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Opioids, Inc. - Pushing opioids. Bribing doctors. Making millions. FRONTLINE and the Financial Times investigate Insys Therapeutics profited from a #fentanyl-based painkiller up to 100 times stronger than heroin. #Opioids #OpioidCrisis #WallStreet

In NL (2018) waren er 1.028.000 gebruikers van opioïden
Het meest voorgeschreven :
•oxycodon met 454.500 gebruikers
•fentanyl met 104.560 gebruikers
•morfine met 90.491 gebruikers
•buprenorfine met 38.789 gebruikers (Gipdatabank)…
The Big Pharma rap by #Insys #Pharmaceuticals- overdose victims

Subsys Rap Video Created by #Insys #Pharmaceuticals (official version)
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As a young researcher in the field of HIV and AIDS, I am uniquely positioned to bring attention to the recent season of the Netflix Original: 13 Reasons Why (originally based off of Jay Asher’s book 13 Reasons Why, 2007). @13ReasonsWhy
Netflix released the first season of 13 Reasons Why in 2017; like the book, it focused on Hannah Baker’s suicide and the cassette tapes she left behind for classmates to listen to – the 13 reasons why she ended her life. #13reasonswhy
The original release of the first season stirred up controversial issues surrounded by the stigma of depression and suicide.…
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(1/3) New review for Pain Warriors! @DZonePodcast

This emotionally impactful #chronicpain documentary captures the devastating effects that a lack of access to pain medication has had on patients from all walks of life.

Please RT/like to get the word out 🙏🙏

2/3 The decisions of policymakers have led to another crisis: an epidemic of #untreatedpain leaving many patients unable to function and many to take their own lives. Watching Pain Warriors was a sobering experience; I left feeling deeply saddened by the injustices of our system.
(3/3) If you think you have gained a complete understanding of the #opioidcrisis from mainstream media coverage, watch #PainWarriors and hear the voices that have been silenced.

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President Trump delivers remarks on supporting our nation's farmers, ranchers and food supply chain
President Trump takes questions from the press after #SenateGOp luncheon #CabinetMeeting
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Tune in now to watch Part 1 of the "Overdose" virtual book launch!

Hearing from Shelda Castor on how Indigenous people are affected by the #opioidcrisis:

"People aren't listening to them."
Hearing from Jordan Westfall @canadian_safe

"When I heard you were writing a book, I was like, we need this...otherwise it just becomes an echo chamber of people talking to each other who support policies rather than broadening the movement"
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1/People who are severely sick and in pain face contempt and abuse, both verbally & physically, at the hands of medical 'professionals' every day now.
2/We have been begging for help for years...
3/Some of the most vulnerable among us face indescribable suffering while their pleas for help fall on deaf ears by those in positions of power who could help.
These same vulnerable people are dying behind closed doors, with few voices raised to help or advocate for them.
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I'm a chronic pain patient or #CPP, who's disabled. Now presenting an insanely long thread abt the way we're mistreated and misrepresented:
I like med dramas like New Amsterdam (& Grey’s Anatomy, ER). But as a #CPP, after last week’s episode I’m not sure I can keep watching. /1
All these shows are overly-dramatic (soap operas?), taking once-in-a-lifetime cases or insane accidents and pretending stuff like that happens nonstop. It doesn’t.
They like to dabble in current events. I’ve even had an article I’ve written for the Trib featured as a storyline 2/
on Chicago Med! But New Amsterdam this week took something I deal with every day of my life & didn’t fictionalize it – they portrayed it as real as it is – and then relentlessly attacked chronic pain patients in this country.
Premise: The director wanted something monumental 3/
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Today, the nation turned its focus to #coronavirusUSA. Of course, like any national health issue, doctors and nurses are (or will be) asked to step forward and assist in minimizing a potential national and public health disaster, no different than the #opioidcrisis or Influenza.
The @CDCgov @CDCemergency @HHSGov @SecAzar @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump reassured the nation – telling everyone that our health infrastructure can handle and absorb such an emergency. "We're on it!"…
Meanwhile, @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @SenateDems @SenateGOP and the @EnergyCommerce @HouseCommerce committee demand a well-organized, national strategy to combat the #coronavirususa epidemic. No doubt, combatting any national public health crisis will rely on the presence
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In hoog opgeleide blanke (en bruine😉)kringen is het een ‘opinion chic’ om vóór legalisering van drugs te zijn. Een elitaire opvatting die van weinig empathie getuigt.…
Big Oil & Their Bankers In The Persian Gulf
Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network
🤓 video…
Lockerbie links to Franklin, #Dutroux, #Mossad, McKee
A Pan Am investigation believed that the #lockerbie bomb was targeted to kill a small band of US Defence Intelligence Agency operatives who had uncovered a #drugsring run by a #CIA unit in Lebanon.…
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Cannabis is regulated (in part) for the sake of public health.

