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The @premierleague's silence is deafening. Ironically, it's speaking volumes - here's why:

(Sorry, it's another long thread...)

In any business, there are competing interests between marketing and legal. Marketing want to big up the product, make outlandish claims and generate revenue. Legal want to stop marketing scoring own goals.

They're often in conflict...
Take Carling. The Marketing Dept probably wanted to say: "The Best Lager in the World" until somebody in Legal raised an eyebrow and the Copywriter hastily added "...probably".
Trust me, Legal always get the final word.
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The big problem with #nufctakeover process is the lack of transparency.

Is only right that @premierleague probe the ownership model if they feel it doesn't make power lines clear. We have to be very, very robust in making sure it's clear who wields ultimate control. /1
@premierleague The attitude of 'just get it passed' doesn't work for me. A decision made in haste under pressure will have huge ramifications. We should interrogate the intentions of every side in this - and not assume would-be owners (just because they're not Ashley) are the 'good guys'. /2
@premierleague If the @premierleague were to pass something that comes apart within months, they will rightly be asked what they were thinking.

Personally I don't want to see a dictator in de facto charge of #nufc. That could be catastrophic. The consortium are arguing that won't happen. /3
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Earlier this week I posted a thread on the 2018/19 financials for the Big Six Premier League clubs. Today I am going to look at the numbers for the Other 14 clubs #AFCB #BHAFC #BurnleyFC #CardiffCity #CPFC #EFC #FFC #HTAFC #LCFC #NUFC #SaintsFC #WatfordFC #WHUFC #WWFC
Obviously, there will be a significant impact on these numbers in the 2019/20 season (and probably 2020/21 as well) as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, which has resulted in clubs earning much less revenue for a few months, but how did it look before the pandemic struck? ImageImage
Other 14 Premier League clubs generated £2.2 bln of revenue, but £2.6 bln of expenses (including £1.5 bln wages and £0.6 bln player amortisation) meant £393m operating loss. This was improved by £241m profit on player sales, offset by £35m interest, giving £188m loss before tax. Image
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Now that all the Premier League clubs have published their 2018/19 financials, we can compare the results, but we will do this a little differently by separating the analysis into two parts, as the numbers are so different for: (1) the Big Six clubs; and (2) the Other 14 clubs.
Today’s thread will focus on the 2018/19 financial results for the Big Six Premier League clubs #AFC #CFC #LFC #MCFC #MUFC #THFC. Clearly, there will be a significant impact on these numbers in 2019/20 following the COVID-19 lockdown, but how did it look before the pandemic?
Big 6 Premier League clubs generated £3.0 bln of revenue, but £3.1 bln of expenses (including £1.7 bln wages and £0.7 bln player amortisation) meant a £97m operating loss. This was improved by £193m profit on player sales, offset by £23m interest, giving £33m profit before tax.
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Blackburn Rovers’ financial results for 2018/19 covered “a season of consolidation for Tony Mowbray’s men”, as the club finished 15th in the Championship, having secured automatic promotion from League One the previous year. Some thoughts in the following thread #Rovers
#Rovers loss widened by £1.4m from £16.8m to £18.2m, despite revenue increasing by £7.7m (86%) from £9.0m to £16.7m following promotion, as operating expenses grew £8.6m and profit on player sales fell £0.5m to £0.6m.
Main reason for #Rovers £7.7m revenue growth was the higher TV deal in the Championship, which meant broadcasting almost quadrupled, rising £5.5m from £1.9m to £7.4m. There was also good growth in commercial, up £1.2m (28%) to £5.5m, and match day, up £1.0m (35%) to £3.7m.
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[Thread] 1/ Add this to the list of suspicious Arabic accounts that have suddenly become pro-Newcastle United and supportive of the takeover by Saudi's PIF. Account stinks of PR. It smears the media, using the term 'hostile media' and seems to lionize MBS #NUFCTakeover
2/ In terms of tasteless behaviour, the account laughs at the letter by the fiance of the murdered Jamal Khashoggi (classy). Odd that the account is so into MBS, while many try to justify the takeover saying it is the PIF - and not MBS, who is involved. Suggest
3/ that #NUFCTakeover is as much about sportwashing and burnishing the reputation of MBS as it is about PIF acquiring the club. But how do we know it's suspicious. Read on >
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Newcastle United’s 2018/19 financial results cover a season when they finished 13th in the Premier League, 3 places lower than the previous year. Steve Bruce replaced Rafael Benitez as manager after the season ended. Some thoughts in the following thread #NUFC
#NUFC profit before tax improved by £18m from £23m to £41m, very largely due to profit on player sales surging from £4m to £25m, as revenue dropped £2m (1%) from £178m to £176m. There was minimal expense growth of just £1m. Post-tax profit increased from £19m to £35m.
The largest #NUFC revenue decrease was broadcasting, which fell £2.5m (2%) to £124m, mainly due to the worse finishing place in the league, though commercial was also down £0.5m (2%) to £28m. In contrast, match day rose £0.9m (4%) to £25m.
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Re #nufctakover
This #takeover of #NUFC has come with significant controversy and objection towrads it happening. The most recurring of objections has been from the so-called "widow" of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashogji. I think its important to clarify a few points about her
It's important to start out by indicating that Jamal Khashogji's family have previously pointed out (through their attorney) they have no idea who she is. Image
Over a week after Jamal was murdered. This woman attempted to capture sympathy by tweeting this (claiming it was Jamal's birthday on October 13): Image
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I’ve prepared a few more of the financial fact sheets for selected football clubs. To be clear, this is not new information as such, but just a more succinct presentation of previous data. This thread covers #AVFC, #AFCB, #CardiffCity, #HTAFC, #NCFC, #SUFC, #WatfordFC and #WWFC.
#AVFC posted huge £69m net loss. Operating loss even higher at £115m, including £46m promotion payments, but £14m HS2 compensation. Offset by £36m stadium sale and £11m player sales. Revenue fall due to lower parachute payments. Debt-free after write-offs and equity conversion.
#AFCB lost money 2 years in a row, as revenue has fallen from £136m to £131m, while wage bill has grown from £72m to £111m. Little benefit from low player sales. Debt up to £100m, 9th highest in PL. Spent £150m on player purchases in last 2 years with transfer debt up to £81m.
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[Thread] 1/ Ok this is a network-analysis thread on the disinformation campaign in Qatar using the hashtags (arabic) "Al Wakra" and "Coup in Qatar" [Inqilaab fi Qatar]. First up. The hashtags got noticed. They are still the number one trends in Saudi and Qatar.
2/I downloaded around 20700 tweets, retweets, replies etc from around 12,000 unique accounts. As you can see, there's a lot of interaction on both hashtags, and a dense network of accounts discussing, spreading (and debunking) the disinformation.
3/ Now there is a lot of info here. But there are certain giveaways something odd is happening. Take this slightly offset light blue/turquoise constellation of accounts. It's not quite part of the main hub, indicating it's not really interacting significantly with the main groups
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This is the lovely Ian Golightly. He is one of the most committed members of the #ToonArmy I’ve ever known.

