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One of the most challenging parts of the last month is the sheer number of trolls who have targeted me. Logically, I understood that these people exist but it still boggles my mind that there are people who spends minutes, hours and days debating everything from
My mental health, whether I am a real person, how I can be pregnant, why I identify as both trans nonbinary and a lesbian. I honestly just don't understand how folks find the time to spend this much time on me
Moreover, we’ve started to get more concerning threats necessitating that we hire teams to provide security including monitoring threats against us. And the threats aren't even about the special the are about #Cuties and that conspiracy.
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Solo quando il male è costretto a venire alla luce - così che tutti possano vedere - possiamo sconfiggerlo.

"A volte non si può dire la verità alle persone.
Bisogna mostrargliela."

Tutto ciò a cui stiamo assistendo dovrebbe far capire.

Banchi in ottime condizioni buttati e sostituiti con banchi in plastica a rotelle senza spazio per i libri, ma giusto quanto basta per i tablet.
"🎶Baby it's cold outside" censurata dalla radio perché "sessista", ma W.A.P. di Cardi B candidata come canzone dell'estate da #MTV
Gli obbiettivi dell'Agenda 2030 proiettati sulla Piramide Cestia di Roma, 23/09/2020 👁️🔺
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L' #agenda2030 è il documento Onu grazie al quale la sinistra ha trasformato i suoi obiettivi politici in obiettivi istituzionali del mondo intero.
Oggi parlo dell'obiettivo 5: "partià di genere".
In realtà questo obiettivo ricorre ossessivamente anche .....
..... negli altri 16 punti del documento, qualunque sia l'argomento (dall'agricoltura al clima.....).
Anche qui il bocconcino è servito iniziando dalle parti più palatabili: eliminare "il traffico di donne e lo sfruttamento sessuale" (come? con #Cuties?)....
..... ed "Eliminare ogni pratica abusiva come il matrimonio combinato, il fenomeno delle spose bambine e le mutilazioni genitali femminili". Bene.
Poi si passa al sodo: "Riconoscere e valorizzare la cura e il lavoro domestico non retribuito, fornendo un servizio pubblico....
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One thing I want to say to skeptics of #Cuties who are basing their judgement off how exhibitionist the dance moves are in it, especially in the final competition performance scene, is that while it can be okay to draw boundaries for kids wrt exhibitionism, 1/12
there will be instances where girls cross lines adults don't want them to cross, and there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to rebuke them; it is inappropriate to let boys/men feel entitled to exhibitionist girls'/women's bodies which, like all girls'/women's bodies, 2/12
boys/men do not have dominion over! Dance and sexual relationships have features in common, but not all of the body language that can be seen in both should be seen as explicitly sexual in all instances. While I believe that explicit sexual exhibitionism can occur in dance, 3/12
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Il film #Cuties (#Mignonnes) fa schifo. La regista dice di voler denunciare l'ipersessualizzazione della bambine. Peccato ci fossero altri modi per farlo, invece di mostrare inquadrature morbose di bambine che sculettano, ammiccano, si strusciano per terra mentre twerkano (1/7)
In maniera subdola e ambigua mette sullo stesso piano la società occidentale e quella islamica. La protagonista Amy, figlia di immigrati africani, è in bilico tra i due mondi. Soffre perchè il padre sposerà una seconda donna che andrà a vivere da loro (2/7)
Al tempo stesso vuole essere accettata dal gruppetto delle #Mignonnes. Per farlo supererà ogni limite: ruba un telefono al cugino per girare video, trascura gli impegni familiari, picchia un'altra bambina fino ad arrivare a pubblicare una foto delle parti intime sui social (3/7)
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1. #Mignonnes (aka #Cuties on @netflix) has caused a lot of hot takes.
What concerns me most is that it’s clear that Republicans/ #Qultists are involved in a #MoralPanic, & those do NOT lead to successful measures to protect children from actual threats.…
2. Republicans weren’t up in arms about #ToddlersInTiaras, which aired on @tlc for 7 years. Look around. It wasn’t and isn’t an outlier.
3. France, home of the film “Mignonnes,” actually banned child pageants. America has not. Note: #MoralPanics often position the evil as coming from OUTSIDE.…
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So now you're accused of being far-right, a Q #conspiracy theorist or a Trump supporter because you're against child exploitation and #child sexualisation displayed in #Netflix #Cuties? At least there is one progressive @TulsiGabbard not going along with this left wing lunacy. ImageImageImageImage
The media is up to it's old tricks again. Look at the madness.

Today, idols are not made of wood, stone, or brass. They are made of money, sex, and power.

