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Welcome to #SchizoChat, the biweekly forum where we discuss a question about life with schizo-type disorders. I’ll ask questions and drop fun facts about the topic in this thread. Today’s topic is caring with someone with a schizo-type disorder!
As usual, please ask me your questions. I’ve been super busy running an experiment so I’m behind typing these out but I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. #SchizoChat
We here at #SchizoChat respect everyone’s opinions—please be courtesy and remember that these topics are really personal for people. We all have different experiences and that is good!
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This is why we need a #GreenNewDeal:

Because climate change is not a marginal but systemic problem, solving it by definition requires transforming our extractive system in which people are allowed to die in service of a rising GDP.

But this is not just a moral position....

The #GreenNewDeal is what is known as a "Christmas tree." There is something in it for everybody.

And this is politically PRAGMATIC. Some might even say politically "realistic."

Why is the #GreenNewDeal politically "realistic"? Because it's a *fantasy* that privileged people will give up the joys of the fossil fuel economy in great enough numbers to produce the transition. That a carbon tax will shape "demand" in time to save us.

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Brief thread on Columbus Day observance in Utah.
1. In 2016, Sen. Dabakis tried to change the name of the holiday to "Indigenous Peoples Day" with SB0170. It failed.
2. Luminaries like Todd Weiler called the deaths of Native Americans a "complicated issue" and protested the word "genocide". Sen. Weiler stated that he would not listen to history being re-written and have the good name of Columbus besmirched.…
3. From the article: Senator Weiler, "If they choose to feel oppressed, that's their right. But another holiday and demeaning someone else is not the way to lift yourself up again".
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OK, if you're following #nebrasummit , I'm wrote up some stuff* re the @RasputitsaRide section from earlier
*stuff being long rambling Kramer fashion Tweeting, because promoting doesn't have to be complicated but a complete understanding helps
First: Go read this:

Wrote up what seems like a random topic because a separate example can be helpful in getting people to see the forest through the trees
this should be an appropriate enough background to talk about why Rasputitsa was such a weird foreign body at #nebrasummit today. I'm sure y'all have your own perspectives on how to talk about Customer Empathy BUT ATTEND AND WRITE YOUR OWN TWEETS NEXT TIME
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Alright, as inspired by @artologica and encouraged by @snapdragon830:

1 like = 1 unusual German word or phrase

(I might go slow, as I want to make them as interesting as possible, and I’ll try not to recycle ones that I’ve already posted about on other occasions)
1) “vom Leder ziehen”: to loudly complain about something or rip somebody a new one — literally “to pull out of the leather” in reference to pulling a gun from its holster
2) “shade” and “shadow” are not distinguished in the German language, making me sound very weird when I mix them up (honestly I just use “shadow” 100% of the time)
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Berntzen, Einar, "Democratic consolidation in Central America: a qualitative comparative approach" Third World Quarterly, Vol 14, No 3, 1993. I came for the qualitative comparison but I'm staying for the democracy analysis & regional focus.
"It is widely assumed that elections may promote democracy, but for decades dictatorial regimes in Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala have periodically held elections that merely reinforced or justified authoritarian rule." 589 👀
"The reason for this is that the main obstacle to democratization in Central America has been the existence of authoritarian regimes formed by a sociopolit- ical alliance between the oligarchies and the military." 589
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Scientists? Please, please, please don't take any statistics theory or computation tutorial from applied scientists at face value.
I received my PhD in experimental physics where I taught myself statistics and thought I was hot shit.
Then I spent six years with really good statisticians learning just how incredibly wrong I was.
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