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_Cornell University’s Alliance for White Supremacy - GMOs, NeoColonialism, & the American Dream_

"I couldn’t contain my excitement!
I had gotten into a prestigious ivy league program at #Cornell ...…

"At 36 years old, me, a child raised by a single mother on the little island of #PuertoRico — who had had to give up their spot at other prestigious college programs and settle for public state university at 18 years old — had made it. ..

#MyAFSJourney #AllianceForScience
"My mother had celebrated my achievements of having been accepted to these other schools. Unfortunately, she was not even able to purchase a plane ticket for us to simply visit the schools or to afford the meal plans or housing despite ..

#MyAFSJourney #AllianceForScience
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My 4th grade students recently read of the true history of Columbus' career as a slaver and the genocide he began in the Caribbean.
I asked them: what new information did you learn? how did this affect you? why is this important to learn?
Here are some of their responses:
“I found out that the native people helped him, instead of thanking them, he wrote in his journal, he wrote about how he might enslave them and try to control them”

“Christopher Columbus wasn’t an explorer but a slave trader.”
“Columbus never even set foot on the main continent! He didn’t discover anything anyway!”

“Colombus had been a slave trader for more than twelve years beforehand”
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Columbus didn’t “discover America.” He never even reached the land that is now called the United States. What he *did* do is invade and conquer islands where Indigenous peoples already lived. #IndigenousPeoplesDay
To say other colonialists “discovered” this country is also false -- they massacred and dehumanized Indigenous communities that had already built a way of life on these lands. This is the cruel reality we must accept to begin repairing the harm done. #IndigenousPeoplesDay
Instead of celebrating a legacy of colonialism and erasing the contributions of Indigenous peoples, #IndigenousPeoplesDay honors their resilience and cultures.
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Add this to the long list of things that need to be better taught about in school. Enough about Ferdinand and Isabella already.…
Here's another article that lays out just what a monster Columbus was. Even by the standards of Conquistadors!…
And here is our piece about how #IndigenousPeoplesDay
is replacing Columbus Day:
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In celebration of #IndigenousPeoplesDay, diversify your twitter feed! Here is a list of Native orgs and voices amplifying Indigenous issues #onhere
Native run media outlets:

@indianz breaking news from NDN Country
@IndianCountry breaking news & opinion from NDN Country
@ndncollective blog and podcast platform
@najournalists nat'l association of Native journalists
Native advocacy organizations:

@NDNrights: legal advocacy for NDN Country
@NCAI1944: National Congress of American Indians
@niwrc: National org fight for safety of Native women
@4directionsvote: Fighting voter suppression in NDN Country
@HonorTheEarth: fighting pipelines
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A protest movement in Ecuador led by indigenous peoples forced the government to concede to its demands. The gov't raised taxes, imposed anti-labor initiatives & laws, cut public spending, and slashed fuel subsidies over night which led to rising prices for food & other staples.
The Moreno govt said the measures were necessary to cede to IMF demands for a $4 billion loan. Today, the govt says it will no longer impose the austerity measures. The indigenous peoples were also protesting oil & gas drilling on their lands & other abuses of their land rights.
/3 To provide some context to this indigenous-led protest movement, and seeing as its #IndigenousPeoplesDay, here's a @CNN piece I wrote in 2014 reporting on indigenous peoples struggles against oil and gas development in the Ecuadorian Amazon.…
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If you are observing #ColumbusDay2019 today here is a list of what you are celebrating...

1.) Christopher Columbus's army used indigenous people as dog food. They were known to feed live babies to dogs in front of their horrified parents.

#IndigenousPeoplesDay2019 CW: SA
2.) His "voyage" initiated the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade when he captured 1600 Taino people and shipped them to Spain for gold. Most died on the journey.
3.) Columbus sold indigenous girls into sex slavery for his own personal profit. He journaled, “There are plenty of dealers who go about looking for girls; those from nine to ten are now in demand.”
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Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay and a full throated condemnation of #ColumbusDay, the worst holiday in the United States and a celebration of apocalypticism, genocide, slavery, torture, embezzlement, and unremitting brutality, all in the name of Spanish Catholicism and bad math.
On the most basic level, #ChristopherColumbus was a bad person with bad ideas who engaged in bad actions on both a micro and macro scale, and celebrating him as a human being is wrong. Celebrating his achievements? ALSO WRONG.
#ColumbusDay is somehow taught to kids in the US as a celebration of an individual who thought the world was round when everyone else thought it was flat--anyone else remember that crap?--which is complete garbage. No one thought the world was flat. No one.
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On #IndigenousPeoplesDay let's remember that everything school taught you about Christopher Columbus was wrong.

He wasn't the 1st European to visit the Americas.

Nobody in 1492 thought the world was flat.

He was hauled back to Spain disgraced in chains.

He was a slave trader.
Some people have questioned whether this tweet is accurate.

It is.

So I'm going to link to some sources in this thread:

Was Christopher Columbus the first European to visit the Americas?

"Not even close. There is proof that Europeans visited what is now Canada about 500 years before Columbus set sail. They were Vikings" #IndigenousPeoplesDay…
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Today is #IndigenousPeoplesDay, still observed by some as #ColumbusDay. In a #thread, @misscorinne86 of @powwows explains how the movement to reclaim the day began, and why focusing on Native issues is so important: (1/11)
The first officially recognized #IndigenousPeoplesDay in the U.S. started in 1989 when the South Dakota legislature passed a proposal by Governor Mickelson to make 1990 a "Year of Reconciliation" for the crimes of the past. (2/11)…
Though Native Americans have probably discussed the idea of an #IndigenousPeoplesDay since at least the 1970s, the idea gained popularity in 1992 when a group of Bay Area Natives pushed back on a planned reenactment of Columbus's arrival. (3/11)…
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In fourteen hundred ninety two
Columbus sailed the ocean blue
It was a courageous thing to do
But someone was already there!

Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay2019!
🎶The Inuit &Cherokee,
The Aztec & Menominee
The Onandaga & the Cree
Columbus sailed across the sea,
But someone was already here.
It isnt like it was empty space
Caribs met him face to face.
Could anyone discover the place When someone was already here?🎶

My wife learned this song in First Grade in San Francisco and it remains one of my favorite things she has taught me.
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Today is #IndigenousPeoplesDay.

Care provided in the community, by the community is the best way to achieve #HealthForAll.

This is how Budyari 🏥 is working with one of #Australia’s indigenous communities to make sure people get the care they need when they need it.
DYK: Too often Indigenous peoples do not have the same access to health care as other populations.

#PrimaryHealthCare is all about equity & making services available to everyone at all ages, right in their community.

Indigenous peoples have their own cultures, languages – and health needs. In #Australia, indigenous populations have a significantly lower life expectancy than non-indigenous populations. Prevention and health promotion in the community can help change this. #HealthForAll
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On this week's cover—A Series with @genome_gov presents an overview of efforts to implement the exciting & maturing area of #genomicmedicine, including to identify rare & undiagnosed diseases & to enhance risk assessment through family health records
@genome_gov "China’s determination to improve #occupationalhealth is a welcome step towards translating its economic gains into health benefits for all workers in China."

Editorial: Occupational health in #China
@genome_gov "Children and their families are the right starting point to disrupt the vicious cycle of racial inequity"

Editorial: A call for #paediatricians to tackle #racism
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More than 100 Angelenos gathered Saturday morning to watch crews remove a bronze statue depicting Christopher Columbus. #NativeAmerican #NativeTwitter #IndigenousPeoplesDay
The historic record is clear that Christopher Columbus did not ‘discover’ America since he never reached the shores of North America & there were millions of Indigenous people already living here.
The genocide of indigenous people during the colonization of the Americas lasted centuries. Today, Columbus statues are regarded as signs of oppression.
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This #IndigenousPeoplesDay, we honor Danny Eschief, who saved and healed 20 people through organ and tissue donation back in 2016.

He worked as a tribal recreation coordinator with the Gila River Indian Community—specifically the Akimel O’Otham tribe. (cont. in thread)
His daughter, Debbie Eschief (pictured with her daughters), says people were easily drawn to Danny, and that’s why he was so successful in bringing the Native community together through sports. He had a community first mentality, helping others even after passing. (cont.)
“We never really talked about organ donation in our Native culture and our traditions,” Debbie says about when she learned her father had registered himself. “He just said, ‘If somebody can use it, I rather somebody benefit.’” (cont.)
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Ma Cualli Tonalli! (have a good day in Nahuatl) Today is #IndigenousPeoplesDay and I want to introduce you to the beautiful Nahua culture of Mexico. Learning it has empowered me as a Latinx, and I know its intimidating to learn!... So here's a fun and simple thread to start🙌🏽1/16
Did you know the word Aztecs refers to people of Aztlan, a fictional place where the Aztec tribe came from. That tribe split and then formed into smaller tribes around Mexico. These are the Nahua tribes, not Aztecs. American's aren't Britain anymore right? Same concept! 2/16
the tribe most people refer to as the "Aztecs" we now call the Mexica, which was the tribe that founded Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City. This impressive city was built in the middle of a lake!! A freaking lake. 3/16
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In honor of #IndigenousPeoplesDay, a thread of incredible books by indigenous writers that have come out in the last year.
1. Split Tooth by Tanya Tagaq. A novel of beauty and heartbreak and great generosity, filled with wonder and poetry and @xaimeh art. #IndigenousReads
2. Where the Dead Sit Talking by @bwhobson. Nominated for the National Book Award for Fiction. #IndigenousReads
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1. The Church provided the moral/theological grounds for the dispossession of natives and “discovery” of the New World. It did so by issuing papal bulls such as Inter Caetera (1493), written by Pope Alexander VI the year after Columbus’ voyage. #ColumbusDay #IndigenousPeoplesDay
2. This bull established that any land not inhabited by Christians was available to be “discovered,” claimed by rulers in the name of Christ. It granted Spain by divine authority “full and free power, authority, and jurisdiction of every kind” to conquer most of the Americas.
3. Inter Caetera didn’t stand alone. In fact, it was a reiteration of, and elaboration upon, the moral reasoning of prior papal bulls. For example, the bull Dum Diversas, issued by Pope Nicholas V in 1452, appealed to “Apostolic Authority” and granted the Portuguese crown:
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This is one of the most uniformed pieces I've read. 1 Columbus wasn't a brave explorer. He was a guy who thought Earth was shaped like a pear with a nipple on top. The reason no one would fund him was they knew the size and shape of Earth and wo land a super ocean was uncrossable
2 he never even sat foot on our mainland, and he was almost 500 years after Lief Erickson and his sister Freydis (often left out even though she's a bad bitch). He apparently wasn't smart enough to bring someone familiar enough with the Indies to realize this wasn't it.
He and his crew raped women and children and sold girls as young as 9 into sex slavery (per his own journal). It was so bad native women killed their own children then themselves when they heard the Spanish were coming.
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Why do African American people pay taxes in this country?
When conversations around Reparations happen, there are familiar things that are brought up each time.
40 Acres And A Mule is mentioned. The costs and money made from slavery is brought up. But seldom taxes.
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