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$DAG is going to change the world.

#Web2 has destroyed the value exchange between business, client & consumer, massively shifting the power & benefit over to BIG TECH.

SO MANY #Blockbuster style disruptions are coming, & I think $DAG is going to pioneer it.

Here's why 👇
Certain BIG businesses in different industries have gained massive monopolies, pushing smaller businesses into a corner with no choice but to use them.

But what do you think is going to happen when a better alternative finally comes around?

Mass exodus.
Over the next few years we're going to see the "Google, Amazons & Facebooks" of #Web3 start to gain huge adoption. The business cycle is nearing its breakdown and breakthrough moment.

As an investor its our job to figure out what those will be.

Let's look at some $DAG examples.
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Is Popcorn a luxury? 🍿

Let's find out 🧵
📽️ & 🍿- it's a match 🫰

But well, you'd all agree, these popcorns in movie theatres cost you more than the movie ticket itself!

#PVRInox #stockstowatch
No denying, popcorn in theatres is a luxury. So, people tend to avoid these when their incomes are running low, i.e. in times of a crisis.

- atleast that's what economists will tell you
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In #Xanten (#KreisWesel) deutet sich eine Sensation an.

Noch 4 Stimmbezirke und die #CDU liegt nur 0,77% vor der #SPD bei den Zweitstimmen.

Xanten ist eine absolute CDU-Hochburg. /TN #btw21 #Bundestagswahl21
Zum Vergleich hier die letzten Ergebnisse bei der Kommunalwahl. /TN
Der Krimi in #Xanten entwickelt sich zum #Blockbuster.

Nur 0,05% Unterschied zwischen #SPD und #CDU.
Und noch 1 Stimmbezirk! /TN #btw21 #Bundestagswahl21
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'Korean Documentary and Science Film Studio produced new science films dealing with the urgent sci-tech issues arising in the implementation of the new five-year plan...' #NorthKorea…
'...A science film expounds an effective blasting method enabling collieries and mines to increase the tunneling speed by more than 1.5 times...'
'...Some science films contribute to increasing agricultural production and stepping up the comprehensive mechanization of agriculture and help deeply understand the scientific farming...'
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I’ll tell you what the #SEC lawsuit is really about. And yes many will think this is tinfoil hat conspiracy stuff. But everyone should read the book called the Innovators Dilemma. In this book it talks about how innovation properly handled & wrongly handled. @ripple with #XRP
Is following the proper plan for complete success. #blockbuster failed because they like what that had built their view was faster physical media “DVD” but the public did know this was just a faster horse. #Netflix offered to sell out to Blockbuster for $50m. But, blockbuster..
Refused, and it’s fun to watch a time-lapse of the number of blockbuster stores that dwindle as the #Netflix streaming service grows and grows. @ripple has offered the prize to the big banks, a better faster innovative technology, but the big banks like their fast horse “SWIFT”..
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¿Qué tienen en común el CINE de #Hitchcock y #DéjàVu de Tony Scott?

Abro #HILO ⬇️⬇️ ImageImageImage
Aunque quizá la pregunta adecuada sería:

¿Qué tienen en común el díptico #LaVentanaIndiscreta-#Vértigo y la película de acción y ciencia ficción protagonizada por #DenzelWashington? 🤔
O, lo que es lo mismo:

¿En serio vamos (o voy) a comparar las dos obras maestras de #Hitchcock con la estimable (y quizá ya está) #DéjàVu?
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1. #Spoilersahead: As much as I love the potential for #minorityandfemalerepresentation in future #MarvelCinematicUniverse films, I still think the way that #Falcon (@AnthonyMackie) got the #CaptainAmericashield is a #copout by @Marvel /@MarvelStudios, since its previous
2. representations of him (including #EndGame) have been less than ideal (a secondary character who got knocked out of fights all the time, paving the way for the observation / reservation that this #passingofthetorch was not earned). And the fact that #SteveRogers (@ChrisEvans)
3. only gave up his shield for his love (#PeggyCarter / #HayleyAtwell), though a nice sentiment in itself, leaves room for his return in the future. Thus, giving @Marvel / @MarvelStudios the option to #swaywiththepoliticalwinds. While #TonyStarks (@RobertDowneyJr) sacrifice was a
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