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"We don't have any indication of the use of lasers...weaponized lasers" by #Russia in #Ukraine, per @PentagonPresSec

...this despite Russian claims its used a new generation of lasers to counter drones
US assesses #Russia is behind where it wants to be as far as progress in the #Donbas, w/Russian progress slow, uneven, per @PentagonPresSec

Says every day there are "hamlets towns and villages that are changing hands" between Russia & #Ukraine
US @SecDef Lloyd Austin to virtually host meeting of the #Ukraine Contact Group this coming Monday - more than 40 nations expected to take part, per @PentagonPresSec
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'One October day, Juche 108(2019), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited the Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm and Tree Nursery under construction...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...He feasted his eyes on the farm village built as good as a city. He expressed the great satisfaction noting that the village of the Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm could be a model for the building of socialist rural modern houses...'
'...he said that the Migok Cooperative Farm village, built ten-odd years ago, could not be the model of rural modern houses now...'
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in non-Covid #NorthKorean news 'A campaign for smoothly providing equipment and materials needed for the construction of 10 000 flats in the Hwasong area is briskly underway in different parts of the country...' #rodong…
'...Chollima Steel Complex has strengthened connection of lines through scrupulous organization and guidance over production as required by the maximum emergency epidemic prevention system...'
'...Taean Friendship Glass Factory is conducting a charge for production. It organized a socialist emulation among units to give fullest play to the mental power of its workers and technicians and has settled problems by dint of science and technology...'
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KPA Surgeons (?) meet at the Ministry of National Defence #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...Recollecting the love for the people of General Secretary Kim Jong Un...speakers expressed their determination to devotedly safeguard the security of the capital city as fortresses and bulletproof walls...'
'...[they expressed] their will to convey the precious medicines, elixir of life, associated with the great love of Kim Jong Un for the people to the Pyongyangites, regarding the posts in their charge as frontline trenches...'
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A few things to consider re #NorthKorea’s announcement of COVID-19 outbreak in view of the most recent consultative meeting of the Political Bureau of WPK's Central Committee. 1/8
Inaccurate reporting and stats at medical facilities. Medical personnel (and NK officials in general) have little to no incentive to report actual figures. If stats look too bad they will be criticized and/or punished so mis/under-reporting is quite common 2/8
The Department of Treatment and Prevention at the Ministry of Public Health is tasked with collecting stats but relies on self-reporting done by doctors at hospitals. Much of patient treatment in NK takes place at people’s homes by means of doctors’ house visits. 3/8
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'The cooperative farms of North Phyongan Province have taken proper measures to prevent the crops from drought damage...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...The Rural Economy Committee of North Phyongan Province called on officials in the irrigation field of cities and counties to enhance their sense of responsibility and roles, while meticulously organizing the control and command to carry out the assigned tasks without fail...'
'...Officials of Thaechon County rationally arranged the manpower and means and completed the cleaning out of waterways covering hundreds of kilometers in quality by encouraging the mental spirit of masses with stirring agitprop activities...'
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'A campaign for enhancing sci-tech force of the metallurgical industry is getting brisk in the DPRK...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...Scientists of the Ferrous Metal Research Institute of the State Academy of Sciences push ahead in the final stage with the research to improve various technical and economic indices of the UHP electric arc furnace at the Chollima Steel Complex...'
'...Scientists of the May 28 Metal Research Institute under the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry have intensified their research activities. At Chongjin Steel Plant, scientists strive to lengthen the life of revolving furnace and increase its operating rate within this year...'
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'Art troupes and art propaganda squads in Pyongyang briskly conduct frontline economic agitation at dwelling construction site in Hwasong area...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...Artistes of Phibada Opera Troupe, National Theatrical Troupe, National Folk Art Troupe and National Acrobatic Troupe incandescent to fulfill their duty as frontline buglers in the present gigantic march are arousing masses’ enthusiasm for revolution and struggle...'
'...Those of the Central Art Squad for Agitation for Increased Production are making the construction site seethe like a crucible with colorful and diversified programmes...'
