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👋🏼 Happy #WorldEarthDay! 🌍 I want to hear YOUR best tips for reducing food waste - whether it’s a canny way to use peelings, scraps, bones or bits, I’m collecting them for a HUGE #NoWasteCookBook thread and I reckon your many clever heads are better than just my one! 👇
Pop your best tip, fave ‘zero waste’ recipe or thrifty food hack below 👇 and I’ll round up as many as I can for a big collection of #NoWasteCookBook ideas on Monday - including another five new recipes from me! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
[The legal bit: The #NoWasteCookBook is an official collaboration with @TwitterUK | #AD #partnership]
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🚨In the leadup to #WorldEarthDay I’m working with @TwitterUK to share my zero-waste recipes and create a kind of #NoWasteCookbook - a collection of recipes and ideas here on Twitter 🐥 Starting with 5 of my fave recipes that use some of the most commonly wasted foods in the UK…
🚯I’m here to try to help you make the most of what you have - and use every last bit of it - with some low cost, zero-waste recipe ideas… and I’ll be asking for your help, too 🥰 #NoWasteCookBook
🥗 One of the most thrown away items in the UK is pre-prepared salad. You can knock it into a pesto with just a handful of simple ingredients. Use it on pasta, potato salads, soups or sandwiches or cheese on toast. Get the recipe here! #NoWasteCookBook…
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#hiddengem #Gamified Ecosystem
🚀Next #AxieInfinity
👀You are not Late yet

#ZooKeeper @ZooFarming
🌀Defi & Gamified Ecosystem
🌀Multichain & MultiGames #P2E
🌀Gigantic Partnership
🌀Global #NFT #OpenZoo Market
🌀Trending - Tiny Market Cap ImageImageImageImage
- 1⃣ -

#Defi | #Gamified | #Ecosystem
1⃣Gamified Farming
👉NFTs Boost Rewards
2⃣Single Staking
👉 Zero IL
3⃣Expedition Staking
👉Farm NFTs

📹Tutorial on Youtube Channel

#Zookeeper @ZooFarming #P2E ImageImageImage

#Gamified | #P2E | #Ecosystem
🎮Multiple Games
🏎️#ZooRacers 1st Game

-Tradeable & in-game Character
-Unique Abilities

3⃣ All Compatible
Windows | Apple | IOS | Android ImageImageImageImage
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#HearstCorp (#StevenSwartz - CEO)
- Fitch Ratings (Finance)
- First Databank (Health Care)
- A&E Networks (with #Disney including: History Channel)
- ESPN (with #Disney)

#APNews - "Non-profit" cooperative (#StevenSwartz - CEO)
Content: #Disney
. CBS Dream Team (5 hours)
. The More You Know (3 hours Kids)
. Weekend Adventure (3 hours Kids)
. One Magnificent Morning (5 hours teens)

They OWN your children.
How do we let a for-profit CEO also be CEO of a non-profit that "regulates" themselves (#APFactCheck).

Non-Profits are great places to dump undisclosed #expenses and pay #salaries.

#theft. #fraud
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Started my business when I was 38 years old(ancient eh😉🤦‍♂️

Since then

• Created a boutique travel company
• Founded a digital creative studio
• Early stage co-founder of Unicorn 🦄
• Prolific Content Creator

If I had to do it all over again, 5 things I'd do differently.
#1: Don't Wait to Start so long.

At the time, I thought more 'experience' was a good idea.

It wasn't.