While it’s true that certain practices pose a threat to consumer safety, the ongoing criminalization of non-violent behaviour is concerning. IMHO it’s a waste of resources amid the deadly #OpioidCrisis.
“Illicit” cannabis = *same plant* as legal cannabis. The distinction is that it’s sold, produced, or distributed without legal authorization.

The Cannabis Act (+ related rules) establishes a framework that excludes some legacy market participants who self-regulated for years.
Legalization was supposed to “reduce the burden on the criminal justice system in relation to cannabis.”

Ironically, the federal government allocated hundreds of millions $$$ to train and equip police to investigate and prosecute cannabis crimes.… @VICE
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1. The @CDCgov has just released a report showing that life expectancy rose in 2018, for the first time since 2014, inching up to 78.7 years. This followed three straight years of decline marking the tail-end of @BarackObama's presidency.…
2.The 3 leading causes of death, heart disease, cancer & 'unintentional injuries' all showed decreases, although the latter, which includes drug overdoses, showed the most proportional decrease. This was the first decline in 20 years of drug-related deaths…
3. In fact drug overdoses had increased from 17,400 in 2000 to an astonishing 70,200 by 2017, disproportionately affecting poor communities as well as Americans living in rural areas. 47,600 were from #opioids & 78% of these, classified as White…
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Electronic health records vendor Practice Fusion Inc will pay $145 Million for soliciting and accepting kickbacks from a “major” opioid drug company in exchange for using their software to sway doctors to prescribe opioids.

#HealthcareFraud #OpioidCrisis
Practice Fusion designed their software to include clinical decision support alerts to “alert” doctors when to prescribe those company’s drugs.

Of course #BigPharma sponsored them & they allowed big pharma to help develop & implement those alerts so they could push their drugs.
Practice Fusion solicited one payment from an opioid company for almost $1 million. The opioid co’s marketing dept paid for it also helped to design the alert.
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watch Myth 12: Alternatives to pain medicine are safe and effective via @YouTube Myth it is! As a practicing physician of 4 decades i will not treat anyone in pain with a second line rx because PROP/CDC is afraid of first line opiate pain medications.
Watch Myth 11: Addiction and Dependency are the same thing via @YouTube big misconception! adds millions to the fake numbers. There is less than 1% opiate addicted people now and back to the 1920’s. Rare now & rare then. Where are the new CDC addicts?
Watch Myth #10 PALLIATIVE CARE via @YouTube 1st page unauthorized cdc guidelines and many state laws EXEMPT DOSE LIMITS for palliative care. So let’s DO IT. Protects doctors too exceeding the Brandeis/CDC dangerous dose limits for their Z51.5 patients
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“The jail is the largest mental health institution in any community,” Sheriff Daron Hall said.

The #OpioidCrisis has thrust the most pressing issue facing jails around the country to the forefront: #MentalIllness. (Thread👇)…
On any given day, there are about 750,000 people in jails across America.

Drug addiction and mental health-related issues are often coexisting and it’s difficult to parse out which is driving which.
Hall said the deinstitutionalization of #MentalHealth hospitals that started in the 1960s hasn’t worked and instead has sparked today’s problem.

“The reality is we didn’t really deinstitutionalize it, we just re-institutionalized it into jails and prisons,” he said.
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watch Myth 9: Milligram phobia "this is way too much" via @YouTube I can legally prescribe any dose high, low for standard FDA opiates knowing proper dosing & care will not kill anyone or turn anyone into a dope fiend, the greatest irrational fear of all
watch Myth 8: Overprescribing via @YouTube We are discussing the made up crime that’s not a crime “overprescribing “as viewers wanted more details , which JATH researchers are providing. Coming up in #9 -Milligram phobia
watch MYTH 7 SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASE it not in your head! via @YouTube
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My dear fellow humans, if you love war so much think about this.
The 'leaders' will never join you in the battlezones, too scared, too lazy and too busy raking in the profits of war 😉
#USArmy soldier recovers after losing all four limbs

Aboard the Flying Hospital C-17 - (2010)
Maj. Kristen Zebrowski "since the beginning of the war in #Afghanistan & #Iraq we flew about 50.000 wounded soldiers, most were so young look liked they were fresh out of High School"

Drugging #America's #Veterans
Veterans from the wars in #Iraq and Afghanistan have returned home to face another battle: addiction to narcotic painkillers prescribed by their doctors.
Are these wounded warriors being overmedicated with prescription opiates
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#sackler #opioid #crisis
The Sackler Family 🕎🇮🇱 – A Secretive Billion Dollar #opioidcrisis Empire
With over 200,000 deaths caused by Opioids, are they in jail yet?
Nope, they sluiced their profits to taxhavens.
Lawyer = Rudy Guiliani. Great guy our Rudy!

