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(01/31) The late film critic @ebertchicago was not a huge fan of @rolandemmerich’s “Independence Day”. His review of the larger-than-life, schmaltzy blockbuster noted that it was little other than “silly summer fun”, which was reluctant to “slow down for the small details”.
(02/31) ‘Not slowing down’ is very much part of the modus operandi of blogger, hat model and occasional-#PrimeMinister Dominic Cummings. Particularly when maximising the fuel efficiency of the vehicle transporting his symptomatic family to medical facilities in Northern England.
(03/31) Cummings favours haste, brevity and a broad-brush approach over ‘the small details’. This is perhaps best demonstrated by his relentless promotion of catchy-yet-meaningless slogans, such as #StayAlert, #GetBrexitDone and #ConsiderTheMatterClosed.
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1/n Few Suggestions #Covid19Karnataka #BedManagement
@DHFWKA @BBMPCOMM must have everything set. Yet,
1. Triage Task force - risk stratification - assign home/centre/hospital for initial care. Patients enter triage in two streams: New and already known(Home etc).
2. Bed management task force: Single decision maker, but have reps of all med colleges and large pvt hosp - avoids refusal from any such centre
3. Transport committee: 108, police, pvt ambulances and non ambulance dedicated vehicles. GPS enabled, parked at 8-10 points in the city. Activated as soon bed is located and blocked.
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#SaveLives 1/n
#COVID19India = stigma
#plasma_therapy saves lives
#Covidsurvivors reluctant to donate
Hail courage, philanthropy of those who donate
Set up team of skilled counsellors to talk to survivors (Like organ donation)
#SaveLives 2/n
#MaskUp and #SocialDistance

Pledge not to come close to anyone and anyone without a mask!
#SaveLives 3/n
No #crowding No to gatherings
Religious/Political/Fun : Do not help the virus hop and and hop off!
For next 3 months - every time you have to go out = Question yourself do you really have to?
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I've developed a theory on how Americans are reacting to the Covid pandemic. I'm calling it *Coping with Loss: The 5 Stages of Covid Grief*, based on the famous 5 Stages of Grief by Elizabeth @KublerRoss (1969):
1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance 1/8
During this pandemic, we are grieving & trying to cope with financial losses, lost educational opportunities, strained personal relationships, missed routines & so much more. But as we emerge from lockdown, we are now recovering by using the Kubler-Ross Model IN REVERSE. 2/8
Stage 1. Acceptance:
We believed the doctors, scientists & politicians who convinced us to social distance, close non essential businesses & just #StayHome in order to #FlattenTheCurve & #SaveLives. We enthusiastically accepted the data and the science at face value. 3/8
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"Britain is in a lonely place right now. It resembles the scene of a bad traffic accident where shocked passers-by look away with pity and horror in their eyes. Alarmed by what they see, governments around the world practise their own form of social distancing."
"Once again, Britain is the sick man of Europe."

It didn't have to be this way...if only...Tory UK Governments had listened to "the people" instead of telling "the people" what they should think...

...and not least, pursuing Brexit based upon a corrupt and illegal mandate!
"The view of Britain as Europe’s “problem child” predates the pandemic but has been greatly reinforced by it."
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Walking around downtown Lansing and a guy threatened either my friend and I or the Asian family across from us to “shoot this city up thanks to you” with something just before that. He pressed the gas and drove off fast at the end, so that was enough for me to fear the worst.
When people tell me they don’t see racism and don’t have to fear issues of color in their neighborhood, I know they walk with blinders on. I hear that from people who “work with an African American” or “have good family friends who are a different race.”
But this is not the first time I’ve been yelled at by a random person some random threat, or witnessed someone else be harassed for their color.
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#Covid19: How To Become A "Contact Tracer"

'What are the chances there are job adverts for this,' I wondered.


All around the 🇺🇸 . The better to track & test you my dear.

#Covid19: "How Much #Privacy Would YOU give up to #savelives"

Wow, that's quite the manipulative sentence @businessinsider.

Oh 👀 this PLUG for #ContactTracing features #DrSyraMadad from #BillGates' film #Pandemic.
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I vote we bury the word "safe" leaving it with 2020.
I've had a lifetime fill of the word.
Funny how the concept is wielded in such a fascistic manner and applied so arbitrarily.

We must do or not do this and that to stay safe from Covid.

