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1. My opinion of #ColumbusDay changed when I read the first chapter of Zinn's The People's History of America. It's just devastating. The book has its problems but just that one chapter is enough to raise dozens of good questions for any reader.
2. The natural next thing to read, even if you don't like Zinn, is Lies My Teacher Told Me. It's shorter, more direct and each page is a "holy shit" of recognizing how much you took for granted from teachers when you were a child.…
3. It's true history has many perspectives - but basic historiography explains this can be made transparent. To teach readers/students to ask more questions. What is History? By Carr is a great short and smart book about the traps of reading history.…
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Teachers, Parents and all other peoples! Lend me your ears!

If anyone ever shrugs off the murdering, raping, starving, pillaging and enslaving actions of #ChristopherColumbus as "it was the times", I want you to tell them about a man named Father Bartolomé de Las Casas.
Father Bartolomé de Las Casas, the contemporary 16th century historian, *initially* believed #Columbus had been divinely inspired to make the "discovery".


And he wrote about it all.
The next time anyone excuses, "explains", justifies, lies or miseducates you or your children by saying,...

"Welp. He didn't know better."

"That's just what they did back then."

"You can't judge 1492 #ChristopherColumbus by our present day standards" Father Las Casas.
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Brief thread on Columbus Day observance in Utah.
1. In 2016, Sen. Dabakis tried to change the name of the holiday to "Indigenous Peoples Day" with SB0170. It failed.
2. Luminaries like Todd Weiler called the deaths of Native Americans a "complicated issue" and protested the word "genocide". Sen. Weiler stated that he would not listen to history being re-written and have the good name of Columbus besmirched.…
3. From the article: Senator Weiler, "If they choose to feel oppressed, that's their right. But another holiday and demeaning someone else is not the way to lift yourself up again".
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If you are observing #ColumbusDay2019 today here is a list of what you are celebrating...

1.) Christopher Columbus's army used indigenous people as dog food. They were known to feed live babies to dogs in front of their horrified parents.

#IndigenousPeoplesDay2019 CW: SA
2.) His "voyage" initiated the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade when he captured 1600 Taino people and shipped them to Spain for gold. Most died on the journey.
3.) Columbus sold indigenous girls into sex slavery for his own personal profit. He journaled, “There are plenty of dealers who go about looking for girls; those from nine to ten are now in demand.”
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Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay and a full throated condemnation of #ColumbusDay, the worst holiday in the United States and a celebration of apocalypticism, genocide, slavery, torture, embezzlement, and unremitting brutality, all in the name of Spanish Catholicism and bad math.
On the most basic level, #ChristopherColumbus was a bad person with bad ideas who engaged in bad actions on both a micro and macro scale, and celebrating him as a human being is wrong. Celebrating his achievements? ALSO WRONG.
#ColumbusDay is somehow taught to kids in the US as a celebration of an individual who thought the world was round when everyone else thought it was flat--anyone else remember that crap?--which is complete garbage. No one thought the world was flat. No one.
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Today is #IndigenousPeoplesDay, still observed by some as #ColumbusDay. In a #thread, @misscorinne86 of @powwows explains how the movement to reclaim the day began, and why focusing on Native issues is so important: (1/11)
The first officially recognized #IndigenousPeoplesDay in the U.S. started in 1989 when the South Dakota legislature passed a proposal by Governor Mickelson to make 1990 a "Year of Reconciliation" for the crimes of the past. (2/11)…
Though Native Americans have probably discussed the idea of an #IndigenousPeoplesDay since at least the 1970s, the idea gained popularity in 1992 when a group of Bay Area Natives pushed back on a planned reenactment of Columbus's arrival. (3/11)…
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It's nice that we absolved #ColinPowell of his HUGE role in the #IraqWar because now he says stuff like this about Trump.

It would be superb if we had a collective historical memory in this country, but then again, #ColumbusDay is still a federal holiday, so, maybe not.
#GeorgeWBush created the climate that got us Trump. He stole that election. He got us into 2 wars we are still in nearly two decades later. He tortured people in our names. He created the war on women AND the evangelical war on gays. & he convinced Collins to vote for #Kavanaugh.
So whatever #ColinPowell has to say about Trump must be viewed through the lens of GWB, #Guantanamo, #AbuGhraib and Powell sitting there on your TV screens with pie charts and fake aerial shots of WMDs.
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It's #ColumbusDay and my oldest came to class with me, so I couldn't give my traditional #columbuswasamurderer lesson to my students. I was disappointed. Thankfully, Twitter is here, so here we go.
First, I do know that Columbus is in many ways a product of his time, specifically the economic and political crisis in Genoa post-1453 and the fall of Constantinople--we find Genoese cartographers, navigators and sailors all over the place in the aftermath, so...
Columbus himself is an experienced sailor--he travels the Eastern Mediterranean, up to Ireland/UK/maybe Iceland, down the coast of Africa to Guinea... he's not just some random dude with a plan, he's a random well-traveled sailor with a plan.
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1) Should we alter the historical narrative to make its victims feel better?

It’s #coffeetime
Monday, October 8, 2018
2) I remember when the local school changed Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day.


Hard to spell.
3) So I guess this is how you have to teach it now.
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Thread on The TRUTH about #ChristopherColumbus and #ColumbusDay -

After Reading and Watching this...Ask Yourself, "Is This Someone That Deserves to be Celebrated?"…

“As soon as I arrived in the Indies, on the first Island which I found, I took some of the natives by force in order that they might learn and might give me information of whatever there is in these parts.”
Upon Arrival, Columbus Said:

“They willingly traded everything they owned…They do not bear arms, They would make fine servants…. With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.”

This Tone, Then Changes...
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1. The Church provided the moral/theological grounds for the dispossession of natives and “discovery” of the New World. It did so by issuing papal bulls such as Inter Caetera (1493), written by Pope Alexander VI the year after Columbus’ voyage. #ColumbusDay #IndigenousPeoplesDay
2. This bull established that any land not inhabited by Christians was available to be “discovered,” claimed by rulers in the name of Christ. It granted Spain by divine authority “full and free power, authority, and jurisdiction of every kind” to conquer most of the Americas.
3. Inter Caetera didn’t stand alone. In fact, it was a reiteration of, and elaboration upon, the moral reasoning of prior papal bulls. For example, the bull Dum Diversas, issued by Pope Nicholas V in 1452, appealed to “Apostolic Authority” and granted the Portuguese crown:
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This is one of the most uniformed pieces I've read. 1 Columbus wasn't a brave explorer. He was a guy who thought Earth was shaped like a pear with a nipple on top. The reason no one would fund him was they knew the size and shape of Earth and wo land a super ocean was uncrossable
2 he never even sat foot on our mainland, and he was almost 500 years after Lief Erickson and his sister Freydis (often left out even though she's a bad bitch). He apparently wasn't smart enough to bring someone familiar enough with the Indies to realize this wasn't it.
He and his crew raped women and children and sold girls as young as 9 into sex slavery (per his own journal). It was so bad native women killed their own children then themselves when they heard the Spanish were coming.
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