He has #Huntingtonsdisease and recently spent 2 weeks in hospital fighting #covid19

Ian was discharged to his nursing home after fighting back against this dreadful virus.

However, Ian is still fighting a chest infection and the combination of being so poorly and #Isolation means he is currently in a very very low place.

Due to his condition, Ian has few pleasures in life: namely, going to @NeuroDropIn, watching @NUFC (though sadly he can no longer make the trip to #StJamesPark) and playing scrabble/spend time with his friends.
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As a lifelong #NUFC fan whose job at @amnesty includes the link between sport and #humanrights, I thought I’d share a few thoughts about the impending Saudi takeover of my club. Mixing the personal and professional rarely works, but here goes… #NUFCTakeover
First, any fan can tell you that a large part of their soul aches for change at #NUFC. I first went to St James’ Pk when I was 7, grew up going to matches in the Keegan era, & revelled in Sir Bobby. I desperately miss Asprilla v Barcelona, Albert v Man U or Griffin v Juve.
The Ashley years have been grim. It’s not just the relegations, the underinvestment, or hiring Joe Kinnear twice. It’s the treatment of Keegan & Gutierrez. The surrender of hope & joy. Becoming a Sports Direct commodity. The feeling our club is grubby and we don’t mean anything.
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[Thread] 1/ An interesting aspect of this piece is these two accounts. Both young women NUFC fans. One called Georgia Abrewis, the other Emily Sarnes. Both tweeted the same tweet about Qatari Emir Shaykh Tamim with caption "so ugly". Now this is strange for a number of reasons
2/ Firstly, why would young NUFC from the North East be sharing a topless image of a person who, for all intents and purposes, is not remotely linked to the PIS bid for #NUFC. Secondly, Why are both accounts tweeting the same identical tweet? Thirdly, why has one of the accounts
3/ Thirdly, both accounts are new, being set up in April 2020 - which is usually suspicious. Fourthly, one of the accounts was deleted. Specifically, Georgia Abrewis, whose handle was 'NewcastleMBS', has now been replaced by a new account tweeting only in Arabic Presumably
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Let's take a detailed, comprehensive look at under-24 strikers from the top 5 leagues. This study considers both conventional centre forwards as well as players who switch between the wings and the central "9" role.

