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The more Warren talks the more I like her. #DemDebate
Mayor Pete gives me the warm and fuzzies too. #DemDebate
Tulsi Gabbard is the first sitting Republican congressperson I've heard publically support impeachment. #DemDebate
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What if I told you that #BigTech and #SocialMedia platforms are manipulating you, steering you toward #Health information that they think is right, rather than letting you evaluate content for yourself?

Commentary by @MaryamHenein (Thread 👇)…
Accredited professionals, meanwhile, who stand for #Health freedom and who criticize Big Anything, are losing posting privileges, getting banned, being buried, finding themselves deranked, and getting digitally assassinated.
Content is literally disappearing from the Internet along with our #Health choices.

It sounds conspiratorial because it is. Independent #Journalists and health experts are blowing the whistle. But it’s become a silent one.
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Tomm we start a journey at @ZuckerSoM w/ 3rd yr #MedicalStudents to enhance #Awareness #Education #Skills #Comfort #Hope re: #OpioidCrisis

13.5 hours - "#OpioidEpidemic" themed week (3rd iteration)

Follow/RT as Students, Colleagues, & I tweet - #OURcrisis

#MEDeD #RecoveryMonth
1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ MS3 #Students

6️⃣0️⃣ Faculty/Facilitators

3️⃣0️⃣ Clinical/Non-Clinical Depts

#OURcrisis @ZuckerSoM

@GIMaPreceptor @DrYili @MartinsWelchMD @JoeCMD @medicmin911 @ektrenchard @ethanfried @ginofarina @LindaWDeMasi @AFornari1 @joemd @DrAhuja @santhoshpaulus6 @TomMcGinn4
#Strategic Full Circle
1. from Health System (need)
2. to School of #Medicine (access)
3. to Health System (access/mission)

Our #OpioidEpidemic themed week is part of a 30+hour 4-yr longitudinal 'Addressing #SubstanceUse' curriculum
#OURcrisis #MEDeD
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Looks like another BIG #HealthcareFraud scheme was busted in Texas, though I don't see any details yet.
I found one news snippet about it here. Whew!

Charges against 58 people involving illegal distribution of millions of opioids in Texas.

A bunch more doctors, pharmacists, and pharmacies were charged.

#OpioidCrisis #HealthcareFraud…
Here's one with more info.

A total of 21 cases of healthcare fraud involving pills mills and Medicare fraud. Also sales reps, accountants, runners, and chiropractors charged.

This is BIGLY.…
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1/Let's talk a bit about this piece in @nytimes from @NickKristof on the #opioidcrisis.

As a native West Virginian, and someone who studies the affect the #opioidcrisis I appreciate the focus on this population, but have concerns about this piece.…
2/The headline. "Newborn Babies Cry for Drugs, Not Milk" is sensationalized. In fact, we know that breastfeeding reduces infant's withdrawal severity & makes it less likely they need to be treated with a medication.

@VUMChealth, ~20% of opioid-exposed infants are tx with a med
3/The intro, he "writhes," his body "craves heroin."

It paints a narrative of suffering, that, if you treat withdrawal appropriately really shouldn't happen.
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❤️🇺🇸 President Trump Participates in the Announcement of State State Opioid Response Grants

via @YouTube
@YouTube #OpioidCrisis ❤️🇺🇸 Thank you Mr President, First Lady, @KellyannePolls and @SecAzar for efforts to save lives not destroy them.
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Still shaking my head that people were enraged that I said we make substance abuse an issue in the Democratic primary like there aren't literally thousands of people dying every month from the #opioidcrisis alone.
We can do more than one thing at a time.
Really, we can and must.
If I didn't know better I'd ALMOST think that as soon as MSM caught up with the fact that POC were dying in as large numbers as white people from #opioidcrisis, we stopped prioritizing it.

The Opioid Crisis in Black Communities: Who is Paying Attention?…
But since I live in a black neighborhood in a majority black city, I know that the #opioidcrisis hit the black community as hard as the white community but access to care is far less.

