to The Planet and start your day with stories about the beauty of #nature, or threats like #climate change.

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🧵 Thread
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(1/n) I will be conducting an N=1 'experiment' to try to determine the impact of 2 #eggs per day on my LDL-C, ApoB, HDL-C and triglycerides.

I will document everything in this thread 👇

(2/n) Protocol:

Blood test.

Tofu diet phase: Breakfast of scrambled tofu plus a set menu x 14 days.

Blood test.

Wash out phase: Usual diet x 10 days.

Blood test.

Egg diet phase: Isocaloric breakfast of scrambled egg plus the same set menu x 14 days.

Blood test.
(3/n) Baseline bloods:

Total cholesterol: 141mg/dl / 3.65mmol/l

LDL-C: 64mg/dl / 1.66mmol/l

Non-HDL: 64.24mg/dl / 1.66mmol/l

HDL-C: 66.9mg/dl / 1.73mmol/l

Total cholesterol to HDL ratio: 2.11

Triglycerides: 50.44mg/dl / 0.57mmol/l Image
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A thread on food and cross-pollination
Military research regularly cross-pollinates into consumer innovation - Stainless steel was originally invented for gun barrels, and Microwave ovens invented during research on naval radar systems (the inventor's chocolate bar melted in his pocket when working on radar systems)
The reason so much orange juice is consumed today is thanks to the research of Linda Brewster, who used a debittering enzyme to reduce the bitterness of Limonin in all citrus juices. Without this, the shelf life of orange juice is very short.
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Myth : You need 1½ egg per day. O wrong❌

Myth : You Need about 4 eggs per week.
Really? Please! O wrong❌

Myth : Egg ain't good for your Heart?
Biggest scam in history

Lemme make a Short detailed Thread about the BENEFITS OF EATING EGGS

1. Egg raise your the good fats ( High density lipoprotein - HDL) .
Low density Lipoproteins (LDL) can cause alot of Cardiovascular complications such as Artheosclerosis hence LDL are bad fat.
Taking foods rich in HDL helps mop out these bad fat out of the body
and 1 egg contains 5g of good fat & less than 1g of bad fat.

2. Eggs are essential for your muscles (heart muscles, skeletal muscles, etc)
How? Egg contains 9 essential amino acids & Amino acids are the building blocks of protein
eg Amino acids x 10000 = a protein
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THREAD: After 4 years on my health journey (and having lost >50 lbs.), here are my top 20 weight loss and #health tips, things I really wish I had known 20 years ago. #LCHF
1. Stop the Sugar - Avoid #fructose, sucrose, lactose or pretty much anything else that ends in -ose. #Sugar causes blood glucose spikes, which raises your levels of insulin, the main fat-storage hormone.
2. Limit net carbohydrates to 50g or less daily. Lower is even better, shooting for 15g per meal. Calculate net #carbs by subtracting grams of fiber from total carbs.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/20/2020-2…

Peter Turchin The Science behind My Forecast for 2020 - Peter Turchin…

#science #forecast2020
Physical link between RNA processing and epigenetic silencing discovered…

#epi #rna
Lancet-gate in the COVID-19 pandemic era: is it alright for science to be wrong?…

#wrong #pandemic #science
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Even though #Thailand government has reassured people there's enough food stockpile in nation & urges all not to panic buy as #supermarkets remain open, people forming long lines at #Bangkok #grocery store buying up essentials like #rice #oil #eggs #sugar #COVID19 #coronavirus
March 22 to April 12, #Thailand #Bangkok will shut more venues like #malls #salons #beauty clinics this means thousands more employees now will have no work for some 3 weeks. Not sure how firms/businesses are going to deal with this greater economic impact #Covid_19 #coronavirus
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How #CoronavirusOutbreak will kill #poultry #Haryana

The #eggs used to sell for Rs 5/piece in winters & between Rs 3.25 to 4 in summers. Now, prices of eggs have fallen to Rs 2.90/unit and there were no takers for culling worthy birds even for a price as low as Rs 10-12
#Farmers used to buy a day-old broiler chick from the hatcheries for Rs 40-45. After feeding the chick for a month, a full-grown broiler(1.5 kg), fetched a price of Rs 80/kg

However, with a steep fall in the demand, now #chicken, broilers are not fetching more than Rs 25 per kg.
#Hatchery #farmers are equally distressed since their one-day-old broiler that costs Rs 20-25 and was selling for Rs 40-45 earlier, is not finding a customer even for Rs 3.

Poultry was already reeling due to a hike in the prices of feed, but now, their situation is precarious.😟
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It’s time for another #ORNITHOLODAY! Tweeting today are @hemmingsnicola1, members of her @sheffieldAPS team including @fay_morland, and collaborators @ZSLScience @kikaB8 & @Belfast_Ash9 (we’ll introduce ourselves properly shortly!) #ornithology #teamegg
We’ll be delivering dozens of amazing egg facts throughout the day (08:00-15:00 UTC) #ORNITHOLODAY #teamegg
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