Data thanks to the brilliant @fbref as always! (THREAD) Image
Output is fundamental for any young striker and the sustainability of a striker's output can be measured in xG and xA. The graph shows us that Haaland and Gabriel Jesus have superb movement while Werner is a considerable all-round threat. #BVB #MCFC #RBL Image
Does your favourite young striker like getting on the ball, and if so, where does he get the ball? Werner loves being involved in general play while strikers like Tammy and Lautaro prefer taking few touches, with most of them being in the box. #RBL #CFC #Inter Image
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- Two relegations in 13 years.
- From Champions League to Championship within 5 years
- The awful treatment of two of our club legends, Shearer & Keegan
- Texting Gutierrez to tell him he wasn't getting a new contract, after surviving cancer and saving us from relegation.
- The fucking Sports Direct Arena
- The rank logos plastered all over our beautiful and unique stadium
-Taking control of our club shop
- The sheer lack of investment in the playing squad and facilities
- Appointing the wrong people in the wrong places time after time again.
- Furloughing staff despite being a multi-billionaire, under a multi-million pound profit making football club
- Zapped all hope and passion about the football club.
- No effort in cup competitions, despite admitting he 'can not and will not' compete in the league.
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1/ A little thread from us lawyers on what we think happened, & we hope is our simple (ish) explanation of the confusing #NUFC #takeover activity. Some educated guess work & we are not saying this is 100% right -no moaners allowed. Hold tight. All info public knowledge @rjrosser1
2/ The Mike Ashley Loan. The club is actually Newcastle United Limited. This has 3 separate loans/charges in favour of St James’ Holdings. The loan is secured over the club & SJP. MA owns St James’ Holdings so is effectively owed £150m by the club, even though he owns it.
3/ Cantervale Limited: On 2 Jan 2018 Staveley (AS) incorporated ‘Cantervale Limited’ which is fans hoped signalled the end of the Ashley era. Cantervale Limited was then dormant until 8 April 2020 when a charge was filed at CH. This charge is in favour of RB sports& media Limited
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Aston Villa’s 2018/19 financial results covered a season when they finished 5th in the Championship, but were promoted to the Premier League after beating Derby County in the play-off final under manager Dean Smith, who replaced Steve Bruce in October. Some thoughts follow #AVFC
In July 2018 NSWE SCS, owned by billionaire businessmen Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens, bought a controlling stake from Dr. Tony Xia after #AVFC “experienced significant liquidity problems”, including a missed tax payment to HMRC. Xia’s minority share bought out in August 2019.
#AVFC loss widened by £33m from £36m to £69m, as revenue dropped £14m (21%) to £54m and profit on player sales fell £5m from £16m to £11m. Operating expenses increased by £15m, while £46m promotion payments were offset by stadium sale £36m and HS2 land compensation £14m.
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Queens Park Rangers 2018/19 financial results covered a season when they finished 19th in the Championship and reached the FA Cup 5th round. Manager Steve McClaren was replaced by Mark Warburton in June 2019. Some thoughts in the following thread #QPR
#QPR loss significantly decreased from £38m to £10m, largely due to no repeat of the previous season’s £20m FFP fine, though there was also operational improvement: revenue rose £3m to £35m, profit on player sales was up from zero to £3m, while expenses were cut by £7m.
All three #QPR revenue streams were higher. Main increase was in Broadcasting, which rose £1.8m (9%) to £22.0m, due to slight uplift in parachute payment and FA Cup run. Commercial was up £0.9m (15%) to £7.2m, while gate receipts were £0.5m (10%) higher at £5.4m.
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Swansea City’s 2018/19 accounts covered a challenging season when they finished a respectable 10th in the Championship following relegation after 7 years in the Premier League. Manager Graham Potter left for #BHAFC in May ‘19, replaced by Steve Cooper. Some thoughts follow #Swans
#Swans loss before tax widened from £3.2m to £7.0m, as revenue almost halved following relegation from £127m to £68m, despite parachute payments, and profit on player sales fell £16m to £30m, largely offset by cutting costs by £72m. After tax, loss increased from £2.9m to £6.0m. Image
