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i mean, this is gonna be great. #CHEST2020
These cases are great, and the vent sim is really top notch. here is a takeaway slide re: elevated peak pressures #CHEST2020
Love this framework! #CHEST2020
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Last live lectures of #CHEST2020 about to start! Excited for the Airways Controversy Lecture with @virenkaul @Chaeface @DavidBowton and David Bell.
@Chaeface: Starting it off with DL vs VL with @DavidBowton! #CHEST2020
@DavidBowton: I think it is a false argument. Should be using both of these depending on the circumstance. #CHEST2020
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Next up for tweet-ucation is “Winter is Coming: Strategies to Maximize Performance and Combat Burnout”! #CHEST2020
The first session is "What Factors Drive Burnout?" with Dr. Curtis Sessler!#CHEST2020
The most significant factor in your workplace wellness is relationships and conflict. #CHEST2020
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And you thought we were done talking about burnout!

WINTER IS COMING #CHEST2020 @niven_alex @md_ritwick @susan_corbridge and Curtis Sessler!
#COVID19 'reminded me a lot of my prior deployments as a military physician' - @niven_alex

This feels more accurate than the usual military analogies - deployed _as a clinician_ #CHEST2020
Dr. Sessler highlighting this important framework: An Official Critical Care Societies Collaborative Statement-Burnout Syndrome in Critical Care Health-care Professionals: A Call for Action #CHEST2020

(I've cited it 😉, you should read it!)
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@iamyourgasman: Immunotherapy for #COVID19. #CHEST2020
@iamyourgasman: We already knew that steroids might be helpful in ARDS. #CHEST2020
@iamyourgasman: RECOVERY Trial was set up within days in the UK. And has resulted in several trials. #CHEST2020
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Get your popcorn ready because this is going to be quite the learning contest. #CHEST2020

The webinar is LIVE in T - 5mins, speakers are checking their 🎤🎤

We are only a tiny bit biased towards our co-chair @GallodeMoraesMD!
Dr. Mathews: Starts with sharing what drives ventilation-induced lung injury. This is "leak" is likely more pronounced in #COVID19

Dr. Mathews: ARMA supported LTVV in ARDS with significantly improved mortality. LTVV has been since found to be beneficial in non ARDS situations. #CHEST2020
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1/ Welcome to another edition of West’s Well-Being Wednesday! As a reminder, I’ll briefly highlight papers, topics, questions, etc. related to healthcare professional #wellbeing, with a new entry each week. #wellbeingwednesday #burnout #MedTwitter
2/ This week will be brief because the point is simple:



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Next up for some tweet-ucation is “Antibiotics and Fluids: Controversies in Sepsis Care”! #CHEST2020
The first session is "Early Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics Save Lives" with Dr. Angel Coz! #CHEST2020
The 2016 guidelines recommend broad-spectrum antibiotics to cover all likely pathogens, but those won't be the same for every patient! #CHEST2020
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@RanaAwdish: Restoration of Identity Post-COVID #CHEST2020
@RanaAwdish: I invite you to step out of our "CHEST" identity and step into the quieter parts of your identity. Loss of any one of these makes you less human. #CHEST2020
@RanaAwdish: Identity is a relational act. Embracing our intersectional identities will benefit our patients. #CHEST2020
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Well, a crying child slowed me down, but better late than never. Excited to see @RanaAwdish @WesElyMD @hopealuko @BrendaPun

Rana: "Wanting the patients to be comforted and having almost nothing to do that except for the medications..." #COVID19 #chest2020
'are coma and deep sedation just markers of severe ARDS?'
@WesElyMD - absolutely NOT- they are independent!
#chest2020 #COVID19
Oooh. @hopealuko - we should be careful about what is 'severe' or 'mild' #COVID19 -- listen to patients! #CHEST2020
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If you're missing this great lecture on "After COVID: Complications of a New Infection and its Aftermath" by @WesElyMD @RanaAwdish @hopealuko and Brenda Pun, make sure you catch the video! #CHEST2020
@RanaAwdish: There was much fear early in the pandemic. Fear of using PPE, wanting the patient to be comforted and having only medications to comfort them. But this may have been harmful. #COVID19
@hopealuko: #COVID19 symptoms can linger for some patients. #CHEST2020
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Join us now to learn about Sepsis Antibiotics and Fluids!

Moderated by our co-chair @virenkaul

Up first is Dr. Angel Coz

Decrease in expected mortality with introduction of sepsis protocol.