I got a lecture on public health from someone smoking a 🤬 cigarette. 😒 Can't make this shit up.

Need I continue??
Anyone else ever get hassled for being outside by another person... OUT ... SIDE?
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My biggest challenge is to ensure that affected people are treated with compassion, and not stigmatized. - Health Minister @drharshvardhan

Let us take special care in ensuring that we empathize with and provide support to people and families infected with #COVID19.

1/n 🧵
We need to reach out to those people who are afraid to come forward & seek #COVID19 treatment because of the stigma we have attached. Delayed treatment due to the stigma & fear is costing us precious lives.
- Director, #AIIMS
#SayNoToStigma #SaveLives
How to defeat #Stigma in the #FightAgainstCoronavirus?

1. They are people, not victims/cases

2. Don't disclose info about affected people

3. Rely on authentic sources (@MoHFW_INDIA /@WHO etc)

4. Share positive stories

5. Respect #CoronaWarriors

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This Was Preventable. Skylar Herbert should still be here. Instead her parents are without their ONLY CHILD due to COVID-19.

We have heard for decades the GOP is "Pro-Life". Did this 5-year-old child life matter? Skylar was beautiful & had 2 Parents that loved her (1)
She also likely had friends, her age. At 5 Years Old, she could have been in Kindergarten or First Grade. Skylar's classmates will not see her when schools are back open in Michigan. They will wonder why so? Some of these babies will be crushed, all impacted for life (2)
In Michigan, about 2000 people went to our State Capital of Lansing last week to "protest. Rumor has it they are doing the same today. If they are so "Pro-Life" one would think they will honor Skylar's Memory and #StayInPlace.

However, it is about their Ego and nothing else.(3)
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⚠️#COVID19 Changes to PHX Parks Easter Weekend⚠️

The physical distancing we are doing is working—we must keep it up. For @PhoenixParks Easter Sunday is the equivalent of Super Bowl weekend but, not this year. (THREAD)
🚨To ensure the health of all Phoenicians and Parks employees there will be NO picnics or BBQ in city parks. Parking lots will be closed unless vehicles display a handicapped placard🚨(2/4)
Park amenities such as playgrounds, athletic courts, and bathrooms are already closed and will remain so. Open green spaces and walking paths will remain open to allow residents access to fresh air. Please protect public health and #StayHome. (3/4)
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Dear Lagosians, yesterday I announced the discharge of one more patient from our Infectious Disease Hospital, Yaba.

Today, I am happy to inform you that five more patients comprising two males and three females including a 10 year old girl have tested negative twice to #COVID19
These 5 patients have been discharged to reunite with their families. This brings to a total of 29, the number of patients who have fully recovered and have been discharged from our facility at Yaba.
Although, there is a strong indication that the State is winning the battle against #COVID19, it is imperative that we remain steadfast to curtail the spread.

I strongly advise that we continue to observe #Social_Distancing. Let us #StayHomeStaySafe to #SaveLives
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THREAD on our latest blog

Doctor and member of @DnCGlasgow, Anna O’Neill, asks "How many more crises will it take to get the message across?"… #PatientsNotPassports (1)
We'll be joining #ClapForOurCarers tonight at 8pm, but we'll be chanting - as loud as we can
📢Test, test, TEST!
😷 PPE!
💙 Keep Key Workers Virus Free! (2)
Last week @BorisJohnson joined #ClapForOurCarers-applauding NHS staff on national TV outside No.10.

As leader of @Conservatives - the party that has systematically undermined the health & social care sectors for a decade under austerity cuts - this could not be more ironic (3)
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Good morning from #Pokhara.
Day 8 of #covid19 #lockdown
Day 9 of #lockdown. No mountains seen. #Pokhara
Day 10 of #lockdown. #covid19.
Good morning from #Pokhara
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Nice green tie @RishiSunak! /2
For the smallest businesses @RishiSunak says for the smallest businesses #HardshipGrantPlan - up live. /3
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Watching @UKParliament statement from @MattHancock.

