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Jumped into a great room just now on @joinClubhouse about 'Starting your second brain' speaker was Tiago from @fortelabs.. here are some key takeaways I observed #productivity #BuildingASecondBrain
Being able to sit down and consume a book (usually 5-10 hours of time investment) or even a long article is a HUGE competitive advantage in our current attention deficient society. Knowing how to capture what you consume will put you even further ahead.
Here's a few tools Tiago recommends.. Kindle highlights for books - Try to read on @AmazonKindle. A digital format will allow you to highlight things you find interesting.. you can then sync these with your note taking app (for me that's @NotionHQ) in two ways...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/17/2021…
Covid-19’s harm reduction lesson: Ask people to be careful, not perfect - Vox…

#reduction #COVID19
Understanding Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

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Email productivity thread

Gaining proficiency with MS Outlook has been really important in helping me accomplish as much as I have.

Now, I can usually process 200-300 emails in about 30 minutes. I’m asked frequently how I do it - I will try to explain in this thread.

It starts with being able to search efficiently and accurately. For many many years, I didn’t know how to do this. I would type a few words in the search bar and then scroll the myriad of hits till I found what I was looking for.

There is a better way.

First, go to options within the file menu and change your search setting to search all outlook items, not just the current folder. This will save you from having to tell outlook you do it with each individual search

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Great time chatting with @TessaRDavis @VenkBellamkonda @marco_propersi @M_Lin on are some thoughts from me...

#MedEd #productivity

-Focus on Task Zero NOT Inbox Zero
-Email for me falls into 4 categories:
1 Actionable item (>5min to accomplish)->Task manager
2 Junk->Delete
3 Reference->Evernote
4 Quick action (<5min to accomplish)->Answer right then

Goal isn't zero emails but zero tasks in ur email
Time Management

-Schedule things into your calendar
-Review your calendar the night before for next day
-Review your calendar Sunday night for upcoming week
-Make sure you schedule downtime for yourself
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/09/2021…
Scientists find evidence of mathematical structures in classic books | James Joyce | The Guardian…

#fractal #joyce #evidence #books #structures
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Looking forward to hearing this authoritative panel taking a deep dive into the #Budget2021 announcements #DodsInsights
First @LauraHutch_Dods reminds attendees of the Chancellor’s 3️⃣ key priorities in #Budget2021: doing “whatever it takes” to support businesses & people through #Coronavirus, fixing public finances & beginning to build the future economy #DodsInsights
First, @dodsmonitoring consultant @MariaBusca reviews the economic context - The 🇬🇧 has shrunk by almost 10% & #Coronavirus lockdown is still in effect. However, OBR predicts a faster recovery than previously predicted & unemployment is lower than expected #DodsInsights
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If you have kids (or even if you don't) you have likely watched all these animated movies. Some deep lessons sprinkled in these are worthy of thought.

Do you have a favorite line or a favorite movie?

Some of my favourite quotes:
1. “When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world." - Timon, from The Lion King
2. "When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming." — Dory, from Finding Nemo
3. “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.” - Rafiki, from the Lion King
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This post by @fortelabs is 100% why I never managed to really "get" Evernote as others in the #productivity space seemed to. Nested tag systems make my brain hurt too. Nomological networks on the other hand? 🙋‍♀️YES. 1/10…
If the concept of a "Nomological Net" is new to you, this is a decent primer:…. As it was explained to me by my 2nd doctoral advisor, & how I've put the use of this concept into practice in my life, can be summed up by this statement: 2/10
I capture what & how I'm thinking about the topics that interest me on everything in life my Nomological Net. I use @NotionHQ to do this. I know many would argue for the use of #RoamResearch since it builds a net. However, similar to nested tag structures, 3/10
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Looking forward tonhearinh more about how local actions can be harnessed to deliver #InclusiveGrowth as part of our #Coronavirus economic recovery #GLOPRO
Mike Hawking, Head of Policy & Partnerships at @jrf_uk opens his talk by highlighting the stubborn nature of #Poverty in 🇬🇧. While Govt measures had targeted #ChildPoverty & #PensionerPoverty, headline poverty figures remained worryingly high #GloPro Image
Hawking also notes that the numbers of people experiencing in-work #Poverty before #Coronavirus had been rising. Suggests that jobs being created where not good enough to help people escape poverty #GloPro
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/22/2021…
‘A Total Failure’: The Proud Boys Now Mock Trump…

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#Covid lockdowns were an unusual gift. Watching my roses wilt, leathers crack, convictions shake, relationships dull and few loved ones taken away, I came to appreciate the essence of #chaos in a non-mathematical way. Art by Cindy Derby, from 'A Velocity of Being'
Riding the upstoppable arrow of #time, chaos can, and will take over everything – it's a question of when, not if. Spending 20+ hours for a whole year at home, I personally witnessed new order derive from, and decay back into chaos – yes, #entropy grows.
The silent master of #change, it lurks at the edge of all organisation, constantly tugging at equilibrium, ever ready to topple it into countless permutations of form, flavor and function. And through these, it shapes our shared, mortal destinies, at all #resolutions.
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The Truth About #OpenOffices
”When the firms switched to open offices, face-to-face interactions fell by 70%.”

