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The #holidayseason is hectic and there’s often no way around it. So how do you balance it while holding on to your #mentalhealth? Come with me on a 🧵 and let's follow the #Magic of the #checklist 👉 1/
We’ve always been taught to learn from the best. So why not simply borrow a trick from Santa’s bag 🎅😏 Before traveling around the world in 12 hours, he's making a #list and checking it twice. #Santa is the master of THE #checklist 🤌 #Productivity 2/
It all comes down to #neuroscience. If you felt the satisfaction of crossing a #task off, then you’re no stranger to the power of the #checklist. That’s because the #brain releases dopamine when you achieve your #goals 🧠 #Productivity 3/
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I recommended this book: Boundless: The Rise, Fall and Escape of Carlos Ghosn by the two @WSJ journalist @Nick_Kostov and @McLainSean published by @HarperCollins in our Maj Invest Magazine in Nov 2022 with @Rimestad at @MajInvest

#WSJ #majinvest #majinvestvalueequities Image
Even though the attached article is in Danish, the recommendation for the book is, as always, universal.
Boundless both refers to Mr. Ghosn rise and his international vision, which not coincidentally coincided with the past 20 years of Globalism,
and to his lack of restraint when it came to mixing his personal finances with those of the companies he was running. The book is a well written account, rich on details, of the career and down fall of Carlos Ghosn and his pivotal role in the global auto industry, with France and
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#ICUchecklist is to make sure the plane doesn’t crash, not to assure the stewardesses don’t run out of Diet Coke on the way to Los Angeles. If the checklist gets too long, it becomes pro forma, and is rattled off without attention. The picture shows a cumbersome #checklist
It seems to imply that the individual patient and their disease process does not matter, you simply have to check some boxes like you were starting a plane or baking some cookies. It seems also to imply that we will forget to monitor medications and labs and…everything
Much of what is there is based on flimsy, dated, or no evidence (GI PPX) and will hardly lead to a plane crash if ignored for a day - the NNH is huge. Few patients are harmed by a day or two “delay” in starting enteral nutrition - there is scant evidence of harm. So, why do we…
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Thread นี้จะรวม #Checklist
#DEK66 "ไว้ประเมิน" ความพร้อม
ว่าจะสอบ #TGAT ในเวลา 2 เดือนจึ๋ง
น้องจะ "แน่แค่ไหน" !? ตอบตัวเองตามจริง
ไปกัน #ทีละพาร์ท #เอ้าเริ่มเลย !?
🗣️ Part 1 : Conversation
✅ รู้ idioms หมวดทั่วไปเช่น
"ถามสารทุกข์สุขดิบ/ขอบคุณ/ขอโทษ" !?
✅ รู้ idioms กลุ่มหลอกเด็ก #ออกทุกปี
เช่น Do you have the time?
I couldn't agree more vs less?
✅ เข้าใจ Question-Pattern #ใช้ตัดchoicesได้ดีมาก
เช่น Wh-word : How often vs How long?
🧩Part 2 : Paragraph Completion
✅ รู้ Grammar #ออกสอบทุกปี แค่ไหน !?
**เรื่องที่สอน "วน" ที่โรงเรียนตลอด
#tense #passive #agreement ++
✅ จำ "transition" (Preposition/Conjunction)
ใบ้ให้เลยหมวด #เหตุผล #ขัดแย้ง #เสริมใจความ #ยกตัวอย่าง ไปจำ "4 หมวดนี้พอ" !!
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వినాయక చవితి #checklist

పూజకి కావల్సినవి అన్నీ తయారుగా ఉంచుకుంటే, పూజ మధ్యలో లేవకుండా, హడావుడి పడకుండా, ప్రశాంతంగా చేసుకోవచ్చు.

3.పసుపు గణపతి
4.మట్టి గణపతి
5.బియ్యం పిండి(ముగ్గు వెయ్యడానికి,పాలవెల్లి అలంకరించడానికి)
6.అక్షతలు(కొంత పసుపుతో;కొంత కుంకుమతో కలిపినవి)
9.కలశం కి చెంబు/గ్లాసు
15.విడి పువ్వులు
17.పాలవెల్లి(పసుపు రాసి,బియ్యం పిండి  & కుంకుమతో బొట్లు పెట్టాలి) (అన్ని వైపులా సమాన బరువు ఉండేలా పళ్ళు, కూరగాయలు, మొక్కజొన్న కండెలు,వెలగపండు,చెఱకుగడ లతో అలంకరణ చెయ్యాలి)
19.పత్రి(శుభ్రంగా కడిగి తుడిచి పెట్టండి)
21.దీపారాధన సామగ్రి
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Nothing sucks more than working hard, for a long time, only to find out you have nothing to show for it.

It's a byproduct of mistaking action for progress.

And it's a BIG #productivity mistake that can be avoided with a few quick steps.

Here's how...
You take steps to make sure you're activities stay aligned with where you want to go in the manner that I'll cover here.

There are actually 3 steps and that would be getting clear on your #Outcome, your Objective, and your Action Items.
With these Three Steps, you can increase your productivity massively.
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Et si les #entreprises #libérées pouvaient changer le monde ? | Alexandre ... via @YouTube
#Question: pourquoi les entreprises-#gorgones ne s'intéressent-elles pas au sujet des #entreprises #libérées?

#Répondre: parce qu´elles ont #faim...

Par ex.:
"La Gorgona"… via @lubashivaya
[ On 13 - 03 - 2013 ] = 1 + 3 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 3 = 13!
3:07pm. (BRT) 🇧🇷 / 7:07pm. (ITA) 🇮🇹

#HabemusPapam => @Pontifex 🇻🇦
On this day: #Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio becomes #Pope Francis I.

#NewPope report via @HuffPost ImageImageImage
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El éxito en los preparativos para pesaj comienza ni bien finaliza la fiesta. Acá el imprescindible #checklist #post:
-Embalar utensilios de #pesaj (ordenados y señalizados carne/leche)
-Guardar comida no perecedera y cerrada
-Listar los alimentos guardados
Continúa... Image
-Hacer lista con cantidades de los recursos consumidos (fruta y verdura, descartables, bazar, etc)
-Incluir datos importantes (reponer elemento faltante/marcas o artículos recomendados/negocios convenientes por disponibilidad y precio/etc)
-Guardar las listas en lugar seguro
-Remontar cocina habitual
Todo esto hará mucho más fácil la preparación para el próximo #pesaj y ayudará a la economía familiar evitando gastos extras.
NOTA: si se tienen las cantidades del año pasado mucho mejor, esperemos que este Pesaj atípico no se repita.
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