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BOMBSHELL: This is a MUST READ. If you think nothing is happening, you couldn't be more wrong. BIG Clinton connections here. #ClintonCartel #ClintonCrimeFamily #ClintonFoundation

Arkansas Swamp Part II: Spotlight on Clinton Foundation…
If you haven't read Part 1 yet, it is linked throughout Part 2, but here is the direct link. MUST READ. Big stuff going down in Arkansas, circling the Clintons.…
I will be on with @Chrismc44 on The McFiles at 10PM EST. We cover several topics.
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• There IS an open and ongoing investigation in Little Rock
• THIS is why Huber wasn’t there
• Plane loads of documents on a 757 in Little Rock came out of CF
#ClintonCartel #LockThemUp
• CF CFO Andrew Kessel “knows where the bodies are buried”
• 60% $ to administration (15% is the norm)
• $400M - $2.5B CF subject to taxation - improperly used
• CHAI $900M assets - Testimony reflects funds used as piggy bank
• Meadows really wants the documents (haha)
• I LOVE Moynihan - sharp as hell, and puts them in their place
• They’ve shared their documents with several jurisdictions on both State & Federal level
#ClintonCartel #LockThemUp #DeepStateDown
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Hillary Clinton was my school teacher for 1 day 4th grade. She is a EVIL WITCH. I made sure she called on me to ask a question. I gave her the question. Next day she reported In paper “a lovely girl asked this question”.

I was 10 I knew why she lied.…
She is a race baiting NAZI. Your time is coming. Im glad I could help.

100% fact. Ive always despised her EVIL SOUL.

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Exclusive Interview: Bernard Sansaricq, fmr. President of Haitian Senate (video)

Clinton corruption and what's happening in Haiti.
#ClintonCartel #ClintonCrimeFamily #LockThemUp…
Arkansas Swamp Bleeds as Clintons Circle The Drain

READ this BOMBSHELL. This took me quite a few hours to get through numerous court documents, cross reference, connect the dots, and cite all of the INDICTMENTS & GUILTY PLEAS. #ArkansasSwamp…
If you appreciate my work, I would super appreciate your support. Every dollar helps, to allow me to continue this work in exposing the corrupt. 🙏
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I am just starting to read this, and I already like what I'm seeing.

👉The answer to the second question may reside in 6,000 pages of evidence attached to a whistleblower submission filed secretly more than a year ago with the IRS and FBI.
If you haven't read this BOMBSHELL yet, it pairs nicely with The Hill's article above.

Arkansas Swamp Bleeds as Clintons Circle The Drain
#ClintonCartel #LockHerUp #LockThemUp #DeepStateDown…
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WATCH THIS, and read it in full (second tweet).

Arkansas Swamp Bleeds as Clintons Circle The Drain
#DeepStateDown #SwapDraining #ClintonCartel
The Swamp is Draining! MUST READ.👇
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1) I just published this JUICY and EXCITING article last night about the Arkansas swamp being drained. Please read and spread the great news!

Arkansas Swamp Bleeds as Clintons Circle The Drain
#ClintonCartel #ClintonCrimeFamily #ArkansasSwamp…
2) If you missed this one I published a couple weeks ago, PLEASE READ, as it is a global agenda.

Murder, Suicides, and Missing Persons at Iowa's Maharishi Campus
3) There is a court case coming up this week pertaining to Frieden. I'm on it. I will post updates as soon as it drops.

CDC Thomas Frieden Billions in Potential Scandals
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Working hard. 2/3 done with this article. Still making some important connections. This is my favorite article yet, because it's positive news. I can't wait to wrap this baby up!
My new article will be published within one hour. I will post it here. IT'S JUICY!
Arkansas Swamp Bleeds as Clintons Circle The Drain
#ClintonCartel #ClintonCrimeFamily #ArkansasSwamp…
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I was receiving reports on this over the weekend, while I was away, but there is more to this story, not being reported on. #Haiti
2) There was an alert put out on the 15th regarding large demonstrations planned for Nov. 18th in Port-au-Prince, and possibly other locations. I’ve scoured the internet, and I’m not seeing the reports I am receiving, which are far more concerning. #Haiti
3) Here are some reports I have found on twitter. They are verifying there are in fact U.S. troops on the ground in #Haiti, securing Port-au-Prince. This is about far more than "demonstrations." I have not found any news sources reporting on this. No surprise.
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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! If you want our elections to be legit, it is time to CALL ALL REPRESENTATIVES NOW. Memes and tweets aren't going to do it folks. We need to make our VOICES heard NOW! #VoterFraud is happening across the entire country. #StopTheSteal @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
Get on the phone and call your representatives EVERY DAY this week. Do not back down. Do not just trust the plan. Do not just tweet and send memes. Get on the phone. THIS IS IMPORTANT. If we lose the election process, America is done. #StopTheSteal #VoterFraud @MattWhitaker46
List of House of Representatives with phone numbers:

List of Senators with phone numbers:…

State Attorneys General:…

MAKE THE CALLS. #StopTheSteal #VoterFraud

If we do not stand up and fight, it's over.
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Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom announced his first two appointments Friday, naming Ann O’Leary, a former top aide to Hillary Clinton, as his chief of staff and Ana Matosantos, one-time director of the state Department of Finance, as his Cabinet secretary. 🤬…
O’Leary, an attorney and senior policy adviser for President Bill Clinton, led Hillary Clinton’s prospective transition team during the 2016 presidential campaign. (This man needs to go for a million reasons.)
WHY hasn't California made the list to be investigated yet? There are multiple states requiring investigations. I truly believe our country had a big #RedWave & I don't say that lightly, because I am about facts. @MattWhitaker46 @TheJusticeDept @FBI @realDonaldTrump #StopTheSteal
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Please consider a small donation so I can change my wireless number. For the past 2 mos I've been inundated daily with harassment calls from non-verifiable 218 local numbers and several from @EssentiaHealth that once blocked, they just call from another #
@EssentiaHealth I went from 997.00 RSDI I received for the past 15 yrs to 203.00 a mo due to the honest service fraud & prohibited personel practices of #Hibbing #Minnesota @SocialSecurity Office @mndeed Disabilty Determination Services & can't & won't survive this extrajudicial death sentence!
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Dear #JudgeKavanaugh please hear my cry sir. The people who did this to me have ties to the #ClintonCartel. I can't live like this any longer. Wait until somebody on the good guys side actually sees for themselves what these monsters have reduced me to!…
Pay special attention to the last link of my story. This troll yesterday speaks volume... and shame on all who know & don't take action against these enemy combatants who primarily prey on children, women, the disabled and the elderly and those who know the #TRUTH & DO NOTHING!
The people of Minnesota should know the #TRUTH before the election. @GenFlynn @parrish4mn
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AMAZING how Underwood can knock this out in 48 hrs isn't it? I've only read 3 pages and it reads as a perfect projection of the #CLINTONS! Clinton crony Schneiderman out, Underwood in. Who's next?! @CharlesOrtel…
Hey Underwood @NewYorkStateAG, you may consider turning your focus to the Clinton's 50 foundations, organizations & shell companies. Oh, let's just be honest and call them what they are: FRONTS. Not a good idea? Too scared? Too owned?…
@NewYorkStateAG Underwood, tell us how it was being bred right out of Harvard into the hands of the Clintons? How was it working for Billy boy? You know what's going down at Dartmouth right? That leads to your buddies #ClintonCartel. Those Ivy Leagues.…
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1) THIS WEEK I am digging deeper into this bombshell and working on Part 2. #DartmouthInvestigations…
2) I am still working on part 4 to this very important article indicating what the Clintons, Branson, and others are up to RIGHT NOW. I will pick this back up after my other dig above, plus one more I'm working on. #ClintonCartel…
3) I have a couple other digs that are currently on the back burner, but I will get back to them eventually. All of this investigative research I compile into articles, so that over time people can see how these webs weave together. #Cabal
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1/ Let us know when you realize that #TheStorm and is about to take place here on #America soil & the political landscape will be forever changed by @realDonaldTrump

#TheStormIsHere #TheGreatAwakening #QAnon #MAGA #Trump #DrainTheSwamp

2/ Let us know when you realize that the #USMilitary asked @realDonaldTrump to run for #President in 2014 to protect your country & your #Freedoms.

#QAnon #GreatAwakening #MAGA #Trump #DrainTheSwamp…
3/ Let us know when you realize that #DonaldTrump is playing #4DChess to eradicate the #DeepState & their co-conspirators. #TheStorm, #QAnon & #TheGreatAwakening will become known as the greatest military op of all time.

#Trump #DrainTheSwamp - #MAGA

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Richard Branson and Clare Bronfman at a NXIVM meeting on Branson's Necker Island. But wait, there's more....
THIS is what Richard Branson and the Clintons are up to RIGHT NOW on over 20 islands! READ THIS!!!…
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While I am busy digging, you can check out all of my other digs on my website here. I have a lot of deep dive digs into the Clintons, drug and child trafficking, and other corrupt suspects:
This was the most recent one on #HuntingTheHunters:…
This one is a MUST READ. Yes, it's long and includes a timeline, 130 source links, photos, vids, and tells you what the #ClintonCartel, Branson, Gates, Soros, and numerous other are up to RIGHT NOW. No one else is reporting on this. It's important!…
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Hillary's push for climate change is about her 'Ten Island Challenge' project, which is now over 20 islands along the Caribbean in the drug and child trafficking transit. THIS is what's important to her and it's happening right NOW. Right Hill?…
Well isn't this interesting? Posted Aug 30th by the Justice Department:
Recognizing, Investigating and Prosecuting Human Trafficking: The Blue Campaign Comes to the U.S. Virgin Islands…
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How is this man Michel #Martelly, former President of Haiti and known drug trafficker, in NEW YORK RIGHT NOW?!?! This is from earlier today. @TGowdySC you requested an investigation into #Haiti DEA. What happened?! @DEAHQ @realDonaldTrump @DeptofDefense @JusticeOIG @WhiteHouse
Michel #Martelly #Haiti known #DrugTrafficker is in NEW YORK. @TGowdySC @DEAHQ @FBI @DeptofDefense @POTUS @JusticeOIG. WHY is he not being arrested?! This was the response he got!
#Martelly was penniless when he met Hillary. Now he has a $9 million dollar home while the rest of #Haiti starves!
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Another fantastic 'Sunday with Charles' show with @CharlesOrtel on @csthetruth. I always learn something from Charles. 🙏 He brings up my very important article, packed with Clinton info on what they are up to RIGHT NOW. This needs exposure. @ 1:39:05
👇EYES ON this 3-Part article packed full of information on what the Clintons, Branson, Gates, and many others are up to RIGHT NOW! I am still working on Part 4. #ClintonCartel…
👆The "Ten Islands" was a pilot project. They are already up to over 20 islands folks. What are they up to? This 3-part article includes a timeline, videos, photos, over 130 source links, and is also available in a pdf download.
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