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Ok here’s the thing about #Cuties: I can absolutely understand how they can argue that the point was to comment on the dangers of sexualizing children. I get it. There are parts of it that are really really bad, and other parts that try to balance it out.
BUT....Thats not good enough. I also really believe the people involved in the making and marketing of this film don’t know that this film glories the sexualization of children. I truly believe they don’t know it was wrong to make this. And that’s the scariest part.
This is the logical outcome of what’s going on in culture: People can look at four very young girls playing highly sexualized roles and follow this project from conception to completion and see nothing wrong with it, or even question if it was a good idea.
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👀 #Cuties ImageImageImageImage
The choice is clear in November:

Republicans want to reopen churches and let children attend school

Democrats want to burn down cities and make your children dance like Cuties
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What #exmuslim #atheists #exmuslimAtheists like #arminNavabi and gang are doing is what #netflix did with #cuties.Nobodys forcing them to beleive #kali #aisha #virginMary ,but to abuse #FOE to let their imagination run wild is downright disgusting. ImageImage
#atheism has sadly become this... #atheistrepublic
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The freakout about #Cuties bothers me more than almost anything I've seen in a decade as a critic:…
Two things are simultaneously true: #Cuties depicts disturbing, age-inappropriate behavior by young girls, AND it unequivocally views that behavior as sad and harmful to the girls involved.…
#Cuties *also* directly traces that behavior to the influence of social media and the way content algorithms drive consumers to more extreme content, as well as to the absence of strong parental influence.…
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My thoughts on #Cuties. A thread. Maïmouna Doucouré made a powerful film about the patriarchal expectations on young girls. Its also about shame around burgeoning sexuality and the awkwardness of being pre teen with hormones raging. She also authentically explored immigrant life.
#Cuties is also about the hypocrisy of cultures which on the one hand expect young girls to be like mini carers/parents/cooks and often get heterosexually married, and at the same time shame them for expressing emotions and (hetero) sexualities.
#Cuties is beautifully performed, shot and written. It should be used as a starting point for conversation about girls and how they can make informed grounded choices centred on their own needs, rather than mysogynist expectations.
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Today in Journalism:

CNN’s @PoppyHarlowCNN landed a 10-minute interview w/ Netflix CEO @reedhastings, yet somehow didn’t ask a single question about #CUTIES Image
@PoppyHarlowCNN @reedhastings Hastings didn’t talk about hawking pedo bait but did pitch his idea for solving racial inequality:

"If every major corporation takes 1% of their cash and deposits it in a black bank, it will be transformative in that sector."
@PoppyHarlowCNN @reedhastings Harlow’s Q’s:

1) Why do you want employees back in the office post-Covid?

2) How has Covid disrupted business.

3) Are you contributing to people’s isolation?

4) Talk about your mgmt style ..

5) Toughest thing an employee has told you?
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This film sounds interesting and I'm going to go see it.

And I'll judge it once I've seen it, not before.

Listen to Maïmouna Doucouré, the director of "#Cuties", explain why she made the film.

And PLEASE stop this vilification campaign against it!!

When's the last time you told someone not to go see a movie because someone gets killed in it and killing is bad so that must mean the director is a murderer?

Fucks sake

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All of the shows on #Netflix that my family has enjoyed together, at some point, will have something happen and we end up having to have a discussion with the kids to explain why what they saw is not right or normal.
We enjoyed Dragon Prince, but they went and added leftist ideals to it.

We enjoyed She-Ra, but they went and added leftist ideals to it.

We put up with it all this time but this #Cuties crap is just straight up #ChildExploitation.
After all of the objectionable content that we put up with or looked the other way for, I am done.

@netflix, I've been a paying subscriber since 2012, but you've gone a bridge to far.

I have just cancelled my subscription.
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Hello beautiful souls! My calendar says it's Sunday (though my to-do list suggests otherwise) so here I am, bringing you #EyalaReads, your weekly reading recommendations about #WomensRights, #Feminism & #Africa... From my bookmarks to yours.
I loved @Afrowomanist's thoughts on what self-care means for #feminist activists! Don't miss out. It warms my heart to see an essay on @AfriFeminists that is inspired by a @blkwomenradical webinar. Different platforms, same conversations.💜 #EyalaReads
"If you don’t intend your feminism to be transformative, then please at least spare us this dehumanising agony." It took me a while to read this piece @fungaijustbeing because I was shouting "yes!!" every two lines. Read it, share it. #EyalaReads
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La película #Cuties no es una apología de la pedofilia pero la forma en la que la presentó Netflix, y por la que tuvo que disculparse, sí. La hipersexualizacion de las niñas no es un fenómeno nuevo pero sí creciente, abro hilo (ojo algunas imágenes pueden herir sensibilidades) 👇🏻
La moda, la publicidad y las redes se han empeñado en sexualizar a las niñas. Quizá penséis q esta erotizacion se da la adolescencia pero a veces empieza desde la cuna. La marca Pee Wee Pumps vende zapatos de tacón para bebés y disfraza a las recién nacidas de alegres cabareteras
En 2014 FACUA exigió a Carrefour retirarar de su catálogo los bikinis con relleno para niñas de 9 años por “potenciar una peligrosa erotización de la infancia”. Este año en Chile se ha denunciado a 2 empresas de uniformes escolares y zapatos por sus anuncios de “colegialas sexys”
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¿Se está liando una gordísima con @NetflixES?


Se debe a su nueva peli #Cuties (algo así como “Guapis”).

Se les achaca que #CutiesNetflix sexualiza a niñas de 11 años, y el hashtag #NetflixPedofilia está barriendo @Twitter

Aquí unas preocupantes capturas del trailer:
Al ver este material, claro que me preocupé y comencé a informarme.

Recordemos que soy especialista en delitos cometidos en las redes por y contra menores: la hipersexualización infantil suele estar detrás de muchos de ellos (como objetivo o como cebo).

Una de las aspectos que más imputa el público a Netflix es que esto es material para MAPs.

Si no sabes que es un MAP, la versión corta es un pedófilo que se enorgullece de serlo. La versión larga la tienes aquí:

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