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A Special Thread🐞

Anyone who knows anything about animal sanctuaries has a favorite, either because of the way the animals fought for their freedom or how a person fought to free them

I have a couple, but my favorite story is of Sasha Bennett who created @BTWsanctuary
She started out rescuing dogs who were candidates for euthanasia 💔 based on being fear biters
Unlike most people, Sasha saw that the problem wasn't the innocent dogs but humans in their thoughtless ideas of how a dog must behave in our presence - as though they, themselves, aren't individuals who also have feelings & deserve to be given a reason to trust ♥️
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Imagine the enormity of finding 53 non humans who had been treated in the most appalling way, and knowing that the only thing you could do, was give everything you had to save them, from this
Imagine, if you can, not knowing how, not thinking about the future because they had no future unless you managed to give them one
Imagine trying to find someone, both capable of dealing with the extremely complicated legal issues and of doing so for free, because you were hopelessly out of your depth, all you knew was that these beautiful beings deserved a second chance
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A thread

This image is disgusting & lets face it it is something from hell. Live pigs walking among dead sheep waiting to be killed.

The arrow points to one of the rescued #53Pigs .This is thought to be Gandalf who is still terrified of humans.

Please read on...
Every day we are posting out this incredible story because it needs to be seen and held up as a wonderful victory, in all that we fight to end.

Rescuing a total of 91 pigs is not something small.

What Sasha @BTWsanctuary has done is HUGE
Right now as I type this Sasha will be either lugging straw, gallons of water or bags of feed.

Each day the same & relentless. An average of 18 hours a day for the next 15 yrs or more.

She even makes time to try to get to know each one.
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A story of hope for Easter 🐰

Once upon a time, deep in the heart of Wales there were 53 pigs trapped in this disgusting place below.

Standing waiting to die with nothing to eat but the guts of others.

Read on.
A very brave woman heard about this place and the cruelty within.

She went out of her way to rescue them all.

But it was not easy because they had been condemned to die because of contamination.

But she fought long and hard and never gave up.
While fighting for them some of the 53 had piglets at a holding unit after they were seized by DEFRA. Resulting in 91 in total.

But the brave woman was not dismayed and in fact even more driven.
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Morning! it's Snouty Saturday! 🐽

One of the #53pigs having a lazy morning in his special piggy barn.

He's safe, loved, warm and cosy which is simply what we all need and want. No matter what species we are.

This little guy was just a piglet when 👇…
he was seized from the illegal slaughterhouse at Bramble Hall Farm.

He then spent the first 9 months of his life in a Defra Isolation Unit under a court disease destruction order.

But after a legal battle he was allowed to come and live here at the sanctuary along with 👇
all the other #53pigs and #53piglets under a special disease restriction license.

We have nearly 100 pigs at the sanctuary. And like many we have had a very difficult year.

Please help us to create a safe, reliable feed fund to help pay the £1000 per week pig feed costs 👇
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1/ Families #COVID19: @washingtonpost

With COVID our ICUs fell backwards in time. Consolidation of power within the medical team. Lack of visitation. It’s suppression of healing and it’s wrong.
Op-Ed Link:
#medtwitter #pulmcc #meded @WesElyMD
2/ How do we bring patients and families (safely) into the very foreign world of the ICU with humility, integrity and purpose? How do we share the space?
#patientexp #MedTwitter
3/ Episteme – a principled system of knowledge; scientific knowledge. How can we truly share what we know without family presence? How do we learn what they know?
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