Addiction Medicine Mostly Prescribed to Whites…
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Hi, I’ll be live-tweeting today’s Chicago Board of Health public meeting. #ChiDocumenters
@ChiDocumenters #publichealth #chicagopublichealth
@CHIdocumenters Dr. Arwady reviews high-level updates from the dept, including an anti-#syphillis campaign, a research study on Chicago maternal mortality (#maternitymatters) that will be released soon, and a new program that will provide assistance to #newmom s at 3 Chicago hospitals.
Dr. Arwady shares info about the new training video aimed at Chicago employees who work with youth, centers a #traumainformed approach to working with them.
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1. To give you all some perspective about the #opioidcrisis ...the company i worked for imported #thebane and #cpst ( concentrated poppy straw ) from Australia and New Zealand via Sun Pharmaceuticals in India.
I worked at Chattem Chemicals in Chattanooga , Tennessee ...
We produced :
Just to name few of the API (active pharmaceuticals ingredients ) to the uninitiated .
We produced 65 kilos of pure oxycodone every 2 weeks . Prior to my leaving ..the validation process ..
Was began for producing 125 lol the batch amount was nearly double the previous yield.
There were 3 of these batches kilos of pure oxycodone was made for the validation process..
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Data from the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Automation of Reports and Consolidated Orders System (ARCOS) became publicly available from the @washingtonpost. The database tracks every legally sold #opioid pill in the US from manufacture to distribution. #opioidcrisis #painmanagement
The @Washingtonpost analyzed data & looked specifically at hydrocodone (the opioid in Vicodin) and oxycodone (the opioid in Percocet & OxyContin) between 2006-2012.
These opioids alone made up 75% of the total opioids shipped during this period and accounted for 76 BILLION pills. #oxycodone #hydrocodone @JeromeAdamsMD
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Wrote this piece with the help of a great team including @DrKevinHill. Below I'll share some of my thoughts about #opioids and opioid use disorder and how they present in #hpm and #palliative care, plus why we need to do a better job of addressing #addiction at end of life. 1/x
2/x Training in #KY gave me a front row seat to the #opioidcrisis. With an interest in #hpm I kept wondering what would happen to these individuals who developed an OUD and years later were prescribed opioids. How would I keep those patients safe and manage their pain?
3/x I continue to think that our field will struggle in years to come when survivors of the #opioidcrisis age, develop serious illness, and develop pain. Thinking about this, and reading @jeff_deeney article in @TheAtlantic… made me want to do more.
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I'm sorry, the 'what' crisis/epidemic? The #OpioidCrisis?! No. How about alcohol? No, wait. Too many ppl think drinking is ok even though it kills over 3 MILLION ppl a year & has a hand in murder, rape, domestic/child abuse, horrific accidents & Prohibition didn't work. (Cont)
What about tobacco! We sued the hell outta them, yeah! Taught 'em a GOOD lesson. But, wait. Ppl can still buy tobacco products practically everywhere & uh oh, the money from the suit is running out. Big Government needs more dough. I know... Let's go after pain medication! (Cont)
Even though the vast majority of ppl who really need & use it do so responsibly & their addiction rate is less than 1%, since we can't get the cartels killing everyone with #illicitfentanyl and #heroin will hit the low hanging fruit. Doctors & pharmaceutical companies. (Cont)
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What’s up, DC?!

This week is the 2019 IAM Legislative Conference. Follow along with #IAMLegConf19 as we hear from allies on Capitol Hill and go out in force to lobby on issues that matter to working families.
IAM Legislative Director Hasan Solomon kicks off #IAMLegConf19 by reminding us off the importance of making our voice heard on Capitol Hill. We’ll be 400 members strong in DC this week!
IAM International President Bob Martinez shares what we’re fighting for:

☑️ Fair trade
☑️ Workers’ rights
☑️ Good jobs
☑️ Universal healthcare
☑️ Retirement security
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❤️🇺🇸🌹President Trump and The First Lady Deliver Remarks at the Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit Atlanta Georgia #BeBest #OpioidCrisis
via @YouTube
❤️🇺🇸Presidents Public Schedule April 24, 2019
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2016: The CIA tried mind control to create the perfect assassin… - this article talks about brainwashing #MKUltra to create killers would be have no recollection - effectively "amnesia" - but that's also a #Symbolism code. What do I mean? #Logic #Qanon
Direct Answer: Brainwashing is employed through cultist families that sacrifice a child into the system. The family and nearby agents including children of other cultists are in on it to brainwash a child: family, psychiatrists, "friends", & enemies are all in on it. #MKUltra
Being betrayed by family and "friends" in the most traumatizing way that can be engineered - giving new friends that are also in on it to encourage a specific set of actions - giving them drugs to further encourage compliance = you can make anyone do anything. #Qanon #MKUltra
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Hello & Happy Spring! (Thread) If you haven’t been on here til 1am EST, I’m going to unpack recently announced #opioid bill S-724 (named for John McCain). For reax check out threads by @erinbiba and @AnaMardoll (call @gillibrandNY ASAP to protest bill.) Onto the breakdown:
Sen. Gillibrand introduced this bill with a flip referral to dental work and a misunderstanding of the term “acute pain”. #AcutePain does not mean ‘severe’ in medical terms, it means pain lasting up to/less than 6mos. If you’ve ever had a gunshot wound,
been in/had a serious accident, needed extensive surgery, had #fibromyalgia #arthritis #endometriosis or #pelvicpain #backpain -just to name a few-you may know that sometimes one needs more than 7 days of pain meds.
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For those of you finding me via @courtneymilan @AnaMardoll, let me explain what I mean by this bill eliminates the ability to get renewals for chronic pain patients &why what Gillibrand is suggesting creates an absolute NO vote for supporting her. #OpioidCrisis #pain
(1) Before we even begin to discuss the situations this bill will create, no one who claims they are pro-life should be proposing, let alone supporting, a bill that limits a patient’s access to treatment for long term pain.
(2) The entire pro-choice platform revolves around the idea that medical treatment is for the Dr and the patient. Not the government. Not the Church. Not the community. It is for the patient and their dr to decide what’s best for them. Not anyone else.
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❤️ 🇺🇸 👠 #BeBest with love 💞 ❤️

