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Snooker’da 1 Haziran’da “Şampiyonluk Ligi” başlıyor. Eurosport’tan canlı yayınlanacak ve oynanacağı dönem itibariyle diğer turnuvalardan ayrılarak çok farklı hatırlanacak bu organizasyon ile ilgili bazı detayları kısa bir “flood” ile aktarmaya çalışacağım...
Turnuva Marshall Arena’da seyircisiz oynanacak. Tesiste konaklama imkanının da olmasından dolayı hiçbir oyuncu, hakem veya görevlinin turnuva sonuna kadar dışarı çıkmasına izin verilmeyecek.
Girişte herkese Covid testi uygulanacak, sonuçlar çıkana kadar karantinada bekleyecekler.
Turnuva esnasında sosyal mesafe kuralları uygulanacak, oyuncular misafir kabul edemeyecek.
Maçlar öncesinde el dezenfektanları kullanmak, el sıkışmamak ve maç esnasında 2 metre kuralına uymak gibi önlemler uygulanacak. İlk yardım personeli ise her daim salonda hazır bulunacak.
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The last episode for the moment. Enjoy the read! 😉

Meet the Players, Episode 7:
@GuilleVGX 🇪🇸 (@TeamQLASH)


#brawlstars #championship #meettheplayers
The @TeamQLASH Brawl Stars team won the January Qualifier beating Free Agents 3-2, but had to yield vs. Orgless in the Quarterfinals in February.

@GuilleVGX 🇪🇸
@iKaossBS 🇪🇸
@iMuniiz10 🇪🇸
@TreeborBS 🇪🇸

🗨️ Please introduce yourself, who are you?

"I'm Guille, GuilleVGX in Brawl Stars, from Spain and I'm 19 years old."

🗨️ When did you start playing @BrawlStars?

"I started playing Brawl Stars a couple of months after it came out in beta."

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Here we go, another one for today! 🔥

Meet the Players, Episode 6:
@CoupDeAceBS 🇸🇬 (@PSGeSports)


#brawlstars #championship #meettheplayers
The team around @CoupDeAceBS now playing for @PSGeSports, managed to get a slot to Poland ranking #2 in the January qualifier and #1 in February - and in both finals they faced @JUPITER_GG.

@CoupDeAceBS 🇸🇬
@Relyhh 🇯🇵
@jordonbrawl 🇸🇬
@scythe_bs 🇸🇬

🗨️ Please introduce yourself, who are you?

"I am CoupDeAce from SG and I'm currently 24 yrs old. Turning 25 on June. 😁"

🗨️ When did you start playing @BrawlStars?

"I started Brawl Stars since Android release. I was an Android user but i bought an iPad Pro after WC19."

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Meet the Players, Episode 5:
@Tyrant_Star 🇺🇸 (@OmenElite)


#brawlstars #championship #meettheplayers
Omen Elite ranked #1 in the January Qualifier, beating @IXgaming_ 3-1. In February they made it to the Semifinals where they lost to Red Button.

@Cori_BrawlStars 🇨🇦
@SuperSaiBS 🇨🇦
@ZoulanGG 🇵🇷

🗨️ Please introduce yourself, who are you?

"My name is Nehal Alam, I am 17 y/o and from Chittagong, Bangladesh. 🇧🇩"

🗨️ When did you start playing @BrawlStars?

"I started playing [on] day 1 soft launch."

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We're on a roll! 🔥

Meet the Players, Episode 4:
@OficialParzival 🇧🇷 (@REDCanids)


#brawlstars #championship #meettheplayers
RED Canids qualified in the January qualifier, beating @intz - only to be beaten by the very same team in February during the earlier stages.

@OficialParzival 🇧🇷
@KaduhBrawl 🇧🇷
@guigool_ 🇧🇷

Parzival was part of NGS and represented LATAM during the 2019 BSWC.

🗨️ Please introduce yourself, who are you?

"My name is João Vitor Duda, my nick name is Parzival, I am from Ponta Grossa-PR, Brazil and I am 18 years old."

🗨️ When did you start playing @BrawlStars?

"I started playing Brawl Stars in Beta."

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What's better on a Monday than to start with another Meet the Players episode?! 😉

Meet the Players, Episode 3:
@YdeGaming 🇩🇰 (Free Agents, formerly @PSGeSports)

#brawlstars #championship #meettheplayers

Free Agents qualified for both - January and February events, getting #2 in the first one, only beaten by @BrawlQLASH and winning the February one.

@Achille_BS_ 🇫🇷
@TwistiTwik_BS 🇫🇷
@SkYRiiKZz 🇦🇹
@YdeGaming 🇩🇰

The core of FA is the previous team of @PSGeSports who also participated in the World Finals 2019 in Busan where they - to the surprise of everyone - got kicked out in the first round. All players in this team are widely recognized as some of the best on the planet.