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'Officials of the ministries and national institutions turned out as one in the campaign for preventing the damage from drought...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...According to data available, vehicles like truck and water-supply wagon and equipment and materials including mini-pumps and vinyl sheets were sent in time to the rural areas with vulnerability to drought...'
'...officials dispatched to the farms in South Hwanghae Province make sure the fields damaged by or vulnerable to drought are watered first...'
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'Officials and working people of South Hamgyong Province push ahead with land management to implement the decision of the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...officials of Jongphyong County vigorously accelerate the construction for remodeling bridges and installing culverts in several places while summoning up enthusiasm of the masses...'
'...Those of Kowon County improve conditions of the road...They also pay deep attention to providing the equipment and means necessary for carrying out tasks such as rock breaking and paving the road with gravel...'
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'The first generation of the Korean revolution wrote words on the surface of barked trees not only in the vast Manchurian plain but also in different parts of the country...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...Thousands of trees bearing revolutionary slogans have been discovered so far across the country. Many trees bearing slogans praising President Kim Il Sung, a legendary hero acclaimed by the Korean nation, were found in the area of Mt Paektu...'
'...Discovered in the areas of Rangrim, Sinhung and Anju were trees bearing slogans dealing with revolutionary exploits of Kim Il Sung who advanced into the homeland and built up a strong revolutionary base for all-people resistance...'
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Ex-PM #ImranKhan dragged #Cuba into domestic #Pakistan politics by using sanctions on Cuban people as something Pakistanis should look up to. This cynical analogy was unfair to both great nations. One more damage from the previous govt added to PM @CMShehbaz's repair list.
Federal Minister @betterpakistan represents many Pakistanis who believe #Pakistan should not be like #Cuba/#NorthKorea; and is within his rights to respond to the statement by ex-PM #ImranKhan who advised Pakistanis at an international forum to learn to live under sanctions.
#Pakistan and #Cuba enjoy excellent ties. But first the ex-PM dragged Cuba into Pak politics, and when a Minister @betterpakistan responded to the ex-PM, the Ambassador of Cuba apparently indirectly came to ex-PM's defense. This looks like an attempt to meddle in 🇵🇰 politics.
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'More than 2 670 young people across the country have volunteered to work at the posts in difficult and arduous fields since the 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Party Central Committee...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...Young people in Pyongyang volunteered to work at labor-consuming sectors like coal mines and farms...'
'...Those in Sinuiju City, Tongrim and Pakchon Counties and other parts of North Phyongan Province volunteered for farms and major units in the province...'
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'Officials and working people in the chemical industry put further spurs to their offensive advance...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...Those atHungnam Fertilizer Complex, mindful of the importance of their duty in constantly developing the country’s agricultural production in this meaningful year, bring about innovations in fertilizer production...'
'...Labor and management of the February 8 Vinalon Complex brace themselves up to increase production of various chemical goods...'
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'participants in the 7th April Spring People's Art Festival conducted a motivation campaign at the construction site for 10 000 flats in the Hwasong area on April 17. They staged vigorous field performing activities, working together with builders...' #NorthKorea #rodong Image
'...Members of South Hwanghae and Kangwon provincial art troupes and North Hwanghae and North Hamgyong provincial art squads performed such numbers inspiring the builders with the pride of taking part in the construction...'
'...Songs sung by art squad members of the railway sector boosted the soaring enthusiasm of the builders to be victors in the grand construction struggle by emulating the indomitable fighting spirit and traits of the preceding generations...'
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'The Korean Central News Agency on Tuesday issued a detailed report on the successful completion of 10 000 flats in the Songsin and Songhwa areas...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...According to the report, the Party Central Committee made a bold decision to launch the project for building 50 000 flats in the city of Pyongyang despite the worst situation, a formidable work in common practice...'
'...It set forth the project as an important goal of the new five-year plan at the 8th Party Congress and then unfolded a grand construction operation for building 10 000 flats in the Songsin and Songhwa areas at the first step...'
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NEW: @DefenseIntel warns "the combined operational space fleets of #China & #Russia have grown by approximately 70%" between 2019 & 2021 Image
More from @DefenseIntel on #China, #Russia space fleets Image
"#China, #Russia "developing various means to exploit the perceived US reliance on space-based systems & challenge the US position in the space domain" per @DefenseIntel