First Lady Melania Trump Visits The Children's Inn at the NIH via @YouTube
❤️ 🇺🇸 👠 BE BEST… via @whitehouse
Ladies and Gentlemen ~ Our amazing First Lady ❤️ 🇺🇸 👠
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#USA politicians support #Israel not out of allegiance or the power of lobbyists. Aspects of this support include:

1. Annual >$3b aid packages, with regular supplements & fewer restrictions than aid to other nations
2. Support of governments #Israel likes, such as #Jordan #KSA
#Egypt, regardless of #humanrights abuses
3. Undermining/attacking governments, groups & nations it dislikes: #Iraq #Iran #Lebanon
4. Ignoring obligations to #Palestinians under intl law
5. Allowing "charities" to receive tax-deductible donations used to further #ethniccleansing
in #Palestine.
6. Various state & federal government agencies with preferences to #Israel, such as #police exchanges & subsidized trade delegations.
7. Voting for legislation punishing people who support #BDS, a non-violent advocacy tactic.

Whatever it is that causes #USA
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Excited for our ⁦@YaleMed@JMIRpub on the design of a user-friendly health IT solution to facilitate rapid adoption of ED-initiated buprenorphine in routine emergency care /1
Buprenorphine decreases mortality, withdrawal symptoms, craving, and opioid use. But ED-initiation is not currently routine emergency care for people suffering from opioid use disorder. /2
In our pragmatic user-centered design process we learned (confirmed) that clinicians don’t want another annoying pop up. Instead, we provide only the info you want/need with a flexible and streamlined workflow whether waivered or not, new or experienced with ED bupe processes
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NO! 🛑

Bill #Gates Will Pay $12 Million To Big Pharma For A 'Mandatory' Universal Flu Shot

They (NWO/Goobalists) want to control EVERY aspect of your life & want you to be a slave to the govt. #BigPharma #FluShots

@realDonaldTrump @POTUS…
Then here’s #Schiff asking FB to remove ALL anti-Vaccine articles/information. @realDonaldTrump @POTUS

FB, Google bowing to globalists - serious folks, this stuff is happening right before your eyes 👀
#NWO #BigPharma #Vaccines #Sheep #Schiff

Schiff calls out #Facebook, #Google over anti-vaccination information - The Hill…
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Introduced this week in the Tennessee House, a new version of the fetal assault law. I'm going to write here about it's history, and why I'm worried. Hoping you will help me spread the word. @DrJenGunter @choo_ek #medtwitter #tweetiatricians…
First, please don't attack my home state of Tennessee. Some on my twitter feed like to say negative things about my state ... it's not productive, it's insulting. The state is me, my family, colleagues and hundreds of public servants trying to do good.
Now to the history. From 2014 to 2016, Tennessee had a law on the books that a woman using a narcotic in pregnancy could be charged with a misdemeanor. It was essentially a special penalty just for pregnant women.…
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Trump is taken aback at the level to which the country has been sold out by embedded groups w/in govt, particularly w/regard to Chinese influence
I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. -@POTUS

Do Your Job or be in breach of contract. #Declassify All.
9/12/18 @POTUS signed "EO on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election". The order empowers the admin. to impose sanctions on foreign govts & individuals who manipulate U.S. elections; UK, AUS & #DeepState
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