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Let's follow-up right away with Episode 2 - this time one of the hottest teams on the planet, ranking #2 in the World Finals 2019! 🔥

Meet the Players, Episode 2:
@hage5riraohhhh 🇯🇵 (@JUPITER_GG)

#brawlstars #championship #meettheplayers

@JUPITER_GG won the first APAC x JP Qualifier in January and came in 2nd in February - like Orgless also with 2 Tickets to Poland and at least 80 pts.

@hage5riraohhhh 🇯🇵
@milkreo_0110 🇯🇵
@tensai_bs 🇯🇵

Like many other players who are in the race for the Brawl Stars World Championship 2020 @JUPITER_GG consists mostly of the previous Animal Chanpuru team which only had to yield to @NovaEsportsTeam in the 2019 Finals and got home #2. They clearly want another chance!

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Leading to the first @Brawl_esports Championship Live event in Katowice in a few weeks, I am throwing some questions to some of the players in the qualified teams.

Meet the Players, Episode 1:
@SunBentley7 🇫🇷 (Orgless)

#brawlstars #championship #meettheplayers [1/8]
Orgless ranked #3 in the EMEA Qualifier in January and February and will have at least 80 points for the Championship on their balance.

@SunBentley7 🇫🇷 (previously PSG)
@JetonBS 🇩🇪
@Cursed_BS 🇳🇴
@KcBrawlStars 🇬🇧

@NoireBS 🇧🇪 (Manager)
@Maty__BS (Coach)

🗨️Please introduce yourself, who are you?

"My name is Murat, better known as 'SunBentley'. I live in France, more precisely a city called Compiègne in the north of Paris. I am 23 years old."

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Ipswich publish press release re accounts. Income up slightly despite relegation on back of 5% rise in commercial income following Rod Stewart concert at Portman Road & shirt sponsorship but still bottom 6 by Championship standards. #ITFC @Benjaminbloom
Over last 6 years Ipswich total income £98m but wage bill £102m. Ave wage up last season by 'only' £200pw but again low by #EFL #Championship standards where average wage is £15,600 a week. #ITFC
Because wages>revenue Ipswich lost £200,000 a week @AndyhHolt in 2018/19, taking total losses in last 8 years to £68 million. Suspect total Championship losses could be close to £600 million last season as some clubs go for broke to get promoted. #ITFC
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(1/thread) A 2nd (Free) contribution #iaafdoha19 available:…

Tactics that Differentiates Medalists in Elite Men’s #1500m #Championship #Racing

It all started following #rio2016 final chats with @nickwillis @stevewillis_NZ… Image
@nickwillis @stevewillis_NZ @TStellingwerff @stevemagness @Scienceofsport @BiomechMax @ALTIS @simonrogersNZ @bendaytoday @FrontSportsAL @sweatscience (2)I shared a race velocity profile to which Nick shared tactics was the key in the end result. He was absolutely right, a velocity profile (which predominates the majority of this work in the area of tactics/pacing) – gives only a very surface characterization of what’s going on
@nickwillis @stevewillis_NZ @TStellingwerff @stevemagness @Scienceofsport @BiomechMax @ALTIS @simonrogersNZ @bendaytoday @FrontSportsAL @sweatscience (3) I felt pretty useless in being able to provide useful insights to support what tactically was going on. We had to evolve our approach… First is what we found...(followed by practical apps, then future researcher discussions).
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Tomm we start a journey at @ZuckerSoM w/ 3rd yr #MedicalStudents to enhance #Awareness #Education #Skills #Comfort #Hope re: #OpioidCrisis

13.5 hours - "#OpioidEpidemic" themed week (3rd iteration)

Follow/RT as Students, Colleagues, & I tweet - #OURcrisis

#MEDeD #RecoveryMonth
1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ MS3 #Students

6️⃣0️⃣ Faculty/Facilitators

3️⃣0️⃣ Clinical/Non-Clinical Depts

#OURcrisis @ZuckerSoM

@GIMaPreceptor @DrYili @MartinsWelchMD @JoeCMD @medicmin911 @ektrenchard @ethanfried @ginofarina @LindaWDeMasi @AFornari1 @joemd @DrAhuja @santhoshpaulus6 @TomMcGinn4
#Strategic Full Circle
1. from Health System (need)
2. to School of #Medicine (access)
3. to Health System (access/mission)

Our #OpioidEpidemic themed week is part of a 30+hour 4-yr longitudinal 'Addressing #SubstanceUse' curriculum
#OURcrisis #MEDeD
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#NUFC loss of £90.9m confirmed before gains on player sales for Sissoko, Wijnaldum etc reduced that by £42.2m
Cash flows from player trading (as some deals on credit) show net cash cost of £11.1m in 2016/17 for 2016/17. Net borrowings from Mike Ashley/MASH Holdings £15m
#NUFC matchday income down 10% despite higher attendances & more matches in #Championship due to lower ticket prices & prawn sandwich sales. Commercial income halved due to loss of #EPL central commercial deals & TV down 35%
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