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Build only what needs to be built

This is one of the most common mistakes people seem to make when jumping into Tana (or other similarly powerful tools)

You don't need to start with a fully built out, high-modernist, top-down system. Start small! 🧵
I've been using Tana every day for over 90 days now – and I'm still building my systems.

Sure, you could take that and say "see, Tana isn't for getting work done – it's a hobby for people who like to fiddle with their systems!"

But that's not the case. At all.
Instead, I've opted from the get-go to only build the minimum of systems that I need _right that moment_.

Just the bare necessities to get the job done I'm working on right now.

Nothing more.
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The #holidayseason is hectic and there’s often no way around it. So how do you balance it while holding on to your #mentalhealth? Come with me on a 🧵 and let's follow the #Magic of the #checklist 👉 1/
We’ve always been taught to learn from the best. So why not simply borrow a trick from Santa’s bag 🎅😏 Before traveling around the world in 12 hours, he's making a #list and checking it twice. #Santa is the master of THE #checklist 🤌 #Productivity 2/
It all comes down to #neuroscience. If you felt the satisfaction of crossing a #task off, then you’re no stranger to the power of the #checklist. That’s because the #brain releases dopamine when you achieve your #goals 🧠 #Productivity 3/
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Workflow: How I deal with all the random tasks that come up each day in @tana_inc 👇 Image
Every day I collect tasks from all sorts of random places:
- Meetings
- Projects
- Random thoughts throughout the day

In @tana_inc it's easy to capture these task from anywhere, any node by adding the tag #task

They all end up in my 'Task Inbox' at the end of the day
Collect Them All In The Task Inbox

1. Create a new field on your daily page supertag called "Clear Task Inbox"
2. Make it hidden (to keep it out of the way till you need it)
3. Create a live search to find any nodes with task that have been created in the last 24 hours.
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1/ Let us share best practices for using #Tags

By the way this is not a question for any specific tool, rather a broad PKM discussion. The concept of #tags has been around for years now in many products. They exist in @evernote, @RoamResearch, @obsdmd, @logseq, @todoist, etc.
2/ Taggin is even used outside of software. I remember doing GTD years ago, all on paper, and using @ for context and # for categorization. All written out on paper, summarized daily and weekly into lists. (Those were wonderful, simpler times)
3/ Tagging things I found to be very useful in managing present. Do this today #task. Do this at @home. #pending, #somdayMaybe, #people. By having a dozen or so tags, I can nicely focus in on actions and responsibilities in my life.
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The fundamental drive in the #individuals essence is to contribute to #society.
Consequently, the supreme #task of any society should be to enable the individual to achieve his or her individuality and emancipation in her or his own semiosphere, because only in this way can individuality as an evolutionary #achievement make its contribution.
Societies whose individuals are corrupted by consumerism and dependency thinking are not #viable in the long term, because these are not mechanisms that promote individuality and thus willingness to work for the social community.
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