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.@MEAIndia: We have seen some attempts by sections of the media to create unnecessary controversy over the issue of #COVID19 related drugs and pharmaceuticals. Our first obligation is to ensure that there are adequate stocks of medicines for the requirement of our own people
.@MEAIndia: In order to ensure this, some temporary steps were taken to restrict exports of a number of pharmaceutical products. In the meanwhile, a comprehensive assessment was made of possible requirements under different scenarios
.@MEAIndia: After having confirmed the availability of medicines for all possible contingencies currently envisaged, these restrictions have been largely lifted
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Day 5 of #QuarantineMusic, a thread. 1. Ravel's "Bolero" has emerged as a phone-in favorite among orchestras performing virtually. The New York Philharmon dedicated its April 3, 2020 performance to healthcare workers:
2. The other piece favored by phone-in performers is Elgar's "Nimrod" from his Enigma Variations, here performed by the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra on April 6, 2020 (poignantly: "From our homes to yours"):
3. A third favorite is Beethoven's "Ode to Joy," although the Met of Bogotá decided on the 1st Movement from his 1st Symphony, April 6, 2020:
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THREAD: There has been a lot of data analysis around the @nytimes' daily growth of #COVID19 cases per day in the U.S., often referred to as the "curve." I wanted to take a closer look at these data and analyze them by urban/rural and political aspects.
First, let's acknowledge that the number of cases in the U.S. is proportional to the number of tests — we most definitely still have cases out there that are unaccounted for due to a lack of testing. For these analyses, I used the NYT data set (available to the public!).
I wanted to see how the coronavirus affected urban areas vs. rural areas. To do this, I classified each county with a rating of 1-6 based on the NCHS' urban-rural classification scheme, as seen here. A value of 1 indicates a metropolitan area, while a value of 6 is "non-core."
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El día de mañana se darán cita, de manera digital, todas las organizaciones empresariales del país para buscar alternativas que nos permitan afrontar esta gran crisis.

(Se abre hilo)
Nuestro presidente, Carlos Salazar Lomelín, presentará a la comunidad empresarial los detalles de la “Propuesta del sector privado ante la crisis de #COVID19” que se impulsó ante el Gobierno.
Tal como ha ocurrido en la mayoría de los momentos desfavorables del país, el sector empresarial seguirá apelando a la solidaridad y la responsabilidad social que tienen las empresas en beneficio de México.
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So, yet again we have a wild misrepresentation of "herd immunity" as a solution to the coronavirus pandemic

This is simply not the case. If herd immunity comes into play, we will have already seen one of our worst-case scenarios played out in real life 1/n
2/ Herd immunity is a simple concept

It simply defines the situation where enough people are immune to a disease that even if people do get sick, they can't spread the infection
3/ The Guardian produced a great model of how herd immunity works here

If enough people are immune, the disease spreads a bit, then stops…
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"Best wishes to a very good friend of mine" @BorisJohnson, says @POTUS, adding "we're saddened to hear he was taken into intensive care" suffering from the #coronavirus.
"When you're brought into intensive care it gets very, very serious" with #COVID19, notes @POTUS.
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The make up of Maldives population demographics is about to change forever fundamentally. #Thread

#coronavirus #covid19 #covid19mv

Let me explain by what I mean below. Read on!
The population of the country is roughly 400k people, give or take a few thousand. These are Dhivehi speaking mostly brown people born to Dhivehi parents who for the most part are also Muslim.
Then we have the expat population currently in the country. Some are legal and some are illegal immigrants. It doesn't matter. Some of these people are just unskilled laborers. But others are skilled people - professionals and tradespeople as well.
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Ce soir nous allons vous raconter une belle histoire :
La merveilleuse histoire du #confinement de Jean-Jacques Bourdin & Anne Nivat 🤗

Ils ont mérité leur #thread
👉 VOUS avez le droit de savoir
En préambule un petit message vidéo de nos 2 protagonistes, on les écoute attentivement c'est important
«Il faut rester chez soi»
Aussi, on a les petit hashtags qui vont biens
C'est important les hashtags, faut pas les oublier 😌
Répandre la bonne parole toussa 😌

Et puis Jean-Jacques le répète chaque matin à l'antenne, c'est important de le répéter
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NEW: Danish PM Mette Frederiksen has announced that because #covid19 in Denmark is under control, she intends to open nurseries and schools for the youngest children after Easter. She says it’s the first stage of a “controlled reopening.”
Danish PM does say, however, that if Danes stop practising social distancing over Easter than the controlled reopening won’t happen.
But Frederiksen says that whatever happens with the rest of the unwinding of the lockdown, mass gatherings will continue to be prohibited in Denmark until the end of August.
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Thread 🧵- INCUBATION TIME LONGER THAN 14 days. ⚠️This is a serious problem that I can’t stress enough because we based all our quarantine on this magical 14 day number. But many people have longer incubation periods than 14 days- this is problem. #COVID19…
2) For weeks, the WHO and CDC have been saying that while half of those #COVID19 exposed get sick within about five days, they recommend 14-day quarantines for anyone knowingly exposed to the virus to prevent its spread...
3) ...That quarantine period was extrapolated from an analysis published in January of a small sample of patients in Wuhan, China, which suggested that 95% of those #COVID19 infected would show symptoms within 12 and a half days. But...
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How MASSIVE were the prediction fails revisions for the HMEI model? The mode which has locked us inside for all of April.