The main reason for #Swans £59m (46%) revenue reduction was broadcasting, which more than halved in the Championship from £105m to £52m, though commercial was also down £6m (45%) to £8m and match day fell £0.8m (11%) to £6.6m. Player loans up £1.7m to £2.0m. Image
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Wolverhampton Wanderers 2018/19 financial results covered a “successful” season, when they finished 7th in their first season back in the Premier League since 2012, reached the FA Cup semi-final and qualified for the Europa League. Some thoughts in the following thread #WWFC
Since being bought by Chinese investment group Fosun International in July 2016, #WWFC is a club transformed, helped by a close relationship with super-agent Jorge Mendes. Under charismatic manager Nuno Espirito Santo, Wolves can realistically compete for European qualification.
#WWFC swung from £57m loss before tax in the Championship to £20m profit in the Premier League, a £77m improvement, as revenue surged from £26m to a club record £172m and profit on player sales was up £4m to £12m, though costs also increased significantly in the top flight.
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Watford’s 2018/19 financial results covered a season that the club understandably described as “successful”, improving their position in the Premier League from 14th to 11th and reaching the FA Cup Final (beaten by #MCFC). Some thoughts in the following thread #WatfordFC
#WatfordFC made a £9.8m profit before tax, compared to a £31m loss in the prior year, as revenue rose £19m (15%) to a record £148m, and profit on player sales increased from £3m to £22m. Also boosted by a £4.5m settlement following Marco Silva’s acrimonious move to #EFC.
#WatfordFC £19m revenue growth was mainly due to a £15m (14%) increase in broadcasting to £124m, thanks to the higher Premier League finishing position and FA Cup run, while there were also rises in commercial, up £3m (28%) to £13.6m, and match day, up £1.3m (16%) to £9.2m.
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West Ham’s 2018/19 financial results covered a season when they finished 10th in the Premier League and were eliminated in the 4th found of both the FA Cup and Carabao Cup. Manuel Pellegrini replaced David Moyes as manager in May 2018. Some thoughts in the following thread #WHUFC
#WHUFC swung from £18m profit before tax to a £28m loss, a £46m deterioration, despite revenue rising £15m (9%) to a club record £191m, as profit on player sales fell £17m to £13m and investment in the squad led to a £45m increase in expenses.
The main driver of #WHUFC £15m revenue increase was broadcasting, which rose £9m (7%) to £127m, due to a better Premier League position. There was also useful growth in the other revenue streams: commercial was up £4m (12%) to £36m, while match day was up £3m (11%) to £27m.
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Probably my last opinion on #NUFC for a while. Like most fans I've become completely disillusioned with the football club, and in fact football in general over the past few months. Even talking about Newcastle United is no longer an enjoyable experience. What is the point? (1/10)
Obviously Mike Ashleys ownership of #NUFC is the main contributing factor to my general dislike towards football today. He has completely destroyed the club I was mad about and spent every day of the past 24 yrs loving. Yet every day he continues to get away with it (2/10)
The media are crucial to all aspects of every aspect of life in the 21st century. Our local media in the North East have done nothing to seriously show they care about the future of #NUFC - or to seriously (and I mean seriously) question/combat Ashley or Charnley. (3/10)
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Deloitte have published the 23rd edition of their annual Football Money League, which ranks the world’s leading football clubs by revenue, this time covering the 2018/19 season. Some thoughts in the following thread.
Barcelona £741m overtook Spanish rivals Real Madrid £667m to claim top spot for the first time, becoming the first club to break through the £700m barrier. #MUFC £627m and Bayern Munich £582m retained 3rd and 4th ranking, while PSG £560m (5th) and #MCFC £538m (6th) swapped places
There are no fewer than five English clubs in the top ten, also including #LFC £533m, #THFC £459m, and #CFC £452m. However, #AFC £393m dropped two places to 11th, their lowest position since 2000/01. Lyon and Napoli were new entrants to the top 20, replacing Milan and #NUFC.
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