It led to lost opportunities, competition hotting up🔥

Instead, I would do Start Really Early🚀
#2: Choose Ethical Partners🤝

I really thought a Young partner was going to Accelerate things

He slyly dumped me

Instead, I would select an ethical partner, regardless of age

• Smart
• Tech Savvy
• While I add the big picture and experience
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How the #DigitalDevelopment community thinks about sharing #information, #resources, and #data and partners to advance #DigitalTransformation will be key to creating #impact from our efforts and ensuring country #governments can replicate them to better serve their #citizens.
DIAL thinks about #partnerships in everything it does—in fact, were founded in 2015 by a partnership of #global #donors seeking to connect incredibly promising #DigitalDevelopment efforts that had failed to achieve #scale.
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Why I got hooked with @JunoNetwork and why do I think it is the biggest deal I ever came across in crypto? If you want to get a glimpse of some learnings during a 4+ year #Crypto journey, feel free to read this thread (life lesson included and for free). Enjoy!
2/ After more than 4 years in the space, I have experienced a lot. I joined #Crypto mid 2017 and entered in on the cusp of the #ICO craze. The hype mantra is till today frequently changing. Back in the days, the hype went for the next $BTC or $ETH-killer.
3/ #DeFi was just starting and #Metaverse and #NFTs if at all just been known in their communities. Often, promising looking projects didn't deliver and disappeared during a bear market.
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Director Christopher Wray will join our partners from @TheJusticeDept, @StateDept, and @USTreasury today at 12:30 p.m. EST to make several major cybercrime announcements. You can watch the press conference live at
The #FBI and our partners announced that Yaroslav Vasinskyi, a Ukrainian national, faces charges for allegedly launching ransomware attacks against multiple victims, including a July attack against information technology management company Kaseya. Director Christopher Wray said, "The arrest of Yaroslav
On October 8, Polish authorities took custody of Vasinskyi in Poland, where he remains pending proceedings to secure his extradition to the U.S.
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This is my favourite modern public health experiment ever. After years of my life focusing only on this crappy #Aedes mosquito I could not be more happy to read this. But, hidden here amongst the incredible science is what it took to get this to work 1/5…
To make this successful, and when I say successful I mean wildly successful: 77% reduction of dengue in an urban setting! Urban is hard! They undertook some of the best #CommunityEngagement I have ever seen.2/5
They used 10,000 #volunteers to place containers full of mosquito eggs in people’s back yards. They had community meetings. They let people in to see the labs. They used Whatsapp engagement. Do you know what it takes to get everyone to agree to this? It’s amazing! 3/5
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Congratulations to our @tni_ad partners who just earned their Jungle Tabs!

We have trained shoulder-to-shoulder and learned from each other all while strengthening the bond that forms between #LightFighters.

#FreeAndOpenIndoPacific #FriendsPartnersAllies #Partnership

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Welcome to Beth’s workshop on Growing Big Ideas! Follow along as we live-tweet this event. You can also join the workshop at this link:…

#womenleaders #leadership #galsngear #bigideas Image
Your challenge for this afternoon is to think about this: What kind of legacy will you leave?

#womenleaders #leadership #galsngear #bigideas #legacy Image
Imagine you are 90 years old, feeling happy and satisfied. How will the world have changed because of you?

#womenleaders #leadership #galsngear #bigideas #legacy Image
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My daughter has been having some pretty bad pain days. She has struggled with sleep more then usual. Tonight she came & laid by me in my bed. Sheer exhaustion took over. She is ‘sleeping’ but it’s not restful. She is whimpering and moaning in her sleep. This is 1/
a reality of pain. Yes she benefits from opioids but she also uses other techniques; distraction, stretches, hot baths. The reality for many is that even when you employ distraction, mindfulness, as well as other modalities it is NOT enough. This is the last day 2.
of #PainAwarenessMonth and I go out with a heavy heart. There is still such harm occurring, such stigmatization, inability to access quality care. There is an effort to silence those that have benefited from LTOT by labeling and providing a DSM diagnosis. To those 3/
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Dear Sponsors / Volunteers,

I hope you still have us in mind.
We have identified two locations already in Ibadan.

To this effect, we will be donating (4-5) Central Processing unit (CPU's) devices to argument the pre existing computer laboratory they have.

1/3 Image
We will be donating welfare packages as well(Food and Clothes).

