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#Buzzfeed: Your Report On #Gulen #FETO Issue In Social Media is Truly One-Sided. Lumping All The Valid Info & Opposition into one “Turkish Trolls” From #Turkey Bucket is FALSE & Can be Very Easily Debunked. Now I have to wonder who you “Represent”. - - -…
#Gulen #FETO Large-Sum Contributions To #HillaryClinton Campaign was/is a Confirmed Case- Documented, Confessed to, and Reported by Multiple Heavyweight Publications, including #Wikileaks. Characterizing this fact as “Conspiracy” Makes You Look Like a “Fool” & PR for #Gulen
Here’s My Own Documented & 100% Fact-Based Report (And Video) On #HillaryClinton #Gulen #FETO Over 3 Years Ago In 2016 via #Newsbud - - - “#WikiLeaks, Hillary-Gulen Intimate Ties & How the Clintons Gave Birth to Mullah #Gulen’s Terrorist Network”…
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1.) #Qanon #Barr #Duhram decode thread. #DNC breeched by #SethRich, given to #Wikileaks, #Google funded Crowdstrike to analyze DNC server and report it was a Russian hack 2 illegally form the #Russia collusion narrative. In the #MuellerReport they don’t question #Crowdstrike
2.) Then #DebbieWassermanSchultz ordered the hit on #SethRich by two MS13 members who we're then murdered themselves after #WikiLeaks given the emails.
3.) #HillaryClinton had cut a deal with #LorettaLynch to take #AntoninScalias #SupremeCourt seat in exchange to exonerate her at the #DOJ. Coordinated with #JimComey, #AndrewMcCabe, #PeterStrzok and others
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1/3 Riassunto registrazioni #BuzzFeed :
- le battute degli italiani sui Gulag (relativi all'imbarazzante passato sovietico) e sulle "ragazze" come succedaneo del fumo (solita sessuomania italica) sono accolte dal gelo russo;
2/3 Riassunto ##BuzzFeed:
- Salvini viene considerato dai russi come il "Trump europeo" e questo usato sicuro è dunque l'oggetto del loro acquisto;
- quindi, peraltro, anche Trump, il modello originale, è in mano ai russi;
3/3 - ci stiamo vendendo alla Russia perché ciò corrisponderebbe ai nostri interessi e in funzione anti-UE, cioè per "non dipendere da Bruxelles".
(Considerazione finale: gli italiani nelle compravendite internazionali ricordano sempre Totòtruffa e la fontana di Trevi).
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Lo scandalo Russiagate negli Stati Uniti é stato un tornado di enorme portata, capace di far crollare di 10 punti percentuali l'indice di popolaritá del @potus @realDonaldTrump, di far rischiare piú volte il voto per impeachment, ...
... di congelare i giá freddi rapporti tra le diplomazie, minacciando guerre commerciali, ritirando ambasciatori e reclamando sanzioni internazionali. 34 profili pubblici sono stati messi sotto indagine criminale e otto (per ora) di essi condannati.
Lo scandalo é del settembre 2017, e si parla tutti i giorni di #MuellerReport anche ora, a luglio 2019. Linko qui il primo newspaper a riprendere la notizia dell'udienza parlamentare in cui due Dems ...…
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A partir de 16h ici même ci-dessous👇, un petit #multiplex #Trump, un œil sur l'audition de #Cohen, un œil sur #Hanoï... j'essaie de trouver d'ici là 1 jingle… 😉😊
2) On prend l'antenne pour l'avant match #Trump à Hanoï et #Cohen à Washington. Lors du sommet avec #KimJongUn, le président US vient d'interdire d'accès au dîner 4 #journalistes lui ayant posé des questions...sur Cohen. La #CoréeduNord, ça vous gagne!
3) Au-delà de la plaisanterie, 1 des forts enjeux du 2nd sommet #Trump/#KimJongUn: le président US a accepté de rencontrer le dictateur nord-coréen SANS conditions préalables et ne cesse de louer ce tyran totalitaire, en dépit des valeurs US... Voir ici:
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1. Representative Ratcliffe points to the testimony of AG nominee William Barr as the annoying pebble that made Mueller’s team "stop to shake out their shoe". #buzzfeed #FakeNews…
2. Ratcliffe outlines Bruce Ohr’s testimony and exposes a larger issue: if Mueller were honorable, when he became aware of the scheme he would have dropped his inquiry.
3. #BOOMSAUCE: Fox News did not post the second part of that interview centering on FBI Bruce Ohr's Farm-trained Russian-speaking #Clown wife working for #FusionGPS as #Spygate was perpetrated. However, a secondary source is preserved below, thanks to…:
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"Today Is A Bad Day For Us"; CNN Has Their Night Ruined By Mueller’s Denial Of BuzzFeed Report [VIDEO]… via @ILMForg