#HRM #WorkplaceDesign…
But ”hybrid #openoffice designs are not a panacea. If you are going to let people choose the spaces that best meet their individual needs, your workers might as well be remote.”
And #remotework hinders #communication: ”we found that remote workers communicated nearly 80% less about their assignments than colocated team members did; in 17% of projects they didn’t communicate at all.”
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Looking forward to hearing more about what can be done to address the challenges and opportunities arising from the unequal impact #Coronavirus has had on the labour markets #Coronanomics
Chair Simon Price opens the webinar by reminding delegates that the #Coronavirus pandemic has seen a historic drop in #productivity in the 🇬🇧 & significantly altered how we both earn and spend our money #Coronanomics
Price says this means the #Coronavirus recession will have a different impact to previous recessions: Will alter not just how the economy, but also significantly change many social aspects of our society #Coronanomics
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/02/2020…
Preserving a Sense of Wonder in DNA - Issue 92: Frontiers - Nautilus…

The ocean in humanity’s future…

#future #humanity #ocean
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📣New #Paper with @Tasos_Kitsos and @r_ortegaargiles hot🔥off the @RegionalStudies press: 'Digital economy in the UK: regional productivity effects of early adoption'… [1/n]
While we know a lot about the importance of #internet related technologies and digitisation practices to #economic performance and #productivity , we don't know much about the long-term effects of the early adoption of such technologies. [2/n]
This is understandable as the commercial #internet is c. only 25 years and relevant #data can be scarce especially at a disaggregated #Regional level. [3/n]
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/17/2020…
Phenomenal World | Data as Property?…

#Data #property
COVID-19 and diabetes mellitus: from pathophysiology to clinical management | Nature Reviews Endocrinology…

#diabetes #COVID19 #management
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This is the type of nonsense we get with the blind adherence to the consumption-spending fallacy ("Keynesianism"): "remote workers are 'contributing less to the infrastructure of the economy whilst still receiving its benefits'." Producing at lower cost =
bad for the economy? 🤦‍♂️To these "analysts," people wasting less resources when producing (supposedly at the same level) need to be burdened with an extra tax to "make up for" (?) using less resources. Did anybody at @DeutscheBank think this through? If the problem is that they're
not spending enough to produce, i.e. that there is a higher output-input ratio (horror!), then they should, for the sake of consistency (and, from their POV, to stifle such economy-killing lower-cost production), also propose extra taxes for #innovation, #entrepreneurship, and
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Just released a free set of 20 custom icons for @alfredapp to replace the icons provided in the default web searches.…

#mac #productivity #iconsets
You can get it the free Icon Starter Set for @alfredapp here:…
And you can get my 100+ Custom Web Search Icons for @alfredapp here (with more being added soon!):
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/09/2020…
A Guaranteed Monthly Check Changed His Life. Now He Sends Out 650.…

#UniversalBasicIncome #germany
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/04/2020…
To build back better, we will have to reinvent capitalism | World Economic Forum…

How to understand cells, tissues and organisms as agents with agendas | Aeon Essays…

#cells #agents
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I was returning home from my office, I came across a Tadgola (ice-apple) vendor 🥥

I asked for the price and he said "100 rupees for a dozen"

"half a dozen please" I replied.

Thread 🧵👇

#Productivity #100DaysOfCode #DEVCommunity #CodeNewbies
He began to religiously peel the hard outer shell for the fruit. After peeling 3 hard shells, he was able to get half a dozen pieces for me.

I pulled out a 50 rupee note but he had picked another hard shell and began to peel it.

I asked him to wrap the half dozen and take the money so I could be off on my way.

He nonchalantly continued to peel another shell. It was humid and I was clenched in sweat. I was irritated and repeated to wrap it and take the money.

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/29/2020
Xi Just Radically Changed the Fight Against Climate Change…

#china #ClimateChange
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The CBO has dropped the '2020 long-term budget outlook' - It's not… #US #USeconomy #Debt #FiscalMonetaryMelt #Macro #Risk Some take aways...(1/5)
2/5 #US federal #deficits, #debt, spending & revenues...#Macro #Risk ImageImageImageImage
3/5 #US looking for some revenues...#tax bracket creep...An attempt at some humour; modelling potential cuts to deficit to keep debt equal to 100% of GDP...Consequences of rising #debt & some historic context...#Deficits 2020-2030...#Macro #Risk ImageImageImageImage
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Our latest GDP estimates for June show that the UK economy is now 17.2% smaller than it was in February before the full impacts of the #coronavirus #COVID19 pandemic hit Chart title: GDP grew by 8.7% in June 2020, but is still wel
GDP fell 20.4% in Quarter 2 2020; with services (-19.9%) manufacturing (-20.2%) and construction (-35.0%) all experiencing record quarterly falls Infographic text:  GDP down -20.4% Services down -19.9% Manu
Commenting on today’s GDP figures for June and Quarter 2 @jathers_ONS said: 1/2 Quote text: “The recession brought on by the coronavirus p
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