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Colonial history has taught us to look at this picture of early Kamloops and see Indians flocking to the fort, eager for the riches that whites brought. But almost nothing in this image—or the myths that descend from it—is true. Want to know what really happened? 1/
When the first white fur traders dragged themselves into the Thompson Valley in the fall of 1811, they found >3,000 people camped Tk’emlups, fishing and trading.

By the next year, the lucky traders had built a shack at the confluence.

Not a palisaded fort. A SHACK. 2/
By 1825, Thompson's River Post, or Fort Kamloops, measured 110 square feet and housed 11 men (imagine the smell). A drawing of it from Chief Factor John Tod’s journal in 1843 shows it didn’t change much over decades. 3/
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I have conflicted feelings about the #Canadian #DDAY commemorations that took place over the last few days, and I struggle during #RemembranceDay because of increasing glorification of war, militarization, and platitudes about honour, duty, and sacrifice. /1
My family has a long history of military service in both World Wars. My great-uncle joined the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, fought at Gallipolli, and died at Beaumont-Hamel. My great-grandfather also enlisted in the RNR and survived the Great War except for a missing finger. /2
My paternal grandfather was a member of the Canadian militia in the interwar years, was a Major during WW2 and remained in Canada throughout the war at Shilo, MB and other bases where he was involved in training enlisted men headed overseas. /3
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Well, la Journée internationale des Patriotes (Quebec’s Patriots’ Day) is almost upon us and, as in years prior, there seems to be little consensus as to its significance, as to what it means. #cdnhist #qcpoli 1/8
Historians and political commentators have described the Lower Canadian Patriots who rebelled in 1837 (and for several days in 1838) as deeply egalitarian – but also as a predominantly middle-class group seeking to extend its influence and jealously guarding its privileges. 2/8
Sometimes democrats, sometimes decolonizers, the Patriots have been made into French-Canadian nationalists, but also into representatives of a Canada-wide push for colonial autonomy (regardless of ethnicity), and into Americanizers and annexationists. 3/8
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1/ A few thoughts on the history of police, semi-automatic assault-style rifles, and the murder of police officers in Canada since 1970s. #cdnpoli #cdnhist #cdnlaw @rcmpgrcpolice @StamatakisCPA @BillMooreCACP @CPPOM @BillBlair @CACP_ACCP
2/ Sale of guns like AR15 led Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (@CACP_ACCP) in 1977 to say “semi-automatic firearms are basically designed as an instrument of war” that had “no sporting use.” Association asked that such guns be made restricted. (Ad: Canada Gunsport, 1976)
3/ In 1986 @CACP_ACCP noted increase in "commercial advertisements, firing ranges, gun clubs” that led to “proliferation of handguns and restricted weapons.” Asked governments to “take the steps necessary to end this increase in available weapons.” #cdnlaw #cdnhist #cdnpoli
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1. It seems this tweet is hitting a nerve. I'm having a hard time keeping up with up the comments, questions, + threats. Now that the #Unistoten solidarity actions have finished for today, I wanted to take just a few moments to reflect +offer some further thoughts as a historian.
2. My tweet was one of solidarity; I originally intended it as an intervention into the emerging discussion by Canadians about the RCMP’s action against the #UnistotenCamp that was treating this kind of operation against Indigenous peoples as an anomaly, a one-off. It is not.
3. As a historian, I can tell you it is part of a longer pattern going back to the North-West Mounted Police's formation (later the Royal NWMP, later RCMP). Indeed, the origins of the "Mounties" are very much connected to colonization, sent out by John A. Macdonald no less.
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1. (re)learning Treaties:
In this presentation I will explore how Canada’s National History Society @Canadashistory has supported Canadians in their (un/re)learning of Treaties and the Treaty relationship #NCPHactive #cdnhist
2. My name is Jessica Knapp & I am a multi-generation Canadian & I am a settler. My relatives immigrated to Canada from Western Europe in the mid-18th century #NCPHactive
3. They lived, where I would be born, on the Traditional territory of the Three Fires confederacy of First Nations, comprised of the Ojibway, the Odawa, & the Potawatomie #NCPHactive #cdnhist This image shows a map of North America with treaty and traditional territories represented. There are black dots and lines connecting the 3 areas that are mention in this presentation: the Three Fires Confederacy of First Nations, Treaty 1 Territory, and the territory of the Kenien’keha:ka.
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1/5 Several women MPs key in 1990s gun control debate in Canada. Min of Justice @AKimCampbell did heavy lifting for @CPC_HQ. In introducing 1991 gun law she said "Gun control works. It is probably the oldest and most effective form of crime prevention law..." #cdnpoli #cdnhist
2/5 @AKimCampbell : "...not just here in Canada where it dates to the last century, but in many other countries as well. It works by ensuring that only those who actually require guns for legitimate purposes can attain them." #guncontrol #cdnpoli #cdnhist
3/5 @AKimCampbell's Tory legislation (Bill C-17) strengthened background checks, imposed waiting periods for purchase, created new regulations for safe storage, handling and transportation of firearms, and limited size of magazines. #guncontrol #cdnpoli #cdnhist
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1. With a twitter essay I wrote last year about confronting #JohnAMacdonald's controversial legacy with political cartoons from his OWN time making the rounds again, I wanted to offer a few new thoughts about "political correctness" + changing historical interpretation #cdnhist
2. I am currently reviewing a new book "Sketches from an Unquiet Country" for the Canadian Historical Review (CHR) that deals with political cartoons in #cdnhist:…
3. I came across an interesting example of how one artist, John Wilson Bengough, offered "politically correct," or changing interpretations, on the War of 1885 - waged by Canada with Macdonald as prime minister - through political cartoons. This is in a chapter by Robyn Fowler.
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1 Here are some thoughts on @KentMonkman’s marvellous “Shame and Prejudice” exhibit in light of #cdnhist wars #johnamacdonald + #Canada150
2 I had the opportunity to check out the exhibit yesterday @Glenbow in #Calgary with my #MountRoyalUniversity colleagues
3 The exhibit launched in Jan in Toronto and is touring Canada for the next few years:
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