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What do you see when you see this picture?
If you see a “white” police officer killing a “black” man, you may be part of the problem that has plagued America for too long.
I see a police officer who is using excessive force against another man, ultimately causing his death
I don’t see this as a “black and white” issue but I also understand that I am not “programmed” the same as others and none of us have the same life experiences.
Only I know what is in my head and my heart and the same is true for everyone else as well.
I don’t make assumptions about anyone based on the color of their skin and I hope I am afforded me the same respect.
I do not know what is in the mind or heart of this police officer and cannot say whether he is racist or not.
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#SANDERS CONCEDED THE RACE 3/11, said millions decided his "friend Joe #Biden" was more likely to beat Trump. No blaming the #DNC, no cries of rigged election. He began: my #1 goal is defeating Trump. Time for ALL #Sanders fans & #dems to unite.…
#Bernie counted on overperforming w/ young voters, but nearly 3% fewer people under 30 voted in 20 compared to 16. This was the only demographic group where Sanders had an advantage. The drop in youth vote & the surge in ALL OTHER groups (who voted #Biden) cost Sanders the race.
#Sanders earned LESS of the vote in EVERY RACE in '20 when compared to '16. On average, he underperformed by 17.6%. He did 35.4% worse in VT. He was down 10.9% in #DemocratsAbroad primary this weekend.
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Watching @UKParliament statement from @MattHancock.

Very glad to see collegiate approach from @JonAshworth & @MattHancock and great to see thanks to the Paymaster General, @NazShahBfd, @wesstreeting, @SayeedaWarsi, @BoardofDeputies the concerns on forced cremation have been met.
I'm concerned MPs who due to the outdated voting system are putting their health at risk as they need to scrutinise the #CoronavirusBillUK but should have been able to scrutinise this virtually. /1
I'm worried for all those there and think its mad that @MattHancock who looks ill is having to deal with people like @SteveBakerHW and @CarolineLucas who are being so rude to @MattHancock and the other MPs. /2

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A minority refuse to think of others, endangering us all by not trying to obey #SocialDistance rules.

Now my walking lifeline may go.

I recorded this video as its destroying me and I hope they change their behaviour. /1


I want people to get the message that there is another way and we must think of others.

I am praying even just one person hears my video and changes their behaviour and helps others.

So please share my video widely if you can. /2

Released lots of pain saying how I felt, so I'm happy to discuss this virtually to do my bit, so people might get message its vital they #BeKindToEachOther

@mattforde, @BBCNews, @SkyNews, @theipaper, @TweetTheArticle, @CohenJust happy to write/interviewed virtually therefore. /3
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An0maly is on 🔥🔥🔥

Also this...

We don't have to agree politically in order to enjoy conversing with each other.

We come to Twitter for trending news & productive dialogue, instead we often engage in hateful feuds.

We can change this one person at a time.

This is f'ing crazy...

I knew @LegendaryEnergy was a rapper but I hadn't ever really listened.

After reading a few of his tweets and posting the above I jumped over to YouTube to listen to his music.

First thing I see...

"Come Together"

Look at the hashtag ⬆️

Crazy coincidence.

I just randomly used the #ComeTogether tag and it's the name of an An0maly song.

I'm no scry like @musenull but for me this was a little spooky.

Right on cue my man. 👏

Let's do this.

#MAGA 🇺🇲
#ForRealThisTime 🎯
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@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz Uhhhh...
Wait what?
White dudes, calm DOWN.

"Everyone" doesn't "hate you."

But societally, you're experiencing something new that many other people are used to but you haven't had to deal with.

Let me explain.
">" Means "to be continued"
@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz When I, as a Black man, read about a reprehensible crime being committed, at my core, all my brain starts repeating is


@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz It's a visceral, illogical fear that strikes me because I know if the perp IS, the media (esp @foxnews, etc), #maga, and even some "good" folks will (or may) ingest that news and think it's the group (Inc me) and not just a person.

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