Why broad spectrum antibiotics?? This means:

- not the same for every patient
- based on patient history and source
- based on institutional resistances

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I'm excited to start tweet-ucation for day 4 of #CHEST2020 with "New Insights Into the Relationship Between OSA and Cardiovascular Disease"!
The first session this morning was Dr. Alexander Villareal with "
Effects of Positive Airway Pressure Adherence on Readmission and Length of Stay in Hospitalized Patients with Severe OSA"! #CHEST2020
OSA affects 26% of the US population and 1 billion people worldwide. #CHEST2020
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Current recommendations for mediastinal staging for peripheral lung nodules #CHEST2020 #CHESTSoMe
Dr. Kopman’s summarizing when to consider EBUS....#CHEST2020
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Coming up at 8:45am CT! The Roger Bone Honor Lecture: "To SIRS with Love" by Dr. Manny Rivers (yes, THAT Dr. Rivers). #CHEST2020
Starting now! @sqsimp talking about Roger C. Bone and introducing Dr. Rivers. #CHEST2020
@sqsimp: "Dr. Rivers introduction of time-based care and goal-based care has saved countless lives in sepsis" #CHEST2020
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Now hearing from @sameepsehgal9 on VTE in #COVID19

Wide variation in incidence of VTE in COVID-ICU patients. Meta-analysis in middle -- about 30% #CHEST2020
'at least in sick ICU patients, the incidence of thrombosis in #COVID19 is probably higher than other diseases like influenza' @sameepsehgal9 #chest2020
Who clots and who doesn't with #COVID19? @sameepsehgal9 synthesizes the literature. Not too surprising overall. #chest2020
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Coagulopathy on COVID-19 is about to start! @accpchest #CHEST2020 #CHESTCritCare
Comparison of VTE in other diseases in the ICU #CHEST2020 #CHESTCritCare
And comparison of COVID-19 VTE and historical ICU co-horts. Thrombosis in COVID higher in well matched ARDS patients and also higher than in patients with flu. @accpchest #CHEST2020 #CHESTCritCare
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Starting soon! The inaugural Erin Popovich Honorary Lecture at #CHEST2020!
Dr. Jairo Melo kicking off this inaugural lecture by talking about Erin Popovich and what he learned from her about barriers to Oxygen therapy. #CHEST2020
Dr. Melo: More than 1.5 million adults in the US use supplemental oxygen. Around the world, the growth of oxygen demand will grow exponentially. The impact of COVID on this demand is unclear. #CHEST2020
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Last for the day, but not least, I’m headed to learn about “Approach to NIV in Acute Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure in the Era of COVID-19”! #CHEST2020
The first session is an overview of HFNC/NIV with Dr. June Chae (@chaeface)! #CHEST2020
Potential roles for HFNC #CHEST2020
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Next up for tweet-ucation is “Fundamentals of Neurocritical Care for the Medical ICU”! #CHEST2020
First up is "Acute Ischemic Stroke" with @drdangayach #CHEST2020
Every 4 minutes someone dies of a stroke! #CHEST2020
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Coming up in just a few minutes: Fundamentals of Neurocritical Care with @drdangayach, Dr. Hoskote and Dr. Botdorf from @MDAndersonNews at #CHEST2020
@drdangayach: Huge burden of stroke in the US. Every 4 minutes someone dies of stroke. #CHEST2020
@drdangayach: Cannot differentiate from ischemic vs thrombotic stroke clinically. Imaging is paramount and needed quickly. #CHEST2020
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Get ready for some tweet-ucation coming your way from the Murray Kornfeld Memorial Founders Lecture - “Our Pneumonia Journey: The Lungs and Beyond” with Dr. Marcos Restrepo! #CHEST2020
Tip 1: Know your goals, find your niche, and live by your values.
Tip 2: Find a mentor, seek feedback, and follow advice.
The global burden of pneumonia is massive. #CHEST2020
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@GallodeMoraesMD will be live tweeting the #PICS talk @accp #CHESTCritCare
@crit_caring_MD @GioraNetzer @itsradu @ICU_Recovery are talking about #PICS now!
At 12 months only 44% of ICU survivors are PICS-free, being cognitive a significative part of the post-ICU impairment. With more ICU survivors, we will likely be seeing more PICS. #CHEST2020 #CHESTCritCare
The lack of visitors in the COVID-19 era, will likely contribute to higher number of survivors with PICS #CHEST2020 #CHESTCritCare
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Another great @CHESTCritCare session! Post-intensive Care Syndrome with @PisaniMAP @crit_caring_MD @GioraNetzer @itsradu and @ICU_Recovery! #CHEST2020
@crit_caring_MD: #PICS is a new or worsening impairment of mental health, cognitive or physical impairments. #CHEST2020
@crit_caring_MD: A third of ICU survivors will have significant mental health, cognitive issues, and disabilities. Even in younger patients! #CHEST2020
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