Who are the Sacklers, the family at the center of the opioid crisis?
Jewish family, founder of Purdue Pharma and famous for philanthropy, has become notorious for causing mass-scale drug addiction. Will institutions reject their donations?…
Did Rudy Giuliani Help Purdue Continue Selling OxyContin?😨
No Purdue executives were jailed in connection with the criminal charge.
Rudy is Trumps lawyer 😉
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Call the Cartels Pink Elephants. It doesn’t matter. They are going to continue their bloodshed to stay in business. The #Mexican President is as powerless as the Mexican Army. El Chapo’s son was easily taken from the army in a show of strength. It was not lost on the President of
2/ #Mexico or on the President of the United States. The reason the Mexican President is alive right now is because Trump immediately pivoted away from destroying the Cartels to #USMCA trade agreement. The only way to annihilate the drug cartels will be through “Shock & Awe.”
3/ And we will have to do it. But invading a neighbor to destroy such an evil entity is going to require more than brute strength. We need agreements with Mexico. This is THEIR country. There will be much collateral damage to consider. Like other sources of evil, they hide behind
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1/Infants affected by the #OpioidCrisis are commonly used as a justification to sue #opioid manufacturers & distributors. Will settlement funds be used for their unique needs?

We (@BradleyDStein @coreysdavis) address today in @JAMAPediatrics…
2/Here's an example of how lawsuits are framed…

Dramatic stories, strong language, intended to evoke emotion.
3/But when it comes to addressing the needs of women & infants affected by the #opioid crisis with settlement $ what is our track record? ... it's not good. See this article from @washingtonpost a few months ago…
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Every day, more than 130 people in the United States die after overdosing on #opioids.
The misuse of and addiction to opioids—including prescription pain relievers, heroin, and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl—is a serious national crisis.…
What is the Florida Shuffle?
Unscrupulous individuals who profit off of the misery of addiction.  Although there are many good drug treatment and sober living providers, the rogue rehab and sober home owners encourage relapse over recovery.
My Years in the Florida Shuffle of Drug Addiction
Cycling through relapse and recovery, and the industry that enables both.
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The DOJ reportedly opened criminal probes of the following 6 Pharmaceutical companies in connection to the #OpioidCrisis.

Johnson & Johnson
Amneal Pharmaceuticals
McKesson (distributor)
AmerisourceBergen Corp (distributor)

#ButNothingsHappening #BigPharma
All of them reported receiving subpoenas via their regulatory filings.

All subpoenas we’re out of EDNY, except that AmerisourceBergen Corp received subpoenas from MULTIPLE US Attorneys, including from EDNY.
Though not specified, several of them said they received grand jury subpoenas.
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Purdue Pharma returns to the news. If you are not aware, they developed the opioid pain killer Oxycontin & through various misdeeds made it extremely popular. Fueling the #opioidepidemic
Now we get a look at how they used the media to protect themselves from criminal charges...
For a background on some of the crimes they used to get rich selling dangerous opioids, you can see this thread.…
The Sackler family that runs Purdue Pharma was busted for tax evasion when HSBC was forced to flip on them by DOJ...
The family donated heavily to Democrats while the company donated to the Republican half of the Swamp.

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🚨 This thread provides info about the largest #opioid indictment & settlement in U.S. history whereby Indivior was charged w/ marketing #fraud of #Suboxone. The docs are lengthy but essential reading for all #CPP who have & are being tapered or terminated from their #RxOpioid.
The following is the DOJ announcement of the indictment in April 2019 and had Indivior been found guilty they would have been required to pay $3 BILLION in fines, fees, etc.…
In July 2019 a settlement agreement of $1.4 BILLION was reached that allowed the parent company of Indivior... manufacturer of #Suboxone (an #RxOpioid used to treat #Addiction and #ChronicPain) to resolve its potential #criminal & #civil liabilities.…
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Docs you all write brilliant articles, but unless they're affected people don't read them.

PLEASE watch this 2 min video, this is URGENT! There are articles attached to prove this is critical. This can affect every #American. People are needlessly dying, We need your #Help
Almost 6 decades ago the UN addressed the under-treatment of pain, despite narcotic pain relief many people around the world suffer needlessly. In 1961 we recognized the undertreatment of #pain is a #HumanRights abuse. #RNC & #DNC are you listening?…
The #DEA is arguably waging a war against the weakest members of society These are #HumanRights abuses! #Trump Administration you think #KidsInCages was bad!

Plz, use the link in the article to let the DEA know what you think about more cuts to supplies…
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