New York #COVID19 beds needed
Original: 76,130
Revised: 25,486

Remember the model assumes "stay-at-home" in place. This was their worst case scenario!
Here's California. Original model is the high peak predicting 10,000 beds. New projection down below 5000 beds... across a state of 39 million.

Something weird happened in New York. We'll have to cover that later.
Alabama! For some reason, the Murray model had Alabama as the third highest death toll on April 15th.

This revision is just... flat out... off-the-charts... miss x 1000

or rather time 1300%
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🦠🤔51 patients previously quarantined, released w/ negative tests now test positive for #COVID19 in South Korea.

More questionable cases.

Reactivation of this stealth virus, reinfection, or multiple false negative clearance tests?…
Director-General Jeong Eun-kyeong said the virus was highly likely to have been reactivated, instead of the people being reinfected, as they tested positive again in a relatively short time after being released from quarantine.
This has occurred in China, Japan, US and now South Korea.

They have dispatched epidemiological specialist teams to investigate.
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A toda la gente pensante: le invito a revisar CADA MALDITO ACTO del pseudogobierno de López, desde la cancelación del #naicm hasta la obstrucción a pruebas rápidas #covid19, y que me diga cuál es el común denominador en todos ellos.

Verá q todos buscan aislarnos y empobrecernos.
Lo de López y su pandilla de nacos no es torpeza, novatez o "voluntarismo": es un plan probado en Venezuela, de inspiración castrista, que tiene como finalidad instaurar un régimen sin libertades ni opciones, a través del aislamiento y el empobrecimiento de la sociedad.
López es una piltrafa física y una ruina intelectual, lo suficientemente pendejo para dejarse entorilar pero no tan manso que renuncie a lo que aspira, así que le sirve perfecto al ala bolivariana de su pseudogobierno para vanzar esa agenda castrochavista.

Como Chávez.
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#covid19 presser @WHO starts with @drtedros saying the pandemic "continues to take a heavy toll on families, communities and nations the world over. But it’s also giving rise to incredible acts of generosity, solidarity and cooperation.” Then introduces today’s guest: @ladygaga
@WHO @DrTedros @ladygaga Reason for appearance of @ladygaga and @Hughcevans, CEO of @gllbctzn, is apparently the #TogetherAtHome concert series, which will have a “One World: #TogetherAtHome" virtual global special on Saturday, the 18th of April.
@WHO @DrTedros @ladygaga @Hughcevans .@Hughcevans announcing some of the names now that will appear incl. Alanis Morissette, Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish, Lang Lang...
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This is important because publishers are shutting down or asking journalists to take pay cuts. Brands are blocking their ads from appearing on COVID news while news orgs open the paywalls in public service. (Fraudsters and long-tail sites are probably snaking the lost revenue.)
adtech automates us into the abyss
notice content lobby is asking adtech lobby to offer relief but ad agencies have to throw their weight around on this problem because adtech only cares about adtech. they’re hellbent on weaponizing first amendment to immunize commercial surveillance from data rights protections.
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The Trump-Scalia Dept of Labor released new regulatory guidance for the new pandemic #unemployment assistance (PUA) program passed by Congress in the #CARESAct, and it’s criminally narrow.…
While the program will cover #gigeconomy workers, it only extends to those who are “forced to suspend operations” because of #COVID19, leaving those who could still turn their apps on—even if they can’t find work—in a grey area.
While PUA will cover those who are caring for a child while school is closed due to #COVID19, that coverage could end when the regular school year is over.
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NEW: SO. NHS is NOT just short of protective gear and ventilators, per fascinating leaked memo by senior doctor; also #COVID19
#Coronavirus is NOT a "one organ" (lung only) disease - my latest via @FT 1/thread…
@FT First, the who/what etc

This is a 1,000-word memo from Prof Daniel Martin Intensive Care Lead for High Consequence Infectious Diseases at
Royal Free Hospital after a conference call with 80 other docs.