#QAnon #MAGA #WeThePeople WILL WIN!!!🙏🏻♥️
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouseHstry #MSM #BUZZFAKE #BuzzFakeNews
CNN's @JeffreyToobin on Buzzfeed story and the Special Counsel's response: "it reinforces every bad stereotype about the news media." #BUZZFAKE #BuzzFakeNews

THIS IS PURE GOLD! #QAnon #MAGA #WeThePeople WILL WIN!!!🙏🏻♥️
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouseHstry
what @BuzzFeedBen told us on @AC360 tonight. "We really urge the special counsel to make it clear what he's disputing..."#BuzzFeedLied #BuzzFeedFakeNews @threadreaderapp unroll

#QAnon #MAGA #WeThePeople WILL WIN!
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouseHstry
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BAM!!!!’ #FakeNewsCNN busted along with #BuzzFeedFakeNews and other liberal news outlets! Read and weep!
Further proof the liberal MSM is after the president. They were all giddy earlier that the president would be impeached and defining it. Now they are trying to clean it up. Time to get them all off the air. #FakeNewsCNN #FakeNewsMedia
If this Mueller's investigation turns out to indict Clinton and Obama, I will be so happy.
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These reporters and networks have colluded with the DNC or Hillary campaign during the 2016 election cycle:
It wasnt Putin. It was seditious #FAKENEWS @realDonaldTrump
a list of compromised journalists who face jail for racketeering CLICK LINK…
the "journalists" that face jail time.
@ABC – Cecilia Vega
#ABC - David Muir
ABC – Diane Sawyer
ABC – George Stephanoplou
ABC – Jon Karl
ABC – Liz Kreutz
@AP – Julie Pace
#AP – Ken Thomas
AP – Lisa Lerer
AURN – April Ryan
Bloomberg – Jennifer Epstein
Bloomberg – John Heillman
@Bloomberg/MSNBC – Jonathan Alter
#Bloomberg – Mark Halperin
@Buzzfeed – Ben Smith
#Buzzfeed – Ruby Cramer
@CBS – Gayle King
CBS – John Dickerson
CBS – Norah O'Donnell
CBS – Steve Chagaris
CBS – Vicki Gordon
CNBC – John Harwood
@CNN – Brianna Keilar
#CNN – Dan Merica
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Hello @ICEgov @CBPSanDiego @CBP there are 1500+ families, marching towards the border hopefully you are aware they plan on taking over, they think in large numbers they can’t be refused #BuildTheWall
The event is very well planned and funded sounds a bit like #sorosarmy though they have harmlessly named it a caravan #SanctuaryState #Takebackcalifornia
Call it whatever you want this is an invasion and they are headed right towards good old #SanctuaryState of California who is funding them? Do @AGBecerra @MayorOfLA @JerryBrownGov intend on letting all of them enter while our homeless crisis grows? @latimes
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1) Here is a story of why we think #WeHaveTheMemo

See Q post below.

#DOJ, one is the investigation of the DNC breach and the #SteeleDossier. The #DNC was breached by #SethRich who sent the data to #Wikileaks. Highest levels made aware. Think big.

@POTUS #ReleaseTheMemo
2) #Google funded Crowdstrike w $100m. Brennan/Clapper used Crowdstrike thru Google to find leaker. #DNC finds out it's #SethRich. Q wrote: (SR 187)(MS 13 (2) 187). Example made of Seth, murdered by 2 #MS13 members, which were themselves killed a few blocks away. #WeHaveTheMemo
3) #DebbieWassermanSchultz shuts down #SethRich investigation. "Failed robbery attempt". Q says: F-I/D-J ASSIST - the #FBI and #DOJ assist in cleaning it up. Q then says "INSURANCE" - referring to Strzok texts.
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