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Today my article ‘Al de swarten die hier ter stede comen’ - about an Afro-Atlantic community in seventeenth century Amsterdam - was published #openaccess in @_tseg. The article is in Dutch, so I’ll do a short introduction in #thread here.… #twitterhistorian
From the moment the Dutch became active in the Atlantic world, people of African descent came to Amsterdam. Their presence is evident from baptismal and marriage registers and from seventeenth-century notarial deeds.
The earliest marriage of an African in Amsterdam that I have encountered was already at the end of the sixteenth century. On January 2, 1593 the 29-year-old Bastiaan Pietersz of ‘Maniconge in Afryken’ and Trijntje Pieters from Amsterdam registered their marriage.
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Please RT @DonaldJTrumpJr and let us not forget FBI spied & plotted vs MLK like @realDonaldTrump using the same formula!

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."#MLK #DarkToLight
@beverlygage @yale_history compiled extensive research and proof of FBI's constant surveillance and the evil plot against #MLK and helped bring alarming details to light - similar to @JudicialWatch in present day
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This thread is called #IfYouDontKnowNowYouKnowNigga the black history edition. The educated negro is the most sought after negro.
Garrett Augustus Morgan invented the automatic traffic signal, as well as, the gas mask used by soldiers in World War I. His contribution shall not be forgotten. 👏🏾 #BlackHistory
Patricia Bath invented Laser Eye Surgery in 1981. She’s 76 years old and still living. Let’s give her, her things. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾❤️❤️ #BlackHistory
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#Chesapeake watermen came to #NYC in early 1800s and founded Sandy Ground, the oldest continuously-settled, free Black community in the #USA. A #StatenIsland ferry being built will be named "Sandy Ground."…
#AfAmMH #Maritime #Heritage #BlackHistory
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@0cd8bef6f7af48f @MistressCnLA Amen brother!!😍🤗

#BlackHistoryMonth is like a breadcrumb, to follow our #Clues, that as another proverb hashtag called #AmericanDOS is used, leading more #ISRAELITES to #Awake from #Christianity paganism and sorcery. #Religion has never been our friend. #WakeUp 911. #REPENT
@0cd8bef6f7af48f @MistressCnLA Understanding: #Hosea 4:6. #Christianity never told us the #Messiah whom is called #Jesus is #blackface as in naturally #Dark. Never told us that #Moses is #Dark. #Job, #Abraham #Isaac and #JACOB all are #BlackLikeUs.

#Churches teach #paganism and doesn't keep #Sabbath Day holy
@0cd8bef6f7af48f @MistressCnLA #Understanding: WE are the #descendants of #Abraham #Isaac and #JACOB and were cursed because of #Disobedience and gross #Trangression of the #Laws that He gave us. #Genesis begins our #BlackHistory. We are the children of #JACOB, called the #ISRAELITES. We must #REPENT for our
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NFL & Game Fixing An Unauthorized History of The NFL

Frontline did real journalism in 1983, reported that Americans bet 5 billion per year on football outcomes

5 billion wagers flowing through Vegas in 1983!

Legal bets mix with DIRTY MONEY & GET CLEAN
Dan Moldea on NFL owners all tied to ORGANIZED CRIME

NFL fixes games. Tilts the table and house always wins. Dirty money gets washed.
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In the 1908 Springfield race riot, a white mob burned the homes of more than 40 black families and killed a number of people before being put down by the state militia. The event directly led to the formation of the NAACP.

Sadly, it was not the end of the rioting.
An even bigger riot in East St. Louis in 1917 left as many as 250 black citizens beaten, burned and hanged. The event left the entire nation shocked and more than 10,000 people marched in protest in New York.
Nor did it end there: The "Red Summer" of 1919 saw white mobs rioting in some 40 cities across the country, as big as New York and Philadelphia, and as small as Millen in Georgia and Ellenton in South Carolina. Homes were burned. Thousands were killed.
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Black History Fact for 1 February (Pre-1492)

Source: Urban Intellectuals

#blackhistory #FridayFeeling #BlackHistoryMonth #blackhistorymonth2019 Black History Fact for 1 February (Pre-1492)
Black History Fact for 2 February (STEM):

#STEM #blackhistorymonth #blackhistorymonth2019 #SocialMedia Black History Fact for 2 February.
Black History Fact for 3 February (Pre-1492):

Queen Candace was an Ethiopian Queen who ruled the Kingdom of Kush.

Legend says that her real name was Amanirenas and that she was a fierce warrior.

#BlackHistoryMonth #blackhistorymonth2019 Black History Fact for 3 Feb: Queen Candace of Kush.
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Let's have a chat brother Jamal.
Black historical interpreters are not slaves. They interpret the lives of our Ancestors. Without them our past lacks a critical voice bolstered by our contemporary experience.
When you say "play" it assumes that I'm cosplaying. NOPE. Dressing in period clothing is not easy or fun. I'm also not an actor or reenactor.
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Today’s Black History thread is dedicated to racism in swimming. #BlackHistory #BlackHistoryMonth

It’s was reported that an entire swimming pool was drained because Dorothy Dandridge took a swim in it.
The New Frontier hotel in Vegas also drained an entire swimming pool because Sammy Davis Jr took a swim.
#BlackHistory #BlackHistoryMonth
When pools were integrated, an incident occurred where a manager poured acid in the water while black kids were still swimming in it
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