It is gripping for several reasons /2
It essentially reveals two things:

1) the shortages and pressures on the NHS, on staff and kit

2) how care is evolving and still under discussion by docs. It is not as simple as just 'deal with pneumonia'.

Take each in turn /3
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I know everyone is doing this, but here are my reflections after 2 wks in #ICU w/ #COVID19. Also includes lessons from our outstanding collaboration w/ #RapidResponseTeam

Much discussion on clinical phenotypes, but like any disease, #COVID19 is a spectrum. Here are 3 big phenotypes I saw

I’m more worried about running out of #intensivist, #RespiratoryTherapists, etc than running out of #ventilators. Given wide spectrum of disease, true expertise in mech ventilation needed. No 1-size-fits-all approach here

#COVID19 #VentilatorShortage

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🦠🇧🇷🇨🇦🇪🇺🇦🇺🇪🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸🇩🇪🇫🇷🇬🇧🇮🇹- UPDATE April 6th
@RaoulGMI #COVID19

After a little hiatus, we are back with our daily update: there are 1.2 million confirmed cases globally. At the current rate of growth, we will probably reach 1.5 million during the week and 2 million next week...
Total global deaths will cross the 70,000 mark today...
While recoveries should cross the 300,000 mark this week...
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As an ER doc for 20 years I thought I'd seen it all: outbreaks, death, you name it. But this #pandemic is the worst. Due to mass layoffs, millions will now lose insurance & not get treatment, causing them to die and/or spread it.
Here's what @realdonaldtrump is missing... (1/13)
As layoffs continue, even more will lose their health insurance. What happens to them? After you lose your job, you get 60 days to enroll in plans on the exchanges. But many of them have high deductible & high co-pays, making them unaffordable to many who just lost a job. (2/13)
With #COVID19 we're seeing many patients with serious respiratory symptoms requiring hospitalization & even life support. There will undoubtedly be many without insurance who won't seek treatment even though they need it. Therefore, there are a few things we must do ASAP. (3/13)
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This is the sort of *common sense* that recent police & Health Secretary threats to collectively punish people because the minority broke the #Covid19 rules, lacks:
Again: I’m not advising anyone break rules. I am advising everyone stick to rules. This includes Health Secretary (who contracted #Covid19) & police. Law is made in Parliament,not from a press conference podium. Enforce existing law,don’t threaten us all &make up “law” on the fly
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Zwei tolle Kolleginnen haben sich mit mir zusammengetan, um einen Podcast zu #covid19 zu machen. Ein kurzer thread über wie/was/warum. Und zur ersten Folge - über China, Zoonosen und Überwachung - gehts hier:
Es gibt (neben dem üblichen Mist) eine Menge Journalistinnen, die tolle Arbeit leisten in Sachen #covid19, (auch den einen oder anderen Podcast hört man ;)). Zuviel Zeit hab ich gerade auch nicht. Warum jetzt also unbezahlte Arbeit aufhalsen und noch einen Podcast raushauen?
Jeremy Farrar meinte am Samstag zu mir: Die Welt hat die Dimension dieser Krise immer noch nicht verstanden. Ich denke, er hat Recht. Wir diskutieren über Masken und Medikamente und das ist wichtig. Aber wir reden immer noch sehr viel über Deutschland und zu wenig über die Welt.
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⚠️NO FERRETS: New study finds that ferrets are highly susceptible to #SARSCoV2 infection and effectively transmit by direct or indirect contact, furthering human #infection and transmission. #COVID19 So avoid ferrets. Got it folks?…
2) Ferrets similar to humans for #COVID19? Authors state the following: “Following the fortuitous discovery of the natural susceptibility of ferrets to human influenza viruses, ferret models were found to highly reproduce the human disease manifestation of...”
3) ...”several respiratory viruses including respiratory syncytial virus, parainfluenzaviruses, and SARS-CoV-1. In addition to the presence of respective viral receptors, anatomic proportions of the ferret upper and lower respiratory tracts, density of submucosal...” #Covid19
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Kuhu saaks ja peaks riik #COVID19 kriisi lahendamisel oma abi suunama, et aidata Eesti majandus kriisist läbi ja välja?

Pakuks 9 ideed, mida ma ettevõtjana loodan, et riik teeb:
1) Kirevate oskustega juhtimismudel.

Kriisi ei lahenda ainult valitsus ja viroloogid. Laua taha andmeteadlane (ennustavad mudelid), antropoloog (mõju ja nudging), opositsionäär (toetusmeede<>vana valimislubadus), ...
2) Eesti roheliste-punaste alade mudel. (vt )

Rõhuga positiivsete, roheliste alade aktiivsel avamisel igas linnas (mitte vägivaldsel punaste piiramisel) ja meie-nemad lõhe vähendamisel. Testimisvõimalused, immuunsuspassid, ...
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