To make this a reality we need your support, in cash, kind and by volunteering.

To make our world a better place, to make our immediate environment a better place it takes the collective efforts of everyone.

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This is extremely concerning. Where is the #patientcentered care? What if the medications that the #patient had been on were working? My kids have an extensive history. They have tried multiple medications and treatments some to their great detriment, should there 1/
not be a discussion w #patient and/or #caregiver on needs, concerns, desired outcomes previous treatments tried? I would never want to again have my kids be placed on a medication & or have treatment that did not work or worse caused harm previously. Due to the #CDC 2/
guidelines, the reinforcement of these guidelines by other governmental entities such as @CMSGov physicians have stopped assessing need and providing legitimate care - there actions are based on what is best for their organization and themselves. @CDCInjury and @SeemaCMS have 3/
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The #WE scandal surrounding Cnd. PM Justin Trudeau (& Finance Minister Bill Morneau) broke at the end of June. June 26 2020: "Trudeau accused of cronyism over giving #WE Charity a contract to run $912-million student #volunteer program".…
"#WE Day events for young people [] frequently feature Mr. Trudeau & his wife, Sophie Grégoire #Trudeau, as #keynote speakers. Ms. Grégoire Trudeau is a volunteer "#ambassador and ally” of the WE Well-being initiative."

Grégoire Trudeau's daughter, Ella-Grace, & her mother-in-law, Margaret #Trudeau – spoke at an indoor WE Day event in March 2020, attended by 13,000 people. Margaret Trudeau received $250k for 28 event appearances (since 2016) from sister co. #MetoWe.

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I'd like to share a lesson in patient/client/child/person centered care by my neice & nephew after my daughter tripped in the park & scraped knees.
1. Niece asks: Can I help you with your knees? (A=Yes) 'tell me when you're ready'. Niece smiles.
2. Niece explains procedure Image
(Dabbing with wet paper towel) and adds, 'this may hurt a little but it's only water and its really important to clean, you're doing great.
3. Nephew adds: ' when I get hurt I like to think of happy things. Let's see. What is your favourite thing on the whole world?
*procedure continues. A distracted by thinking of her favorite thing*
4. Niece explains next step: 'im going to put on bandaids now so we can keep playing. Do you want to run up the hill after?'
5. Niece & nephew both provide encouragement A
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Surely every serious national security strategist understands the distinction btwn Govts Geopolitical decisions and th military's detailed scenario planning & action program. A govt can decided on basis of expected value of outcome or worst case scenarios-the latter is paralyzing
2/ns The critical issue in China-India conflict is that,as of now (2020), #China controls the #escalatory ladder. So India's #National #Security Apparatus has to make assumptions about when and how #CCPpla will escalate, if it loses the first few steps on its escalatory ladder!
3/ns The worst case scenario for us is therefore the one in which after loosing previous escalations, #CCP China escalates to a full fledged war/attack on India, by shifting US-facing troops and highest quality equipment towards India. This has proved paralyzing for past Govts!🤔
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Thread: 👋🏾 Welcome new followers. I am a #nurse #researcher, leveraging my expertise for #health #equity. This includes fighting for #social #justice, #RacialJustice, etc. This #Throwback image depicts wounds that were passed down 1/6

If anyone knows the artist, please tag them.
through generations. You could swap the images out for multiple people groups w/ shared experiences of historical and ongoing #trauma. My desire is to not only show how these #atrocities CONTINUE to affect #population #health, but also to implement multilevel interventions 2/6
that mitigate the influence between the aftermath of such injustices & #health. (#Structuralracism has to be addressed to do this.) This is done in #partnership with communities. For too long too many #Scientists (me included) have been #complicit in documenting differences 3/6
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We're LIVE for our latest #TeVE! Join us to discuss how sales leaders can evolve their strategies in a tough economic crisis: #TeVirtualEvents #BringPeopleTogether #KeepPeopleConnected #SuddenlyRemote #WorkFromHome #WFH
Introductions are done now (WOW what a huge amount of experience in this panel!) and we are jumping right into it... Amad asks Liz Cain about "Establishing the right culture" #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents #SalesLeadership
A slightly competitive environment can help sales leaders. They feed off each other. Feeling How do people make up for this loss of physical proximity?