Very glad to see collegiate approach from @JonAshworth & @MattHancock and great to see thanks to the Paymaster General, @NazShahBfd, @wesstreeting, @SayeedaWarsi, @BoardofDeputies the concerns on forced cremation have been met.
I'm concerned MPs who due to the outdated voting system are putting their health at risk as they need to scrutinise the #CoronavirusBillUK but should have been able to scrutinise this virtually. /1
I'm worried for all those there and think its mad that @MattHancock who looks ill is having to deal with people like @SteveBakerHW and @CarolineLucas who are being so rude to @MattHancock and the other MPs. /2

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I watched the Prime Minister’s press conference in despair. In a public health emergency communication and information saves lives. Yet time & again the Government keeps failing to push out a strong clear message to everyone. For all our sakes they urgently need to get a grip.
In a national emergency when lives depend on it the Prime Minister needs to ensure that strong, clear messages reach everyone on what they MUST NOW DO given the sheer gravity of what we face because we have a collective responsibility to save lives
Instead at the press conference the Prime Minister encouraged people to “follow the advice on social distancing.”
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.@realDonaldTrump STOP ACTING LIKE THE NEIGHBORHOOD BULLY. Americans r dying. Start acting like a wartime president. We’ve learned from your response 2 .@PeterAlexander’s question u have #NoCapacity4Empathy Americans will feel better if u #StopLying #StopAttacking #coronoavirus
.@realDonaldTrump Use the #DefenseProductionAct 2 appoint someone who knows what he’s doing 2 coordinate #PPE acquisition/distribution 2 #SaveLives. Pls consider consulting w/retired General Honore .@ltgrusselhonore. He coordinated relief efforts 4 Hurricane Katrina #coronoavirus
.@realDonaldTrump .@ltgrusselhonore knows what 2 do He’s suggested many things 2 help us now, like allowing nursing/med students 2 graduate now 2 mos early cuz we need ‘em. He has other good ideas 2 attack #coronavirus based on his experience handling a national crisis.
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I don’t know if it’s the right thing to share this or not. I have been in an argument with myself for quite a while. I am feeling better to share it. ቴፒ ላይ ሰሞኑን የተከሰተውና የሞቱትን ሰዎች ሰምታችሁ ይሆናል:: ሆኖም የቴፒ ቀውስ ዛሬ የጀመረ አይደለም:: 1/...
ከ 1984 ገደማ የሚጀምረው የቴፒ ከተማ እና ዙርያዋ የሰላምና መረጋጋት እጦት 10 አመታትን ገደማ እየጠበቀ ህይወት ይቀጥፋል:: 1994 ላይ የተነሳው የርስ በርስ ጦርነት የዘር ፍጅት/ ethnic cleansing አስከትሎ ያለፈ ነበር:: በ ሸካ ዞን በዋናነት የኪ 2/...
ወረዳ ላይ ከ 1992 ምርጫ ማግስት የጀመረው ቁርሾ ፈንድቶ በሸኮና መዠንግር/ማጃንግ ብሄር እና በሸከቾ/ሸካ ብሄር መካከል እልቂት አስከትሎዋል:: በዚህም እልቂት ሸኮዎች ከባድ ጭፍጨፋ ሲደረግባቸው, ወንዶቻቸው እየተለቀሙ ሲገደሉ መዠንግሮች 3/...
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For hose who still believe that economics is irrelevant to #SinglePayer #healthcare (or to any healthcare ‘plan’ that’s out there), I was once like you. But you and I, and everyone else like us, were/are a critical part of the problem.

Let’s begin. #MMT 1/
No matter what your goal is (starting a business, fighting a war, designing a healthcare system etc) you need the resources neasesary to be successful and accomplish your goal. To the degree that you don’t get the needed resources you will fail to meet that goal on some level. 2/
And how do we get access to resources? Money. 💰is the legal means by which we get resources. So it matters who pays for any endeavor. How much 💴 they can bring to bear is going to have a direct impact on acquiring the needed resources so you can succeed at your goal. 3/
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🤦🏻‍♂️.... ok, this has been going on for two days, now, and showing no signs of stopping. So, let’s be clear:

2 days ago, CNN “Reported” that 4 unnamed Warren staffers say that, over a year ago, Bernie told Warren that “A woman can’t win the Presidency”. 1/
....four decades of evidence of Sanders saying exactly the opposite, and the fact that he encountered Warren to run in the 2016 election means nothing to CNN, it seems.... 2/
This, it seems, is ‘journalism’. What passes for hair salon gossip is just as good as real news on what we’re told to believe is a real new station. CNN bristled at being called ‘fake news’ but thinks gossip is the same thing as journalism? Ok....3/
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