Both "seek to position themselves as leading space powers, intent on creating new global space norms"
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'One November day in Juche 103(2014), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un inspected the Fishery Station No. 18...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...The fishery station had achieved unprecedented successes in fishing and won in several socialist emulations among fishery stations in the eastern coastal area, thus receiving congratulations from the respected General Secretary...'
'...the respected General Secretary it was no more than the fishermen who were directly in charge of fishing, Party organizations and working people’s organizations in the fishery sector...must pay careful attention to the livelihood of the fishermen...'
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'Officials and workers in the forestry sector of the DPRK are accelerating the production of timber for rural construction...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...Jasong and Kophung forestry stations under Jagang Provincial Forestry Management Bureau have brought good results with the efficient timber-cutting method every day, while conducting the preparations for tree planting...'
'...Ryanggang Provincial Forestry Management Bureau directed efforts to cementing its material and technological foundation and allocated manpower and means in a rational way to make signal progress in timber production...'
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'Officials and working people in the forestry sector of the DPRK have turned out as one in the work for sowing tree seeds...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...Officials at the Forestry General Bureau of the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection are organizing the seed-sowing in all tree nurseries of the country so that it will be finished in time...'
'...Ensuring appropriate temperature to prevent waste of even a single seed of trees of good species, Jangyon and Unryul counties have carried out their daily plans without fail...'
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JUST IN: @DeptofDefense releases 2-page fact sheet on 2022 National Defense Strategy

Top 4 priorities:
-Growing multi-domain threat posed by #China
-Deterring strategic attacks vs US, Allies, & partners
-Deterring aggression
-Building a resilient Joint Force/defense ecosystem
MORE: on priority #3 - deterring aggression, @DeptofDefense says it must be done "while being prepared to prevail in conflict when necessary, prioritizing the PRC [#China] challenge in the #IndoPacific, then the #Russia challenge in #Europe"
MORE: "The Department will remain capable of managing other persistent threats, including those from #NorthKorea, #Iran & violent extremist organizations" per @DeptofDefense fact sheet
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NEW: Day 30 of #Russia' invasion of #Ukraine - "We've more than 1,250 missile launches since the start" per a senior US defense official

Russian forces "no closer than they were " to #Kyiv, per the officials "They are in defensive positions..."
#Makariv - "at the very least contested & may now be in #Ukrainian control" per a senior US defense official
#Chernihiv - "No real progress there" by #Russia|n forces, per a senior US defense official

#Ukraine forces - "some indications they are pushing the #Russians back"
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'In North Phyongan Province active support is given to the railway transport sector on a mass scale...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...working people of the province, fully aware of the importance of supporting railway sector in the struggle to attain the grand goal set forth by the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, display their patriotic enthusiasm in supporting the railway transport sector...'
'...Officials and employees of the provincial organs and units sent large amount of aid materials to the railway transport sector while filling up gravel, cracking gravel and cleaning out ditches in a responsible way...'
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#NorthKorea 🇰🇵 suspected to have successfully conducted its first full lofted trajectory test of Hwasong-17 ICBM (Thread🔽)…
#Japan MoD estimates #NorthKorea missile flew for 71 minutes, covering a distance of about 1,100km with a max altitude exceeding 6000km…
Comparison of #NorthKorea 🇰🇵 ICBM lofted trajectory tests:

Hwasong-14 (4 & 28 July 2017)
930km▶️ 2800km🔼 39m⏲️
1000km▶️ 3700km🔼 41m⏲️

Hwasong-15 (29 Nov 2017)
950km▶️ 4475km🔼 53m⏲️

Hwasong-17 ? (24 Mar 2022)
1100km▶️ 6000km+🔼 71m⏲️
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