1:1 meetings
Stand ups
Regular check ins.

Find ways to #bringpeopletogether
#TeVE #TeVirtualEvents
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On March 26 2020 the Club of Rome published an open letter: Call to Action from the Planetary Emergency Partnership*: Emerging from the Planetary Emergency and partnering between People and Nature"…
"#Covid19 has shown us that overnight transformational change is possible. A different world, a different economy is suddenly dawning."

The transformational change consists of a multi-pronged global transformation. The finalization of nature (#NewDealForNature) & reboot to #4IR.
First signatories to the open letter include Christiana Figueres, Sandrine Dixson (Co-President of The Club of Rome) Kate Raworth, Johan Rockström (#CI), & Hunter Lovins.

#4IR #SmartCities
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We are pleased to have hosted representatives of @spenigeria to a courtesy visit with OER’s Senior Management.
As a leading indigenous player, collaboration towards the Nigerian energy sector forward is something we are always enthusiastic about. ImageImageImage
We appreciate the acknowledgment and commendation of @spenigeria on our efforts and contribution towards gender parity within the sector.
#Partnership #collaboration
@spe_lagos @SPEtweets @SPE_NIGERIA ImageImage
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It was a great pleasure to today host a one of a kind #forestry #WaterStewardship workshop with members of the SA forestry industry under the theme "Water Source Partnerships: collaboration for a water secure future"
On the back of the launch of the #WaterMasterPlan yesterday, @ColvinH2O opened the workshop with a fresh perspective on the role of the #forestry sector in the "just transition to a green economy" #WaterStewardship #Partnerships
A conversation on 'unlocking the catchment economy' is an essential one that must be had between the #forestry and #water sector @ColvinH2O added #ForestWaterNexus #CollectiveAction
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Tomm we start a journey at @ZuckerSoM w/ 3rd yr #MedicalStudents to enhance #Awareness #Education #Skills #Comfort #Hope re: #OpioidCrisis

13.5 hours - "#OpioidEpidemic" themed week (3rd iteration)

Follow/RT as Students, Colleagues, & I tweet - #OURcrisis

#MEDeD #RecoveryMonth
1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ MS3 #Students

6️⃣0️⃣ Faculty/Facilitators

3️⃣0️⃣ Clinical/Non-Clinical Depts

#OURcrisis @ZuckerSoM

@GIMaPreceptor @DrYili @MartinsWelchMD @JoeCMD @medicmin911 @ektrenchard @ethanfried @ginofarina @LindaWDeMasi @AFornari1 @joemd @DrAhuja @santhoshpaulus6 @TomMcGinn4
#Strategic Full Circle
1. from Health System (need)
2. to School of #Medicine (access)
3. to Health System (access/mission)

Our #OpioidEpidemic themed week is part of a 30+hour 4-yr longitudinal 'Addressing #SubstanceUse' curriculum
#OURcrisis #MEDeD
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I'm attending the #DataForGood panel organized by @SFU, moderated by @drjoyjohnson w/ Sheryl Groeneweg @ISED_CA, Richard Evans @StatCan_eng, and Bohdan Noysk @SFU

#AI #partnership #bigdata #cdnsci #scipol #cdnpoli
RE - risk assessment for data security is a daunting task ➡️ so it's important to be able to communicate what is known, what can be done. Govt needs to be forthcoming to build great relationships, to build trust.

BN - the best partnerships are built on strong relationships.
BN works in sensitive patient data, which is a fantastic resource. Researchers have been accessing this kind of data for decades because of good practise to anonymized and de-identify data.
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